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Bailey knew Mimi ever since she was two. Bailey was very shy back then, when Mimi baby-sat her. Mimi first saw a little girl with honey blond hair in a pink ponytail wearing a blue dress open the door and ran for cover to her mommy's knee, Bailey was only 1 ¾ -year-old. She was a baby. Bailey saw a woman with curly dark hair and ran like lightening to Mommy.

"Oh hi!" Her mom said in a perky mood, "You must be Mimi, this little one is Bailey." She picked up Bailey and handed her to Mimi. Bailey started crying. Mimi looked confused. "OH, I'd better be off now." Bailey's mom kissed Bailey's head. "Love you." She whispered. She walked away yelling "Be back at 9:30. Dr's number's on the table, bed by 8:01 pm."

Bailey hated Mimi then and was at an age where kids like to test their limits. Supper was Alphagetti, nice choice. Bailey picked up a handful of messy letters.

"Bailey don't do that!" Mimi warned "Do you need help?" Bailey threw the letters at Mimi's stomach, leaving a soupy stain on her white top. Bailey laughed happily and clapped.

Bath time was even harder. "Put me down! Go way Mee-mee! I hate you!" Bailey shouted. Mimi picked up a Piglet bath toy. Bailey reached over the edge of the tub and grabbed it "That's mine Mee-mee!" What a rude kid! Where are your manners? Don't talk to me like that! The 25-year-old thought as she watched Bailey splash. Then Bailey looked at Mimi, hazel eyes came before words "Bail-lee love Mee-mee." and a friendship began.