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Chapter Eleven


The Wizengamot Chamber was usually quite awe inspiring with its severe decor and imposing grandeur. With granite columns and echoing marble floors. With ebony paneled walls that practically dripped pretention.

The fact that the laws of wizarding Britain had been enacted in this chamber for nearly a thousand years gave one pause for quiet contemplation and respect...

Not so today.

The room was alive with the voices of hundreds. A cacophony of laughter, conversation and noise. The sounds of babies crying and gurgling.

The sounds of life itself.

Kingsley Shacklebolt stood off in a shadowed corner watching the mayhem with a self-satisfied gleam brewing in his dark eyes. He may not be the most popular minister, but he would be remembered as the minister who saved wizarding Britain from extinction.

At least in his own mind anyway.

The tall dark skinned man focussed his gaze to the far corner of the chamber. A chamber which had been magically enlarged to accommodate the sheer number of bodies in attendance. An obligatory attendance mandate had been issued, due to the significance of the day.

It was registry day.

The day when all the children born as a result of the marriage decree were accounted for.

A cheeky grin caused the minister's mouth to turn up in a knowing expression. For this day was the day that he would be given vindication. That his reasoning would be laid out for all to see. His redemption.

At least in his own mind anyway.

Movement in the far corner of the chamber brought his gaze to the sea of red hair that told him that the Weasleys were in attendance along with those in their considerable extended family as well.

His gaze softened a bit as he caught sight of the tall, slender form of Minerva McGonagall. The powerful witch was standing close to a much shorter witch.

The equally powerful Hermione McGonagall nee Granger. Her wife.

A rueful smile turned up one corner of the minister's mouth as he saw Hermione carefully holding a wriggling blanket wrapped bundle in her arms.

A bundle she was gently passing to Molly Weasley.

"Oooohhh! Hermione, Minerva... He's adorable!" The Weasley matriarch cooed over the newborn son of the Headmistress and her wife.

She herself was a bit more rounded than usual due to the fact that she and Arthur were expecting their eighth child.

It had taken a bit of work to get Arthur's plumbing back up to snuff, but once the fertility potion and a certain muggle blue pill kicked in... well the Weasley's were quite prolific.

Hermione's chocolate eyes twinkled tenderly as she gazed down at her son. The tiny lad waved his arms as if conducting a symphony.

"He's quite energetic." Molly commented with a motherly smile.

Hermione snorted, "Tell me about it. The last month of pregnancy, all he wanted to do was break dance inside me!"

Minerva smiled fondly as a memory surfaced of being in bed with a very pregnant Hermione snuggled against her side and suddenly feeling thumps against her tummy. Of realizing with a start that her son was kicking not only his mother, but her as well.

The older witch wrapped an arm around her wife and said with a knowing smile, "Indeed."

Hermione snickered at her laconic wife's characteristic short sentence.

They were interrupted moments later by George and Angelina Weasley and their lively son, Reeces.

"Hello all."

More ooohs and ahhhs ensued. This time with Hermione cooing over the handsome youngling with fiery red hair and light caramel skin while Angelina mooned over John Duncan McGonagall.

"Headmistress he is sooo adorable!"

Minerva struck a proud pose and answered with a gleam twinkling in emerald eyes, "Thank you. Although from the look of things, I suspect he might be the cause of a significant loss of house points in the future."

Grinning, Angelina replied, "Especially if these two become friends." She motioned to her own son, then to young McGonagall.

Molly chuckled, "Add to that James Potter and Rose Weasley and we are in for exciting times ahead."

The doomed expression on the Headmistress' face caused laughter all around.

Hermione sat in the auditorium seat with her precious son sleeping in her arms. With as much chaos and noise blaring around, she was surprised that the lad managed to doze off at all.

"Ah to be young and oblivious."

She looked up to see her wife settling down beside her. The two women gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment, then leaned in to share a gentle kiss.

"Hey! None of that!"

They broke apart as Henny and her very pregnant wife, Rolanda came to sit beside them.

Ro leaned back with a pained groan as she tried to find a comfortable position on the hard bench.

Minerva remembered her wife's discomfort with a frown. Hermione had been quite the bitch in her last few weeks. Oy!

Waving her wand, she conjured a pillow for her friend, "Here you go."

A grateful Henny took the gift and helped her wife ease the ache in her lower back.

"Thanks Min." Ro muttered as yellow eyes took in the surroundings.

Hermione leaned in to whisper to Henny, "I thought you were going to carry the baby?"

Hearing this, Ro perked up, "We flipped a galleon. I lost."

Minerva sniggered at the glare Ro shot her wife.

"I swear she used a two headed galleon."

More and more couples and their children filed into the immense chamber. The chatter was deafening and still Kingsley grinned like a fool.

Rubbing his large. beefy hands together, he spotted his own wife talking with Aurora Sinistra-Diggory.

A sad smile made its way over his features as he thought back over the events that followed the unfortunate death of the Hogwarts professor's husband Amos. A man who had suffered so much pain over the years only to find happiness with the lovely Astronomy Professor.

Shortly after they were wed, Diggory was killed in an untimely broom accident.

He'd been talking on his mobile phone and hadn't been paying attention to where he was going. Colliding with Big Ben had been extremely... untimely.


A week after his death, Aurora had discovered that she was pregnant and now cradled little Cassandra in her arms as she spoke with Andromeda Shacklebolt.

He sighed as he contemplated his lovely wife. Things hadn't been so easy between them. In fact, most couples who'd hurriedly run off and got married seemed to be the ones suffering the most marital woes.

The people matched by the sorting hat were doing just fine.


Perhaps they should employ the hat whenever a couple wished to be wed... just to see if it was a good match?

His thoughts were brought back to the present when his daughter let out a wail. A small smile appeared on his face as he watched Andromeda comfort Newtonia.

Minerva sat holding her son as Hermione had moved to speak with Ginny Potter. Cradling the precious bundle in her arms, the older woman silently took inventory of her son's features.

A head full of wavy black hair, vivid green eyes and a large cheeky smile that lit up the room. Even at his young age, she knew this lad would be a mischief maker.

"You my little man shall be held under careful scrutiny."

Her answer was tiny fingers poking up her nostril. Chuckling, she looked over to where her wife was standing.

Hermione's curvaceous figure had reasserted itself not long after John's birth. Her ample bosoms made more so by the fact that she was breast feeding their son.

The older witch would sit and watch as John happily tugged away on a rosy red nipple. Hermione's face would appear so serene causing Minerva to fall in love with her all over again.

The young witch's hips were curvier and her arse much more lush. This thought caused emerald eyes to darken as the witch remembered the events that led up to their sons conception...

"C'mere you sexy beast!"

Hermione lay back on the tartan print quilt. Her breasts, creamy and round with hard peeks pointing directly in Minerva's leering sight. Shapely legs parted to reveal a womanhood ripe for the taking.

The older witch could feel her heart threatening to burst from her chest as she watched her wife undulating in invitation.

She glanced down at the newly sprouted addition to her anatomy. Not a teeny weenie but a long, thick penis standing at attention. Gingerly she reached down to touch her shaft only to gasp at the pure pleasure she felt.

Hermione's eyes darkened to a lusty black as she watched her wife caress her penis.

"You DO know what to do with that thing don't you?"

Minerva shot her wife a naughty grin, "Insert flap A into slot B."

Giggling, Hermione slowly slid two fingers down through her folds, muttering in a horny purr, "She's wet and wanting you."

"Oh Merlin..." Minerva groaned as she gazed heatedly as her wife masturbated. Her body flushed with heat and a low growl escaped thin lips that were suddenly quite dry.

The older witch climbed onto the bed and moved between her wife's spread legs. Resting on her knees, she reached out and ran a shaking hand down the inside of a smooth pale thigh.

"I want you..." The young witch moaned as she flicked her erect clit.

A heady aroma penetrated the Headmistress awareness. Earthy, arousing... Hermione.

Nostrils flared as the ebony haired witch leaned down and placed a wet kiss against moist, velvety folds.

"Yesss!" Hermione hissed as she writhed against Minerva's face.

The older witch wasted no time as her tongue flicked out to lap at the silky essence that coated puffy outer lips and the inside of those killer thighs.

Hands came into play as Minerva plunged two fingers deep inside her wife's core.

"Uhhhhhhhh!" Hermione joyfully wailed, as she felt a pleasure overload approach.

Feeling the copious amounts of moisture that flooded Hermione's slick channel, Minerva realized that her wife was more than ready for what was coming.

Oh yes.

Strong hands grasped the young womans legs and pulled them up to rest over each of her shoulders. Pushing forward, she watched Hermione's dark eyes widen as the thick mushroom head of her cock pressed against her entrance.

"Ready baby?" Minerva whispered softly.


Without any further hesitation, Minerva slowly slid her straining, erect penis into her wife's tight sleeve. She groaned her pleasure as Hermione's inner muscles clamped down on the intruder bumping its way inside.

"Soooo good." The Headmistress growled her delight.

When she felt the press of Hermione's cervix against the head of her cock, Minerva paused. Waiting for her wife's sex to adjust to her large size.

A moment passed, then the young witch gave a gentle hip thrust to let her wife know that it was okay to move.

And move she did.

Slow, deep thrusts that sent the young witch into eye rolling bliss followed.

In and out, in and out. An ever faster rhythm as Minerva pumped into her wife.

It felt so good.

The witch threw her head back as a feral growl caused her upper lip to curl. A hissing gasp of pleasure slipped through the older witch's lips causing an answering growl from Hermione.

They moved together in a dance as old as time itself. The ebb and flow of movement against one another. Of heated flesh pressed tightly together. Of drops of perspiration sliding down a long back. Of gasping moans and grunts of pleasure.

The mating dance.

Faster and faster Minerva plunged deeply into her wife.

Urged on by an instinct she could not fight.

Her hands rested flat on either side of her young wife's head, feeling sweaty chestnut curls tickle the skin of her fingers. Her own long ebony strands fell over her shoulders and lay plastered by the salty wetness of her own exertions against her muscular back.

A tightness formed deep inside her core, something niggling tickled her consciousness. A need.

Responding to this unconscious urge, the older witch thrust herself as deeply as she could inside her wife's molten sex.

"Ahhhhhh Yessss!" Hermione wailed as she felt something shift inside. Minerva was in so deep, it felt as though they were no longer two separate people.

They were one.

A familiar tingling signified the approach of an explosive orgasm.

Hermione began panting her pleasure. Her eyes, now nearly black with desire glazed over, as she moaned wantonly.

Minerva could feel the tell-tale clenching of her wife's inner muscles along with the unfamiliar sensation of a tightening in her testicles. A sensation that could only mean one thing...

"Oh God!"


One more thrust and the world exploded in colour, sound and sensation as Minerva flooded Hermione's hot centre with her seed. The animagus roaring her pleasure for the world to hear as jet after hot jet blasted against her wife's core.

Hermione felt those hot spurts deep inside and cried out lustily as one climax crashed after another...

"What are you thinking that has your eyes so dark?" Hermione questioned upon seeing Minerva gazing off into space. She placed a gentle hand on her wife's cheek, "Are you in there?"

Shaking her head, the older witch smiled, "Oh I am here. I was just reminiscing."


Minerva's eyes darkened as she gazed at her beautiful wife, "I was remembering his conception."

There was a wealth of meaning in that phrase. A meaning that wasn't lost on Hermione. Shooting a naughty grin at her older wife, the young witch purred. "Later."

Their flirting was interrupted by the booming voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt, "May I have your attention? I would ask that you all find a seat as we have much to accomplish this blessed day."

Minerva snorted, "Blessed? What a ham."

Hermione sniggered as she settled next to her wife.

The tall, burly form of the Minister of Magic appeared on a raised platform with a podium in the center. Stepping up to it, Kingsley continued, "We are gathered here today to register your newborns and to also decide if you wish to remain couples."

He paused as a murmur went through the gathered crowd.

Nodding, he spoke, "Yes. That's correct. We want to know if you wish to remain together as well. A happy couple makes for a happy wizarding world."

"Oh bullshit."

The crowd tittered at the unmistakeable voice of the Headmistress of Hogwarts.

Kingsley blushed and chose to ignore the disgruntled voice.

"As your name is called, please approach the podium and declare your intentions."

"Arthur and Molly Weasley!"

Hermione smiled as she watched the long married couple approach Kingsley.

"We choose to remain married!" Molly bellowed holding her very pregnant belly.

She reached up and poked the Minister in the chest adding, "And if you pull another stunt like this one, you will be feeling the business end of my wand in a very painful way!"

The crowd cheered as Arthur pulled his wife back to their seats.

"Harry and Ginevra Potter!"

With a raised eyebrow, Hermione watched as her friends stepped up to Kingsley.

"We choose to remain married and would like to declare James Sirius Potter!" Ginny screamed with joy.

The crowd reacted to her enthusiasm and screeched happily.

"Draco and Luna Malfoy!"

The entire chamber watched as the platinum haired wizard very tenderly escorted his lovely blonde wife to the stage. Luna was carefully cradling their son.

The young man proudly stood tall as he stated, "We wish to remain married and proudly declare Scorpius Imperious Malfoy!"

Hermione snorted, "Leave it to Malfoy to name his child after an unforgiveable."

Minerva nodded sagely as the couple moved back to their seats.

"Percival and Penelope Weasley!"

The crowd watched as the red haired couple made their way to the stage. Percy still carried himself like he had a stick stuck up his arse, but otherwise looked quite pleased with himself.

In a pompous voice, he stated, "We so declare that..."

He was interrupted by his wife, "We are staying together and want to register our daughter Arabella."

The young man nodded vigorously at his wife.

More and more couples were called forward. Hermione was surprised by the fact that all of the couples chosen by the sorting hat had elected to stay married.

But many of the hastily married couples did not.

"Cormac and Millicent MacLaggen!"

Hermione's dark eyes widened as she watched the former arrogant young man carefully doting on his wife and newborn daughter.

"We choose to remain married and should like to declare Lillia Marie MacLaggen!"

Hermione found herself clapping wildly at the declaration. She was glad that the couple had found happiness in each other.

"Oliver and Katie Wood!"

There was a hint of amusement washing through the crowd as an obviously very happy Oliver Wood escorted his wife and son to the stage.

"We choose to stay married and declare Preston Snitch Wood!"

Laughter rang out at his joyous words.

"Minerva and Hermione McGonagall!"

Silence immediately befell the enormous chamber as the Headmistress of Hogwarts escorted her beautiful young wife to the stage.

Kingsley smiled at the witches, "You make a lovely couple you know."

Minerva shot the minister her infamous "fish eye", then turned to her wife, "I love you Hermione. Stay with me always?"

The young witch gazed up into emerald pools of pure love and replied in a loud clear voice, "We choose to stay married and proudly declare John Duncan McGonagall!"

The crowd went wild as Minerva gleefully scooped her wife and son up and spun around in joyful circles all the while kissing Hermione passionately.

It was pandemonium as people got a see a side of Minerva McGonagall never before witnessed.

They got to see a woman in love.

Behind the podium on another raised area sat the sorting hat. Next to it lay a familiar book.

"Ahem hem... my work here is done."

The brim of the hat turned up in what was clearly a smile as the hat replied, "Til the next time."

The two objects turned their attention back to the couple currently being cheered in the center of the room.

Minerva and Hermione.

Staring into each others eyes as if nothing or no one else existed. Showing the world what true love looked like. The two witches beamed down at their son.

Seeing in him the promise of a better world.

...but that's another story!

-The End

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