Making the future history

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Set in the summer after HBP. Dumbledore is not dead- his death was faked. This is my first SLASH fanfic so please let me know what you think of it.

Chapter 1: Letters from Albus Dumbledore

Dear Harry,

I know that you are perhaps still very confused about the fact that I am not in fact dead and it is for this reason that I would very much like for you to meet me at Hogwarts. Here, Minerva, Severus and I will explain everything to you that we feel you need to know. I know your strong disliking of Professor Snape will not have been helped by you believing that he murdered me but it will be he that will collect you from your relatives. I ask you to remain civil to him, as he has done far more for any of us than you currently know. All will be explained tonight. Severus will arrive at 6pm. Please be ready for him. You have been very brave Harry and you must continue to do so.



It was now 5pm and Harry was still thinking about how his headmaster could have possibly been dead. He saw the man fly from the highest tower to the ground. He saw that slimy git Snape murder him. Snape- how could Dumbledore tell him to hold back his dislike of the man? He had never been able to comprehend how Dumbledore could trust him. Ok it seemed pretty clear that Dumbledore was in fact alive but how did this mean that Harry was expected to trust Snape?

Harry's thoughts were interrupted by his Uncle's repetitive ranting. He had not stopped ever since Harry told him about the situation that morning.

'I don't know what these freaks think they're doing! They tell us we're supposed to keep you in our house with no thanks whatsoever and then they just sent a stupid bird to tell you when you can and can't leave! Well I'm not having any of it! When this Snake character shows up, I'll have words with him and tell him how ridiculous this all is'.

'It's Snape not Snake.' Surprisingly this correction did not come from Harry but from his Aunt. Harry and Vernon both turned to look at her as she clasped her hand over her mouth.

'How do you know that?' Vernon asked.

'I just remembered the name from when the boy told us this morning' she muttered as she continued to polish the room. It may have been one of Harry's sort showing up but the house still had to look immaculate. Harry knew that his Aunt was lying but could not think of any connection possible between her and Snape. Before he could continue this thought, his Uncle interrupted once again.

'Well anyway, SNAPE then. He's not just barging into my house because he feels like it with hardly any notice. I'll give him a piece of my mind.'

The idea of Vernon attempting to intimidate Snape gave Harry a small sense of amusement, while his Uncle continued talking, uninterrupted. As much as he despised the man, he would definitely appreciate being a witness to him overpowering his Uncle. If anyone could force Vernon Dursley into silence, it was definitely Snape. Harry continued to silently pretend to listen to his uncle, hearing the occasional curse word and other ways of offending all wizards until there came a knock at the door.

'Right!' shouted Vernon, 'let's see what this creep has to say for himself!' He threw the door open and shouted directly in Snape's face.

'What the hell makes you think you have the right to just turn up at my house and take the boy away? You're causing a scene in the middle of my street!' Snape silently held up his hand to Vernon, insisting that he remain quiet.

'Might I suggest that in future, you do not choose to shout in a person's face as you answer the door?' sneered Snape, 'I think you'll find that your travelling vocals will attract more attention that my mere presence.' Snape's lip curled as he patiently managed to silence Vernon Dursley. At this precise moment in time, Harry could in fact have referred to Snape as a hero. His amusement appeared unnoticed, as Petunia stepped into the corridor. There was a split second where the woman caught eyes with the visitor at the door and it was clear to Harry that their looks uttered some form of silent agreement.

Snape then entered the Dursley household and proceeded to the bottom of the stairs, where Harry was stood. His gaze on Harry was not of the usual hatred that the boy was used to. There was something different behind those eyes and Harry couldn't quite work out what it was- was Snape worried? It appeared so to Harry.

'Mr Potter, I understand that me being the one to collect you is strange under the circumstances but I'm afraid that we had no other alternative. Please go and collect your things before we start to run late.'

'Yes professor' Harry's reply was automatic. He ran clumsily up the stairs, leaving his former teacher alone with the Dursleys.

'You have absolutely no right barking orders in my house' began Vernon, as Petunia left the room. 'I take that boy into my house, feed him and everything and you come in here thinking you can talk to me like that. He's even got a bedroom now so you can hardly say we were mistreating…'

'Where,' interrupted Snape, 'might I ask he was previously staying if he had no room?' Vernon looked flustered at the question but answered coolly.

'Well we had no choice, Dudley needed the second bedroom for this things. We couldn't see him going without…'

'Where?' repeated Snape, more angrily.

'Under there' replied Vernon as he pointed to the cupboard under the stairs. Snape looked utterly disgusted at the man. Potter did not deserve that, no matter how irritating he was. He always pictured Harry's relatives to worship him like the wizarding world did…apparently not though. Before Snape could respond to this information, Vernon continued his argument, no one noticing that Harry was stood at the top of the stairs, hearing everything.

'If it weren't for Petunia, I'd have thrown him back onto the street. I didn't need him here, ruining everything for us. Or I could've beaten that freaky stuff out of him…' Vernon never got the chance to finish that sentence, as Snape had suddenly got so angry that even his pale face was becoming red.

'Well you should thank your lucky stars that you did not harm Mr Potter otherwise you would have me and many other wizards to answer to!' he barked at the smaller man.

Harry was so shocked- Snape was defending him! But why? It appeared that a lot of questions needed to be asked to Dumbledore tonight and he was itching to get some answers. With this thought in his mind, Harry carried his necessities downstairs and walked towards the man that he had once hated.

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