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"You're my Barbie girl! In an Alice World! Life in fashion, it's my passion! I can brush your hair! Dress you anywhere!"

My annoying, lovely, irritatingly perfect best friend was calling- the customized parody of Barbie Girl blasting through my cell phone gave proof to this; apparently you can do anything when you're Alice. I held my pillow over my head pleading for the noise to stop. When it finally died down I placed my head to go back to sleep- that was until it began blasting again, it happed twice before I finally got up to grab the phone. My clock must've died because it read 5:29; I looked towards the door and back again 5:30. Great, not broken, 5:30 in the morning, awesome, Alice would pay.

"Hello Bella!" Alice exclaimed.

"Hi. What do you want?" I grumbled.

"What's wrong, grumpy?" she laughed.

"It's five-thirty Alice. Get on with it." I snapped.

Bella and mornings with Alice do not mix, at all.

"Oh, hush now. I can't make it in this morning; I'm helping Rosalie with my men's line and a couple of the new models, so you need to be at Tiny Toes in an hour and a half!"

"Ugh! Just, have fun I guess. Who are the models? Anyone remotely interesting?"


This was wrong. Alice never hummed an answer. It was all or all- no, there was never a nothing. Alice was a un-pop able ball of excitement and eighty percent of the time it annoyed me.

"Alice" I said accusingly.

"Fine! Fine! His name is Jasper and he's GORG-OUS! I know I always say that but, wow! He's tall, muscular- but not in thatobnoxious I have big muscles type honey blond hair and blue eyes. Oh Bella! His eyes! I swear I could get lost in his eyes for years! I think I'm in love!" she gushed.

"Alice, Alice breathe! First of all, I don't think you can actually fall in that love-at-first-sight-crap. Don't tell me you had a 'feeling' about this. I'm not going to be swayed this time. There's no such thing as those kinds of relationships."

"BELLA!" she yelled. I had to hold the phone away from my ear. "Stop being such a pessimist! Half full Bella, half full." She quoted, referring to the last time we hung out.

"Alice quit it! I don't need a whole other glass! This one is half empty already so I will rinse it and use this one!" I complained

"Nu-huh! That glass is half full! Here!" she said, shoving me the glass. I took it angrily.

"Whatever Alice." I said as I downed the remaining contents of wine

Ever since that night she's been demanding that the glass is half full. It was such stupidity. Who cares about the dumb glass anyway?

I hopped into the shower quickly and got dressed; I had five minutes until I had to leave if I wanted to get there on time. Tiny Toes was the day care/ nursery Alice and I had opened right after college. I'd majored in early childhood education and minored in business with Alice- even though she majored in Fashion. She said she needed "time to prepare some fabulous outfits suitable for the real world."

It was not too long after we'd created Tiny Toes- a name that I'd created all by myself- that Rosalie came waltzing in our lives. She came in with her little boy, Marcus and asked to sign him up, Alice and I thought Rosalie was a little bit of a prude to put it nicely. After we got talking, she told us she wanted to start a fashion business but didn't have the skill necessary to actually make and design clothes. You would've had to go all the way to Port Angeles to mute Alice's squeals of excitement, and so Alice co-owned Like A Rose with Rosalie. Alice was the designer and Rosalie handled the business end.

Before anyone could think I didn't like Rosalie I had to explain myself. It wasn't that I disliked her- she was just very standoffish towards me. She was the Mrs. Queen Bee and had the attitude to match. We weren't friends yet- but we could carry a conversation. Honestly, I'm just way to plain to be in a friendship league with Rosalie.

I opened my car door and began the drive to work. Hitting all three red lights on the way to work was a given. Bella Swan -a.k.a. me- has no luck, completely accident prone. I am so accident prone I have my own room at the hospital. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw something I honestly hadn't expected to see at seven in the morning.

There sitting on our park bench was a little boy- about two years old- crying his eyes out. I immediately stopped the car and ran out to him. He looked up at me with frightened eyes. God help me if anyone put a finger on this child! I leaned down to be face to face to this little boy.

He was a cutie- blonde hair, blue eyes and almost a perfect circle face- I couldn't resist pulling him in for a hug. He was wary at first but then he wrapped his arms around my neck and sobbed. I rubbed his back until he calmed down- I didn't know who this little boy was but he now owned my heart like no one else ever could. I loved my dad, I loved my mom (no matter how scatterbrained she could be) and I loved Alice, but this little mystery boy owned my heart- I would do whatever it takes to protect him. He looked up at me.

"Hi sweetie, I'm Bella, how old are you baby?" I cooed

He held up two silent fingers.

"Can you tell me your name?"

"M-M-Masen" he whimpered, I hugged him tighter

"It's okay baby, you're okay- I won't let anyone hurt you. Do you know where your mommy and daddy are?" I rocked him gently back and forth

"No mommy, no daddy. James and Victoria, bad, bad, bad." he cried

I didn't know who Victoria or James was but they hurt this little boy- Masen. I had to do something, but there was no way in hell I would give Masen back to those monsters. I did the only thing I could think of: I called Alice. I rocked Masen gently as I dialed her number.

"Hello Bella!" Alice sang

"Alice, how did you know it was me? I thought your caller ID didn't work?" I wondered

"Bella please- you know I know things" she snorted

I was about to argue with her- silly Alice, thinking she's physic or something but I had Masen to attend to.

"Alice not now, I know you need to be with the models right now but you have to come into Tiny Toes!"

"Why?" she wined

"Because, Alice." I chided "There's an abandoned little boy that just fell asleep in my arms-" she gasped, effectively cutting me off.

"Oh My God! Okay, I will be there soon! Jasper! Can you get the car?" she yelled away from me.

"Who's Jasper? Oh never mind- just get here now. I can ready see parents showing up." I snapped my phone shut and carried a fully sleeping Masen in my arms inside. I set him down on the bed to get ready to take him down to the station when I heard the front door bell ring- informing me that someone was here. I kissed Masen's forehead and walked out.

"Ms. Bella! Ms. Bella!" Jane and Alec chanted- Mrs. Emerson's twins happened to love me.

"Hey kids! Why don't you go play?" I smiled "I need to talk to your mommy"

The kids ran off as I turned to Mrs. Emerson.

"I just wanted to let you know that it will actually be Alice in today, I have some...um...personal matters to attend to"

"Oh no! Is Charlie alright?"

Forks- being the small town that it is- had no secrets. It hadn't truly irritated me until now- what? I couldn't have a social life outside of my father? Okay- that sounded wrong, but honestly not everyone has to know everything. I faintly nodded as she turned to leave.

I saw a limo pull into the parking lot an before I could even guess who was in a limo in forks Alice danced out with a very attractive blonde male, with blue eyes. Hmm. This must be the Jasper she was fawning over earlier but what in the world was he doing here?

The pair of them walked over to me. Hand in hand. Alice- she was so holding out on me!

"Hi Bella!" I thought she would keel over due to over exuberance she stepped away from Jasper- releasing his hand; I swore I saw his face fall ever so slightly. She locked me in an iron grip hug then leaned back and waved her hand towards Jasper.

"Bella, this is Jasper Hale!"

I already knew that Alice I murmured in my head. I stuck my hand out anyway.

"Hello Jasper"

He raised my hand to his lips and kissed my knuckle, while dipping his cowboy-hat. Well he defiantly had that "southern hospitality" thing going on.

"Hello Bella" he had a slight Texas accent, I blushed despite my intention- Alice clearly had this one all to herself. She giggled at my reaction and gave me one of those 'tell me about it' looks.

"Okay Bella, you can leave. Jasper is going to stay here with me" I raised my eyebrows at her when Jasper excused himself to grab a bag from the car.

"How Alice? Please tell me how in the world you roped this delicious Jasper into looking after a bunch of preschoolers for the day." I demanded

"I TOLD you Bella! I think I'm in love! He offered to come!" She sighed happily

I was shocked- I couldn't deny it- it was written all over my face. I heard a soft wail from the napping room- Alec and Jane ran in to investigate the sound- this was their last year here, we only went up to five. So being here four years they knew every kid and the layout of this place like the back of their hand.

I recognized it as Masen at once, I ran to the back to find him sitting up on the bed, tears down his face, clutching one of our blue blankets for dear life. When he saw me, he calmed down a little and ran into my awaiting arms, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I hugged him as I walked back out to the main area.

"Ms. Bella! Who's that? Why is he crying?" Alec asked

"This is Masen, and he's crying because he just woke up and he forgot where he was"

Alice overheard me, because she came running to my side and took Masen from me; he was in too much shock to start crying again. He just looked at her with a deer-in-headlights look. Alice cooed at him.

"Oh Bella he's so cute! Can we keep him! Please!" she hugged my bewildered little Masen closer to her chest. I took him back, and he immediately relaxed in my arms leaning against my chest.

"Alice! He's not a dog!" I hissed "Quit scaring the poor boy! I'm taking him down to the station to get this all figured out. You watch the kids, Felix, Demetri, Chelsea, Jessica, Mike and Heidi will all be here at eight. Have fun" I chuckled as I walked out of the door.

I tucked Masen in the car seat I had in the back of my car in case of emergencies and drove to the station. I parked the car and went to the back to get Masen out; he could hardly walk well on his own.

"Hiya Bells! What are you doing here?" my dad- chief of police- asked before he took notice to the little boy in my arms. "Awe! Who's this little guy?" he patted Masen's back and he stiffened noticeably in my arms. Charlie- my dad- was no slow poke picking up on it.

"Bells why don't you go back into my office, I'm just gonna grab a coffee" he smiled

I did as he asked and Masen sat down on my lap, quiet and waiting. Charlie- my dad- came back in with the man I recognized as Judge Aro. He sat in the chair behind the desk with my dad. What was Aro doing here?

"Hello Judge Aro" I smiled.

"Hello Isabella" he smiled back.

Aro, couldn't call me Bella because he said it was against his nature to use nicknames. I hated being called Isabella- way to formal for my liking, same as Ms. Swan- that's why all the kids called me Ms. Bella.

"Alright Bella, go on" my dad said in full chief mode now.

I retold my story starting at the very moment Alice woke me up. I told them without interruptions between either of the two men, and after I was finished I was only asked two questions.

"Isabella, how well do you think you could care for poor little Masen here?"

This was not a question I was expecting, was this about my job? Was he questioning my ability to look after small children? I answered him without time to think about the meaning of the question.

"Quiet well, I'd like to say, my friend and I, Alice, own Tiny Toes here in forks and I've looked after children for as long as I can remember. Right dad?" He nodded in agreement.

"Well then Isabella, how would you like to be granted temporary guardian until we figure this all out for the little guy?" He asked seriously.

Okay, correction; this was not a question I was expecting. That's a huge responsibility! Taking care of another human being? Masen, would be- in a temporary legal matter- my son. Without a second thought I knew that's what I wanted.

"Yes, I'll do it. Where are the papers?" I asked.

Judge Aro was surprised to hear my immediate acceptance.

"Are you sure Isabella? No second thoughts? You thought that through rather hastily, I don't want you to be pressured into this decision. Perhaps we can place him in foster care until you reach a verdict or until we solve the problem."

Put Masen in foster care? No.

"No thank you, we will do just fine." I said frostily, I tried not to disrespect the judge but he was trying to talk me out of having Masen, and that was just not going to happen.

"Are you su-?"

"Yes! I want him" I cut him off.

Before I could realize the mistake I made, the mistake that might just cost me the little boy I'd already thought of as my son, Judge Aro joined in laughing with my dad. "Alright Isabella, I will draw up the papers, while Charlie's men will start working on his case. We will start with any Amber Alerts matching Masen's description. You can go ahead and wait in the other room."

I did as I was asked with Masen attached to my hip, when Aro spoke up again.

"Oh, Isabella? Could you leave Masen here for a minute? We need to take him back to get prints" he requested.

As much as I didn't want to leave my little boy I knew I had to go through the procedure. As I was about to get him down Masen gripped tighter to me.

"NO! No no no no no! Bella! Bella! My Bella!" Masen yelled.

Aro came over to try to pry him off me.

"NO!" He yelled "I WANT MY BELLA!"

He wrapped his arms tighter around my neck. It warmed my heart completely when I felt that he didn't want to leave me. I couldn't help but smile just a little. Aro was still trying to remove Masen from my arms when my dad spoke up.

"Aro, maybe Bella should just come back with us- the poor kids obviously been through enough" he reasoned, Aro thought about it for a minute before giving in. If there was one thing he hated most- it was not getting his way. Why else become a judge?

Masen had stopped crying when I wrapped my arms back around him and he loosened the death grip around my neck. We walked back to take his prints- and mine because Masen wouldn't do it unless I did it with him. When we came back out Aro had the papers all set up and ready to go. I signed my name on the line and walked out to my car.

I took my son home.

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