Haunting Madness

(A Found Poem)

I feel like a specter,

Stark raving sane,

Demented children mincing about,

The plot was two corpses gone!

Do you ever think of yourself as actually dead?

A release from the burden of life.

You don't have to flog it to death,

Not like madness.

It's just a failing to reaper.

Death followed by eternity,

Immortality is all I seek.

We take our chances where we find them.

Do I contradict myself?

Envy him in his two-fold security.

Obscure promises balanced by vague threats.

Between "just desserts" and "tragic irony."

It's going to be chaos on the night.

We drift down time, clutching at straws.

If we stopped breathing, we'd vanish.

Remember when there were no questions?

I thought I herd music

Come to burn them down.

I don't wish to be reminded of it.

If you're not even happy, what's the use in surviving?

Taste your tears?


Give us this day, our daily mask.

The dark comes early.