Hi! I was just thinking about how much the cats on Umbridge's wall must have witnessed, poor things. So, I wrote this story. I actually had to stop several times because I was kind of grossed out by her, she's such an icky person, but I thought the cat's story deserved to be told. It's like a hundred degrees out where I am right now and I have no air conditioning, so have patience with my random babbling, my brain has probably overheated. Please Review!

I have seen things that are too horrible to imagine.

Every morning, I see her. Her hair is in curlers; she has no make up on to hide her toady, flabby face. She wears a fluffy pink bathrobe, partially open. I can see everything; her sagging belly, her drooping breasts. I see her with bedhead.

She's sleeping now. I can hear her snores as they reverberate from the inner room. Each grunt makes me hate her more. I dig my claws deep into my ball of yarn and pretend it is her face.

I'm sorry that was so short, there will be more chapters and they will be longer. I'm going to CTY (nerd camp), for the next three weeks, so I won't be adding to this or any of my other stories much. Reviews are partonuses that dispel the dark forces of poor writing and low self esteem.