Danny Fenton: So… does anyone else kind of miss exams?

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Tucker Foley: They just keep piling up more work!


Danny Fenton: You guys! I want a Kotatsu table!

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Tucker Foley: Yes! Early spring!

Danielle Fenton: Do human beings (well, at least Americans/Canadians) really dedicate a whole day to one furry little rodent seeing or not seeing his shadow?

Dezzi Star: Yeah! Isn't it great?


Danny Phantom: Man, school was hectic today, wasn't it?

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Paulina Sanchez: I know, it's just so difficult lately. ;n;

Rylie MdK: You don't even go to our school!

Rylie MdK: Or any school, for that matter.

Danny Phantom: I've been waiting 10 whole minutes for someone to point that out…

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Vlad Masters: A haiku about my love of cats:

I love cats so much
Cats are so freaking great
Let's just all love cats

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Danny Phantom: I forgot I had your password. Silly me.

Vlad Masters: I am not amused, Daniel.

Sam Manson: I am!

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Sam Manson: Ever cut yourself with a meat cleaver? Yeah, I don't suggest it. (y)

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Danny Fenton: Good to know.

Tucker Foley: What were you, of all people, doing with a meat cleaver?

Sam Manson: Cutting up watermelon. Duh.

Tucker Foley: Of course. Everything is now clear.

Sam Manson: Do I detect a trace of sarcasm?

Tucker Foley: Nooo, of course not. =.=


Tucker Foley: So, a Valentine's Day dance: a week before Valentine's Day. I'm not going.

Sam Manson: Are you finally seeing this holiday for what it really is, or are you just sick of getting turned down?

Tucker Foley: A little bit of both.


Valerie Gray: Two possibilities exist:
Either we are alone in the Universe
or we are not.
Both are equally terrifying.
~Arthur C. Clarke

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Danny Fenton: Omy

Danny Phantom: God.

Danny Fenton: That is one hell of a thought..

Sam Manson: And if there is life out there, either they're not smart enough to come visit us, or smart enough not to.

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Jazz Fenton: Probably smart enough not to.

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Danielle Fenton: Maybe they're already here.

Tucker Foley: That's another... valid point...


Danny Fenton has started a Private Chat with Sam Manson: Happy Valentine's Day, Sammy~

Sam Manson: Don't call me Sammy, Invis-O-Bill.

Danny Fenton: Geeze, who peed in your Cheerios this morning?

Sam Manson: Sorry.

Danny Fenton: Day in general?

Sam Manson: Basically.


Dash Baxter to Jazz Fenton: Hey, want to do something tonight for Valentines?

Jazz Fenton: Sorry, but I already have plans.

Dash Baxter: With who?

Danny Fenton: You mean whom*

Danny Fenton: Oh, and she's going to the movies with Tucker~

Jazz Fenton: Danny, stay off my wall.

Dash Baxter: You're going to choose that runt Foley over someone like me?

Jazz Fenton: Not only, did Tucker ask me first, but he also isn't constantly picking on my brother, thank you very much.


Danny Fenton to Maddie Fenton: So… is the new washing machine still out of question?

Maddie Fenton: I'll buy one when you're getting a 80 in math.

Danny Fenton: Great. I'm going to have dirty clothes until forever.

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Danielle Fenton: what if i got a boyfriend
i wouldn't know what to do
what do they eat
how often do they need to be walked

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Paulina Sanchez to Danny Phantom: So, Ghost Boy~ Why don't you and I do something special together tonight? You know, just the two of us.

Danny Phantom: I can't.

Paulina Sanchez: Why not? You're not dating that stupid goth girl anymore!

Danny Phantom: I have a new girlfriend.

Paulina Sanchez: What?! Who?!

Danny Phantom: She's a ghost. You wouldn't know her. And she doesn't have a Facebook.

Paulina Sanchez: This is the second worst day of my life. ;n;

Danny Phantom: Yeah. Sorry about that…


Danny Phantom is now in a relationship.

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Sam Manson: The entire school was just covered in red, white and pink. It was horrifying.

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Miranda Miller: Finally someone shows my animosity for the color pink.


Danny Fenton: Totally not spending Valentine's Day in his girlfriend's basement watching Avenger Movies.

Tucker Foley: Which one are you guys starting with?

Danny Fenton: Captain America, duh.

Sam Manson: You always start with Captain America.


Tucker Foley: So, it's official. I'm failing PE again.

Dash Baxter: Really? Even Fenton's passing.

Tucker Foley: That is an unfair comparison.

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Dash Baxter: Because..?

Tucker Foley: Because… reasons.

Sam Manson: And that's always a valid excuse.


Danny Fenton: Um… You… You fight good. –with Sam Manson and Tucker Foley

Sam Manson: This is why we can't have anything nice, Shang.

Tucker Foley: You had one job, Shang. One job.

Danny Phantom: Do you think I fight good, Danny?

Danny Fenton: No.

Danny Phantom: This is because I have a girlfriend, isn't it?

Danny Fenton: No, not at all. *Sarcasm Mode Activated*

Danny Phantom: You have a girlfriend and you never hear me complaining!

Danny Fenton: You complain all the time. You try to get her to break up with me so you can date her, or try to get me to break up with her so you can date me!

Danny Phantom: Yeah, but… okay?



Sam Manson: Thanks Invis-O-Bill. Glad you remembered.

Danny Phantom: How could I forget! You've been rubbing it in my face that you're 5 months older than me since we were 6.

Sam Manson: I'm 16 and you're not. I can get my permit and you can't~

Danny Phantom: I can fly.

Sam Manson: Not as Fenton.

Danny Phantom: =_=




Danny Phanton, Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley and 231 others said Happy Birthday to Sam Manson.


Danny Fenton: And no one told me Amity had a laundry mat because?!

Sam Manson: I do not recommend going there whatsoever.

Danny Fenton: Why..?

Tucker Foley: Let him figure it out.


ACat NamedMaddie: My owner's still a frootloop. Meow.

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Danny Fenton: At the laundry mat~ Getting' clean pants~


Sam Manson to Tucker Foley: He's gonna come for you when his pants come out.



Sam Manson: Told you.


Jazz Fenton to Danny Fenton: You are wearing striped blue and pink pants because..?

Danny Fenton: Ask. Tucker.

Jazz Fenton: But seriously, you looked like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book.


Tucker Foley: Eleven years of school and I still don't know if it's spelt GrAy or GrEy.

Jazz Fenton: It's GrAy in 'A'merica and GrEy in 'E'ngland.


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Tucker Foley: Then what's it in Canada?

Danielle Fenton: GrEHy.

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Valerie Gray: "I don't know any perfect people— only really really flawed people still worth loving." - John Green

Danny Phantom: Correction; You know me.

Valerie Gray: Listen here, ye' little shit


Danny Fenton: March Break! Yeah~

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Sam Manson: What even happened this March Break?

Danny Fenton: I have no freaking clue.


Sam Manson: Saying you want a Zombie Apocalypse is basically saying you want a traumatic event to happen that will kill of the majority of your family, friends, favorite movie stars, ect. that will basically leave you scrounging and scared for the rest of your life and eventually lead to your, no doubt, excruciating death.
Yeah... Fun times. =_=

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Danny Fenton: 'Bout time someone told those crazy rednecks.

Danny Phantom: But we'd totally pwn.

Sam Manson: Well duh.


Danny Fenton: So, Frankie Cooper and I brought his litter sister and her friend to the movies today. I went to the bathroom for 3 minutes and when I came back they were gone. Frankie was freaking out when really they just went to get popcorn before the movie started.

Frankie Cooper: It was the most nerve-wrecking moment of my life. Don't ever talk about it again.

Sam Manson: How do you lose two 9 year olds?

Danny Fenton: Very carefully.



Sam Manson: Awesome Class Today;
Mr. Gates – What's Egypt's main export?
Valerie – Mummies?
Tucker – Egyptians?
Danny – Sand?

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Valerie Gray: We rock.

Danny Fenton: Yay for uneducated morons!


Kitty InsertLastNameHere: Soo.. Facebook. I'm logging off.

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Danny Fenton: Alright, outside looks pink, inside looks purple, writes blue. My pen's possessed.

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Valerie Gray: I'm really jealous of girls with cute laughs because it's probably such a turn off when a guy tells a joke and I start making seal noises.

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Sam Manson: learning about the middle ages in social studies
Danny: I hate the middle ages. Isn't that when there were hobbits or something?
Me: ...that's middle earth, Danny.
Danny: oh.

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Danny Fenton: Don't laugh at me.


Tucker Foley: Easter Break. Yeah~

Sam Manson: Maybe this one will go by a little slower.


Danny Fenton: I don't give a rat`s ass what those park attendants say. I am joining the Easter Hunt this year and I will beat all those little shits.

Danielle Fenton: And I will join you.


Danny Fenton to Danielle Fenton: We totally beat all those little shits.

Valerie Gray: I think the best part was when you gave half your eggs to the little girl who dropped hers in the puddle.

Sam Manson: It was endearing.


Danny Phantom to Valerie Gray: Still winning btw

Valerie Gray: I'd win x infinity plus 1.

Danny Phantom: Damn you. ;-;


Danny Phantom is now single.

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Paulina Sanchez: YES!

Danny Phantom: You still have no chance with me. I've moved onto Alec.

Alec Thompson: Yeah~



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Jazz Fenton to Maddie Fenton: Happy Mother's Day, oh and the surprise was actually for all of us and it was dad's idea. You don't actually have to use it.

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Maddie Fenton to Jack Fenton: You got the kids to get me a washing machine for Mother's day.

Jack Fenton: For them to use and do your laundry. Plus Danny was starting to wreak.

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Danny Fenton: Thanks dad.


Tucker Foley: Why do Canadian's get today off for Victoria Day?

Alec Thompson: Because we get Flag Day off next week. (Do you, Americans? I don't actually know…)

Tucker Foley: Well okay.


Vlad Masters: Pretty Friend: Omg I just got 100 likes on my profile picture.
Friend with a Boyfriend: Omg I just went on the cutest date.
Athletic Friend: Omg I just got asked to join the national team.
Popular Friend: Omg I just got invited to 10 parties.
Me: Today I meowed at my cat and she meowed back.

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ACat NamedMaddie: It was a pity meow.

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Vlad Masters: I am not amused Daniel, but I can't even delete my account without that blasted second password!

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Jazz Fenton: Happy Father's Day. I got you a suit for my graduation.

Jack Fenton: Thanks Jazzypants… I think.


Danny Fenton: Happy Father's Day. I got you a list of presents to give mom for your anniversary next month. DON'T LOSE IT!

Jack Fenton: I know I'm not thankful for this one.

Jazz Fenton: Hah, he liked my present better. But seriously don't lose that list.


Rylie MdK: I declare that Danny Phantom should be banned from a 10 mile radius around Casper High.

Danny Phantom: I said I was SORRY!

Rylie MdK: You got my lunch all over my new shirt. SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!

Mazy MdK: I am going to ignore the fact that my baby sister is fighting with a ghost to point out the fact that I'M GRADUATING BITCHES. HELLZ YES!

Danny Phantom: …Well that was oddly out of character.

Rylie MdK: …Yes, it was.


Aspen Michelle: Five exams kdsfnkjdn TnT

Tucker Foley: You're right, this IS better.

Aspen Michelle: Die.


Valerie Gray: I have too much hair, anyone want any?

Jazz Fenton: I have the exact same problem.

Valerie Gray: I think I'm going to go get it cut.

Jazz Fenton: You know what, me too.

Sam Manson: I think I could go with a change too.

Valerie Gray: I totally sense a girl trip to the hair salon blooming here, what about you?

Jazz Fenton: I'll go make us appointments.


Danielle Fenton: *sits alone while only friends go to get their hair chopped off* O-O

Danny Fenton: Go with them..?

Danielle Fenton: Are you insane? I love my hair! It's the only thing that stops me from looking like you.

Danny Fenton: So I have curves and boobs now? Cool.

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Danielle Fenton: You know exactly what I meant.

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Danny Fenton: So we meet again Exams.

Tucker Foley: *sighs*

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