When Siblings Collide

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Chapter 3: Unexpected Affection

"I'm starting to consider suicide."

Vincent looked up at me from his hamburger. "What the hell is wrong with you, Cloud? I know you're an emo piece of shit and all-" I threw a French fry at him- "but what's going on now? You've never mentioned suicide." I sighed with exasperation and banged my head on the lunch table.

"Three choices; Sephiroth, my Math grade, or just life in general. Choose," I moaned, choosing to keep my head glued to the table.

"As seeing I am a genius I'd say all three, but I'm betting Sephiroth; nice tattoos, darling," Vincent chuckled. I flushed and kicked him under the table. Freaking douchebag.

"You can take my place any day, emo vampire. I'm SICK of his shit. Yesterday the bastard sexually assaults me, and this morning when I wake up he's on my bed groping me. I'M A GUY DAMMIT!" I yelled, a bit too loudly; people turned their heads to look at me worriedly like I needed help. I needed help. LEGAL HELP THAT IS.

"Cloud, you're a manly-looking girl you retard," Vincent mocked. "Seriously, any guy could look at you and consider becoming gay just to get in your pants." I gave him the stink eye.

"Oh, does that mean you too, Dracula? I'm so flattered. Tell me more, by all means," I snapped. "Anyway, I swear, I'm going to have to call a retraining order on his ass if he keeps this up. I don't give a crap if it can't be done; I'M DOING IT," I huffed. Vincent raised an eyebrow at me and smirked.

"Sadly, sweetheart, I don't have the power to do that so feel free to come crying to Daddy once you lose your virginity to your step-brother," he teased. I stared at him, my mouth gaped open.

"You bastard! You know I had sex with Tifa last year! Why the hell does that not count for you?!" I ranted. He waved his hand in the air as if waving my words away.

"For one, you were both drunk. Second, she had no recollection of that. And third, both of you stopped hanging out with each other after that. So there you have it. Three reasons why Cloud Strife is officially a virgin," Vincent listed off. I started flinging my French fries at him again when a figure approached our table.

"What the fuck are you two doing?" I glanced up to see Squall Leonhart, a former gang member who was undeniably sexy and wore a fur-trimmed coat every day of the year; seriously.

"We're spreading our love for cock, obviously. Care to join us, Leon?" Vincent replied sarcastically. Squall's eye twitched. Leon was his name when he used to be in a gang, so he preferred it if people didn't call him that. Of course, Vincent is a royal douche and enjoys tormenting people, so it makes me wonder how Squall even deals with Vincent.

"I'd rather not, thank you very much," Squall scoffed, setting his tray next to me. He sat down and starting eating his lunch. Vincent and I stared at him for a few seconds before assuming he wouldn't be talking anymore.

"Anyway, about your sexy fox of a stepbrother…rumor has it he's quite good at fucking so don't worry Cloud; he'll pleasure you fully," Vincent said nonchalantly. I spat out my soda.

"What. The. Fuck." Squall and I said together.

"Who said I'd let Sephiroth have sex with me?!" I protested, flushing angrily. Squall narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

"Sephiroth? You mean Sephiroth Hojo, with long silver hair and those fucking green pieces of shit he has for eyes? That's your stepbrother?" he questioned darkly. I blinked in surprise.

"Uh, yeah. You know him?" I asked. Squall grunted and looked away.

"Somewhat. Back when I was in a gang he'd appear out of nowhere with his long-ass sword and cut up everyone he could. Piece of shit to me," Squall answered. I blinked. Sephiroth has a sword? Now I know I have to commit suicide.

"Hey, Cloud, ask Sephiroth if his sword compensates for something," Vincent joked. "Unless…you already know how long it is…" I gawked at Vince again.

"You asshole!"

(Before P.E.)

I walked to the locker room, wondering why in the heck I had to do this mile crap when suddenly a pair of hands grabbed me from behind.

"VINCENT YOU LITTLE FUCKER-" I started to scream when I noticed long strands of gleaming silver dangling in front of me. Oh.

"Did you call the wrong name just now, darling Chocobo?" Sephiroth purred, his hands rubbing where they shouldn't be rubbing.

"Well, yeah, because I figured you'd be in class," I grumbled. He chuckled.

"So you were thinking of me while going to your locker? What a naughty, naughty boy my dear Cloud~" Sephiroth whispered sensually in my ear, then nipping at it. I flinched and clenched my eyes as I submitted to those hands of his when—

"Fuck off, Sephiroth." Squall? I opened my eyes to a very pissed off Squall, who was burning holes into Sephiroth. My sexy bastard of a stepbrother scoffed.

"Is that you, Lionheart? I never expected to see you here at this school. Tell me, have you quit that little girly clique of yours yet?" Sephiroth greeted with a mocking tone. Squall snarled at him.

"That's none of your business, fuck-face. Now let go of him," he spat. Reaching out faster than light, Squall dragged me away from Sephiroth, and I ended up glued to his chest. Damn; he smells really nice—oh, great, I now have a fetish for sexy men's cologne. Now I know I have to commit suicide.

Squall pulled me away from Sephiroth and headed towards the locker room, glaring at Sephiroth before we fully left his sight; and as I nervously looked back, I saw a very dangerous look in his eyes…

I'm never going home again.

(Shower Room…Oh ho ho~)

I blinked in confusion as we stepped into the shower room.

"Squall, this isn't the locker room. It's the other door, don't you remember—" I started to point out, but Squall wasn't listening to me at all. Instead, he dragged me to one of the stalls and shoved me inside. I slammed against the wet tiles and grimaced, about to yell at Squall when suddenly, I felt his lips on mine.


Lips…? Wait…WHAT?!


Squall pushed his tongue inside my mouth, teasing my own tongue while his hands ran through my hair. My eyes were shut tight, and I could feel his hair on my face as he continued kissing me. Slowly, his hands traveled down to my waist as he broke away from me, panting, his eyes full of hidden lust. Did Squall always have feelings for me? He must be a great actor, because I had never realized it; until now, of course.

"Squall…" I panted, my voice somehow reduced to a small whimper. "Don't…if Sephiroth finds out-"

"Who gives a fuck about Sephiroth," he scoffed, taking off his jacket. My face flushed, realizing that he really meant…have sex with me. Here. Oh, lord.

Squall turned on the shower, and cold water splashed down onto the both of us. I yelped in shock, but his warm lips cut me off again. As the both us continued kissing, our tongues colliding with each other, his hands lifted up my shirt, and he started playing with my nipples, tweaking them at times before rubbing them again. My muffled moans rang throughout the empty room, making me even more embarrassed than when Sephiroth and I had our little "session." I felt hot and weak, and it wasn't due to the now-warm spray of the shower. As we broke off for air, I looked up at Squall weakly.

"Squall…we have to stop or else someone will find us…" I whispered, soaking wet. Squall pushed his hair back sexily and looked at me, licking his lips.

"We're just getting started, Cloud…" he warned huskily.

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