So here's a little drabble on one of the most interesting characters I've ever come across. It's centered around johan. This fic is basically character analysis wrapped up in a fic. It's really hard to understand what Johan wants and this is what I think he wants. If you agree with me awesome. if you don't that's fine. Leave a comment or review and we can discuss it. because I love character analysis and a good discussion. So enjoy!

It was raining. Cold icy rain pelted against his normally golden radiant hair making it wet and changing its color to a withered yellow. It felt nice. The harshness and bitterness of the world seemed to be manifested in those black and ominous rain clouds. And it made him smile.

"What are you smiling at?" A harsh hurried voice asked.

Johan looked to see Doctor Tenma facing him with a gun in his hand. Drenched with rain yet there was a distinct fire in his eyes that could never be dowsed. It would crackle, burn and eat up the good doctor until either he or Johan no longer existed.

"Why, my dear Doctor how could I not smile? When everything falls into place like this almost like a puzzle, isn't that right Doctor? Especially when I'm so close. And you are close as well, I see."

He eyed the gun. Tenma had been pointing it at him since he began talking. He felt nothing looking into its barrel even though somewhere in the back of his mind, he thought he should.

Johan wanted to know just how much determination Tenma had. He took a step forward. Tenma didn't even flinch. But there wasn't an increase in hostility that Johan had anticipated. However, even he, the monster that he was, couldn't think that Tenma could summon up any more hostility than he already had. Cold blue eyes sparkled in mirth.

"And just what am I close to, Johan?" the doctor spat out vehemently.

Johan smiled what he thought was a good-natured smile, "Herr Doctor, you should know yourself. You're close to achieving what you set out to do. To thwart any and all possibility of my killing anyone ever again by dispatching me yourself."

The good Doctor smiled. It sent a strange thrill through Johan to finally see the doctor have such an expression on his face.

"You're right, Johan. It's taken me years of training and looking to find you. I gave up everything just so I could kill you. And I won't let you leave my sights without a fatal bullet wound."

Johan could barely contain his joy. Tenma had finally admitted that he had consumed every thought word and deed the doctor had possessed for the last few years.

Johan's smile widened as he pointed his index finger to his forehead and said, "Then by all means, Doctor, shoot me. And make sure you shoot me in the head."

Tenma cocked his gun. "With pleasure," he grunted.

Johan heard the sound of a gunshot ringing through his ears, pain in his head, then all fading to black.


Johan opened his eyes. He was in a cozy little plush armchair in Hans Schuwald's study with a Latin book dangling on his lap.

Johan tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes wondering just when he had fallen asleep.

"Awake are you?" he heard Schuwald ask him.

"Yes, sir," Johan replied pleasantly and couldn't help a small smile spread across his face.

Schuwald seemed to take interest in Johan's pleasant tone and said, "What? Have a good dream, did you?"

Johan chuckled a bit and said, "Yes, sir. The best dream I've ever had."

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