Guns. Sugar. Rain. Dogs.

Those four things, in order are Cougar's favorite things.

Jensen. Pooch. Clay. Aisha.

Those four people, in that order, are Cougar's favorite people.

The four things correspond with the four people, although in no specific order. It's just that it seems fitting, for Cougar's favorite things to match his favorite people.

Start with Aisha. Aisha is like a gun. Beautiful, polished, a deadly weapon. She is lethal and has many different covers in the shape of masks. She is dependable and always useful and shines even under layers of hurt and years of use. Lethal and scary? Check yes. Still, or maybe because of those adjectives, Aisha is Cougar's favorite gun.

Next is Clay. Clay is just like the rain. Clay can be light or heavy, and he gives life just as frequently as he takes it. He's dark and drunk sometimes, angry and losing himself in the memories like a storm you can't hear anyone over, but he finds his way back. Clay is unpredictable and constant and he is the rain. A favorite of Cougar.

Of course, there is Pooch. Pooch is just like a friendly dog, which makes it easy to tell why he is one of Cougar's favorites. Pooch is loyal and trustworthy and always has someone's back. Pooch is a protector, but can be dangerous and lethal if called for. He has many sides, but always the loyal protector. Pooch is easily a favorite of Cougar.

And then there is Jensen, Cougar's favorite person. Jensen is like sugar: sweet. He has a naturally sweet disposition, endearing to many, but too much of him can cause quite the headache. Jensen even tastes like sugar because the kid is a serious sweets addict. Jensen is easily found when wanted. Jensen knows almost everything, just like sugar goes in almost everything. And really, Cougar could keep going on for quite some time, but he'll just settle with the fact that Jensen is a lot like sugar, and Jensen is Cougar's favorite of all time.

Clay, rain. Aisha, guns. Pooch, dogs. Jensen, sugar. Cougar's four favorite things match his for favorite people perfectamente.