"And that concludes today's lecture on the mating cycle of the incubus. Any questions?" To his surprise, Yukio's class stayed silent. He sighed and wished silently they would be a little more interested in what he had to say. "Well, class dismissed then. But we'll have a test next week on demon mating cycles." Groans all around, but Yukio simply smiled. His tiny class filed out, gathering into their little groups. "Rin." Yukio locked eyes with his lazy older brother. "I expect you to study for the test this time." Rin pouted, snorting through his nose. "Yeah yeah, you told me earlier. No sweat, I'll study ok, get off my back." Yukio kept his smile, packing his book bag and heading into the hall. "We'll have a study session later on." he told Rin. His brother groaned, slumping back into his chair. "Fine." Rin muttered, scrubbing at his hair. He listened as Yukio's footsteps echoed away down the hall. Once he was sure no one still remained outside the classroom, Rin scooted to his feet.

Sauntering as nonchalantly as he could, Rin approached the figure still sitting two rows back, murmuring scripture under his breath as he flipped through the pages of an ancient textbook. "You must be really bad at this if you haven't memorized it by now." Rin teased, angling himself so he blocked just the right amount of light to distract his studious boyfriend. Ryuji had a glare that could wilt steel rods, and he tended to save a special dose of it for whenever Rin decided he wanted attention at times when Ryuji was working. Rin had gotten used to it over the past three weeks of snuggling between study breaks and stealing kisses after class when no one was looking. He never got tired of finding how many buttons of Ryuji's he could push. Generally all it took was a huge grin from Rin to melt his boyfriend's fearful face into a smaller, but sincere smile. Stealing the book from under Ryuji's nose, Rin waltzed away a few steps, flipping open to a random page.

"Rin." Ryuji grumbled, getting to his feet as he grabbed his backpack. Rin pretended to be engrossed in the boring old book. He yelped as Ryuji's arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him back into the slightly taller boy. "I'm trying to read." Rin tried to match Ryuji's glare, but it just ended up making the other boy smile. He leaned down to kiss the tip of Rin's nose. Rin nuzzled him, tipping his head up to touch Ryuji's lips for a soft, gentle meeting. He inhaled the scent of Ryuji's mint scented face lotion, feeling the warmth bloom in his cheeks. He thought he would have gotten used to Ryuji's gentle kiss.

It was different from the other kinds of intimacy they shared. Rin, who had been bullied or protecting the few people he cared for from said bullies, was used to violence, was used to painful words and harsh feelings, but felt at a loss as how to deal with gentle. He liked it, though he would never admit such a thing to Ryuji. "Ready to go?" Ryuji reclaimed his book, netting his fingers together with Rins's. The half demon glanced down at this gesture, his cheeks stained pink. "Are you sure?" he asked Ryuji, enjoying the warmth of his hand. Ryuji tugged Rin towards the door. "I can let go if it bothers you." Rin snorted and stepped up next to him, tightening his own grip. "Don't let go." he said with a glare, but a smile as well. Ryuji returned the smile, "I won't, I promise."