A Nine Lives of Chloe King Fan-fiction

by: Avvithespaz

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rated: T/M

Pairing(s): Slight Chloe/Brian at the beginning (barf) but a happy ending! ***Chloe/Alek***

Summary: Meredith goes on a business trip for a week, and refuses to let Chloe stay home by herself after she was "mugged." So Chloe ends up staying the week with the Mai, fun fun!

Setting: The general hangouts of one Miss Chloe King! February of 2011

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN CHLOE KING! If I did Brian wouldn't exist and Alek wouldn't own a shirt.

Warning(s): For all of the rated M smutty goodness there is 'Marked: Unrated'

Chapter 13: Part 1-Merdith's P.O.V.

Disbelief still coursed through my veins hours after the news reached my ears; my daughter, my baby girl, was no longer innocent. Sleep had only been achieved through exhaustion, but even then it wasn't a great amount. Thinking back to last night, the shock, the anger; maybe I had over-reacted a bit, after all I had lost my virginity at 17. I felt horrible for making her hurt, even if she did deserve to be yelled at. I shouldn't have been so angry, at least that was what the articles had said, I should have been more patient. Staring down at the black coffee in my mug, I sighed, desperate to wake up; I needed to run to the office for an hour or two today.

I was shaken out of my sleep haze by a knock at the door, sighing I went to answer it. I was expecting to see Amy, or hopefully Brian; but I was shocked to see Valentina standing at my door looking as intimidating as ever.

"Good Morning, Meredith. I hope I didn't wake you." She spoke so very eloquently, I self consciously pulled my cardigan tighter around me.

"No, I just finished making coffee, would you like to come in?" I answered, gesturing her inside stiffly.

"Yes." She smiled slightly, gracefully making her way past me. "So I trust that you heard about the incident this week?" Valentina stated more than asked as she followed me into the kitchen, perching herself onto one of the bar stools; way to cut the small talk.

"Yes." I replied tensely. "Coffee?" I asked, holding up the pot.

"Black, please" She smiled as I poured her a cup. "I just wanted to clear some things up with you and make sure everything is... good."

"Well, I wouldn't exactly say good." I muttered, turning around to look at the woman, handing her a mug.

"I just wanted to clarify with you that I didn't know this would happen. I had to go to an emergency meeting in Sacramento..." She began to explain but I cut her off.

"I heard, and I understand. I know I've had to leave Chloe at home because I couldn't home until late; except she's never done anything like this before." I trailed off, sipping my bitter beverage.

"I was so disappointed when I got home. Alek is normally a really good kid, annoys the hell out of me but he normally listens to my rules" Valentina chuckled lightly before continuing. "I'm sorry that it happened this way, and so early in their relationship but we couldn't have stopped them." Valentina sighed, setting her mug down on the counter.

"I know, I was telling Chloe that last night." I grumbled sharing a look with Valentina. "I'm not going to try to stop them but I have some conditions. I was going to ask Chloe to call Alek and invite him over for dinner and- You want to know what, it might be better to just ask you." I started taking a deep breath. "I'm having Chloe tested for any... diseases and I would like to request that Alek have some tests done too." I blushed, looking down; I never expects to have this conversation with anyone, especially not Valentina, because as much as I warned Chloe against Alek I never thought she'd actually be with him.

"Oh, its understandable. Alek has already had test done and so far he has nothing, but we haven't been keeping up with it in the last few months because a lot of things have been going on. I'll make him an appointment." Valentina assured, chuckling lightly to herself.

"You've felt the need to have him checked?" I asked, feeling slightly nervous of her answer.

"Well this past summer I brought Jasmine to Turkey and Alek didn't want to go, so I sent him to stay with my friend Sandra out-side of Las Vegas; they have a son around his age. Well, Sandra's niece Mimi came to stay with them and she brought two of her little girlfriends. All I can really say is boys will be boys, he slept with Mimi and her friends plus a few of Sandra's son Zack's friends who are girls; he says he just had a plentiful summer, but I had him tested." Valentina rolled her eyes, shaking her head at her nephew. "I probably would have never found out had Mimi not claimed she was pregnant, it pull all those little girl in an uproar; saying that they were with Alek not her. It caused a big fight and she wasn't pregnant ." Valentina was quick to assure me.

"So, he just played around for a summer?" I asked, feeling even more skeptical of the boy.

"Yes, teenagers can be crazy like that, but I have on solid authority that he has only slept with one other girl before those five and only Chloe after. Since Jasmine brought Chloe over the first time, something has changed about my nephew, he cares so much for her." Valentina stated, as if she was still in disbelief at her own statement. At my look she explained further. "That's what I came here to tell you is that, I think Alek really cares for Chloe, he actually let her past all of his walls and she's the first girl I've ever heard him say 'I love you' to."

"Yes, but you don't see him all the time." I chuckled, grabbing both Valentina and my empty mugs and putting them in the dishwasher.

"True, but I know my nephew, he's very passionate; but that passion is hidden behind so many walls, I haven't seen him show true honest to god emotion since his parent's funeral when he was seven. Now I see it in his eyes everytime he looks at your daughter, everytime he talks to her there is something different there." She said this as if it had lifted some kind of huge weight off of her shoulders. "I really just came over to beg you to allow them to keep seeing each other, but with restrictions, I want to keep it interesting for them. Most of all I just want to keep the person who has done what I haven't figured out how to do around; she brings him to life and I'm so thankful for that." I saw the strong woman before me smile softly.

"I will relay the invite to Alek, I ask that you give him a chance, its very hard for him to bring his walls down and he may not be able to make a really good official first impression; but he may be able to do splendidly, it won't be the first time he let his love for Chloe guide him. Just please bear with him, it will be worth it." Valentina gave me one last smile before standing up "Oh and may I make a suggestion on the gynecologist you will be taking Chloe to? Jasmine goes to Dr. Victoria Holster and she seems to like her."

"Oh, yeah, I haven't really thought of where I would take her yet." I chuckled softly. "Could I get her number? Also tell Alek dinner will be at six."

"Of course." Valentina smiled before writing down the name of the doctor, her number, and the address of her clinic before giving me a quick, "Thank you for the coffee, and your time." Then she was gone.

I had a lot to do today, I jotted down a quick note for Chloe and went to grab my iPad, which had at least three freshly loaded PDF files on how to deal with your sexually active daughter and her lover, before hurrying out of the door.

Chapter 13: Part 2-Chloe's P.O.V.

Cold and lonely I awoke from sleep, longing for the arms of my mate almost immediately; its amazing how I've become so accustom to him holding me, in less than a week. I groaned and reached for my phone; as my fingers curled around the device I felt something prick my finger. Wincing I looked over and noticed a full red rose next to my phone. I smiled a picked it up carefully and brought it to my nose, inhaling the sweet scent before again grabbing my phone. I quickly checked my messages, just a few worried texts from Amy and Jasmine, asking how my confession went; I also had a two missed calls and messages, both from Alek, which I decided to check.

"Hello Love, I came over after all of the meetings with the London Pride to see how your night went; but you were asleep. You looked too peaceful to wake up as horrendously cheesy as that sounds; so I just left you the rose, which I hope you like. I'm sure I'll see you sometime tomorrow, I love you." I smiled happily, again inhaling the sweet scent of the rose, which was so potent with my heightened sense of smell; soon his beautiful British voice filled my ears again with another message.

"Well, I guess you're still asleep. Aunt Val said that your mum invited me to dinner tonight, so I will see you then. Unfortunately I can't come over before dinner as I will be in even more meetings with the London Pride. Speaking of which, I need to get back to. I'll see you tonight Kitten, I love you." I bite my lip and let out a small squeal as I quickly text him a quick:

I love you too. C u 2nite, have fun n all ur meetings ;-) -Chloe

Quickly tossing off my covers, I made my way downstairs to see a note from my mom, explaining that she had to go into work for a few hours and that she would be home for dinner with Alek. I sighed, preparing myself for an awkward experience as I made myself a bowl of Lucky Charms and typed a quick text to both Amy and Jasmine:

it went as well as I could hope 4, if u want detz come ova! -Chloe

After finishing and cleaning up my mess, I ran to take a quick shower.

As I stepped out, wrapping the towel around myself, I checked my phone, which I had gone off wile I was in the shower.

Im on ur roof, just call me in when u get out the shower -Jasmine

of course i want detz! who do u think i am? ill be ova in like 5 secs i swear! -Amy

I chuckled and finished drying off, wrapping my hair in a towel turban and slipped into my underwear. I strolled back into my room, grabbing a pair of black skinny jeans that I quickly maneuver into before going to my closet. I sat for a moment in front of my closet, looking over my selection of tops. I pulled down a pretty burgundy and cream stripped sweater tunic that hugged my body, yet was loose around the neck so that it slipped down one of my shoulders. I let my hair down and brushed through, spaying relaxer into it to make it wavy.

"Jasmine." I stated, knowing she could hear me as I slipped on my slippers. I heard her slip through my window.

"Well hello." Jasmine smiled as she looked over at me. "My mom told me how it went, how you holding up?" She asked softly, sitting down on my bed as I looked through my shoes.

"Pretty good actually, I mean she didn't ban me from seeing him and her note didn't say anything about not having people over. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that after another lecture or two, peppered with some safe sex talk, we'll be all better." I smiled optimistically, I was hoping I was right.

"That's good." Jasmine smiled as we heard Amy pull up.

"Five seconds my ass." I chuckled as I skipped down the stairs to meet her.

"So sorry! Paul called before I left the house, and I was going to just talk and drive, but D2 threw a micro-fit about being on my phone while driving. So, I had to talk to Paul at my house." Amy rushed out all in one breath as she breezed pass me and into my livingroom. "Hi Jazz! So what happened?" She turned to me as she and Jasmine sat on my couch.

"Well Mom and I were eating and she was asking me all these questions about Brian, and I was getting ├╝ber annoyed; and I know that's just because of the Mai mating thing, but I don't like people talking about me being with anyone but Alek. Anyways, I brought up that she wanted to put me on birth control and how that is now a necessity, which she was like 'Ohmygod you and Brian had sex!' Which just got me angry, and when I told her I had sex with Alek she flipped!" I ranted trying to get this explanation out of the way.

"So she didn't flip out over Brian?" Jasmine asked, skeptically.

"Well kinda, but I think if it was Brian she would have been less angry at me, which is so stupid." I huffed, rolling my eyes.

"Yeah, it is, I mean he's like four years older than you." Amy agreed.

"I know, right? Anyway so then she started ranting about how Alek was such a bad influence on me and how he was using me for sex, then was just like 'Tell me what happened while you two were doing it.' So I had to describe sex with Alek to my mom." I continued.

"No way!" Amy exclaimed, Jasmine just looked horrified at the thought.

"I know, right? Most awkward experience of my life, ever. She said its because her friend Cindy's lost her virginity to some creepy guy who made her do freaky stuff and Cindy thought that freaky sex was regular sex. My mom doesn't want me to be confused or whatever." I shrugged, plopping down on the armchair by the couch. "Then she just said she couldn't stop me and Alek from having sex so she wasn't going to try."

"That's so crazy." Amy stated as she moved to the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge.

"Yeah, apparently she' invited Alek over for dinner tonight; I really hope he's on his best behavior." I sighed.

"I'm sure he will be, getting your mother's approval will make you happy; therefore Alek will do what is necessary to make that happen." Jasmine shrugged, I nodded to her as Amy changed the subject.

We talked about anything and nothing, including my lunch with Claire and Davin, and the rumors that Alexis had some form of STD. Amy did my make-up because she demanded to, she gave me a beautiful smoky cat-eye with a nude lip; she also picked out my shoes, a pair of black wedge clogs that I forgot I had. I didn't really do anything with my hair as it looked good in waves. Jasmine left as Ammon came to take over Alek's normal shift, she was exhausted. Amy didn't stay long after Jasmine, so I settled down and watched my TiVo-ed episodes of Pretty Little Liars until my mom got home.

"Hey Chloe." My mom stated awkwardly as she placed the bag of groceries down on the counter. "Does Alek like salmon?" She asked, trying to be civil.

"Yes Ma'am." I replied, think back to the Wednesday night, we had sushi and Alek had ordered a some salmon based rolls. I remember him moaning about how he loved salmon, it almost made me giggle as my mind retrieved the memory of pure bliss on his face as he popped another roll into his mouth.

"Good, because I'm making honey and soy grilled salmon, with some asparagus and mashed chickpeas." She explained happily as she put away the things she wouldn't need for tonight's dinner.

"You've been watching Rachel Ray again, haven't you?" I asked her suspiciously.

"Maybe a little." She shrugged, lifting the awkward atmosphere for a moment. I turned back to the TV as she prepared her meal, I almost moaned at the smell of the food cooking. "Chloe, I think we should talk before he gets here." My mom finally spoke up, I nodded and turned the TV off, making my way to sit at the bar.

"We probably should." I agreed, looking at her.

"I am going to try my hardest not to be judgmental of this boy, I'm going to give him as clean of a slate as humanly possible." She started off, taking a deep breath before she continued. "I know how hard it is to meet the parents of someone you care about, so he gets this chance and if he screws this chance up, and you two stay together, I will give him one more. After those two chances, if he still hasn't found a way to impress me, you and I are going to have a serious talk about you and his relationship."

"Thank you, Mom. That's all I'm asking for." I smiled happily at her, a smile which she returned before she came around the counter and hugged me.

"I'm sorry I didn't hug you last night, I was just mad. I may have over reacted a little bit but you understand my concern and anger, right?" My mom whispered into my hair as we hugged.

"I understand Mom." I smiled, tighten my hold around her quickly before letting go.

"Good, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook. This night will still be horribly embarrassing and we will have embarrassing talks on sexual health with your doctor, who you have an appointment with this Tuesday." My mom stated making me groan. "Also, according to the articles I read on teen sex, I should regularly check up with you to make sure you're being safe, and reminding you of all the risks, so we have those talks to look forward to." She smiled before returning to the stove and taking the salmon off the girdle.

"Great." I muttered, making her chuckle.

"Exactly, now set the table. Its almost six." I smiled and grabbed the plates, setting out three places. I was just putting the silverware down when I heard the purr of Alek's Jaguar as it pulled into our driveway. "Very nice car." My mother whistled out as she brought the food to the table.

"That it is." I nodded as I made my way to the front door, I waited for him to knock before answering. My breath caught as I looked him over; he wore a pair of black slacks and a tight charcoal gray button-down, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons undone. "Hey." I whispered as he stepped into the foyer, I noticed the bouquet of purple and creme tulips and calla lilies that he held in his hand.

"Hey yourself." I replied, kissing my lips for only a moment. I smiled and reached for the flowers "Ah ah ah, no these are for your mum." He smiled charmingly at me before looking me in the eyes, his face melting into a sweet look "My gods have I missed you." He whispered looking me over.

"I know the feeling." I replied, biting my lower lip. "You made it with a minute to spare, my mom likes punctuality." I smiled as I lead him into our kitchen and adjoining dining room.

"Well, hello Alek." My mom greeted indifferently, I knew she was trying hard to not let her previous thoughts cloud her judgement.

"Hello Mrs. King. Its a pleasure to meet you officially." He replied, his natural charm pouring out of ever pore. "These are for you." He smirked as he handed her the bouquet, I watched in amusement as her eyes lit up. "I just wanted to start off this evening with an apology, I'm sorry for the way I acted the first time we met, it was very rude of me." He further explained, making my mother let out a small smile. "Also for how things have... um... for the situation-" He started, nerves obviously taking over.

"For the fact that you've slept with my daughter." My mom offered.

"Well, I will not lie to you Mrs. King, I'm not sorry that I've been intimate with Chloe; I'm just apologizing for any discomfort this has caused you and her." He replied, telling my mother point blank how he felt, which shocked and oddly impressed her.

"Very well, I hope you like salmon." My mom stated, pointing to the food.

"I love salmon." He smiled, pulling out my chair for me before sitting down. We quickly filled our plates and began eating, participating in get-to-know-you small talk in between bites. After dinner Alek helped me clean up the plates as my mother sat in the livingroom watching us, mentally preparing herself for a serious talk. When he and I had finished our task we joined her in the livingroom, us on the sofa and her in an armchair.

"So, I just want to start this conversation with a question: what are your intentions with my daughter?" My mom asked.

"I'm in love with your daughter, Mrs. King. I know that you probably don't believe me, I understand, I'm a 17 year old male, I wouldn't trust me." He explained chuckling. "I am in love with Chloe though, if she will have me I want to marry her someday; not anytime soon, we still have growing up to do before anything like that." He supplied making my mother nod.

"So after a week, you know that you will marry Chloe?' My mom asked.

"Well, I've loved Chloe for months, she just never really noticed, and my father knew he would marry my mother the second he layed eyes on her." Alek stated, his fingers lacing through my own.

"Alright, well then if you wish to continuing seeing my daughter you have to consent to two things." My mom negotiated, Alek nodded for her to continue. "You must get testing for STDs and you must promise me you will always use a condom."

"I can do both of those things." Alek nodded, my mom reached her hand across to him, he took her hand and shook it.

"Also, no sex in this house, at least not right now, two naked teenagers is not something I want to see." Mom shuddered at a mental picture. "You can do as you wish just please be safe and stay in school." She sighed before standing up.

"Of course Mrs. King." Alek assured her, standing up as well. I didn't want to be sitting down by myself so I also stood.

"You were able to impress me Alek, I have to admit I was expecting a cocky, know-it-all jerk, but what I see is a polite young man. You may continue to see my daughter, but you still have work to do to get completely on my good side." My mom stated, pointing at Alek; he nodded.

"I wouldn't expect anything less." He replied.

"Good, now you have been good company, I'm sure I'll see you around a lot, but I think its time Chloe and I turned in." My mom stated, even though it was only eight o'clock.

"Alright then Mrs. King, it was good to meet you officially. I will see you soon." Alek stated giving a quick wave to my mother as we headed towards the door.

"That went rather well I think." I commented as we reached the door.

"Yeah." Alek shrugged, his smirk sliding its way across his face, "I'll be on your roof." He smiled leaning in for a quick kiss before heading out of the door. I smiled happily, returning to my mother.

"He seems like an okay boy." Mom stated as I rounded the corner. "He's charming and has a British accent, no wonder he got you to have sex with him." He chuckled humorlessly.

"Yeah." I replied awkwardly. "Well I love you, goodnight." I replied before heading upstairs.

"Love you too, Kiddo." She muttered before following me upstairs, heading towards her bedroom. I closed my door, quickly making my way to my roof to have an amazing make-out session with my mate. All was well, my mom seemed to like Alek as much as she could in her current mind set and she and I seemed to be working out our problems; all was going to workout, I just knew it.

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