F.E.A.R: Beginnings

AU. A young boy comes across an odd girl at school and his fate is forever intertwined with hers.

SGT. Becket/ Alma

I in no way shape or form own F.E.A.R nor its respective characters

The boy concentrated as hard as he possibly could at the glass cup on the teacher's desk. The classroom was empty, all the other kids outside and the boy and the teacher alone. The older blonde woman watched with care and interest as the boy focused on the task he was given. What was he trying to do you ask? Levitate a cup with his mind. Being that of only 12 years of age, something like this would make you laugh at the child's imagination. But you would soon find yourself appalled because the cup lifted three inches over the table and stayed locked in place in the air.

The boy had long dark brown hair, his mother making him grow it out telling him it made him look handsome. His face though young and innocent withheld the eyes of someone who commanded power and could dominate in any scenario. He was sweating all the while concentrating on the cup before setting it down again.

"Very good Michael, we'll pick this up after recess, now go out and play with the others." A woman told him softly while smiling.

The boy stood from his chair, nodded, and then proceeded to walk out of the classroom to the playground. Michael wandered the playground aimlessly preferring to be alone rather than play with the other children. To be honest, he hated it here. He wanted to just stay home and not go to school yet neither the Becket's nor the staff would let him just yet.

'Some school this is.' Michael thought to himself.

It was an odd school indeed and Michael had only been here for four months. All they did here was do odd test but then again all children were the same here. The teachers, who looked an awful like doctors in their white coats, had told them they were 'special'. At least Ms. Wade was nice to him. In fact it felt like most of the staff there focused their attention onto him and his progress. But what Ms. Wade would do for him that made her special was sneak him out of the school for walks or she just sat there and talked to him. She had a motherly personality when it came to Michael.

The irony in it all, poor Michael had developed a tiny crush on his teacher Alice Wade. She was all who he talked to here. He was quiet and only spoke at times when spoken to or if he needed to. Michael had wished to see her everyday but Alice's father prevented that, feeling that it would somehow affect Michael's result.

Harlan Wade…The name alone made poor Michael shiver from the harshness of his name. The principle of the school yet was very active in only the studies of children who were more promising like Michael. Harlan had watched over Michael the second he got here. On his second day at school Michael was put in the middle of a circle of other kids, all of which who had dodge balls in each hand. There were 16 kids in all and at Harlan's command they threw the dodge balls at Michael, all of them oddly enough missed him and hit the kids across from them. Unfortunately that was the only time Michael could do that. Whatever the reason of how, Harlan took note of this and had Michael do far more test than the other children. The only other child who got more tests than even Michael was Harlan's eleven year old daughter Alma.

To Michael, Alma was an odd yet very interesting creature. He couldn't help but be drawn to her for some reason. She never spoke and it seemed like she was mute or so many thought. Her powers would affect those around her and in turn the feelings of the other students could be felt by Alma. One of her teachers ended up slamming her head into the wall repeatedly after spending 10 minutes alone with Alma. When the staff checked on them, Alma was in the corner of the room facing the wall sobbing while the teacher's face was no longer recognizable. The teacher's death was the first of many strange deaths surrounding Alma Wade. Alma was indeed in fact frightening in many ways especially with her abnormal glowing golden eyes. Yet again Becket found himself lost in those golden orbs and would stare at the black haired girl from afar. On his fourth day at school he shocked his entire class by walking to Alma who sat in the back of the class and asking to borrow a pencil with a nervous smile. The two children's eyes met and both were flushed with both many different feelings as well as flashes of an older dark haired male firing his assault riffle at a nude woman with dark hair reaching down to her lower back. Their fates are forever bonded together.

As Michael continued roaming the playground occasionally kicking a stone or staring at the woods behind the fence of the school, he couldn't stop thinking about the Wade's. Whatever is surrounding them draws Michael to them. Michael thought about how Alice was kind and sweet to him while Harlan gave off very uncomfortable and terrifying feelings, and how Alma had seemed to take notice in his existence in her own way. He would often catch her staring at him with a face unreadable of any emotion before turning away. Yes, very odd things began happening after Michael's encounter with Alma. Children who did want to try and get close to Michael (especially girls) had their hairs mysteriously spark with a small flame burning their hair. No one ever got hurt but the other kids now definitely avoided Michael at any cost. Michael even swore that at one point while washing his hands he looked up into the mirror above the bathroom sink to see Alma's reflection. Upon turning around however nothing was there behind him.

'What a very odd and peculiar girl indeed.' He thought to himself.

Becket turned towards the playground quickly noticing Alma alone swinging on the swings. After debating with himself for a few minutes, he finally summoned enough courage to go over and try talking to her. He silently took a seat on the swing next to hers and she stopped swinging. She turned to look at him, her glowing eyes burrowing deep within his soul.

"Hi." Michael said nervously.

She continued to stare at him for a few seconds before responding.

'Hello.' A girl's voice echoed in Michael's head while Becket looked around confused.

"Was that you?" he asked her in disbelief.

'Yes, I usually don't like actually talking. You can probably do it too if your strong enough.'

Michael concentrated on the first two words in his head and then focused them in the mind of Alma.

'Your very pretty.' Michael's voice suddenly echoed in Alma's mind causing her to look down at the ground quickly, her hair covering her face from Michael.

Michael blushed redder than Alma's dress she was wearing.

'I-I'm sorry.' He said dejectedly looking down at his feet.

Alma raised her head then turned to look at him and to his surprise she had on her face a small smile and a small tint of red on her cheeks.

'Don't be. Its flattering…Your cute by the way Michael.' She said the last part barely loud enough to be heard yet still Michael blushed.

From that moment on, two months had passed. Both children had grown strongly close to one another that their happiness and joy could be felt by those around them. They spent their time talking and playing at recess or whenever they saw the other. Their love was said to be the purest by some staff members while others watched in anger. Harlan watched in disgust ignoring even his own daughter's joy. In fact he was furious about the children's relationship and had removed Alma from class to be taught alone. When Alma stopped showing up to class and recess Michael began to worry and his own distraught caused a few other children to cry as well as a few of the staff. Michael knew it was his relationship with Alma that caused this and now she had no one to talk to. He asked Alice where she was and she only simply said she was grounded at home yet in her eyes told a different story and Michael could feel it. He ignored it yet whenever both him and Harlan came into eye contact, both gave such dark looks to one another. Michael knew it was his fault he couldn't see her. Alma had told him what he did and who he was, armed with this knowledge made Michael for the first time in his life want to kill someone.

The next day at school was dark and rainy. Michael was on his way back to class from the bathroom when he collapsed onto his hands and knees feeling his head pounding. When he looked up he saw that where he was had changed. There was large lone tree on a hill with a single swing and as he approached it, ghastly images of Harlan and Alma appeared before him both seemingly oblivious to Michael's prescence.

"Stay away from him Alma."

"Why daddy? He's nice to me."

"Your distracting him and making him weak. Your holding him back from completing his studies. Hell even your failing tests because of him."

"Why daddy? Why won't you let us be close? He makes me happy and I don't know what I'd do without him."

Michael was taken aback by Alma's words. How could they be so young and so in love with one another, feel so connected with one another, and even obsessed?

"Alma...He is what he is for a purpose. For the moment, he doesn't deserve you. Neither child here does yet your friend is the best out of all the others."

"I like him the way he is now daddy. He treats me far better than you. He actually cares about me and not some dumb science project!" Alma said angerly.


Alma found herself on the floor with her father standing over her with rage in his eyes. He bent down and lifted Alma off the ground by the throat choking her in his rage.

"D-d-daddy…" Alma wheezes out.

At that, Harlan released her and began walking away.

"The boy will be gone by tomorrow."

The voices and images faded away leaving Michael both hurt and angry. He was hurt because Alma got hurt because of him and he wasn't there to protect her. He was angry at Harlan, himself, and this entire school. Michael looked at the tree one last time when Alma's voice came out to his head.

"Wake up." She cooed as the world around melted away to him sitting under the very tree he just saw in his vision.

Michael panicked then looked down the hill to see the school, luckily everyone was still alive but how did he get there he wondered. He turned around and came face to face with golden orbs before jumping and falling back on his backside groaning in pain.

'I'm sorry Michael. I didn't mean to scare you.' Alma said sorrowfully.

'You didn't scare me. You surprised me.' He said quickly getting up.

'Is that what they call it?' she smiled.

Michael felt his heart melt seeing the dark haired girl before him smile. As if possessed he walked up to her placing both hands on each of her shoulders. Alma jumped slightly but settled down upon looking into Michael's eyes. She knew what would happen next, she had read his mind the moment he grabbed her. Funny as it is, both children were about to share their first kiss ever in their short time on this earth. Michael pulled her close crashing his lips to hers, his eyes slowly closing. Her eyes soon did too and both had found themselves lost in the embrace not even noticing the rain crashing down upon them and the occasional lightening crack. To him her lips were as soft and as pleasant as the clouds of heaven. To him she tasted sweet. Like a fruit? Candy? He didn't know how to describe the feelings except perfect. As they kissed Alma found her arms around the back of Michael's neck while his hands had slid down her developing hips. The two broke apart breathless and both noticed the silhouette of figures coming up the hill. Alma scared moved closer into Michael and he held her tight as did she, both crying in the process knowing what was about to happen.

'I'll love you always Alma.' Michael thought as he pressed his forehead to her's.

'And I'll always love you Michael.' Both kiss one last time before a dart whizzes by them.

Michael turned to see soldiers in all black with then tranquilizer guns aimed at them. Michael clenched his eyes tightly…concentrating hard. If this was the last chance he could use this power he would make it count. He releases Alma and runs toward five soldiers at an inhuman speed. To the soldiers, Michael had teleported in front of them before swiping one of the soldier's tranquilizer guns and shot them all before grabbing another gun. He quickly grabbed another gun tossing the empty one away. He unleashed all hell upon the soldiers in order to protect the one closest to his heart, he wanted to ensure her safety no matter what cost. She could tell Michael was spent having had used so much power to slow time of that area. She reached out to grab his arm when he collapsed into her while she caught him. He was breathing hard and had to use Alma to support him standing.

"Alma…I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough." Michael said to her breathlessly.

"So there is hope for you yet Becket." Harlan's voice said from behind them.

The two children turn to see not just Harlan holding a dart gun at them but at least 15 soldiers surrounded him with their guns raised.

"NOOO! Leave her alone! Michael yelled raising his gun only to have Harlan fire first and the dart hit Michael's chest causing him to fall back bringing Alma down on top of him.

"Michael no!" Alma screamed holding onto Michael's shaking body.

Alma then looks up at the soldiers and her eyes glowed as she raised her left hand towards a soldier causing him to scream in agony before his head exploded. Alma does this to four more while she liquidated the flesh off of eight more before a three darts struck her stomache, her left shoulder and her chest. She fell next to Michael both looking into the other's eyes ignoring the approaching soldiers. Their clothes were soaked and they were both losing the battle against the narcotic shots into them not even a few seconds ago.

"Alma...I love you. Th-they can't beat love." Michael says before closing his eyes.

"I love you too Michael, now and forever." Alma smiles before lacing her fingers with Michael and her eye lids closing shut.

"Take her to the vault, she's too dangerous…their both dangerous especially together. We'll give her some time before then" Harlan states.

"What about the boy?" a soldier asks.

Harlan looks down at Michael before turning to see his daughter right next to him both unconscious holding hands.

"Send him to the other Armacham facility. He will be trained to better his combat skills as well as his psychic powers. Use him as a potential candidate as a psychic commander. I will send you his file when your out of the city. Remember to erase his memories of this school entirely, we'll deal with Alma. Also do complete the surgical procedure when Michael is old enough to endure it and live through it. We can amplify his powers." Harlan spoke.

"What about Alma after we lock her away in the vault?" another soldier asks.

Harlan chuckled.

"We'll have her produce psychic commanders, two at least. They will be the first prototypes when their in their twenties."

As Harlan watched the two children be carried off he smiled darkly.

"Rest now children for the future awaits us all."

A/N: Okay I was inspired to write this story from a few list of things. I like the idea where they meet as children but I will forever add my twists. I hope you enjoyed and please do leave comments as to how I can better my work. Thank you.