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A Nine Lives of Chloe King Fan-fiction

by: Avvithespaz

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rated: T/M

Pairing(s): Slight Chloe/Brian at the beginning (barf) but a happy ending! ***Chloe/Alek***

Summary: Meredith goes on a business trip for a week, and refuses to let Chloe stay home by herself after she was "mugged." So Chloe ends up staying the week with the Mai, fun fun!

Setting: The general hangouts of one Miss Chloe King! Around February/March of 2011

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN CHLOE KING! If I did Brian wouldn't exist and Alek wouldn't own a shirt!

Warning(s): THIS IS A COMEDY! Even if the prologue is full of drama and a bit of angst! There will be M in later chapters but it will be posted as a different story so those who don't wish to read it don't have to!


I should have known better than to think that I could go this long without something happening to me. I was due for another attack any day now, yet I still decided to walk home, alone on this beautiful Friday afternoon. I was actually alone for once, because Alek was on the basketball team and they were having an away game in Bakersfield and they wouldn't be back until Sunday night and Jasmine was in detention; I know, its a shock but she got caught skipping class and she couldn't tell them it was because she had Mai duties so she just took the detention. I also think the Mai are under the impression that Jasmine is still watching me, because I don't think she told them that she had detention.

Looking back I probably should have just stayed at work, or at school and waited until Jasmine came and got me. I could feel someone staring at me, and every time I reached out with my Mai senses and surveyed the area, there was nothing. Yet, I couldn't shake the feeling off and goosebumps where spreading all over my body. I tried to stay in a populated area but with the sun going down and the fact that I would have to walk down an alley to get home faster, it didn't really work out all that well.

I heard him drop down behind me as I began walking through the alley. A deep rumble vibrated through the chest of the human standing behind me, was he growling? I whipped around just in time to dodge a punch. The man was huge, I'm talking huge, he turned his face to me and I gasped, taking a step back. His face was completely scarred with the scratches of my people; and he was old, like elderly old. He had a patch over his right eye, a deep slash that ran under the black material led me to guess why he needed it. He cracked his neck and smiled a sadistic type of smile.

"Приготовьтесь к погибнуть от руки убийцы наибольшее известно Май, Юнитер."(*) He spoke with an extremely deep voice, I had no idea what he said; all I heard what I think was 'Mai' and 'Uniter'. I barely had time to register anything else before he came at me again; I did a backhand spring onto a fire escape to evade him. He chuckled and looked up, I had a moment to further evaluate him, he must be at least seventy years old, a few of his teeth were missing and his hands! Oh my god his hands! His nails were gone, in the place of them stood ten shiny metal nails, like little daggers ready to take my lives. He jumped up and grabbed on to the fire escape, pulling his massive body up as if it was nothing. I was still too shocked and horrified by the body that towered over me, he had to be at least 6'7, to dodge the punch that made my head slam into the brick wall behind me.

Everything snapped into focus as my eyes turned to slits and my claws retracted. He needed to be marked again, was my only thought as I launched myself at his face sinking both set of claws into it as we toppled off the fire escape and onto the alley bellow. I lost control of my body and went on pure instinct, its scary how easy it was for me to lose myself. I remember nothing of what happened after we fell; the next memory I have was when Valentina voice drifted through my consciousness and pulled me out of my warrior mode.

"Chloe, its okay. Its okay." I registered that her arms where wrapped tightly around me in a motherly embrace. "It over." She sobbed into my shoulder. I was confused, Valentina was crying?

"Valentina, are you alright?" I asked her, concern and fear filling my entire body.

"I'm sorry for breaking down like this, Chloe." Valentina stated taking a deep breath and trying in vain to calm her emotions. "This-this thing is Ivan Volkov. An assassin from Russia, hell-bent on killing the Mai, as painfully as possible." Valentina stated looking at the dead man on the ground, the marks that Chloe had opened on his face, still bleeding excessively. "I thought he was dead." Valentina whispered.

"D-did... I?" Chloe stated her eyes widening as she looked at the corpse before her.

"No, I did." Valentina stated before pointing to his neck, where five perfectly bloody lines cut across his throat. "This is the man who killed my family when I was a child, leaving only my sister and I alive, then he went and took her away. Alek will be happy to know that his parents have been avenged." Valentina stated, "Let's go Chloe, you need to clean up and put something on your eye." She smiled and put her hand on my shoulder and led me home. As we walked I chanced a look at Valentina's hands, to see them covered in blood. Wincing, I looking down at my own, seeing the same thick red liquid coating my hands; I felt faint. Once we arrived at my house, I let both Valentina and I in, grateful that my mom won't be home for at least another hour.

"Where can we wash up?" Valentina asked holding up her hands. I chuckled over how surreal this was before leading her to the laundry room, where there was an older stainless steal sink. I was in such a daze that I barely remember washing my hands, or cleaning out the sink to make sure no blood was left in it. I was lead beck into my kitchen, where Valentina proceeded to treat the cut on my lip and the slash on my side with my Mom's first aid kit. "Everyone thought he was dead." Valentine smiled almost bitterly.

"Why did they think that?" I asked weakly.

"Ivan stopped attacking the homes of Mai almost a decade ago, and he was not the type to retire. So we hoped. You see Chloe, he was ruthless and more blood thirsty then anyone I have ever met. The front man of the Order, he was unstoppable. The leaders of the Mai would walk into a home he had just attacked and faint. Families mutilated in the most vicious ways possible." The edge in Valentina's voice sent a chill through my spine. Once I was all stitched up, she proceeded to create a sort of balm, using some of the spices in our cabinet, and the zest of an orange. She walked back over and began to apply the mixture around my eye, and the multiple other bruises littering my body. As she did this she continued her story, "I remember the day that Arya and I came home to see that." Valentina's voice broke at the end. "We had gone to the market, to buy a few things because we were having company over that night and wanted to look nice. We were young; I was 14 and Arya was only 11. When we got back, there were Mai standing around our home, they tried to stop us from going in there; but we pushed passed them. My father's eyes were gouged out of his head, which was cut off from his body. My mother was split open and her heart was lying in her hand. My little baby brother Zarek, who was an infant; his neck was snapped. All of them bore the mark of Ivan Volkov carved into their arms." Tears were rolling down Valentina's eyes as she told the story, I don't know how her voice stayed even. I silently sobbed, my heart breaking for her. "Arya and I ran away, from Turkey to Sweden and never looked back. We grew up on the run only separating when Arya literally sold herself to a Russian Mai who had escaped his nation and made a millionaire out of himself in England, by the name of Viktor Petrov." I looked up at her in shock.

"Wait Alek's father bought his mother?" I asked in surprise, so shocked that my tears had stopped. Valentina chuckled,

"Yes, Viktor bought Arya. He said he saw her and knew that she must be his. He literally appeared before us and requested her hand. She was so shocked." Valentina laughed her hand flying up to cover her mouth. "He was in Sweden on a business venture, and he brought us to dinner; Arya was 16, she had just turned Mai and Viktor was in his early thirties, but he was such a gentlemen, yet such a cocky jerk a the same time. He's where Alek gets that from." I laughed along with Valentina, who was now cleaning out the bowl that she had made her salve/balm/stuff in, each of my bruises were fully covered in the mixture. "He made me and her an offer we couldn't refuse." Valentina saw my eyes widen. "Not in a Godfather way, he didn't threaten to kill us. He said he was Mai, and he knew we were too. He promised to train us and keep us safe; while simultaneously paying me a few hundred thousand pounds for my sister's hand; promising me that she would never want for anything." Valentina smiled. "They married a month later, and Alek was born within the next three years."

"That's... unbelievable." I muttered.

"That it is, but its true." Valentina shrugged. "Through Viktor I meet Fernando Diaz, a Mai from Spain, and he and I hit it off. I was in love; but he was not. He convinced me to mate with him and to let him mark me before marriage, which though not unheard of, wasn't common practice among the Mai, even though normally we mate for life. I found out I was pregnant about half way through Arya's pregnancy for Alek. I woke up the next morning and Fernando was gone, without a single trace. Viktor hunted him down and had him executed." I gasped, Alek's father had killed Jasmine's father. Valentina smiled sadly at me, "I ran away from London the day Viktor came home, smiling like he had just granted me my greatest wish, when all I wanted was for Fernando to come back to me. I came to America and lived in New York and had Jasmine there, we lived separated completely from the Petrov family, until Jasmine turned six and started asking questions. She wanted to know about her family. By the time she and Alek were seven we were living back in London with Alek's family. We made up and a few months Jasmine and I moved back to New York and Alek was sent to visit us. We got the call a week later that his parents were killed, with Ivan Volkov's mark carved into their arms." Valentina and I sat in silence for a moment before she took a deep breath and finished her tragic story. "Their will left everything to Alek, their homes in London and in a town in Russia, along with about 40 million pounds; along with a few letters from his parents, explaining what a horrible time we live in, how they loved him more than life, and that he needs to always take care of Jasmine and me, so his father could keep the promise he made to me all those years ago. The catch was that he isn't allowed to touch the money until he is 21. I was put in charge of him and his money until his 21st birthday. So if you have ever asked yourself the question, 'why does Alek have the master bedroom?' its because the condo is payed for, technically, by him." Valentina finished with a smile.

"Hold on, Alek has the master bedroom?" I asked making Valentina laugh.

"You didn't know that?" She smiled.

"No, I've never been in there, I've always assumed it was your room." I shrugged. We sat in silence for a few more minutes before I spoke again, "Thank you, for sharing all this with me Valentina, you really didn't have to."

"Its fine, you deserved to know. Plus, if I can't trust you, than who can I trust?" Valentina ended with another soft smile. "Well I best be off, Ammon is here to watch you for now, Jasmine will be here later, to take the night shift." With that, Valentina was gone, before I could even ask the question 'Who the hell is Ammon?'

After I got over the shock of Valentina's story I jumped immediately in the shower, which felt amazing against my sore body. I hope I didn't wash the salve off too soon, though I probably did. I checked my phone as soon as I got out and wasn't surprised at the fifteen text messages and two missed calls from Amy. I rolled my eyes and called her back.

"Hihi!" Amy's voice greeted me happily.

"Amy." I said wincing at how my voice broke.

"Chloe? What's the matter? Are you okay? What happened?" Amy started her question streak asking the same question in almost every way known to our language.

"Amy just come over please, asap." I pleaded, hanging up before I had to hear more of Amy's rambling. I sighed and rested my head in my hands, my mind racing at all the new information about Valentina, her family, and the mysterious Ivan Volkov. He was a demon, a nightmare to all the Mai; I had heard of the slaughters that took place around the time I was born, little did I know that almost every raid was led by that man. That man had killed Jasmine and Alek's grandparents and Alek's parents, and many many others. I am so lucky to be alive right now.

I jumped when I heard knocking at my door. I retracted my claws and walked slowly towards the door, reaching out with every sense I had to see if I was in danger; I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Amy impatiently whisper for me to hurry up. I hurried forward and wrenched the door open, embracing my best friend.

"Good to see you too?" Amy chuckled as I pulled back. She didn't spare me a glance once I pulled away, she just strutted into my living room and plopped herself down on the sofa like she owned the place. I laughed, typical Amy. "So what did you-" Amy began but cut herself off when she finally took a good look at me. She gasped dramatically her hands flying up to cover her mouth. "WHAT HAPPENED?" Amy shrieked.

"I got attacked." I shrugged.

"Your eye is black. Not purple or blue, Chloe. Black, and your lip is busted!" Amy exclaimed.

"I know, this big Russian assassin named Ivan cornered me in an alley." Amy gasped, looking around as if he was hiding in the room with us. "Its okay though, Valentina killed him." She looked at me with her eyes the size of saucers, it was almost comical. "He killed her parents and her brother when she was really young, for some reason he didn't kill her or Alek's mom, but then a few years back he killed Alek's mom and dad; she was getting revenge." I explained.

"Did you lose another life?" She asked reaching out to me.

"Surprisingly no." I stated sitting beside her and letting my best friend comfort me.

"It will be okay." She said in her determined little voice; it almost made me laugh. We sat like that, me leaning on her shoulder as she hugged me, for a few minutes. We broke apart as my mom came through the door.

"Chloe, I'm home! Sorry I'm late, I was in a meeting with my boss and you'll never guess what happened!" My mom had been yelling up the stairs, assuming I was in my room, she turned the corner and dropped her purse when her eyes landed on me.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" She repeated, rushing over to me, she all but pushed Amy out the way and sat next to me. She took my face in her hands to examine me, her eyes filling up with tears that never fell. "What happened, honey? Why didn't you call me?" She asked.

I was frozen I didn't know what to say to her. 'Sorry Mom, I got attacked by this crazy Russian assassin who hates my race, because see I'm Mai! What's a Mai you ask? Means I'm half cat, Mom!' Yeah that would fly well.

"Ohmygod! Mrs. King!" Amy exclaimed being the amazing friend that she is and coming to my tongue tied rescue. "Chloe got mugged!" And never mind.

"You got mugged?" My mom exclaimed. "Have you called the police?"

"Mom, please!" I said taking the phone that she just grabbed from the side table. "I'm fine it was just one guy, he had a stocking over his head, I couldn't even tell you what he was wearing so I'll be no use to the police. Plus, I didn't have anything on me at all, so I'm fine." I tried to explain.

"Chloe Emma King, you are NOT fine!... I can't do this, I'm calling my boss." Meredith stated as she pulled her cell phone out of her purse.

"Do what?" I asked as I grabbed her cell phone out of her hand.

"My boss wants me to go to the corporate office in Seattle for a conference this week." My mom explained.

"That's great, Mom!" I exclaimed hugging her.

"Well I'm not going. Not after my baby was mugged!" She exclaimed back.

"Yes you are!" I replied.

"I am not leaving you alone here, Chloe." Meredith stated as she grabbed her phone from my hand.

"I'll stay with Amy, or something!" I said looking at my best friend. She looked like a deer caught in headlights, which was a rare look for her.

"We kind of have a plumbing problem at my house; and like, my dads and I are all sleeping on air-mattresses in the living room while its being fixed. I really don't think they will let you stay over, I'm so sorry." Amy explained biting her lip.

"See, its fate." Mom stated. "I'm calling my boss."

"No! Mom, I can stay with Jasmine!" I offered "This is too great of an opportunity for you to pass up."

"You have only been friends with this girl for a few months, and Chloe I don't even know her parents and that boy from your bed lives with them.." My mom trailed off uncertainly.

"Mom, Jasmine's Mom is so cool I'm sure she will let me stay with them, and its only her mom. Also, yeah, Alek lives there but he's at this away basketball game..." I started but was cut off.

"All week?" Mom asked crossing her arms and giving me a look.

"No, but all weekend and plus Valentina will be there she won't let anything happen, not that it will though because I don't like Alek like that; I like Brian." Mom continued to give me her 'I don't think so' look. "At least let me call before you ruin your chances of a promotion." I pleaded, to which my mom rolled her eyes and told me to call. I squealed happily and dialed Jasmine's number.

"Hey, Chloe." Jasmine picked up. My mom motioned for me to put the phone on speaker, to which I obliged.

"Hey, Jasmine! You're on speaker." I warned her. "Okay, so listen; My mom is going to Seattle this week on business and she doesn't want me staying home alone, seeing as I was just mugged..." I explained, trying to stay true to my story.

"Wait, you were mugged?" Jasmine gasped.

"Yeah, I'll tell you later, so I was wondering if you would mind me stay at your house for the week?" I finished.

"Hold on let me ask." Jasmine stated and you could hear muffled noises in the background. "Mom said yes." I squealed looking at my mom who rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to have to meet her mom before I leave in the morning, Chloe." My mom stated looking at me.

"Okay, so my mom says she has to meet your mom first, is that okay?" I asked. I heard Jasmine ask Valentina, then answer me.

"Mom says that's fine, do you want to meet for dinner?" I looked at my mom who nodded. I jumped happily.

"Yeah that sounds like fun." I tell Jasmine. I heard Valentina talking in the background.

"Awesome, how does New Delhi sound?" Jasmine asked.

"That nice Indian restaurant?" I asked.

"Yeah, it awesome." Jasmine assured. I looked over and saw my mom's eyes light up, she had been wanting to go there for awhile.

"Yeah, that sounds awesome." I agreed

"Okay, my mom is changing our reservation for two to four," I heard Valentina talking in the background before Jasmine spoke again, "Can you and your mom be there in an hour?" I looked over, at my mom who nodded.

"Yeah, that should be good, Jasmine. We'll see you then." I assured her.

"Alright see you soon, Chloe." I hung up, and looked smugly at my mom.

"We will talk more about this mugging later, I'm going to go get out of my work clothes and I suggest you go get dressed, we'll have to leave in twenty minutes to get there on time." My mom said as she rushed upstairs.

"So you're going stay with Jasmine." Amy huffed.

"Amy, you will always be my best friend, but you can't have me over and Jasmine and her family will keep me safe." I explained, "Now I have to go get ready I'll see you soon." I said hugging her. She still looked bothered by me staying with Jasmine, but thankfully she didn't say anything and left. I ran upstairs to get ready for what I was sure would be the weirdest dinner of my life.

* Приготовьтесь к погибнуть от руки убийцы наибольшее известно Май, Юнитер. "Prepare to perish at the hands of the greatest assassin known to Mai, Uniter."

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