Kung Fu Panda 3

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CHAPTER ONE: A Furious Morning.

It was a good morning for the Panda's in Pandaries. Cho found out that his son was alive just last night. Only thing for him to do is sleep then find his son in China. Which was a very long trip for him and his Panda's. Can he do it? Is there an easier way?


The sun was setting and the moonlight view was just at its peak.

"Sir! Sir!" Said the bright black and white Panda who was panting from the flight of stairs he had just climbed.

"Yes, Lo?" Asked Cho as he was turning around with his green decorative vest on facing the fire.

"Your son, Le! Is alive!" Yelled Le.

"What?" Said Cho as he kept his face from turning around, he shook his head. He turned back around and said, "My son... Is alive." He then yelled at the other Panda's.

"Panda's! My son... Is alive! We're leaving tomorrow morning! There's a long trip ahead of us!"


Is everyone packed, Lo?" Asked Cho in a little distinctive tone.

"Yes. We are." Said Lo.

"Good, we're on our way to, where?" Asked Cho.

"Um... Hey! Let's ask that goose over there!" Yelled Lo enough for Zeng to hear him.

"Hey! Goose!" Yelled Cho. Zeng went down and swooped to Po's father.

"Yes? Huh-? The lost Panda's! I've been over here I don't know how many times but I have never seen this village-." Cho interrupted him.

"Pandaries... Do you know where my son Le is?" Asked Cho.

"Le? No. But I know where a Panda is who says he doesn't have a family no more due to Shen." Said Zeng.

"That's good enough for me. Where are we heading?" Asked Cho smiling up at the flying goose.

"Valley of Peace. Jade Palace." Said Zeng.

"Ah, my son is living in a Palace, how original. Can you send him a letter for me?" Asked Cho.

"Of course I can! Any thing for the Dragon Warrior's father." Said Zeng added by a small smirk.

"Uh huh... What's you're name?" Asked Cho. "Zeng." Said the old goose.

"Okay." Said Cho as he went inside his hut to go and get a sheet of Sanskrit Paper and a sharp pencil to write to his prodigal son.

The Morning arises at the Valley of Peace. The crops are being cut-down to size and the Farmers are picking the Crops and selling them at a local market.

As for the Furious Five, things are going great!

The Foe they had battled last week broke the Gong. So Master Shifu let them sleep in that morning.

Po was dreaming of how Tigress hugged him at the Harbor.

Monkey was dreaming of someone stealing his Almond Cookies, more of a nightmare really.

Viper was dreaming of Po's cooking.

Crane was dreaming of him being a Janitor again, because he was fired of being one of the Furious Five.

Mantis was having a huge nightmare of getting stepped on by these things they call 'Humans'.

And as for Tigress:


There was darkness all around her,

she felt her knees twitch as the form of a black and white Panda and a Orange and Black Tiger,

who was actually Tigress appeared out into the distance.

But that wasn't Tigress,

she had black eyes and red pupils.

The Panda and Tiger rotated 30 degrees and faced each other.

The Panda who looked like Po,

he held out his paw and she held out hers.

They grabbed each others paw.

And stared at the real Tigress.

"Po?" Asked the real Tigress.

"Why are you doing this?" Asked the real Tigress.

They both laughed loudly.

As Tigress fell onto the ground Po still chuckled and looked at Tigress with a serious tone.

Po grabbed Tigress' wrist.

The real Tigress tried to get away and groaned in pain.

"I... I... I thought you were my friend." Said Tigress as tears rolled down her eyes.

"I have no friends." Said Po as he threw her onto the ground.

Then Po turned around and faced the fake Tigress and kissed her passionately.

'You can't turn away from your fears and feelings forever Tigress'. Said the mysterious voice.

Master Oogway appeared right in front of Tigress.

"Master Oogway!" Yelled Tigress in unison as she bowed in respect.

"What does this mean?" Asked Tigress as the images of the fake Po and the fake Tigress kissing faded away into nothing and blended in with the pitch-black darkness.

"Your feelings for Po are very strong causing you to dream about him." Said Master Oogway.

"And the fears?" Asked Tigress.

Master Oogway waved his hand and images of the Valley of Peace and the Jade Palace appeared but it was all destroyed.

Fire was burning the top of the Jade Palace and the animals were running in terror.

And then inside the Jade Palace,

Tigress saw an Orange and Black Tiger who looked like her sitting on a throne as Monkey, Crane, Viper, Master Shifu, Mantis, and Po were all in chains.

"You can't run away from your fears, Tigress, you must change the Future." Said Master Oogway as he faded away leaving Tigress to her thoughts.

Tigress then saw Po getting released from his chains and going to a wooden structure.

Now, the Bull puts Po's head into the head shaped slicing.

"No, No, No, NOOOO!"




Tigress panted and then...

"AHHHH!" Yelled Tigress causing the Furious Five, Po, Master Shifu, and possibly the whole Valley of Peace to wake up.

The Furious Five, Po, and Master Shifu rushed into Tigress' room.

"What's wrong?" Asked Po as he was the first to be in her room right beside her bed.

Tigress got up and hugged him tight.

Tears rolled down her eyes.

"I don't want this to happen. I don't want you to hurt me." Said Tigress as she continued to hug Po and sob on his shoulder.

"Hey. Hey, hey, hey... I'm not going to hurt you. I would never hurt you..." Said Po as the Furious Five and especially Master Shifu stared in 'AWE'.

"What happened in your dream?" Asked Po.

Tigress sighed and got up, wiped her tears away, and sniffled.

"Nothing." Said Tigress as she walked out of her room.

"But-" Said Po but the way Tigress swished back facing Po.

"Nothing's wrong!" Yelled Tigress as she stomped away from Po and went out her room. Po, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five, stared at Tigress as she was heading out of the Sleeping Dorms.

"So who's up for breakfast?" Asked Mantis.

"I know I am." Said Crane as they headed out leaving Master Shifu and Po.

Master Shifu chuckled a bit slightly.

"What?" Asked Po.

"For someone who cares a lot about someone you show too much little support." Said Shifu smiling up at Po.

"What do you mean? I don't like Tigress." Said Po pouting.

"Po. The day I've found out about Tigress, I read her biography.

It didn't say anything.

No one knows anything about her.

Except her parents which was found dead a few months ago.

But I haven't told Tigress yet.

All the teachers know at the Bau Gu Orphanage is that she's aggressive.

But I have found a scroll by an Ancient Prophecy sent to happen in thirty days, was about Tigress.

She was meant to be a ruler of China.

I told Master Oogway last night to visit her in her dream and I told him to tell her about the Ancient Prophecy." Said Master Shifu.

"Oh... So that's why she was acting all weird and screamed this morning.

But why did she say not to hurt her. I can't even hurt her if I tried." Said Po with a befuddled crazed look on his face.

"Maybe she was dreaming about you and you hurt her in the dream. I don't know." Said Master Shifu.

"Oh okay, that explains it." Said Po.

"You should go to breakfast." Said Master Shifu.

"I will but first, I'm going to check on Master Tigress, alright?" Asked Po to Shifu.

"Alright but be back in time to start breakfast." Said Master Shifu.

"Okay!" Said Po as he left and headed for the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.

Po did see Tigress.

She was meditating by the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.

"Ti...Tigress." Po stuttered.

Tigress opened up one eye.

"Are you alright?" Asked Po.

Tigress knew her feelings for Po was too strong for him to know.

But she didn't want this to happen.

She was just friends with Po, nothing more.

"Yes." Said Tigress.

"What's on you're mind?" Asked Tigress to Po as Po sat down looking at the stars which were dispersing into nothing.

"The question I should be asking 'you' is what is on 'you're' mind?" Asked Po looking at Tigress.

Tigress didn't say anything.

Po sighed and said,

"Master Shifu told me that he told Master Oogway to come into your dream and show you your future. Which isn't looking to hot right now." Said Po as he was holding Tigress' paw.

Tigress looked up at him.

Po held up her paw towards the sun which was shining brightly causing her paw to have a golden diamond orange outline.

"And the future is that, you are the ruler of China?" Asked Po.

Tigress nodded.

"I'm scared." Said Tigress.

"There's nothing to be scared about. I'm with you till the end." Said Po smiling.

Tigress hugged Po. But the hug was interrupted by a white goose coming up from behind them.

"Zeng." Said Po.

"How's my little bird doing today?" Asked Po.

"I'm doing great actually." Said Zeng.

"Oh, and there's this message here for you from Pandaries!" Said Zeng.

Po opened up the piece of parchment and read.

Message From Cho:

Hello Le. You may not remember me, but I am you father, Cho.

We hid from Shen years ago, awaiting for a hero to arrive and

save us. We don't know who he is, but when we arrive there, we

would like to meet him. You've also made some friends and your

caretaker, we would like to meet them as well. We'll be there in a

few days.



A.K.A Your dad

Po was shocked especially Tigress who reading along with him.

"My dad's alive. The Panda's are not wiped out." Said Po.

"Po! This is big news! We have to tell Master Shifu!" Said Master Tigress.

"Yes, we should. Thanks again Zeng!" Said Po as he was heading towards Master Shifu who was meditating by the Yin and Yang Pool.

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