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Nearly eight years had passed leaving that first day in the dust. With ever visit, phone call, letter. Their friendship grew bigger. Bailey needed help and Mimi was there, but Bailey—at almost ten—couldn't be able to help Mimi with her problems.

Bailey hasn't been eating and lost a ton of weight which to Mimi didn't something good she almost thought Bailey was trying to be anorexic, until yesterday. Bailey fell down at Roger's place and started bleeding. Bailey would also say "I don't feel too good." When Mimi checked she realized Bailey had a fever.

The phone rings. SPEEEEAK! Beep is followed by Bailey's tearing voice.

"Mimi, please pick up." What is it this time? Mimi thought as she picked up the phone.

"What is it, Bailey?" She asked.

"Mee-mee, I'm go-ing to...to...die." Bailey stuttered through her tears.

"Bailey, everything's going to be okay." Mimi tried to lighten the mood.

"NO!" Bailey shouted "It's leu—leu."


"I'm scared." Bailey cried.

"Bailey listen to me, everything will be okay." Mimi said.

"Ok. I love you." Bailey said. She hung up the phone.