Author's Note: This is the sequel for Violation Wow, and yes, this is really OOC/AU, but I think it works. It'll be a multi. Enjoy!

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Kate nudged Tony awake as she began to roll out of the bed for their ten month old daughter, Dana's 5am feed. She dragged herself out of bed and pulled on her robe, tying it around her waist as she heard Tony groaning while he too, got up and out of their bed, over the cries coming from the baby monitor on Kate's side table. Dana was early, and Kate had only managed to squeeze in around four hours sleep for the whole night.

Tony had taken the first few weeks away from work for the statutory paternity leave, to be able to help Kate out and to form a strong bond with their daughter in those first few weeks when it was most imperative. After those three weeks were up, Kate made Tony return to work and had her middle and youngest brothers stop by to help her out, since she didn't speak with her sister still. Gibbs had been very good to them also, because he had always had a soft spot for Kate, whenever she needed extra help, he had allowed Tony odd days away from the office as long as he agreed to work and make up the hours missed. Now, it was almost time for Kate to return to work, she had planned to return on the Wednesday, it was Monday morning.

As she walked into Dana's nursery while Tony was heating the bottle, Kate smiled to herself as tired as she was, and she scooped up their daughter, "Hey honey, it's okay…" the baby continued to cry, her mouth searching for something to suckle on, "It's okay baby, I know you're hungry but, daddy's coming now, just a few more minutes…" Kate sighed, as she tenderly cradled Dana in her arms and stepped back to sit in the rocking chair.

"Hey you two! My two favorite girls are together. Where's daddy's little princess, hm?" Tony smiled down at Dana, holding the bottle as she stopped crying, "Yeah, time for your food huh?" he smiled and handed the bottle to Kate, Dana's tiny hand immediately settling on the side when Kate held it up for her to drink from. Tony then smiled to Kate, "You want me to take over? You look exhausted, Katie."

Kate just shook her head as she watched their daughter grizzling a little as she grabbed at the bottle, guzzling down the milk before she sighed and looked up at Tony, "No, I'm awake now, I was thinking about going back into the office today anyway."

"Going back? As in working?"

"No, as in being a tattooist!" Kate chuckled and looked up at Tony, "Of course to work. In the office. Tony, I need to get back to work, I need to see people. I need to see Abbs and McGee, and Ducky…" she looked down briefly as Dana stopped suckling to play with the Crucifix that hung around Kate's neck almost permanently before she glanced up at Tony again and continued, "I need to go back to work, and be active. Keeping my mind on things and staying busy with intel and on searches, doing field work…not just singing along to repeats of Dora The Explorer and playing Peek-a-boo with our daughter…"

Tony nodded, sighed and leaned down to Kate's side, "Katie, I know, I know you." he agreed, "But, what about Dana? Isn't it a little short notice to be calling for a sitter for today?"

"I can bring her today, I'm sure Abby would love to keep her busy in the lab, and who knows? Maybe we'll be bringing up the next great, World Renowned Forensic Scientist." Kate smirked gently before she leaned in and kissed Tony's lips lovingly, "I love you…" she gently muttered to him, against his mouth.

"Do you think we can…? Tonight…?" Tony asked, his brows raised just slightly as he looked over her with his eyes leering, focused upon the swell of her breasts. He missed those early weeks she used to breastfeed their daughter, when he'd enter the room to see his wife cradling their newborn at her breast. They hadn't had a decent night's worth of sex since their honeymoon and both of them were really getting to be quite frustrated with that situation.

"I'm not promising anything baby, but we'll pencil it in, huh?" she smiled and leaned to kiss him again, "I know how you feel Tony, I need it too…" she nodded gently.

Tony smiled to Kate and nodded before he watched his girls until Dana began to cry once again. He sighed a little, "Hey, why don't you let me take over? You want to shower and stuff?" he asked her gently before he held out his arms for their daughter, "You want to get back to work Katie, you're going to have to get used to not being with her all the time." Tony pointed out when he saw Kate's hesitation about gently passing over the baby to him.

"I know…" she replied gently and sighed, "Just not today. I'm bringing her with me, to the office." Kate sighed once more before she smirked, handing the baby to Tony, "She needs to meet her extended family…speaking of which, we need to get her baptized."

"Katie you're going back to work today but you're thinking about Dana…!" he chuckled.

"No." Kate stood up then and smiled a little, "I'm thinking about her future, you should always do that with children." Kate corrected her husband then smiled and chuckled brightly, "Okay, it's time for my shower." she told him and smirked, "I really wish you could join me…" and she headed into the bathroom, leaving Tony with the baby, as she began to squirm.

As she removed her clothes and stepped into the shower, Kate glanced down to her wedding ring and sighed a little. She quickly thought back to the day their daughter had been born, delivered by the one man her boss had been targeting and wanting dead for so long, "Ari…" she murmured as she reached for the shampoo and opened it, its scent reviving a haunting memory of him for her; the engagement party.

It had been their engagement party. Tony had proposed to her a week earlier, and McGee and Abby had worked on making their party as special as they were. The baby was only just three months old and already she had changed so much. Tony had guided Kate into the bathroom and realized that he didn't have a condom (nor was Kate back on her pill yet), so he'd ravaged her a little and left to get some protection before things could get too heavy and there would be a sibling on the way for baby Dana.

Tony hadn't been gone long but Kate was getting impatient with waiting on him, so she decided on leaving the cubicle so she could at least move around a little. Kate fixed herself and quickly resituated her dress before she backed out of the tiny cubicle and into a muscular torso. She chuckled at first before she commented, "You took your time…" she smiled still as she turned, until she realized who it was.

"How is your daughter, Caitlin?" he asked, smiling a little to her, before then adding, "You were awaiting you fiancé's arrival in the ladies' room? That goes against your values. Sex in a public restroom is often frowned upon, Caitlin."

"You can't be here." she told him, "If Gibbs or Tony catches you here, they won't hesitate to kill you." Kate told him and swallowed a little, briefly looking into his eyes before she turned away, averting her gaze to her engagement ring.

"Caitlin, we have a connection, I can see it every time you look at me." Ari said and looked at her, reaching to tuck back an escaped lock of hair behind her ear softly.

Kate swallowed a little and she frowned looking at him, right into his eyes and locking her gaze with his, before she spoke up, "Ari, please…not here, and not tonight." she held his gaze, giving him a stern expression, "We shouldn't be doing this anymore, anyway. I'm engaged now, I have a child, with Tony." she told him.

"Your child was delivered by me, Caitlin." Ari pointed out.

"What's your point, Ari?" she snapped at him.

"My point is that, I delivered Dana, I also see that you chose a Hebrew name…" he smirked a little, "And if the fact you and I have slept together is some kind of indication, I would say, we do have a connection."

"We can't any more..." Kate whispered to him and shook her head, "I'm engaged now, Ari. We can't do this." she told him, looking up into his eyes, with a certain sadness and dispair.