Making the future history

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Chapter 50: Celebrations

Many of the students had been admitted to the hospital wing after the battle, suffering from some not very nice injuries and Severus had managed to give his potion supplies to those that needed them most, forcing some down Harry in the process, who was now back to normal and mourning for the lives that were lost. Severus had to try not to be irritated as he apologised to almost every single person in the castle for the people that had died; it wasn't healthy for him to blame it all on himself as he always did. The bodies were all kept in the Room of Requirement, ready to be buried in the morning and all students were ushered back to their dormitories, as they had used up enough energy for one night. Harry worried about the effect that the end of the war was going to have on them all; of course, they were in a better position than they were with Deatheaters running the school but now they had experienced things that children should never have to.

When everyone had gone to bed and the Order members had left to list the Deatheaters that needed arresting, Harry was left alone with Severus, Hermione and the Weasleys. He could think of nothing to comfort his adoptive family as they all continued to let their tears fall for the loss of Percy.

'I really am sorry. I never wanted anyone to die for me, especially a member of the family. I feel awful.'

'Harry, how is this your fault?'

'They were all here because of me. They only came to Hogwarts to lure me here and people lost their lives because of me-again.'

'Mate, anyone that fought did it through choice and they knew the consequences. I knew that I might die in the process but I still did it, knowing that in the end it would have made a difference to the world' Ron told him, wiping a stray tear from his face.

'Harry dear, please don't think that we blame you for this. It isn't your fault. Now I think it's best that we go home and get some rest. I think I will need a lot of strength to get me through tomorrow' blubbered Mrs Weasley. Harry couldn't imagine how anyone would be able to cope with having to bury their own child, particularly someone that loved her children as much as she did. He gave hugs all round as Severus gave his awkward goodbyes as well. The family soon left for the nearest fireplace and Harry stared after them in sorrow.

'Harry, Severus, might I have a word somewhere more comfortable?' Dumbledore smiled at them both.

'You could accompany us down to the dungeons if you wish.' The old wizard said no more and followed the two men down the stairs, admiring the castle walls as he went; he had missed Hogwarts more than he had originally thought. It wasn't long before Severus had allowed them into his personal chambers and took a seat on a comfortable chair, letting Harry and Albus take the sofa.

'What is it you wish to speak with us about Albus?'

'Well firstly, I need to thank Harry. You showed outstanding bravery tonight and have done ever since you came to Hogwarts. You used your own initiative and resources to find and destroy the horcruxes and made this your priority. It goes to show what kind of people there are in the world when the fate of it rests on the shoulders of one seventeen-year-old wizard. Thank you for your determination Harry.'

'I only did what was right Sir and besides, it was my duty.'

'I would appreciate it if you could call me Albus, Harry as I am by no means your Professor anymore.'

'I find that a bit strange after all this time but I will try.'

'Secondly, I would like to see your mark Severus. I have strong suspicions that it may have changed.' With a blank expression on his face, Severus lifted his sleeve to find a faint mark, displaying the snake from the Dark Mark but nothing else from it at all. 'Admittedly, that is not what I expected. How strange' said Albus, clearly amused.

'What were you expecting?'

'That the mark would remain faintly but not that parts of it would disappear. I shall have to look into this.'

'Also, with many members of the ministry now gone, with the majority of them previously being Deatheaters, we are in need of many new members and internal promotions. They of course will be deciding on these once they have appointed a new Minister for Magic. I am, as per usual, their first choice for the post and after declining it once more, they have insisted that I choose someone suitable. I would like to ask your opinion Harry, on whom you believe, should be Minister for Magic.'

'Me? Why are you asking me to choose?'

'The answer is quite simple Harry: I value your opinion.'

'Well I would choose Kingsley but…'

'That's decided then. I will send out owls first thing in the morning before we begin the funeral.' Harry nodded in agreement but still felt a pang of guilt at the mention of the funeral. 'I should leave you now, as time is rather pressing. I have reinstated myself as headmaster of Hogwarts and have decided that as of tomorrow, all students will be sent home for a week to give them time to both mourn and celebrate. I believe that it's only fair.'

'What about all the classes that have been affected this year?'

'I will be suggesting that Defence Against The Dark Arts and Muggle Studies be taught properly until the end of term and also throughout the first few weeks of summer. Exams will be postponed until each student is ready to take them; I think that the words mitigating circumstances come to mind. You, on the other hand Harry, are perfectly ready to take your practical exams during exam term if you so choose, considering your performance in your private lessons with the Order. It would only take the right text books to allow you to study for the written exams.'

'I completely disagree' interrupted Severus, 'Potter's abysmal effort at Potions would give him an instant fail.'

'Well perhaps now that I don't have a snarky git for a teacher, I might perform better' teased Harry and Severus smiled and laughed at his comment.

'Well Harry, I would like you to think about it. There is no rush of course. Exams don't begin for another three months.' Albus got up to leave and the other two stood to say goodbye; the old man half-exited the portrait before turning back, eyes twinkling more than they had ever seen them.

'And might I just say that I'm glad you both overcame your issues with each other. The atmosphere is somewhat less tense now.' And with that he left, making the couple feel slightly embarrassed. Harry and Severus retired to the bedroom, undressing instantly and crawling into bed, exhausted from the night's events.

'I suppose you will be wanting Potions lessons now?'

'I haven't decided yet and anyway, you're not the Potions Master anymore so it wouldn't be you I would have to ask.'

'You are genuinely considering going to Slughorn for teaching?' he had tried not to say it but it had come out of his mouth all the same.

'Awww, are you jealous?' he laughed.

'Shut it Potter.'

'Of course I wouldn't want lessons from Slughorn you idiot. I'm sure you're more than capable of teaching when you're not scowling at me and purposefully ruining my work.' Severus gave Harry a small hit on the head in response.

'That's abuse, that is.'

'I'd like to see you prove it.'

'You have to be nice to me from now on.'

'And why, pray tell, would I want to do a thing like that?'

'Because I am the saviour of the wizarding world and deserve the utmost respect.' Harry could barely contain himself from bursting into laughter at the look on Severus' face.

'Don't even think about using that one on me.'

'Ok then how about this: you have to be nice to me because either or both of us could have died in that battle and we both survived. We have all the time in the world now.'

'That does make a good argument…I really thought you were dead' Severus looked away from his lover, torn apart with the memory of believing him to be dead.

'I thought the same when I reached you in the dungeons. All I saw was green light behind the door. I half expected to open it and see…well you know.' He moved closer to Severus and wrapped himself around the man and was greeted with enthusiasm as he was pulled into his body. He couldn't finish his sentence; the thought of the man he loved being dead was far too much for him to handle.

'It doesn't matter now Harry. We're safe. I honestly didn't think that both of us would survive.'

'I guess we must be really lucky.' They smiled at each other sweetly.

'Very lucky indeed.'

'And I am the saviour!' Severus scowled at him as he said this.

'Do you insist on giving yourself that infernal title?'

'No. I hate it too but I have to say it to annoy you. And remember, you have to be nice to me.'

'Does fucking you into the bed count as being nice?' his lip curled as he offered the suggestion.

'No, it doesn't.' Harry tried to look serious but knew that he wasn't pulling it off very well.

'So does this mean that after the eventful battle that we've both had, in which we nearly lost our lives, we are not going to…celebrate life afterwards?' He tickled Harry's sides lightly with his fingers as he spoke, trying to entice him and earning him a shiver from the man that lay next to him.

'Of course we're going to celebrate life. How could we not?' He began kissing Severus's shoulders lightly.

'And you don't think that having sex would be the best way to do that?'

'I couldn't think of any better way to celebrate life.' He had moved his attentions up to his lover's neck and continued his gentle kisses, starting on his Adam's apple and moving slowly round and up until he reached the bottom of his earlobe and gave it a light lick. Severus sighed at the attention, digging his nails softly into Harry's side, scraping him slightly but causing more pleasure than pain.

'Then why, might I ask, did you turn down my offer?' Harry didn't stop his kisses and licks, enjoying the heavy breathing coming from the man next to him. He then placed his lips directly against his partner's ear.

'Because I would like to be the one fucking you into the bed' he whispered before continuing his exploration of Severus' neck. He only received a loud gasp in response and so took that to mean that Severus was ok with that. He stuck his tongue out slightly and began a trail from the man's neck all the way down the dip in his chest, before planting a soft kiss just above his bellybutton. He then kissed his way back up until he reached Severus' nipple, blowing on it slightly, while looking up into his face, noticing that he was biting his lip. He grinned and continued to arouse his lover by giving a soft gentle lick to one of the brown nubs, which instantly hardened under his touch. Severus pulled his lover back up towards him and looked into the green eyes; there were a cloud of lust glazing over them that he had only had the opportunity to see a few times. He was going to make sure that he saw it much more often now that the war was over; they were going to celebrate life whenever they could. With this thought in mind, Severus lent upwards and caught the lips of his younger lover, starting very slowly and gently, moving only very slightly against Harry's pink lips. Harry was quick to respond and traced his tongue along Severus' bottom lip so gently that it tickled the man, whose body gave him no choice but to open his mouth and allow his partner entrance.

Harry followed Severus' slow rhythm and pushed his tongue softly against that of his lover, keeping the touch gentle and enjoying the sensation. Once Severus had been enticed, he matched Harry's movements and for once, allowed someone to have control over him. The kiss was tender, exactly what the situation called for. It wasn't long before Harry started to moan softly into Severus' mouth and the older man could feel his lover's cock harden slightly against him. Severus began to kiss his partner harder and Harry willingly gave into the pressure, beginning to get very turned on. He pulled himself on top of his lover without breaking the kiss and pressed his semi-hard cock against Severus' groin. Severus let out a light moan into Harry's mouth, causing his younger lover to force back a grin. Harry didn't move against Severus but just enjoyed the feel of kissing him from above: it was very rarely that his partner submitted his control but Harry loved it when he did. There was something unbelievably sexy about making Severus Snape lose control, which mainly came from the fact that he hardly ever did.

'Harry, move.' It was then that Harry noticed Severus' growing hardness against his own and obliged to his lover's wants, pushing himself slowly and lightly into the area that Severus needed to feel it. A husky moan left Severus' throat and Harry felt it vibrate through his lips that were sucking his Adam's apple and straight down to his groin, leaving the two men now completely hard. Grunts and moans echoed through the room as Harry increased the pressure between him and his lover, wanting nothing more than to give Severus the pleasure that he deserved. Soon enough, the movements were no longer enough, as the two offending pairs of boxers didn't allow skin contact, which Harry was so desperate for. Making another trail of kisses down Severus' body, Harry repositioned himself, as to be able to remove the man's underwear and surprisingly Severus made no objections and simply raised his hips to allow Harry easier access. The younger man tried not to show his haste as his hands moved the material down and Severus' hard penis reflected in the emerald eyes. Not taking away his gaze for a single moment, Harry pulled the clothing down to Severus' ankles, before his lover relieved him and kicked them off.

Harry repeatedly traced his fingers lightly on the skin of his lover's thighs, making him twitch slightly at the too gentle sensation. Eying the impressive erection before him, Harry lend inwards to take the head into his mouth for a split second before pulling away and releasing it with a pop. Severus scowled at him for teasing before his expression changed back into ecstasy as he felt the younger man dip his tongue into his slit and circle it for a while. He considered begging Harry but that would release all of the little control that he was still showing. Instead, he settled for attempting to redeem himself, holding onto Harry's arms and completely flipping him onto his back. Contrasting to Harry's ministrations, Severus became slightly rough with his need, biting down his lover's body, leaving temporary red marks all down his front. Once he reached the trim of Harry's boxers, he pulled them down as fast and harshly as he could; he would no longer be prevented from seeing the cock that he needed so much.

'Severus! Stop! I said I was…OOOH!' Harry was cut off as he felt his cock suddenly engulfed in Severus' mouth and the man was by no means easing him in. His cock was already half-buried in heat and he felt it slip in and out several times before beginning to arch upwards to try and force more of it into Severus' mouth, after all he knew he could take it. Harry looked down and saw black eyes boring into his own as Severus moved his lips further down the erection, causing Harry to moan repeatedly. The more experienced man gradually took more and more of Harry into his mouth and his lover soon became lost. He wasn't aware of what he was saying or what he was doing; all he knew was that he was in heaven, losing any sense of wanting his control back. It wasn't until his cock was released that he even remembered what was happening. He shot his lover a fake look of anger before giving into the pretence and smiling as Severus lay back next to him. He immediately moved back to his original position, happy to regain the lost control.

'Remember, you only have control when I let you have it' Severus smirked at him. Harry simply ignored him and grabbed his partner's length in his hand, having a firm grip and setting to work straight away. One hand cupped, squeezed and stroked the balls at the base and the other became a blur in front of his face, swiftly forcing Severus' eyes closed in pleasure, as Harry's hand happily pumped his cock.

'Merlin!' Severus cried as his lover sped up even more; he was moving so fast that it almost felt as though one giant hand was holding his whole length. Once Harry had obtained his reaction from Severus, he paced himself at a very slow speed, allowing to Severus to moan at the loss of contact before lowered his lips to the now weeping head. The salty taste of Severus made him moan against the flesh, sending small vibrations through the entire length and making his lover moan more. Harry was happy that Severus finally felt comfortable expressing his pleasure, especially considering how vocal the younger man couldn't help but be during sex. Harry gradually began to take more of Severus into his mouth but sucked painfully slowly, enjoying the low moans and grunts that he was receiving. He didn't dare speed up for his worries of pushing himself too far and gagging were still too great. Despite the speed, his lover was definitely enjoying himself and had put one hand around Harry's neck, not to force him to continue but just to feel a part of his lover as they shared this moment. Severus physically couldn't open his eyes if he tried, even if he managed, they soon forced themselves shut again, as seeing Harry's mouth working on his length was intensifying the pleasure to an unbearable level.

When Harry pulled his head away, Severus sighed in disappointment and watched nervously as he saw his partner go for the drawer that contained the lube. He was worried about this and had half-hoped that Harry would change his mind. Severus had never felt comfortable as a bottom; the thought of laying underneath someone and giving them all the power as they manipulated his body in whatever way they wanted scared him slightly. He trusted Harry but all the same, he felt the nerves ripple through him as he watched one finger coated in lube make its way to his entrance. Harry seemed to notice Severus' slight reluctance and began kissing his thighs and stomach to encourage him to relax, something that felt natural to him despite never having to do it before. It was this motion that truly made Severus rethink his worries; Harry was doing this to pleasure him and not for any other reason. He wasn't trying to control his body and he wasn't trying to hurt him and so Severus smiled and pushed downwards as the first digit entered him.

Harry watched the expressions changing on his lover's face and smiled along with him, pushing his finger in and out several times before being satisfied that it was definitely not causing any pain. He stretched the ring of muscle further and slowly pushed in one more finger, alongside the other and the channel tightened around him. The second finger had caused Severus a slight discomfort and he had involuntarily squeezed, keeping Harry's fingers still. Harry did not complain and did not move again until he felt the channel widen slightly, expressing his lover's comfort. Deciding Severus needed more convincing, Harry searched for the spot that he had only felt once in his life but located it almost straight away.

'Ahhh Harry!' he shouted, pressing down onto his hand and trying to increase the pressure against his prostate. Harry stroked the small spot inside him a few times and each time, his lover moaned loudly and tried to press onto Harry's fingers more. He didn't even notice Harry enter another finger until it joined the rest, hitting the same place inside him that made him see stars and utter incoherent words. His pleasure was building and he worried that once Harry was inside him, he wouldn't last long but this was precisely Harry's plan. He knew that his first time on top would be so pleasurable that he probably wouldn't be able to hold back his orgasm when it threatened to hit him and so he wanted to make sure that by the time he entered Severus, the man was close to cumming himself.

When Harry finally removed his fingers from the heat inside Severus, he heard a slight whimper at the empty feeling. He smiled nervously as he coated his erection in the lubricant, hoping that he would be able to do this right. He didn't want to disappoint and he certainly didn't want his memories of his first time on top to be disastrous. He lined himself up against Severus' entrance as the man wrapped his legs around him, no longer scared and very excited to feel pleasure once more. Harry moved his hands between Severus' legs and pulled his cheeks wide enough apart to take him. The younger wizard concentrated hard as he pushed the head of his cock through the tight ring of muscles. He stopped immediately as he saw pain in the eyes of the man he loved but he probably would have had to stop even if this wasn't the case: the pleasure was far too amazing. The tight heat willingly engulfed the tip of his cock and he moaned at the sensation, worrying even more about how he would get through the situation.

When he received a nod from Severus, he pushed himself further down to about half way before stopping and panting.

'Oooh god!' he moaned as the heat spread. He felt awful at how good it felt, considering his partner was trying his best not to writhe in pain. He hoped it would soon feel as good for Severus as it always did for Harry when their positions were switched. They paused for almost a minute, both gasping for air for different reasons, before Harry bravely, yet slowly forced the rest of his cock inside his lover until it was completely buried.

'Ahh!' the cry came from both men; Harry from the pleasure and Severus from the pain. Harry felt his heart beat fast in his chest as he focused on staying still. He lent down clumsily to kiss his lover and whisper comforts into his ear, as he had done for him on their first time. Severus soon relaxed and allowed his muscles to cease constricting against Harry.


'I can't.'

'Why not?'

'Feels too good' Harry looked ashamed of himself. This was part of the reason that he never thought that Severus would want him: his lack of experience bothered him and he didn't want to disappoint. But his lover made all those feelings go away with one smile and a passionate kiss. As soon as the tip of his lover's tongue touched Harry's, electricity flowed through his body and his hips moved of their own accord. Both men groaned in pleasure as Harry began to move slowly, trying to keep their lips together as the moaning threatened to push them apart. After several slow thrusts, Harry knew that he had hit Severus' prostate. The man pulled away from his lover's lips to moan very loudly. Harry tried not to shift his position for his want to satisfy Severus was more important than trying to get rid of his sudden discomfort at their position. The tight feeling around his cock and the look of ecstasy on his lover's face soon made Harry forget about it and he began pounding harder and faster into Severus.

It didn't take long for Harry to find himself a rhythm, not quite as in time as he knew Severus would be but the older man was definitely enjoying it all the same. Sweat slipped between them as they both pushed their bodies together, Severus constantly pushing back down onto each of Harry's thrusts now. Harry tried his best to keep his concentration on Severus' pleasure and not his own and was happy to realise that his lover was enjoying it as much as he was. Even when Harry was unable to hit the man's sweet spot, he was still enjoying it. Feeling himself get more excited, Harry's worries came back to him as he found himself moaning loud into his lover's ear, causing great arousal on Severus' part. He did his best to reach between them and take hold of Severus' erection, pumping it as fast as he could, unable to match the rhythm of his thrusts but hoping it would feel good all the same. The tight channel was causing far too much pleasure in his cock and he let go of Severus in shock, only to see the older man take himself in his hand and start stroking. This drove Harry wild and he sped up his thrusts, concentrating on hitting his lover's prostate each time. The speed and accuracy felt amazing to both of them.

'Merlin Harry!' Severus shouted in his ear. Harry said nothing, concentrating fully on his lover's pleasure, not even realising that his constant moans were enough to keep his old Potions Master shouting with ecstasy. He soon felt his orgasm build up and tried his best to hold back, giving him a pained expression on his face. He could feel Severus violently tugging on his own cock, also dying for release as he continually pushed down onto Harry's hardness. Severus saw his lover tense and watched his face change; it was clear that Harry was holding himself back from orgasm as best as he could.

'Harry, it's ok' he got out through moans.


'Harry-I-HARRY!' Severus shouted as his lover hit his prostate once more, forcing him to release cum all over his hand and stomach and splashing Harry at the same time. The constrictions in Severus' hot channel and the sight of him reaching climax sent Harry over the edge as he emptied himself inside his lover, not once stopping his thrusts as he screamed out his lover's name and buried his head in the crook of the man's neck. Severus grunted as he felt Harry's seed inside him and let out a deep sigh as he began to come down from his high. Harry lay panting on top of him for a long time, unable to move even to come out of Severus, who simply wrapped his arms around the man and held him close as he shook with the power of his orgasm. Once Harry could move, he carefully pulled out of his lover and lay by his side, his head on his chest and heard the man's heart beating as fast as his was.

'Wow. I didn't think it would feel that good' Harry told the man through his panting.

'Nor did I.' Severus kissed the top of his partner's head and smiled at the ceiling.

'Thanks for letting me do that.'

'You're welcome. As long as you know that I am the one with the real control in this relationship' he sneered jokingly.

'Oh no. Just when I was getting used to it' Harry laughed.

'I'll get you back for this, Potter.'

'Why do you still insist on calling me that sometimes?'

'I sometimes like calling you by your last name. It makes me feel powerful' he chuckled.

'Ok. Night, Snape.'

'Night Potter.'

'I love you.'

'I love you too.'

For the first time in many years, Harry and Severus fell asleep with no concerns about defeating Dark wizards: Harry felt as though he didn't have a worry in the world and was happy that he could soon live his life as he pleased. Severus fell unconscious smiling, as he realised that the only weight on his chest was his partner's head, which was definitely a weight that he could get used to.

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