Fill-In Chapter!

It has come to my attention that some of you are confused and some are just BEGGING for more...Let's get some questions out of the way real quick:

"'I will have to go back to the past eventually' - explain" ~yurirawr

I realize this really IS a confusing part. Honestly, when I was typing it, it made sense in my head. However, rereading it in another's point of view, as I have just done, I realize that it has left everyone confused. When I typed it, in my head I was thinking, "The future is Kagome's past, so she would say past, right?" whereas everyone else is thinking, "Kagome should say future, not the past." I think it could either way if you think about it.

"Just wanted to know if she stayed with S or not" ~(Anonymous)

Like I said, I'm not really sure if I wanted them to stay together or not. I would think that if I made a sequel, I would send Kagome off on an adventure of her own so she could get used to living there instead of returning to her past in the future. I'm kind of iffy if I want her to get sucked back to the future or just live her life out in the feudal era. If she stayed in the past, then I would have, no doubt, made her immortal and made her live through time. Then I would have let her reunite with Sesshomaru in the future. Now, if she went to the future instead of living out her life in the past, I would have made them meet regardless. Of course, I would have given her time and made her cope with leaving the feudal era. Do you get what I mean? I can see that I'm sort of rambling on and on and I may even be confusing even more. If you're still confused, I can go into more detail. ^_~

Now for a few commentaries...:

"...the most entertaining part of reading this story, was the simple fact that Kagome constantly went out to bathe in the EARLY morning..." ~Yumi Watase

LOL! I find it hilarious how you pointed that out! Yes, I suppose so - it IS the most entertaining part of the story. I think I mentioned ONCE in the story something about "who knows? Maybe she'll get to see him again." So, in the back of my mind I've been placing Kagome in the middle of the night rather than the late evening. I figured it would be something no one else writes. You know how everyone always says something along the lines of "Kagome needs a bath every chance they stop"? Well, I wanted to be different because really, how many people out there take BATHS every. single. day.? Me, personally, I like to take SHOWERS, and those showers are usually done in the middle of the night because I stay up really late and its the only way to get me to relax enough to sleep. I admit it, I don't take one EVERY night, but hey, I'm still clean. I can't go more than a day and a half of being dirty. For me, it grosses me out. A friend of mine once told me that she could only take a shower once a week because her scalp tends to dry out. I didn't question it and left it at that. Another friend of mine told me that he knew a girl who took a shower only once a month - now THAT...I really don't understand. But I won't judge her or fault her for it. I mean hey, if she wants to be dirty, then I say go for it! I, myself, love to get dirty from time to time because that's the kind of person I am, but alas, my "dirtiness" can only last so long before I give up and scrub myself until I peel. Lol!

"I'm curious about a sequel, say, 10 years down the road :)" ~Safuuru

Ten years, eh? Let's see...I picture Kagome getting cursed somewhere between the fourth and sixth years and that is where she can "begin" her second journey. Then, on her tenth year, she could begin her travels and make new friends as well as enemies and such. Five hundred years down the road, she meets up with Sesshomaru and the gang, yes, I said THE GANG. Lol!

OR...Kagome can return to the future and struggle for the first ten years of her life to get her life in order and FINALLY begins to move on from her past only to have Sesshomaru and Inuyasha step into her life once more.

Either scenario sounds PRETTY good to me. Maybe I should create two sequels - I'm getting all psyched about it! Each one will be a different sequel to an alternate path. It would almost be like those books you see that let the reader choose the outcome, you know? OOooooooo! Let me know what you guys think about that idea! I kinda like it. I MIGHT do it if I'm...ahem...persuaded a bit. Lol!

Okay, I think that solves everything...if I'm leaving anything out, feel free to message me at any time! Btw, I'm a GREAT beta reader if anyone's interested! I love to read - and a lot of times, I can't help but to notice either minor or MAJOR grammar mistakes. So, if you need a doc that needs editing or revising, and not easily offended to "criticism" (as some people like to call it), feel free to ask me! I read anything, literally, so it wouldn't matter if its about the Legend of Zelda or a TV series about witches and warlocks. Lol!

Okay, so I'm TERRIBLE at advertising myself, but hey, I'm trying! Lol! Anyway, ja ne, everyone! Thanks for all the amazing reviews, questions, and motivation that kept me going throughout the story! *Sniffle* I can't...*sniff*...believe it's...*sniffle*...(and in a wailing voice) OVER! WHAAAAAAAA! Okay...I'm calm...*sniff*...sorta...

Lol! Buh-Bye! ^_~