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A Bat In Paradise

Chapter 1

Bruce opened his eyes again, another long day, his hands were visibly more swollen than before, so was the rest of his body, he was dehydrated, and his suit had been ruined. His left arm had been burnt, which did not feel well with the salt water, his pick of suit had been accurate though, the electromagnetic pulse from his Kevlar kept him afloat, on top of him was a three year old little girl, he had managed to save her before the accident. She was wrapped in his cape and was wearing his cowl, since it had a large supply of oxygen. The waves pushed water up Bruce's nose forcing him to cough the water back out of his mouth. This had been the scene for the last two days, without any radio contact, or any viable sign of technology remotely nearby. His attention went back to the girl, the same girl who had not spoken a single word in the last two days, and while that bothered him for various reasons there was a sense of relief in that he felt her heartbeat, meaning she was alive for now. He did his best to keep her from being exposed from the water since she had a large first and second degree burns on her back, while he knew that he could take the pain he worried the girl couldn't. Bruce had managed to take most the explosion but part of the girl's back had been exposed and it had become evident on how much pain she was in when the little girl passed out; now he was just worried about getting on to dry land while they were still alive, and less worried about finding any form of technology to attempt to communicate with. His grip tightened on the child atop him as another wave overtook them. He felt the child quiver in his grasp from pain, perhaps even from fear. Somehow he was filled with an energy burst, and he began paddling his legs to reach land sooner, but before he saw land, he saw the moon claim the sky once more.

"My queen, our guards have spotted an intruder on our beach front."

Hippolyta looked toward her subject and rubbed her chin lightly. A slight look of annoyance flittered across her face.

"Another man?"

The Amazon addressing Hippolyta shook her head, "No my queen, it seems a beast has been washed up sometime during the night, it hasn't moved since."

"Have our best guards on the ready." Hippolyta quickly stepped out of her chambers and made her way up the palace onto the watch tower that overlooked most of the island. Down in the distance she was able to look down onto the beach where the beast laid. It was big in size, Black, with pointy ears, 'It looks like it came straight from Tartarus' she thought to herself. "It is in Bana territory; let our sisters' deal with it."

"Yes my queen." Replied one of the guards.

Bruce finally opened his eyes, he had put his cowl back on sometime during the night, the sun didn't immediately burn his eyes. Warm sand cozied his body, and the young girl still lay on top of him, but he began to worry as he noticed how faint her heart beat had become. Ignorning the pain he finally managed to try and get up, his swollen body made it difficult for him to be able to move agilely and the depravation of food and water only made matters worse. Still with the only other survivor wrapped in his cape he found the strength to get to his feet, only to be met by four spears around his neck. He eyed the four women dressed in Grecian attire; one began speaking in their native ancient Greek.

"Stay down you fowl beast!"

Realizing the hostility and the gravity of the child he threw a smoke bomb which within seconds shielded him from eyesight. The winds carried by the waves quickly cleared the smoke away to uncover four unconscious bodies laying on the sand as a pair of foot prints led back into the jungle. He quickly made a run for it, in his weakened state he left only the faintest trail behind, he ran until his legs gave out from the stress and from the lack of energy he needed to continue at that pace, and after that, he got up and kept walking in a fast pace. Being caught like this surely would have been the end of him and with his hands occupied carrying the child he was most vulnerable.

The sun peered through the towering trees; there was low soft grass comfortable to the touch, no sign of wild life, that's odd. No tangled vines, no messy bushes, everything was perfectly trimmed, the leaves were lively green, and the flowers were at their prime, The very look of the place reminded him of the story of Eden his mother had told him when once when he was young, once when the world was different in his eyes.

It's truly an Eden. He thought as he took a moment to take in his surroundings.

He judged that by where the sun was positioned he was heading eastward and the sound of a cascading waterfall became louder, a small stream in a clearing flowing outward toward the sea came into view. It was dangerous to leave the protection of the trees, but his thirst was in a large proportion wearing down his body, much more the child. He knelt in front of the water, keeping aware of his surroundings, his reflection was uncanny, the water was almost still, and to his amazement it was sweet. He unwrapped the child out of his cape, which was considerably cool, and placed her in the water, she opened her eyes and stared straight into the cowls slits, sensing the fear in the child, he took the cowl off and stared at the child with the most caring eyes, her eyes were still frightened and she trembled in his arms unable to utter a sound.

"It's okay little one" he whispered at the child, "your safe with me, now let me wash the dirt off you."

The child whimpered and continued to look into his eyes with fear, he caressed her and washed her face with the cooling water, he gently picked her up in his arms, and submerged his face in the water, it was most a most pleasant feeling, they both rehydrated their bodies almost immediately. Realizing he had spent too much time out in the open, he scanned his surrounding and looked at the waterfall, he picked up the little one in his arms and approached the small waterfall, it must have been about twenty feet tall; behind it was a small cave where he could find shelter for the time being. He placed the child on the rocky floor of the cave, placing his cape under her for protection.

"What is your name?" he gently asked her, after a moment of silence he continued, "My name is Bruce Wayne, are you hungry?" He asked the child, the trauma may have been strong enough for her not to speak but she nodded her little head in confirmation. He took a long look at her wounds, nothing major, just the burns on her back, which he noticed already seemed to be healing better especially after the drinking and bathing in the pool of water below them; he took out small gauze from one of his belt compartment and covered her wounds. His wound was significantly bigger, his left arm had a long burn tracing down midway his forearm, it must had been infected from the salty water, he then took out a small alcohol bottle from another compartment and sprayed his burn, he hissed then set out for food with the child cradled on his right arm.

"It seems that they have underestimated this beast, Bring me Artemis." Hippolyta Scowled.

"Yes my queen." With a bow, the royal guards hastened down the palace corridors out onto the courtyard.

"Your skills are increasing Princess." Said Artemis with a smirk as she held the princess pinned against the sanded floor and a sword aimed at her throat.

The princess grunted as she picked herself up and grabbed the sword that was laying a few feet away from her. "Again!"

They were about to engage in more hand to hand combat before they were interrupted by one of the royal guards, "Artemis, the queen requires of your presence." Artemis quickly looked up at the guard. "It is of utmost urgency." The guard continued.

"We will continue this another day Princess." She then hurried off into the palace.

"What is this about?" Asked Diana after Artemis had left

"We spotted a beast on our shore several minutes ago; it has taken down four of our rogue sisters already and it's darted off into the jungle, your mother wants us to hunt him down, your highness"

"Thank you Mara." With that Diana chased after Artemis.

After eating a good portion of fruits he had picked as they traveled through what appeared to be orchards, he sat back and went through his inventory, his hands were still bloated, but were significantly better, which slightly confused him. Normally after receiving the burns, the bumps and the bruises he did in that explosion he would be in relative pain for weeks, but instead he seemed to be healing in less than a forth of the time, still he felt relief; at least he could use the batarangs again. Most of his belt still worked, he still had a 15 set of normal batarangs, and five explosive ones; he had two smoke grenades one anesthetic gas and one bola. His grapple gun must have been lost in the sea; he then redirected his look towards the child, who seemed livelier while she was eating a couple of berries.

"So are you going to tell me your name?" he asked her playfully.

"Aresia" replied the child in a happier tone.

Poor child, she has no idea he thought to himself as he stared into her light green eyes that looked just like her fathers and her blond her which was just like her mothers.

"Aresia? What a beautiful name."

The small child smiled toothy grin, "Well we are going to have to keep moving it's not safe here, can you walk?"

"Yes" she replied in her tender voice.

Bruce stretched out his hand for the small green eyed girl and escorted her out of the cave onto an inclining path leading to the top of a small mountain behind the waterfall.

"My queen you called out for me?" said Artemis as she bowed in front of Hippolyta.

"Yes, there is a beast loose on the island, gather your best soldiers, and hunt it down. It has traveled eastward, and it has already claimed the lives of four soldiers, don't give it the chance to take another." Hippolyta Ordered.

"As you wish my Queen"

"Mother, if you allow, I would like to go with Artemis, I have had my training in full" said Diana as she too bowed in front of the queen.

"No, I will not risk your life unnecessarily." Replied the queen dryly

She motioned for Artemis to leave, Diana stayed with Hippolyta to try to refute her answer, "Mother, please, I too would…."

"This is not a man, it's a demon from the underworld, I've seen what it's capable of, you're my sun and stars I cannot let you go." Refuted Hippolyta.

"As you wish my queen." Diana stormed out towards the watching tower.

Artemis paced out on to the courtyard and headed towards the armory; she called out for Antiope, Eumache, Aristomache, Phoebe, and Androdameia, which hastily arrived. Each one equipped with one with a small dagger, a sheathed word and a spear except Artemis which only carried a bow with arrows and a dagger. Diana saw them as they ran out of the gates into the jungle towards the east.

Bruce had made it to the top of the mountain, he saw out to the island, it was small in width, just a bit longer in length; it would only take about thirty minutes to cross the island entirely which was not good for hiding. He saw to the southwestern part of the island and saw a palace; it was beautiful and ancient, decidedly Greek, he also saw a tower that could overlook the majority of the island, he also saw temples in the courtyard of the palace, must be for their Olympians he quickly speculated. He notice as well a small conglomerate of huts in the far northwestern side of the island, not far from the palace, he then looked back at the beach front where he arrived, it was now full of women dragging the unconscious women off the beach, 'don't they know?' he thought to himself as he raised a brow. He finally saw behind him, no ports to be found, no boats, and obviously no airplanes, must be a private island for women exclusively he deduced. He looked back down at the girl who was now wrapped around his leg, she was looking out into the island; she must have thought it was beautiful because of the smile on her face.

He continued walking to the other side of the mountain, and notice a few caves by the foot of a cliff not too far.

"uh-oh" said the little girl which caught Bruce's attention rather quickly, without looking at the girl he notice what she was referring to, three women were jolting up the mountain with spears in hand.

He quickly began backing up as he prepared himself for another battle.

"Stay behind me okay, I won't let them hurt you, I promise" he said as he looked the little girl in the eyes. He waited until they reached the top of the mountain almost a minute after, they stood in a defensive stance before they began the assault.

The one in the middle began giving orders, "Androdameia you take the left, Phoebe will take right, I'll take the middle." In an instant the three began running with the spears in hand, Bruce stood his ground down to the last minute completely aware of the small figure clutching his left leg in terror under his cape, didn't move his left foot. He dodged the first spear, caught the second with his left hand and the third was deflected by his right gauntlet. He simultaneously pulled the spear in his hand and grabbed the woman by the neck; with a knife hand he struck the left side of her neck, immediately she fell to the ground. The two other woman shot a glance at their fallen comrade as they looked back at him with disgust and fury, letting out a war cry they unsheathed their swords and ran towards him, again dodging their swords, he managed to grab one of the girls arms, he pressed two fingers under her elbow and another knife hand to her neck, rendering her unconscious as well. The last woman came at him sword in one hand dagger on the other, she jumped at him and swung the sword and threw a jab with the dagger, while in the air, he grabbed both her hands and twisted her in mid air, she landed on her back. She looked up and sent a kick while she got up, but the beast had already clenched another sword in his right hand, the woman charged with another kick but he quickly side stepped and grabbed the girls neck in mid air, he held her high off the ground, staring her directly in the eyes she desperately tried removing his hand from her neck before he jabbed the sword at her. The sound of the sword, made her drop her jaw and widen her eyes in terror, she then looked down to see the sword sheathed back in its place, and sighed in relieve. Before looking back up she noticed two tiny hands grasping on the beasts leg, and two terrified eyes staring at her from behind the cape.

"I don't want to hurt you" he said in her native language while he looked into her surprised face, then he let her drop as she grasped for air, in a moment's notice, he turned and deflected an arrow with his right gauntlet. He looked down at the mountain to see three more women exiting the jungle onto the foot of the mountain, one with a bow in hand. He then picked the child up and sprinted down the mountain toward the cave.

"Phoebe!" Cried Antiope as she reached the top of the mountain, "Phoebe are you hurt?"

She knelt beside her fallen comrade who was still regaining her breath, "I'm okay, look over our sisters, they fell bravely." Said Phoebe with sullen eyes.

"By Athena, I will gut it alive for this." Yelled Artemis as she looked to see the beast reach the entrance to the cave.

"Wait" said Phoebe as she sat up, "It's not a beast, it is a man protecting a little one, he spoke to me in our language, he said he didn't want to hurt me."

"Our sisters are dead." Argued Aristomache, she knelt down in front of Eumache, and took her in her hands as she began to weep, "My sister is dead!"

Before she could finish weeping, Eumache and Androdameia began to regain consciousness.

"By the gods they are not dead!" cried Antiope

The fallen women began to rub their heads and sat up, "Tell me what happened to you, how are you both still alive?" asked Artemis

Androdameia replied, "The last thing I remember is him hitting me in the neck." She then rubbed her neck, Androdameia nodded in agreement

"We must bring this news to the queen, I'm afraid this changes everything." Said Artemis as she sent Androdameia, Eumache and Phoebe back to the palace.

While on Olympus

"I got him to the island in one piece; now you try to keep him alive." Said Zeus to Athena

"I will, for Themiscira's sake"