When Siblings Collide

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Chapter 1: My New Stepbrother

My name is Cloud Strife, age sixteen, and let me tell you: I have the worst luck any teenage boy could ever have. My mom just got remarried-to some wacky scientist guy named Hojo. Seriously, my mom has no taste in men, except for my dad. But that was actually an arranged marriage; so basically, my mom was a saint to marry this quack. My whole family opposed the marriage and I did too, trust me. Still, here they are, back from their freaking honeymoon, and it was time for me to kiss my old life goodbye.

"Yo Vince, thanks for taking care of me while my mom was off probably having sex with a crazy-ass man," I said to my best friend Vincent Valentine. He nodded, his long black hair covering part of his face. Lots of people called him "emo" and "vampire" but all of them had to admit Vince was pretty hot. Hell, he gets like fifty freaking love letters a day.

"So, are you still going to live in your old house or what?" Vincent asked me. I shook my head in dismay and groaned.

"We're gonna have to live in his house, since his lab is there. Say goodbye to my sweet life," I grumbled. Vince chuckled at my pitiful state. I glared at him.

"Seriously, Vince, you're laughing? And here I thought you were actually my friend," I complained. Vincent grinned and shrugged.

"What about his children? Does the douchebag even have any?" Vincent inquired. I rolled my eyes at his question.

"Does it even matter? All I fucking know is that that bastard must've drugged my mom or something," I muttered when the doorbell rang.

"Cloud, Mom's here to pick you up!" I heard my mom's cheery voice through the…whatever you call it thing that some people have on their doorbells. I huffed and picked up my duffel bag while Vincent followed me to the front door. He put on a fake sweet smile as he opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Strife, it's good to see you again," he greeted. He smirked secretly when he saw my scowl at him, sending him I fucking hate you vibes. My mom noticed absolutely nothing and proceeded to try to give me a big hug, which I quickly ducked out of. "I'm sorry Mrs. Strife, it seems the lessons I was teaching to Cloud have no paid off," Vincent chuckled, grinning at me. I secretly flipped him off.

"Oh, I'm sorry for the trouble," my mom apologized, believing every damn word that came from Vincent's mouth. I shook my head in disbelief at my mom's naivety and put my duffel bag in the trunk. My mom said goodbye to Vincent and went inside the car and gave a kiss to her slimy bastard of a husband. I sent a text message to Vince:

I am going to fucking kill you at school.

His reply:

Glad to hear it. tell me all about ur new life 'k?

I closed my eyes, leaned back into the seat, and hoped that it couldn't get any worse than this.

Did I mention my wishes never come true?

"Cloud, why don't you go say hello to your new brother?" my mom told me once we got into the new house. I nearly spat out my soda.


"Oh, I didn't tell you? Professor Hojo has a son, and he's only two years older than you. He's upstairs right now; his room is right next to yours, so you can't miss it. Now, go and greet him!" My mom nudged me towards the staircase, and thus I was forced to go upstairs and greet my new stepbrother.

"Who the hell said I wanted a sibling-"I started to mutter as I opened the door when I suddenly tripped over a textbook and fell down. "GOD DAMN IT!" I cursed, holding my aching foot. I heard a low chuckle and whirled around to yell at the source of the laugh when suddenly, a figure towered over me, his long hair tickling my face.

"Well, well, look what we have here. It's a little blond puppy," the figure cooed mockingly. I glared up at him, and then noticed that this guy was seriously sexy…

He had long, silver hair and parted bangs that fell to the end of his angular face. His jade, cat-like eyes were seductive and mesmerizing, and his well-toned body and enormous height only seemed to help bring out his sexiness. He wore a white undershirt with the buttons undone, showing off his chest, and black pants. Despite his amazing outer appearance, everything about him seemed to piss me off. Maybe it was the fact that he radiated arrogance, or the fact that he was smirking at me. Gee, I really had no idea.

"Shut the hell up. I'm not a freaking puppy," I snapped at him and started to stand up when the pain in my foot caused me to wince and nearly fall over again. My stepbrother crossed him arms and raised an eyebrow in amusement. I glared at him. "So, do you even have a name?" I asked rudely.

"Learn some manners will you chocobo? My name is Sephiroth, and since I am your older brother as of now, you must call me Sephiroth-nii, understand?" he answered smoothly. I gaped at him in fury.

"I am not a chocobo you freaking bastard! My name is Cloud!" I yelled at him. He mockingly ruffled my hair in response.

"Just look at your hair little brother. If you asked anyone, I'm sure they would say you look like a chocobo. Now, scatter along now, your big brother's friends are coming soon, and if you insist on staying here then I'm afraid I will have to carry you out," he teased. "Oh, and as a note of warning Cloud, make me angry, and I'm afraid the end result will not be very pretty," he warned, his eyes gleaming dangerously. I really didn't like the way he looked at me…I hurried out of his room, slamming the door and making it to my room. Picking up my cell phone I called Vince, who picked it up after the first ring.

"So, how's it going Cloud?" he asked, laughing. I rubbed my forehead in dismay.

"Let's just say hell broke loose," I groaned.

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