The clocked chimed twelve times, announcing midnight. Tyler looked up from her computer for a second, to contemplate going to bed. She decided against it. With all the studying she did during the day, she figured that she deserved to stay up late, fooling around on whatever websites cross her mind.

Although she was unusually smart, she never seemed to be sensible enough to get a decent amount of sleep. But, she had to admit to herself that she was getting tired. The thought to log out and head off to bed crossed her mind, but was instantly wiped, as a strange noise filled the basement, where she sat.

The sound in question sounded something like a woosh or perhaps a foo. Tyler stood up from her desk, and walked about the room, looking for the noise's source. After realizing that no source was available, she stood in awe, confused and a little bit annoyed.She had never heard anything like it, and was thoroughly freaked-out. That feeling was only intensified, as a strange looking blue phone box materialized across the room.

Tyler felt her jaw drop. Never in her wildest dreams could she ever imagine that. It wasn't even a proper phone box, she noticed. It was too big, and it said "police" on the front. Besides, it was blue, and Tyler knew that phone boxes were usually red.

And, although she was certain that things couldn't get any weirder, she was instantly proved wrong, as the door to the box opened, and a red-haired policewoman, engulfed in smoke, toppled out. Tyler decided that this was too much.

"Ok," she said, more to herself than the strange policewoman, "what's this? Am I being Punk'd or what?"

The red-haired lady, still sprawled out on the floor, gave Tyler a stern look, and pulled herself onto the couch behind her. Rubbing her head, she said, "Where is this, then?"

Tyler responded, "You're in my basement."

The woman rolled her eyes, and said, "Well, if that's all the help you're going to be, then you can just leave."

Outraged, tired, and very confused, Tyler said, "This is my house! You leave."

With a sigh, the policewoman replied, "Well, yeah, I would if I could." She gestured to the police box. "The TARDIS's engines are phasing."

"How can a box have engines?" Asked Tyler, as she examined the box, just to make sure she didn't miss any engines in her first examination.

And, although Tyler was expecting another snide comment, the lady looked at her knowingly, and proclaimed with a smile, "That's what I said when I first found out."

"So, the 'engines,' then. Was that the smoke?" Tyler said, circling the TARDIS again, looking it over in wonder.

"Yeah, that's right," the red-haired woman said. "The TARDIS just took off out of nowhere and then it sort of blew up." She lay back against the couch, and propped her feet up. Then, she turned to Tyler, and extended a hand. "I'm Amy."

Tyler grasped it quickly, and uttered, "Tyler."

"That's a boy's name."

Tyler scoffed, "It's the twenty-first century, and girls can be named 'Tyler.'" When Amy didn't reply, Tyler continued, "Your voice. Are you Scottish?"

Amy informed Tyler, "Sure am. Where are we? England?"

"How do you not know where you are?" Tyler's question was never answered, for then, without warning, the doors of the box opened again, only this time, a Roman soldier stumbled out, letting out another wisp of smoke.

"Amy," Rory said, "The doctor told me to say—oh, sorry, who are you?" He only just noticed Tyler.

Although her brow was still pressed with confusion, Tyler replied, "I'm Tyler."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Rory." He turned back to Amy, but then spoke to Tyler again, as a thought occurred to him. "Hold on. Isn't that a boy's name?"

"It's the twenty-first century, and girls can be named 'Tyler,'" said Amy, mockingly.

Rory, eager to get his message across, said to Amy, "Anyway, the doctor said that he's stabilized the TARDIS, but it's going to take some time before it cools down. He said we'll be stuck here for a couple hours."

However, Tyler only understood one thing about that last remark. "Wait," she said, "How many of you are in there?"

Her question was answered not by Amy or Rory, but the doors of the box unleashing a smaller flurry of smoke, along with a strange-looking man, wearing a bow tie.

"Good news!" said the man, "In three hours we're off!" Then, noticing the girl he didn't know, he said, "Oh, sorry. Hi." He straightened his obnoxious neckwear. "I'm the doctor."

More is on the way! Chapter two coming soon to a computer near you!