SkyePhantom: Hya, peopoles of FanFiction. I am Skye. This is my first FanFiction and it a Chatroom one. Woot! This is bassically a place for the kids from Casper High, to, like, check up on homework, or school work, or just a safe place to chat online. It was set up by Mr. Lancer, which explanes the name "TheFounder" and anyone from Amity Park can join, including the ghosts from the Amity Park ghost portal, only they did not expect that. It will also follow a little story line, not just a bunch of randomness, but I do not think I will expose Danny, Dani, or Vlad, but who knows. :) Okay, on with the show. Enjoy.

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New Members -

SkyePhantom - Me xD

Danny F - SpaceBoy

Sam M - GothGirl

Tucker F - TechGeek

Paulina S - Phantom'sGirl

Dash B - PhantomFan6

Jazz F - GhostGetter#1

Dani P - GhostGirl

Valerie G - AntiPhantom

Mr. Lancer - TheFounder

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TheFounder: Hmm, I wonder where all of the students are...

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TechGeek: Hi guys. It's me, Tucker. Who are all of you.

GhostGetter#1: Jazz.

GothGirl: Sam.

TheFounder: I have to go, but remember the rules! No Fighting, swearing, threatening or doing anything over PG13.

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Phantom'sGirl: Paulina.

PhantomFan: Dash.

AntiPhantom: Valerie.

SpaceBoy: Danny.

Phantom'sGirl: Phantom! :D

Spaceboy: Fenton, Paulina. Danny Fenton. =.='

Phantom'sGirl: Oh. :( Do you know if he has one? I would so love to chat with him. 33333

PhantomFan6: Yeah! Me too!

AntiPhantom: I wouldn't! That ghost brat is ruined my life!

SpaceBoy: IT WASN'T HIS DOG! And I don't know if he made one. Probally. :)

AntiPhantom: Then who's dog was it? And how do you know?

SpaceBoy: Umm, you told me, Tucker and Sam.

AntiPhantom: I don't remember telling you.

GothGirl: Well, you did.

AntiPhantom: Brb guys.

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PhantomFan6: Who's "GhostGirl"?

GhostGirl: Hi. I'm Danielle. Danny's cousin.

PhantomFan6: Phantom or Fenterd?

SpaceBoy: Fenton.

GhostGirl: Yeah, Fenton.

Phantom'sGirl: Oh. :(

GhostGetter#1: We have a cousin named Danielle?

SpaceBoy: Yeah we do.

GhostGirl: Yeah you do.

Phantom'sGirl: Why is your screen name "GhostGirl?"

GhostGirl: Because I'm a really big fan of Danny Phantom. That's why.

Phantom'sGirl: Well you better back oof because I am Phantom's number one fan!

PhantomFan6: NO! I am!

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AntiPhantom: Hey guys. Back.

Phantom'sGirl: Then why are you PhantomFan6, instead of 1?

PhantomFan6: Because this was the closest number I could get!

AntiPhantom: Did I miss something?

TechGeek: So Danny? Do you really think Phantom's getting an account.

Phantom'sGirl: I soooooooo hope he does! I would soooooooo looooooove talking to Amity Parks own Ghost Boy.

SpaceBoy: Maybe he will. How should I know. :)

GothGirl: Great. Someone just got an idea.

PhantomFan: What idea?

GhostGetter#1: Yeah, what idea?

SpaceBoy: What idea? I don't have an idea. Shut it Sam. I've got to go. Talk to you later.

GothGirl: Bye Danny.

TechGeek: Bye Danny.

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GhostGetter#1: Hey. Danny Phantom just flew by my window. :)

Phantom'sGirl: Really! *Looks out window* HE JUST WENT BY MINE TOO!

AntiPhantom: HEY! He just flew by my window too! OHHHH! He is going to get it!

AntiPhantom is away: Chasing that stupid ghost kid!

Phantom'sGirl: Don't you hurt him!

Phantom'sGirl is away: Finding my lover. 33

GothGirl: Uhh oh.

TechGeek: Uhh oh.

GothGirl is away: Helping Danny.

TechGeek is away: Helping Danny.

GhostGetter#1: Wait up GhostGetter's Number 2 and 3!

GhostGetter#1 is away: Helping Danny.

GhostGirl: Well, I'm outy.

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PhantomFan6: I guess I am too.

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SkyePhantom: Dang. I missed them.

SkyePhantom: Well, I guess that is all for this chapter. Nothing big really happened, but geeze, it's only the first chapter. And remember, REVEIW!

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