Equine FanFiction

Shippings: Saharra/Sword and Saharra/Shadow

Sword (c) to Andrea (.com/)

Saharra, Rah & Shadow (c) to Me!

"I Love You Saharra." Sword Whispered in her ear

"I Love You Too Sword!" Saharra playfully Nudged him "We need to talk" she suddenly got serious.

"Okay" he replied looking worried.

"don't look so nervous, i hate it when you look nervouse" she raised her eyebrow

"sorry, i just don't want you to leave me" he sighed.

"Swordy! im not leaveing you i just want you to know my past.. since i have, not long ago given birth to our beautiful son and daughter i just thought i should be honest with you!" she flashed a smile.

"Okay." he grinned.

2 Years Earlier! -

"Is she going to be okay?" Shadow asked the lead stallion of their herd.

"im afraid not, she has cancer and she doesnt have long, im sorry son!" he replied as he returned to his duties

Shadow walked back to where Saharra and Rah lay in the shade of a oak tree

"She's not going to be okay is she?" Saharra looked up, tear stained cheeks

Shadow just stood their silently almost crying himself.

"Mummy? Daddy?" Rah awoke and sleepily looked round

"we're here, dont worry" Saharra nuzzled her little buckskinned coat and Shadow lay down by infront of little Rah blocking the cold winds.

"try and get some sleep now" Shadow nuzzled Rah and smiled

"will you be here when i wake up?" Rah innocently replied

"of course we will" Shadow replied looking from Saharra to Rah.

"Okay, see you later" Rah smiled as she closed her eyes and rested her head on the fresh, green grass.

Saharra covered her over with a bit of old blanket she found and tears slowly ran down her cheeks, retraceing the stain that they left before.

"shh dont cry" Shadow gave her smile before also resting his head down on the fresh grass and falling asleep.

- Back To Present! -

"Omg! thats so sad, wat happend to her?" Sword nuzzled her

- 2 Years Earlier! -

Rah and Shadow had been sleeping no longer than 4 hours when Shadow awoke to Saharra nuzzleing up tight to Rah's limp little body

"Saharra?" Shadow worriedly sighed

"It's okay, She's allright." Saharra sighed through tears

"oh Rah" he whispered as her cuddled up closer

"She's allright now!" Saharra cried.

"i fell asleep" Shadow frowned

"Oh, so did she Shad, she just went" they both cradled her in tears.

- Back To Present! -

"what happend after? why didnt you stay with Shadow?" Sword asked.

"well because we couldnt cope, and we just sort of drifted apart, i left the herd then found you." She smiled

"and your happy now?" he smiled

"couldnt be happier" she grinned.