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A Nine Lives of Chloe King Fan-fiction

by: Avvithespaz

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rated: T/M

Pairing(s): Slight Chloe/Brian at the beginning (barf) but a happy ending! ***Chloe/Alek***

Summary: Meredith goes on a business trip for a week, and refuses to let Chloe stay home by herself after she was "mugged." So Chloe ends up staying the week with the Mai, fun fun!

Setting: The general hangouts of one Miss Chloe King! February 2011

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN CHLOE KING! If I did Brian wouldn't exist and Alek wouldn't own a shirt.

Warning(s): I'm now debating whether this will be a comedy or not; its what I had originally intended but it doesn't look like its turning out that way. There will be M in later chapters but it will be posted as a different story so those who don't wish to read it don't have to.

Chapter 1

I headed straight towards my closet, unable to whip the smile off my face; I was going to be able to spend an entire week where I didn't have to hide who I was. Well, except for at school and work but that goes without saying. My eyes traveled back and forth through the rack of clothes standing in front of me. "What to wear? What to wear?" I mumbled to myself as my eyes searched my clothes. I stood there getting annoyed at the fact that I had absolutely nothing to wear; that is until my eyes landed on the perfect thing. An unbelievably gorgeous cashmere sweater that use to be my mom's, but since it was just a little too snug on her, she gave it to me. It was a long sleeve, scoop neck sweater in a gorgeous shade of plum. I smiled and grabbed it, placing it neatly on my bed, I returned to my closet and looked at my jacket selection for only a moment before taking out my cropped leather motorcycle jacket. It was personally my favorite jacket, because it was decorated with at least 10 silver zippers that made it look super edgy. I set it on top of the sweater, then went to my dresser where I pulled out a pair of dark wash denim skinny jeans, which I threw onto my bed and went to my vanity, where I kept all my jewelry and makeup. I grabbed a long silver necklace that had a few random white feathers handing from it and a two finger, silver ring that had a lioness on it. I laughed looking at the ring remembering when Amy had given it to me, to represent my heritage, as she had put it. Speaking of my heritage I grabbed another long silver necklace, this one was shorter than the previous, with a pretty little red, gold, black, and white matryoshka doll on the end, the little doll had blonde hair and blue eyes like me.

I smiled happily and changed into my desired outfit. I left my hair down, and styled it so it was just curly, not a curly bird's nest; and put mascara and lip gloss on. I attempted to cover up my black eye, but nothing seemed to be working; I forced a smile and spritz some perfume on before walking downstairs. My mom was waiting for me in some black trousers and a backless mint green sweater that looked great, she smiled and put her beige trench coat on as we walked to the door.

"Chloe?" She stopped me before I stepped outside.

"Yeah." I said turning around to face her.

"You plan on going without shoes?" She smirked, putting her hands on her hips. I looked at her confused before looking towards my feet, that were covered in only my fuzzy socks.

"Oops." I smiled sheepishly at her before running upstairs, the sound of my mom's laughter following me. I ran into my room and returned to my previous position, in front of my closet. I looked at my shoes and smiled grabbing one of my favorite pairs. Hopping onto my bed I took off my fuzzy socks and slipped into my black leather "shooties." They were an open toe shoe, that were in the style of oxfords with a three inch heel. I got up and made my way downstairs.

"Much better." My mom said smiling. "Besides the black eye and busted lip, you look great honey."

"Implied." I smirked back as we headed to the car. The drive to New Dalhi was spent in a mostly comfortable silence.

"So is there anything I need to know before we meet these people?" Mom asked startling me out of my daze.

"No, except that Valentina can be intimidating, but she's really nice." I explained, hoping that Valentina wouldn't intimidate my mom too much.

"So her name is Valentina and she has two kids, Jasmine and Alex?" My mom asked.

"Alek Mom; and no, Jasmine is her daughter and Alek is her nephew, his parents died when he was really young, and she raised him." I confirmed.

"That's so sad." Mom mumbled. I nodded looking out the window, we were pulling into New Dalhi's parking lot. I spotted Jasmine and Valentina, looking as regal and cat-like as always. I smiled and waved as I got out of the car. Jasmine was look like she normally did, dark jeans and a blue top covering by a black vest and her gold Beset necklace. I almost stopped short when I saw Valentina, her hair was pulled into a high bun and she was wearing a deep red sweater dress, this was the first time I had ever seen her wearing color.

"Hey, Chloe." Jasmine said cheerfully. I smiled and hugged her.

"Hey, Jasmine! Hi, Valentina." I said turning and hugging Valentina. "This is my Mom, Mom this is Valentina and Jasmine." I introduced.

"Hello, I'm Meredith." My mom stuck her hand out and to shake hands with the two Mai women.

"Oh my god, Chloe! Your eye!" Jasmine gasped, I could tell that she was partially acting, seeing as I'm sure her mom told her what happened, but the concern that laced her voice was real.

"Yeah, the guy punched me, can we please talk about this later?" I pleaded.

"Yes, let's move this inside, its getting quite chilly." Valentina smiled and led the way inside the restaurant. My eyes widened, it wasn't exactly like I expected but it was still beautiful. The tabled were the standard 'nice restaurant' tables, dark wood covered in a white tablecloth with intricately designed wooden chairs, a plush white cushion covering the seat. The walls were brick with a dark wood chair-rail modeling; large caramel colored pillars supported and decorated the open space. Valentina talked to the hostess and we were lead to our table on the left side of the restaurant. As we got closer to the kitchen I was hit with an intoxicating aroma of ground spices; I felt my mouth watering.

Once seated we gave our drink orders and Valentina ordered us some samosa for our appetizer. After the waitress left we sat in a semi-comfortable silence, looking at our menus. It was making me nervous.

"So I don't know if I want Lamb Vindaloo or the Chicken Marsala." I stated hoping to break the silence.

"Those are two of my favorite things to get here." Jasmine gushed, coming to my rescue. "How about we each get one and share?"

"That sounds perfect!" I smiled. I looked at my mom, who was looking at me with an unknown expression on her face. Note to self, ask her about it later. The waitress appeared at my elbow with our drinks and appetizer, asking it we were ready to place out orders.

"I will take the Achari Boti Keebab." Valentina requested handing over her menu.

"I would like the Palak Kofta Kashmiri?" Mom stated with a look that read 'I hope I said that right." loud and clear. The waitress nodded and took the menu from her. Jasmine ordered for her and myself.

"So," my mom started with a clap of her hands, I internally groaned. "Valentina, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a physical therapist," Valentina answered smoothly, I raised my eyebrow, I guess this was Valentina's cover story. "How about you?"

"I'm a sales person at U-Ship." My mom smiled. "Our regional manager is retiring this year and I was asked to go to Seattle; meaning that I'm being considered for a promotion."

"That's great, Mrs. King." Jasmine schmoozed, it almost made me burst out laughing.

"Oh please, call me Meredith." My mom requested. "So that is why Chloe requested to stay with you this week, if it isn't any trouble."

"None at all, I adore Chloe." Valentina assured. "Jasmine is a very shy girl and I'm thrilled that she has made a friend that she wants to associate with outside of school."

"Mom!" Jasmine exclaimed, blushing. My mom laughed.

"Chloe too, except she has always had Amy and Paul, I was so pleasantly shocked when she mentioned a new friend." My mom smiled.

"Mom!" I exclaimed, almost exactly the way Jasmine did. Valentina and my mom both laughed at our expense.

"So, I really only have one concern about Chloe staying over at your house." My mom stated. Valentina and Jasmine looked at her in curiosity. "Your nephew Alex."

"Alek, Mom, His name is Alek." I corrected her.

"Oh, I'm sorry; your nephew Alek." My mom repeated.

"Oh, I see you've met him." Valentina smiled.

"Why, yes, I met him as he was lounging across my daughter's bed." My mom explained. Jasmine and Valentina's eyes widened simultaneously. "Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he is a lovely boy; he just didn't give that great of a first impression."

"Why was Alek on your bed." Jasmine asked me with an eyebrow raised.

"Well, remember that day that we started hanging out and you decided to drive me to work?" I stressed, hoping Jasmine would play along. "And I had left my cellphone in your car?"

"Oh yeah, I had karate that day, so I told Alek to drop your phone off to you." Jasmine had caught on to my plan, like the saint she is.

"Yeah, well, you know how Alek is. He came strutting in like he owned the place and plopped himself onto my bed. We heard you come home, Mom and I was trying to get him to get off and he suggested that we pretend like we were doing things. So I said, 'No my mom would freak' and that's when she came in." I finished pointing to Mom.

"That sounds like Alek all right." Valentina rolled her eyes. She turned to my mom,"I swear sometimes he's just a migraine with a British accent. The worse part is that if I tell him anything all I get is a 'You're not my mum, Aunt Val'" Valentina impersonated Alek's British accent.

"I know what you mean! Chloe does that on occasion too." Mom exclaimed. Valentina feigned confusion. "Oh, Chloe is adopted." My mom explained.

"Oh, I didn't know that." Valentina lied. We weren't able to talk much more because our food had arrived. We ate, Jasmine and I mostly dominating the conversation as we shared our food; our mothers watching us with interest.

"No Jasmine, I like the taste of mushrooms, not actual mushrooms!" I laughed as Jasmine tried to force a mushroom from the Marsala in my mouth.

"How does that even make sense? Try it!" Jasmine giggled as she pushed the fork against my lips. I pulled away looking in disgust at the mushroom on her fork.

"Its like how you like cherry flavoring but hate actual cherries." I pointed out.

"I don't hate cherries, I just can't eat a lot of them at a time because they're too tart. Now, eat it!" Jasmine elaborated as she continued to push her fork into my face. I laughed and dodged it. I looked over at my mom and Valentina for support but the two could barely contain their laughter.

"Fine!" I surrendered and finally tasted the mushroom, once I swallowed it, and had drank a good few sips of my iced tea I addressed Jasmine, "The taste isn't bad, but I can't stand the texture."

"Well at least you tried." She smiled. We continued our dinner full of small talk about school and Jasmine and my plans for the future. Soon enough, we had finished and the bill had arrived.

"Now, Meredith, I can assure you that I won't allow anything to happen between Alek and Chloe this week. I'll have a talk with him when he gets back from his away game on Sunday." Valentina assured my mom as they handed the bill back to the waitress, who scurried off to run their cards.

"That's all that I ask." My mom smiled. The waitress came back with our receipts and we prepared to say goodbye.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jasmine." I smiled, hugging her. "Thank you for letting me stay with you Valentina." I continued hugging Valentina.

"Yes, thank you for allowing her to stay and it was so nice meeting you." My mom hugged Valentina and Jasmine.

"Its no problem." Valentina assured as we parted ways. My mom and I climbed into our car.

"I am ridiculously full." I stated after putting my seat belt on.

"I know what you mean, it was delicious though." My mom replied. "They're nice people."

"They are, I'm glad you're letting me stay with them." I smiled at her, she turned to me and smiled back. "So what was that face in there?"

"What face?"

"When we first got there and Jasmine and I were talking about what to order." I elaborated for her.

"Oh, I was just thinking about you growing; not just in age but in maturity. You're expanding your horizons and I'm just so happy for you." This explanation made me smile.

"So now what I want to know is what happened during this mugging." My mom's voice had turned from thoughtful to serious.

"Nothing really, it was getting dark and I wanted to get home faster; so I cut through an alley,..." My mom cut me off before I could finish

"Chloe! How many times have I told you not to do that?" She exclaimed looking distressed.

"I know, but it was still light out and I could see all the way to the other side; I just didn't look around before going down it." I muttered.

"How many times will I have to tell you before you listen?" Mom asked in exasperation.

"No more times, I've kind of learned my lesson the hard way." I explained pointing to my eye. "SO yeah, this guy came up with a stocking over his head; he told me to give him my purse, but when I said no he punched my in the eye." I winced at my fake memory. "Then he took my purse realized that all I had was school stuff i it so he threw it back at me then punched me in the mouth; I think he had a ring on and that's what split my lip." I finished the lie; it shocked me how easy it came out. Was I getting that use to lying?

"Sweetheart you are lucky; it could have been a lot worse." My mom spoke quietly. Looking back on what actually happened; yeah it could have been much worse. As we pulled into the driveway, I checked my phone to see that I had a miss call and a voicemail; both from Brian. I smiled happily as I checked my voicemail:

"Uh, Hey Chloe. Its me Brian. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow? We could go and see a movie or something. Anyway, call me back." I smiled and quickly hit redial; he picked up on the second ring.


"Hey Brian, I got your message." I smiled.

"So that is all it takes to get in touch with you." He responded in that flirty tone of his.

"So it would seem." I flirted back. "But I can't hang out tomorrow, I'm having a big girl's weekend with my friend Jasmine. How about Monday?"

"Don't you have school Monday?"

"We're off for President's Day." I explained.

"Well I guess I'll see you Monday." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yeah, I guess you will." I replied, "I got to go though, text me tomorrow?" I asked

"Of course, bye Chloe."

"Bye, Brian." I smiled, hanging up the phone. My mom rolled her eyes at the smile on my face.

"I swear girl, when I get back we are going to the gynecologist and getting you on birth control." My mom remarked.

"MOM!" I exclaimed, turning the color of a tomato.

"Get packed and get some sleep; I'll drive you over there in the morning, okay?" My mom smiled kissing me on the forehead before walking upstairs. I smiled as I felt my phone vibrate. I grabbed it happily, expecting a goodnight text from Brian, what I saw shocked me.

Hey, no1 is tellin me wats goin on, r u alrite? -Alek

It took me a second to get my brain back together. I mean yeah, Alek and I had exchanged numbers a few weeks ago but this is the first time either of us is contacting the other. I quickly typed out a reply.

Yeah, I'm fine. U don't need 2 know everything tht goes in my life Alek -Chloe

I walked upstairs and began packing for my week with the Mai, only stopping when my phone would vibrate.

Maybe not everything but its drivin me crazy not knowin if ur ok -Alek

I rolled my eyes, Alek could be so over dramatic.

I'm fine, don't u trust the others? -Chloe

I trust no one but myself w/ur safety -Alek

I felt my brow scrunching up as I re read that text, what did he mean by that? I didn't have time to reply before he sent another message.

... well except maybe Jasmine -Alek

I snorted, unable to wipe the smile from my face.

Lol, so only u r good enough to protect me? ;) -Chloe

I'm ur protecter Chloe, not just bcuz Val told me 2 b either -Alek

Again there he goes, making me confused. I waited for a few minutes; but when he didn't elaborate I asked.

Then y Alek? -Chloe

Come on King, u know I care bout u. -Alek

The next message made my heart skip a beat. The horrible part was I didn't know is he was being serious or sarcastic.

Do u now? -Chloe

Chloe, u know ur more than a job to me, I care about you -Alek

Uh! Why did we have to have this conversation over text? I Can't tell if he was being sarcastic, or not.

Come on Alek, be serious here. -Chloe.

I sent him the message after I zipped up my suitcase. I walked to my desk and grabbed a sticky note, reminding me not to forget my toothbrush. I stuck it on my bag and started getting ready for bed. I was surprised when my phone stared ringing. Alek?

"Hello" I answered, more shocked than the text messages could make me.

"Why do you think I'm not being serious?" Alek asked me in his undeniably sexy accent. I paused shaking the thought out of my head; it wasn't because it was his voice that I thought it was sexy, I just like British accents, sue me.

"Because you're never serious about stuff like this with me Alek, where are you?"

"I'm at our hotel in Bakersfield, I stepped into the hall. Don't change the subject, I'm being serious with you Chloe." My heart was not melting.

"So you're not messing with me, at all?" I asked in disbelief.

"No, is it so hard for you to believe that I care for you? That I'm worried about you?"

"I guess not." I answered hating how small I sounded.

"Its good to hear your voice," He breathed out, almost as if he didn't really want me to hear it. "Listen I can't talk much longer, Coach is about to do rounds. I'll stop by your house on Sunday." His voice was rushed.

"Alright talk to you later." I replied hanging up. I don't know why I didn't tell him I was going to be at his house, so there was no use him stopping by; I also didn't know why my heart was racing all of a sudden. My phone vibrated.

Miss u King -Alek

I smiled brightly, my heart didn't skip any beats and I didn't swoon as I messaged him back.

Miss you too Jocko -Chloe

Don't ask me why I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I climbed into bed, and fell asleep; and no I did not dream of Alek, thank you very much.

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