Hello my Bone-fan friends, and since nobody reads the BONE comic but me, and the people who made those story's I'll, make this quick. I loved the plot for the whole story, just not that the bones weren't human! Would kill rose to give Fone a Kiss, he did kinda risk his life for you again and again….and again! I'm making few changes, on how I would like it to happen, enjoy!

A/N: Since you should know what everything looks like, I won't elaborate that much, you may have to imagine, or just look it up of Google!

The three Bone's made their way through the Barren desert One was very tall, about the age of 23, he had light skin, with a skinny face with five'o clock shave and a big nose, he also had a cigar. He had a shaved head, with a bowl hat on top, a white buttoned up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, a brow vest over it, and black shoes and pants. The other two other had regular sized noses, and were the same height; they could have been mistaken for twins If not the hair. The one on the left of the tall one was 16 had on a long-sleeved black shirt with a gold star, he had black eyes, and tan skin, and he had brown shorts on and Nike shoes. The other had silver white hair, and pale blue eyes, he had on a white shirt, and black baggy pants with old beat up shoes, and a backpack and was 16.

"Nice, going cousin, now we have to walk around this damn dessert thanks to you!", the one in the star shirt said as he pointed a finger to the silver haired kid.

"WHAT, how is it my fault that we got kicked out of Boneville, it's yours Phoney. You were always trying to scam people, and when we did have money you gambled it away on Smiley!" The two were in each other's face. "No it because of your stupid party tricks that we got kicked out, Fone, right Smiley"!

The one know as smiley just smoked his cigar "Well I see it as both your faults, ok", they both looked at him and said "WHAT,YOU HELPED"!

Fone, rubbed his eyes together, trying to calm down "How about we figure out where we are, first, we can kill each other after we find a new place". They all agreed when smiley said "Hey, I found a Map!"

Phoney looked over at him and said "What, give me that", "First give me a dollar!", "What", Fone sighed "Just give him the dollar, you cheapskate". "Who you calling cheapskate you-ah forget it here". Phoney handed him the dollar, and smiley gave him the map "HEY, THIS LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING A FIVE, YEAR OLD COULD DRAW, GIM'Y BACK MY DOLLAR". Smiley just held Phoney, back with his hand.

While the other two were fighting the others, Fone noticed something in the distance "Hey, guys come take a look at this" Smiley and Phoney came over to were Fone was standing, to see a dark cloud heading for them. "Maybe's it's a rain cloud!" Smiley said with a smile "No, it's moving too fast". Fone nodded to his cousin "It looks like-AGH, IT'S A BUCH OF BUGS". The cloud of bugs was on them blocking their view, they started running frantically. "Fone, whatever you do don't ope-agh-pito-kca" Phoney had a mouth full of bugs.

Soon all of them were separated, and only Fone was left in the cloud. Fone bone reached out frantically for anyone, anything. "I've finally got you", "PHONEY IS THAT YOU".

The whited haired boy felt a cold had grab his neck, as it lifted him into a cavern, where the bugs, were making what looked like a ball shaped room. The hand belonged to a cloaked, dark figure, the figure looked at him "Strange, you are not the one I seek, but you have…ability's" . Being cousins with Phoney, Fone was never one to back down in fights "How about you shove it up your ass, you freak". The dark figure only squeezed hardened on his neck "How, about we make you a little freak, BOY". He then felt a losing on his neck, the figure had let him go, he then found himself plummeting to the ground, before he could realize though he was unconciouss

"Ohh, my head", Fone saw a dark, gray hand come up to his face "WHA-" the hand then shot back. He looked at the arm; it was moving like, he was in control…because he was in control "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY ARM". The arm had five fingers, claws, and weird tattoos covered it. He then looked over to his other arm. It was the same, claws and everything. He looked at his feet. His baggy pants were still there, but he didn't have any shoes, just clawed feet, also with black tattoos. He tried to stand up. But fell back; he looked behind him to find a lizard like tail. His hair was no longer white, but long black, he felt his face, he had fangs in him mouth, a dog like nose, and on top of his head, was a set of horns.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME YOU HOODED BASARTD"! Fone bone then got up finally able to stand with the tail. He looked to his left to see his back pack, and the map. He walked over to them and put his pack on and looked at the map. "Ok, so if the mountains are there, and a fiver is here, so I must be". Fone bone then looked out across a beautiful valley. "Here".

It started to get late; maybe it was time to rest. Fone bone them made a small camp, were he started a he fell asleep.

"Over here comrade", "What isss, it"! "I have found the one weee ssseeek". A torch came up to show two rat ceatures. "Doess he have the ssstar"? "NO, but we can still eat him". The two rat creatures looked over the helpless dinner.

"Watch, boys". The two beasts looked down to see a dark red face next to Fone. "HISSSS, Run boy, to can't beat usss". The face got up to reveal a huge red beast, with bent rabbit like ears with puffs on each.

"Who you call'en boy!" "AAAA, THE GREAT RED DRAGON"

At their yell Fone, soon woke up, he tried to see but it was pitch black. "Hey, you go a light?". "Smiley is that you, man am I glad to see you". Fone soon took out a match to light the shilooute of a cigar. He lit it and came face to face to the red dragon. "AAAGGGHHHHHHH", the match went out after his yell.

"Thanks" the dragon said, "Don't mention it"

Soon fall turned into winter, and Fone, had to find somewhere to stay. He was able to find some refugee in the woods. For some reason the animals could talk, Fone didn't care he was just glad to have somebody to talk to. He even met a bug who told him about how winter just happened instanlly, and it did.

For the past hour he had been gathering fire wood, when Mrs. Possum and Miss. Porcupine, approached him. "Mr. Bone, You-who", Mrs. Possum was with her three kids; they played in the snow as her mother talked to Fone. "Good morning, Mrs. Possum, what's up"?

"Do you mind watching the kids for a while"? Fone bone shrugged meaning yes. "Wonderful, kids you get to stay with Mr. Bone". The three possum kids cheered with glee. "See you later Mr. Bone".

Fone led the kids to his makeshift home, where he lived. "Ok, guys-HEY" The three possum kids started going wild, tearing the place apart. (Well you know the scene, so' I'll just skip ahead).

Fone chased the after the three possums to find them in the clutched of two rat creatures, a purple one and a brown one. "Hey guys, thanks for finding them and-" Fone bone took a branch and brought it down on both their heads, making them let go of the Possums "RUN KIDS" They didn't need a reminder, the ran screaming for their mom. "After them, comrade". "Oh, shut up you fatso, let's just get the small mammal". The two rat creatures were soon in pursuit of Fone, due to his knew form he was faster, and more agile, he was able to climb trees with is claws and jump higher, the regular. He was climbing a tall oak tree, with the two rat creatures trying to keep up. 'Ah, think Fone, think'. He was on the final branch.

"Ah, who am I kidding, those rat creatures aren't that stupid to get on this branch". They purple and brown rat creatures soon jumped right on the branch "STUPID, STUPID RAT CREATURES". *Crack*. "AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH". They soon fell to the ground landing on something large, red and squishy.

The rats were the first to recover, and cornered Fone "Now, small mammal you will-" 'Damn, I didn't want it to come to this but' "Didn't I tell you to leave him alone". The bunny dragon was back, and looked right at the rats "THE GREAT RED DRAGON" They ran off, in fear. "Uh, Wait you supposed to be a dragon". The dragon looked over at Fone "Yep".

"Then shouldn't you breathe fire, or something", he was answered by a face full of flames. "Happy" the dragon said with a smile "Oh, shut it".

After the dragon left, Mrs. Possum, came back with the kids, seeing if he was alright, they of course didn't believe him about the Dragon.

"Did to see a dragon" He left the possums to take a walk, he kept walking till he saw something, it was a girl, with orange, brownish hair. She was wearing greenish, pants and a sweeter, Fone, had never seen a girl like her she was about his age, 15 of 16 and was...taking off her pants! She untied the knot and her pants dropped and so did Fone's jaw! And by some strange, reason Fone's head reignited.

"AAAGGG" Fone rolled down the hill to have the snow put out the fire, he retreated back to his hiding spot. But the girl had seen the whole thing "Hello there, what happened to you". He was hesitant "Relax I won't hurt you". He soon walked down his feet not listing to him.

The girl smiled at him "Whats your name?" "Uh, FONE BONE, AND WHO ARE YOU". She leanded over "I'm Thorn, so how'd that happened to you head?". He jumped on the log, were she was sitting, "Some red dragon did it"! She snickered at him "Oh, c'mon, you don't believe me either, two rat creatures were chasing me, and then he breathed fire on me!". "Well, everybody knows about rat creatures, but dragons are fairy tales". 'Why is it whenever meet a girl, they think I'm weird.' Thorn got up and put her pants back on "C'mon, we better leave, you don't want rat creature to catch you, so where you from?". He got up to and they made their way out of the hot spring.

"I'm from, Boneville, hey maybe you could help me find my cousins we got separated when new were attacked by a bunch of Locusts". Thorn laughed again "Locusts too, you are interesting".

"Aw man this stinks, " Phoney made his way through, a road of muck and mud, "Hey you long ears, were am I". Phoney was looking at giant red lizard, who started to get pretty pissed. "Hi yeah Fone Bone, Oh sorry confused with someone else". Phoney looked over to see a leaf talking to him "What do want leaf"!

"Hey I ain't a leaf, names Ted", Phoney just rolled his eyes "Well, can you tell me how to get out of here". Ted lead Phoney to a dirt road.

"Mor'n Grandma Ben". An old woman in a dark dress and a white apron approached them with two cattle. "Good morning, whose your friend?". Ted looked at Phoney "Trust me he isn't my friend". She ignored him "Well young man, would you like to ride on my cows". 'Geeze this is a wired place' is what Phoney thought "No, lady I don't want to ride your stupid cows".

"Oh. That's to bad, ted you should leave, because I'm going to tear this boy inside out", Phoeny got wide eyed at that "Good luck, kid…you'll need it"

Back to Fone and Thorn.

"So, what's your Grandma do?". Bone looked at thorn as she helped cook dinner.

"Grandma, races cows!". 'Cow racing, something tells me that Phoney and her will get along, gamblers'. "BOOM" " What the hell was that!". Rose only grasped the spoon "Ah, that's Garndma, she's home".

They both ran to the door to look out "THAT'S PHONEY".

"C'MON, GRANNY". Then the old lady grabed the cow by the tail and sent Phoney flying, threw the house into the stew.

"Hang on Phoney, I'm coming". Then the old woman came in to the house "Granma, he's in the stew pot".

"He'll ruin the dinner". After they pulled Phoney out of the, he started going ballistic at the old woman.

"Phoney, don't you recognize me, it's Fone, your cousin". Phoney looked down at Fone with a akward glance "I've never seen you before in my life, I don' make friends with freaks."

Fone, clenched his fists at the word freak "You always called me a freak, you cheapsakte". Phoney rolled back at that outburst "Ok, if you are Fone Bone, say something only he would know"!

"Huh, your pants fell down in the 5th grade and everybody saw you spider-man undies". Thorn and Grandma Ben were both confused to what a spider-man was? "Ok you are my cousin, but…HOW DID THIS HAPPEN".

"SOME GUY IN A DRESS TURNED ME INTO TO THIS THING". "Excuse me, Rose, but you can't keep him", the two cousins looked over at old woman "Grandma, he isn't a pet". Grandma bent over Fone "If you can cook'em, he's a pet". A vain swelled on Fones head "WHO YOU CALL'EN PET YOU BAG OF BONES, I WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS YA'KNOW". Phoney held Fone back and Thorn held Grandma a back.

For the next few days, Phoney and Fone helped work, on the farm, the possums even brought him his stuff back. Phoney was still a slacker, even when he ate the pie. Then one day "Hey, Fone, we need to get out of here".

Phoney was lying on the grass, as Fone milked one of the cows "Why, we needed a place to stay and we got one".

"I don't think you girlfriend, is interested in dating a goblin, or whatever you are?", Fone pulled to hard on the cow, and was sent flying by a kick. "She's not my girlfriend!". "Yeah, whatever, you and me both know you like her, trust me I know these things".

"Like that time with Emma", "Yep", "that time with Sarah", "Also true". "That time with Liz"?... "I still think she was a man"! Fone slapped his forehead.

"Look, all I'm saying is we need to find Smiley and get the heck out of here". Fone just ignored him, he didn't care what Phoney did. So of course Phoney left.

"Hey, Fone were did your cousin go". Fone turned around to look at grandma ben. "I thought he was with you"? They went to the barn to look for him, but all they found was a empty bed "He is so dead

Phoney made his way into the Barhaven tavern, with everybody looking at him. Thinking whats a kid doing in here. Phoney made his way to the bar "Bartender get me a drink, geez whats everybody staring at?". "Here you go!". Phoney looked around to see his drink and "Thanks…SMILEY". Smile was the bartender, wearing a apron. "I've been so worried about you!" "Ah, shucks"! They both held up some drinks "Cheers to family reunions". They clank glasses till, Lucias, saw them "OH, NO NOT ANOTHER ONE OF YOU". "Did I mention you have to pay"!

Phoney took out his wallet and paid the man. He then ripped up the dollars. "HEY WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR, YOU'RE MINE GRANDPA". "They pay, with dairy products here, they don't even know what a dollar is". Phoney looked back at his cousin "Smiley…you're an idiot". Lucias cracked his knuckles "And your mincemeat, kid"

A/N: Yes I'm skipping again

(Back to the barn, were Thorn just had that nightmare, I'm skipping because I don't know how to descript it!)

"Thorn, the rat creatures are attacking". Rose got up from her bed "no"! They both made their way down stairs were Grandma ben was waiting. "Good your up, Fone Bone, I want you to take Thorn and get out of here". Thorn walked up to her grandma and said "Grandma, we can't just leave you here".

Grandma Ben brought her arms back "Relax kiddo's I use to fight these things in the big war", in the middle of that sentence she broke through the wall and grabbed two rat creatures. "HOLLY CRAP" is all Fone Bone could say as they ran out the house, into the forest.

"FONE BONE WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE". They ran through the woods till they were surrounded. "Stay back or else" Fone Bone spat at the rat creatures.

"All weee want issss you". One approached him slowly "THEN YOU'LL HAVE ME". Fone bone lundged at the Rat creature, it only swatted him away like a fly. "FONE BONE" Thorn ran to the where he was hit, but was knocked out by the rat creatures.

'Have to get up…have to save Thorn….have to fight…have to kill'. Fone bone felt a huge surge of energy rush threw him. He got to his feet, he felt himself growing, his tail shrinking. He was back in his human form. He still had the tattoos and pants though. "What..what magic isss thisss" the Rat creatures began to advance. "IT'S MY MAGIC". Fone Bone's right hand was covered fire the left in lighting.


3 years ago

Fone Bone, Phoney, and Smiley all sat on the park bench their stomachs growling. "Hey, Fone Bone, can't you make us some food" Phoney pleaded with his cousin. "NO Phoney, I told you, my magic is a last resort only, Mom and Dad told me not to use it unless I have too". Smiley was on the other side of him and looked at his young cousin "Well, what would you use it for"?

"I'd probably use it if anybody important to me was in danger". They all nodded at this even Phoney "Like us" smiley added. "Yeah, like us"!


Fone Bone shot a fire ball at the rat creature over Thorn sending it flying; he rushed over to her, tearing apart all the Rat creatures in his path. When he got there they kept coming and coming. 'Don't stop, keep fighting' is what he told himself over and over. 'Protect Thorn'. He charged up all his magic he had left and *BBOOOOMMM* At least a dozen trees were scorched so was the earth along with dozens of dozens of Rat corpses. He looked down at Thorn, she looked beautiful, sleeping, and he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. "A valiant effort, mammal, but we are still here". More rat creatures surrounded them.

"Dammit, looks like I'm out". He fell to his knees. And collapsed with Thorn in his arms.

"Hey Fone Bone….Thorny….wake up". Fone bone sat up to see ted on his nose. His dog nose, he was back in his beast form. "That was some guts you showed there kid" the Red dragon was right next to him, letting him lean on his side.

"Were, weres Thorn!". The dragon motioned over to his right to see Thorn sleeping. 'Good, she's ok'. "You're wondering why you're not human, after the fight". He kept silent "Sigh, well you see, it looks like when your emotions get strong, you return to your old self, so it looks like whenever she's in danger you go back to you human form"

"Fone Bone…." Thorn was waking up , she looked over at him, then to the dragon! "You weren't lying about the dragon!". Fone bone only smiled. "Where…where did that white haired boy go". Fone Bone and The Dragon exchanged glances "He…he left to fight off the rat creatures".

"Oh…GRANDMA" the dragon gave Thorn and Fone Bone a ride back to the farm, or what was left of it. The barn was ok, and so was most of the livestock, then Grandma Ben came out with a bandage on her head, "Thorn dear…you're alright". Thorn ran up and hugged her Grandma. She then looked at the Dragon "Grandma this is-" "I know who he is". "Hell Rose, been a while" she just started at him "Yep" "Well, bye, c'mon ted".

"Wait, uh Mr. Dragon could you tell that boy thanks for saving us". She kinda blushed at the phrase. The dragon smiled at her "I'm pretty sure he already knows."

The three of them, had packed up the cows so they could head into town to get supplies. And try and find Smiley and Phoney.

"Hey, Fone Bone, how did you guys get run out of Boneville?". Fone bone looked over at her "Well, its kinda a long story. You see, Phoney decided to run for mayor, of Boneville, he invited bunch of people to a picnic, to announce it and we had a huge balloon. And the Balloon was tied to the founder of Boneville statue. It tore the statue off the ground and chased out 5th grade teacher in to the pond, smiley and me we tried to stop it".

Grandma Ben and Thorn looked at each other "So why'd did you get kicked out to, Fone Bone". "Like I said, I tried to help". The three then made their way to on the path, were John was with a log in the middle of the road.

"John, do you mind moving this". He didn't say much but he agreed. "it will take a while." He started to push it as best as he could "Hey, bro let me help you". Fone Bone jumped off his cow and walked up to the log, crakcjed his fingers and lifted it up, and carried it over to the side of the road.

All of them were O_O at this. "What!" is all that Fone Bone Said?

They then arrived at the Barheaven taverns were Lucias was waiting. He gave Grandma be a flower, and Fone Bone noticed Smiley "SMILEY". "FONE BONE" The two embraced on another, then Phoney came out, but instead of a hug, he was getting strangled.

'It would seem, I have much to think about, we will meet again Bones…..'

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