Chapter 3: Forgotten Memories

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The hallways of the hospital seemed endless and the large amounts of blood didn't help make Becket feel any more comfortable either.

"Becket? Are you there? Come in." a female voice called out from…his pocket?

Becket stopped and dug into his right pants pocket to pull out his HUD glasses.

'How the hell did they get there?' he thought before putting them on and seeing the small image of Lt. Stokes in the corner.

"Yeah I'm here. Where the hell are we?"

"I don't know...Last thing I remember is that damn explosion. Are you alright?"

"Umm, that depends on your terms by 'alright'. I think there's…" Becket stopped in mid sentence as he stopped to stare at a glass window.

It was dark inside the room yet something in him made him want to peer in.

"Becket I didn't get the rest of that."

"Hold on a sec Lieutenant."

As Becket's face came closer to the glass a young nurse came banging on the glass with a look of terror in her eyes causing Michael to jump back a few feet. Not soon after however, the door to the room the nurse was in opened behind her and a soldier without any remorse fired a single shot with his riffle at the nurse's head, painting the once clean window with blood. As the woman's body fell to the floor the soldier looked up and noticed Becket before pulling out his radio.

"We got another in the recovery wing." He then pointed to Becket.

"You. Stay right where you are."

'Fuck that.' Becket thought to himself before continuing on.

"Becket what did you find?" Stokes voice came out.

"I think we got trouble, I've been looking over the hospital and it looks like most of the staff here was murdered by soldiers. I'm not sure who they work for."

"Fucking perfect… You need to double time and meet us in the lobby. Everyone is here all except Red."

"I'll find him; just hold off till I get there if you get into any trouble."

"Trouble has always been sexy to me, especially since it seems to only follow you." Stokes flirted.

"All the more reason I should hurry to you and we get the hell out of here." Becket flirted back before the face of Stokes disappeared indicating she was offline.

Becket went through what he thought was a room before the doorway behind him slid shut. Michael moved forward into the room only to find out that it was a small chamber. He fired at the glass only for it to do nothing but hold the bullets into the glass not even reaching out the other side. He moved closer to the glass and peered out quickly noticing his target on the second floor behind a panel.

"Aristide." He muttered darkly.

"Sergeant Becket, I don't have time to explain but were all in danger. You're the only one capable of getting us out of this alive. You can arrest me later, for right now I'm going to turn on the TAC to awaken your other half of your powers." Aristide yelled out as she frantically began powering up the machine knowing that the soldiers that killed the staff here would be here soon for her.

'Other half?' he thought.

"No wait!" Becket tried to stop her but was ignored.

The machine roared as electricity appeared from the floor inside the chamber. Oddly enough the electricity targeted Becket striking him quickly.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he howled out in pain doing his best to stay on his feet.

His mind felt eerily similar to when he met that woman which somehow in the back of his mind he knew he'd see her again. Just as fast as the pain came it was gone. Being replaced with a feeling of awakened strength in Becket. The machine soon powered down on its own and Becket saw that where Aristide used to be was replaced by an older grey haired soldier maybe in his late 40's.

"Well looky here boys. We got ourselves a freak." The man mocked.

Becket clenched his eyes as a sudden name flashed into his head and the sound of the little girl's voice from before whispered 'bad man.'

'Colonel Vanek…Wait how the hell did I know that?' he thought to himself.

"Trust me when I say this son but death would be way better than what Aristide plans to do with you. Alright men, I'm gonna open the chamber and you take that fucker out. We have to eliminate any evidence linking us to this entire mess." Vanek said coldly.

There were at least twenty soldiers slowly approaching the chamber with their riffles raised. Even with whatever unlocked ability he had he feared the worst would happen in this fight and that slight panic had alerted someone…her. At that moment two steel doors behind the soldiers flew half way across the room before a woman's voice could be heard in everyone's head.

'NNNOOO! YOU WILL NOT HARM HIM!' the woman's voice screeched out making everyone grit their teeth holding back the slight pain they felt.

At that moment four tendrils appeared as Becket fell to his knees clutching his head.

"Aaarrrrgggghhh! Ahhh!" Becket howled out, today just wasn't his day he figured.

The tendrils that appeared in the doorway soon began tearing soldiers a part, literally.

"The fuck is it!" a soldier yelled out firing at the tendrils before one impaled itself in the man's skull causing blood and skull fragments to fly in different directions. The tendrils made short work of the rest of the soldiers before fading away leaving behind Vanek and two of the soldiers that were at the control panel.

"Damn it! Why! Why is she here!" Vanek yelled out angrily before turning his eyes to Michael who was recovering from his sudden headache.

"Its you! She's here because of you, you little shit!" Vanek yelled.

"FUCK YOU!" Becket yelled back wanting nothing more than to silence the man forever, he couldn't remember the last time he wanted to kill someone out of anger in particular.

'Kill them. Kill them all. Kill them for me my love.' The little girl's voice echoed inside of his head trying to draw out the animal in Becket yet he shook it off.

Vanek then opened the door to the chamber before walking down the stairs to where the door opened an evil grin upon his face.

"Maybe if I kill you 'she'll' leave. " Vanek mocked.

'Who the hell are they talking about?' Michael thought and then ran out of the chamber riffle raised. The two soldiers aimed their riffles at Michael while Vanek held a combat shotgun.

"Lets see what you got freak." One of the soldiers taunted.

Michael's eyes furrowed in anger as their color changed to a fiery red.

"I. Am Not. A freak." Becket replied with the voice of himself laced with his younger self.

Michael then before any of them could blink fired one shot each precisely to the head of the two soldiers around Vanek before he removed his left hand from the riffle and raising it to Vanek. His hand gave off a red aura and Vanek soon found himself lifted ten feet into the air unable to move his body.

"Argh, you shouldn't be able to do this, what has Aristide done?" Vanek grounded.

Becket drew Vanek closer until they were eye level.

"Who are you? And why do you want Aristide dead?" Becket said still with the duck voice.

Vanek began chuckling.

"You don't remember a thing do you? Why you're here nor why you have those freaky powers?"

Becket only kept silent, glaring into the older man's eyes.

"Heh, it's because of you 'she' fought back and it's because of you Harlan Wade was damn near killed 23 years ago. Don't you remember Wade Elementary? Or how about…Project Paragon and Harbinger?"

As Vanek said this, Becket dropped his assault rifle before taking a knee as his head forced a dormant memory into his mind. He saw an elementary school before he began hearing voices.

"Very good Michael." An older woman's voice echoed before the ghostly figure of her body and blonde hair appeared and then faded…Alice Wade.

"You think you deserve her? Both of your little stunts have cost Armacham but I promise it will be paid back and in interest. I also promise this…you will never see her again." An older male's voice boomed before the haunting image of an older man in glasses who resembled a lab doctor. A single name ended that memory…Harlan Wade.

The psychic hold suspending Vanek began to weaken as he was dropped onto his feet in front of Becket, his shotgun aimed at his head.

"Say goodbye Michael Becket." Vanek said about to pull the trigger before Becket used his slow-mo ability to grab the shotgun and began a life or death struggle between them that only one man would walk away from.

"Basturd let go." Vanek growled.

Becket ignored him and took the opening by slamming the shotgun into the man's face four times causing blood from the man's broken nose to spurt out blood. Becket only grinned feeling Vanek's grip weaken all the while forcing the barrel of the gun under his his chin.

"N-no, wait…" Vanek tried to plead before his head was blown clean off and blood covered Becket's vest.

As the corpse fell so did Becket onto his hands and knees sweating and breathing hard. His eye color soon returned and as he brought up his head back up, a set of powerful golden reddish eyes met his. It was the little girl, maybe no more than eleven years of age. She wore a red dress and her feet were covered in blood as well as random spots on her dress.

"I-I know you somehow. Wh-who are you?" Becket asked in both fear and wonder.

The little girl raised her left hand to cup his cheek before a soft smile spread across her face.

'The real question is who are you?' she said into his mind before fading away to ash with a soft girlish giggle. Becket got up far more confused then he'd ever been since he got here.

'What the hell?' he thought to himself.

He briskly began fast walking out of the room where the tendrils had entered the room but as he turned the corner a pale feminine hand met his chest causing him to stop. As he followed the arm to the individual who stopped him, he saw that it belonged to an older woman. Her body was beyond dead, it was emaciated. Her lips were dry and chapped; her hair was wet and messy and reached down barely enough to cover her breast. Her eyes were the most haunting of them all, where her eyes should have been was nothing more than a set of dark holes that he felt himself slowly being sucked into. A small smile spread across her lips before Becket began feeling that familiar headache creeping up yet he resisted the pain trying hard as he could to not cry out. The woman tilted her head in curiosity before speaking telepathically.

'Your…not like the others. Who...are you?' her voice softly resonated in his head.

Becket didn't know what to do in the situation, he would've initially raised his riffle at her if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't move his body, much like he did to Colonel Vanek in which he still couldn't fathom out how that was even possible. The woman spoke again.

'Where did you come from? Your just like my…' she stopped and looked away before turning back to him continuing. 'And your just like me.'

The woman looked up into Becket's eyes as her face drew closer to his her eyes slowly closing and her lips slowly puckering out. Michael Becket literally was about to be kissed by death but as her face inched closer his mind felt like it was being split in half as his vision slowly turned red and hazy. Becket howled out in pain and sweat began to fall down his face from trying to resist the intensity of it. The woman then began to panic, finally releasing Becket's body and letting him fall to the floor.

'I-I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to hurt you.' The woman said sounding too much like that of a child who had just gotten caught lying.

Through the pain, Michael lifted his head to look at the woman again before another vision overtook his vision. The woman's body shifted to the little girl in her red dress peering down at Michael before softly speaking into his head.

'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.'

Alma Wade…Another name that had long been forgotten was brought to light, he wasn't sure what she wanted from him nor what they shared but he knew he'd have to find out whether he wanted to or not. All he had hoped was that Stokes his 'secret lover' and…Alma never would see each other. He knew full well how jealous Stokes could be and on top of that she was armed. As for the ghostly woman and her particular fixation with him scared him most of all. He knew instantly from the moment she first spoke to him that she was the one who massacred those soldiers…in a way it felt like he could sense when she was near and definitely not in a pleasing way with those damn headaches.

And just like that the vision ended and the woman was gone.

"Michael? Are you okay?" a voice came out.

Unfortunately, Becket's vision was still blurry as well as his head feeling groggy from the woman and memory.

"Becket?" the voice was belonged to a female. Assertive, confident, and deadly…

"Stokes?" he asked standing himself up clutching his riffle in case it wasn't.

His vision cleared and the first thing he saw was blonde hair.

"Stokes, we've got a major problem." He said grimly.

Stokes reached out to help Becket up and when she touched his shoulder her head flashed a forgotten memory of two small children, it was two girls. Both of them glaring into each other's eyes grabbing at one another's hair and pulling. She recognized one of the girls…it was herself. The other girl had black hair and wore a red dress, her eyes literally glowing with rage.

"He's mine!" the dark haired girl screamed at Stokes as she began choking her.

The younger Stokes glared at the other girl before using both feet to kick the girl off her using this as a chance to catch her breath.

"He'll never be yours freak!" younger Stokes yelled out.

At that moment a young boy with shaggy brown hair walked out of what appeared to be a school. The dark haired seemed to panic, the boy never liked it when she purposely hurt the other children out of her frustration or in this case jealousy, and what really made her panic was the fact that this pest had bruises when she did not. The younger Stokes turned back to the other girl and smiled while she frowned.

"I'll give you two options. Either you walk away and I tell him or you stay and I show him what you've done to me? You know how he gets and this isn't the first time." Younger Stokes threatened.

The other girl just looked down at the shoes on her feet before disappearing. Stokes grinned before running to the boy and burrowing her head in his chest.

"Keira what's wrong?" the boy asked caringly.

Stokes with fake tears spoke.

"One of the teachers beat me."

The boy's eyes narrowed in anger, this wasn't the first time this has happened to a child here. And it was mostly his friends in his class including his closest dark haired female companion who he had come outside to see but ran into Stokes. He soon relaxed and wrapped his arms around Stokes' waist.

"I'm sorry Stokes. Don't worry, I'm here now and I promise it won't ever happen again. Not while I'm around.

Stokes looked up at the boy smiling softly.

"Thank you Michael." Young Stokes said leaning up and kissing him.

Unfortunately this did not go unnoticed. The dark haired girl from before watched them from behind a tree, tears streaming down her face as her already tortured and fragile heart began to break.

"He'll never love me." She silently whispered as the flashback ended.

Stokes woke up on the floor with Becket sitting over her trying to shake her awake.

"And I thought I'm the only one that does that." Becket joked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Let me fill you in."

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