A Beautiful Mistake

AN: This is an AU. Highly AU for a lot of character backgrounds. Essentially the only people who lived in Lima were Kurt, Finn, Puck, Brittany, Santana, and Rachel. Their parents too obviously.

Blanket Disclaimer: Glee is not in my possession. Glee soundtracks yes, nothing else.

Mary was her name. Kurt had no idea why, he hadn't picked it after all, but that was the name. Plain, simple, common…Kurt's daughter.

She was adorable, blond with big glasz eyes and this tiny upturned nose. At nine she had already proven to be the product of both parents. She adored fashion, but was easily led towards bad sense. Her vocabulary was impressive for her age, but she couldn't spell worth a damn. She couldn't dance well without choreography, but was amazing with it. She could sing like nobody's business.

Mary, no matter how much Kurt adored her, however, could never be anything but a mistake. He was 25 and she was 9.

She was also Brittany's daughter.

He'd honestly thought he could handle what was happening between Finn and Burt, but coming down the stairs for the fifth night in a row to see them sitting on the couch bonding and Kurt broke down. Maybe it was a long time coming, but that was the last straw. Finn came over all the time, Burt took him out all the time, they were together all the time. They had things in common.

Kurt broke.

He went out and bought flannel and baggy pants. He threw all his skin and hair care products in a duffle bag and hid it at the back of his closet. He put everything that wasn't manly in that closet and locked it with a bungee cord until he could find a lock suitable for it. His room was mostly bare after that.

So he went to the sports store and picked out a football poster. Then he thought better of it and bought a cheerleader poster. It wouldn't due to have attractive men in his room. For good measure he bought a playboy calendar. The guy who sold it to him gave him this slightly disbelieving look but then shrugged and put it in the bag.

He hung the two things up where his Wicked poster and fluffy bunny calendar had been. He replaced all his Broadway things with the car things he'd previously had stashed in a corner. When he was done the room didn't look like his anymore. It looked like some footballer had moved into a gay teens old room in a new house. Except for the new house part, Kurt supposed that was what he'd done. He'd put Finn in his room without having the other boy there.

Then he did the last thing he could think of. He went up to the dumbest cheerleader he could find and asked her out. Brittany had looked at him like he was nuts, which was a bit odd since she was usually on the receiving end of that stare, but then smiled dopily and asked him when he wanted to bring her to Breadstix.

Their romance managed to last a little over a month before Kurt couldn't hold up the pretense anymore. During the month he'd had Brittany over every day, had even gotten his dad to let her come to Friday Night Dinner once. He ended up really liking her, and loving to spend time with her. He just didn't feel anything when they were together.

Kurt broke up with her. Burt flat out told him to break up with her. "You're gay Kurt, and this whole straight thing you're trying to pull off isn't fair to that poor girl. I'm not sure what made you try this, but I hope you know you can come to me with anything, kid. I love you no matter what, it's my job as your dad." Kurt had broken down crying and told him how jealous of Finn he was.

Everything returned to normal. Kurt unlocked his closet and then laughed until he cried at how cliché he'd made himself by locking his gayness in the closet.

However, it was too late. Kurt was a stupid sixteen year old, who stupidly trusted Brittany to know what she was doing. Brittany wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, and had landed them in trouble. Santana came to Kurt nearly three weeks after the break up and told him he was a baby daddy. Then she slapped him. She had rings on that day, rings she turned around so the sharp part cut his face.

It was only once that they went that far, and Kurt hadn't liked it at all. Brittany had been the one doing the work. He'd just laid back and 'thought of England' as the saying goes. However, once was all that their baby needed.

Kurt sighed and rubbed at his eyes. Working a desk job had never been his intention, but being a father for nine years at 25 hadn't either, so he really didn't bother caring at this point. He was making money, good money, and he was at least near the industry he loved. He had managed to snag a secretarial position at Prada. Not anything like that movie, but close enough that he could potentially move up the ranks one day.

"DADDY!" Mary cut off all thoughts Kurt had.

"What?" Kurt tried not to sound exasperated as he answered. He stood up and began heading towards his daughter's door.

"I had a bad dream." Mary answered as he opened it. All Kurt's tension evaporated. He couldn't fault the girl for having a bad dream.

"It'll be alright sweetie." Kurt assured her and went to sit on the bed with her. He turned the night light on. "Do you want Daddy to keep the light on?"

"No." Mary shook her head. "Could you just sing to me?"

Kurt smiled, Mary loved singing just like Kurt did. "Alright baby, but go to sleep okay? I promise you'll be alright."

"Sing me an old song, like you sing for Mommy." Mary requested and snuggled down into her pillows and blankets. Kurt lay himself down beside her.

"Alright, but just a quick song." Kurt poked at her nose and she giggled. He watched her close her eyes before he opened his mouth to sing. "Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two. Where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do. When nothing really matter except for me to be with you. But in time we all forgot and we all grew."

Mary's breath slowed and evened. Kurt continued to sing softly until he was sure she was completely asleep.

"How's she doing?" Santana asked not unkindly. College had been good to her, gone was the completely bitchy girl who tore everyone down, even Brittany. In her place was an acceptably bitchy girl who only tore down assholes who deserved it.

"Mary's happy. She had her friend Terra over the other day, I taught them how to bedazzle." Kurt informed her. "How's Brittany? Mary keeps asking when her Mommy's going to visit again."

"Brittany's good. She's just finishing a tour actually. She'll be up to visit in about a week. She's asleep right now." Santana answered. "So, gots a boyfriend yet?"

"Santana." Kurt shook his head. "It's none of your business."

"So that's a no then Lady?" Kurt could practically hear her smirk.

"You're a lesbian, you, of all people, should not be calling me that." Kurt pointed out. "Or do you harbor some latent hetero-normity you've yet to tell me about? Got a crush on me?" Kurt smirked.

"And this convo is over." Santana deadpanned. "Brit'll be up to visit your spawn next Tuesday."

"Do not call Mary 'spawn'." Kurt chastised. "Brittany wouldn't like it after she figured out what it meant."

"Byes." Santana hung up. Kurt was impressed he actually got a goodbye.

"Wow, Brit's really been good for her." Kurt shrugged. They'd only gotten together officially a year and a half ago, before it had been an off and on thing that hadn't been healthy for either of them. They'd had their longest off stretch, almost a full year, before Santana finally went back to Brit. It was that, the fact that Santana went back that made Kurt think it would last this time.

The alarm on Kurt's phone went off. "Two thirty already?" Kurt sighed to himself. He dialed four on his speed dial.

"We've got her, Kurt." Quinn said instead of hello.

"Am I really that predictable?" Kurt laughed.

"Yes." Quinn answered honestly. "We're doing finger painting after homework today, so she might still be a little messy. Make sure she takes a proper bath tonight." Quinn said kindly.

"Good to know. Don't let her near the red, she's allergic to…" Kurt started but Quinn cut him off.

"Red dye I know." Quinn said with a laugh. "Go back to work Kurt. They're probably wondering if you're constipated."

"You're really straight forward with your opinions sometimes missy, you know that?" Kurt mock glared even if she couldn't see it.

"So I've been told." Quinn took the ribbing in stride. "Seriously though Kurt, go to work."

"Okay, but when did you become my mother?" Kurt shook his head. Quinn just laughed. "Bye."

"Bye." Quinn returned.

Kurt left the bathroom and returned to his desk. He didn't get any strange looks from his co-workers. All the ones that cared knew he had a routine. Every day at 2:30 he was in the bathroom making a phone call. To anyone that really cared, they knew it was to Cheerio's day care to check on his daughter.

"All good?" Mercedes asked as he sat back down. He swung around in his swivel chair and gave her a smile.

"They're finger painting today." Kurt informed her.

"These are for your boss." Mercedes handed him a stack of folders. "And yik, that'll be tough to clean up."

"No, they're really good about that. Sue hates returning dirty children. Something about 'grimy germ infested troglodytes'. I don't remember, I tune her out when she starts in on her rants." Kurt shrugged. He took the large stack from his best friend. "And all of them? She hates paperwork."

"I think you can do about half of it, but that's your decision." Mercedes winked. "Anyway, I still think Sue sounds crazy. I have no idea why she's around children."

"Me neither, but her standards are excellent and she's not overly expensive. With Brittany's child support I have her covered comfortably." Kurt started flipping through the stack. He pulled one out for his boss' review, keeping the first six for himself.

"Ah, Brittany, the famous ex, when will I get to meet this girl anyway?" She suddenly spun around and pulled another three folders from a stack on her desk. "Almost forgot these."

"You're trying to kill me." Kurt shook his head. "She's coming on Tuesday, I was talking to her partner before. They're coming up to visit, or at least Brittany is. I don't imagine Santana'll be far behind, she's finally got vacation time."

"Only you could knock up the lesbian cheerleader in high school."

"I'm a man of many talents." Kurt smirked.

"Find a boyfriend and have him tell me that, then maybe I'll believe you." Mercedes winked and turned around to face her desk again. Kurt considered sticking his tongue out at her, but she wouldn't see. He still did it. "Don't you stick that tongue out at me white boy."

"Back of the head. You've got eyes." Kurt groaned.

"I know." Mercedes laughed.

"You said you're a virgin right?" Brittany asked him. She hovered over him, legs on either side of his waist. If he closed his eyes he could pretend she was a boy, but he wasn't supposed to do that if he was being like Finn.

"Yeah." Kurt answered, his voice getting high again. It was hurting his throat to speak in his lower register all the time, and he had a hard time remembering to when Brittany was pinning him to his bedroom couch.

"Oh, you're all high pitched again." Brittany commented before kissing him. Kurt's eyes slid closed. It was easier to do this if he didn't look. "So you're clean." Brittany snuck a hand down to his pants, pointedly grazing his nipples on the way down. He'd had to let her take his shirt off to keep her from crying before. It wasn't so bad, he did like the feeling he got when she touched him and he couldn't see her. It just got a little creepy when he opened his eyes.

She snuck her fingers under his waistband and Kurt's eyes sprung open. "What?"

"You're clean." Brittany repeated and kissed him again. Her hand dove right to his dick and Kurt couldn't help but moan. He'd never been touched there by someone else before. Before he knew it Brittany had his pants off. She reached for her bra but Kurt grabbed her hands, he didn't want that. "S'okay." Brittany insisted but didn't push it. She kissed him again.

When everything was done, Kurt felt a little like he was going to be sick. He'd just had sex for the first time. With a girl. And all he'd been able to do was pretend it was a nameless, faceless boy.

He was gay, and no amount of pretending was going to change that. "Why are you crying?" Brittany asked him, clinging to his back.

"I like boys." Kurt told her.

"So do I." Brittany seemed confused. "Why does that make you all sad?"

"I only like boys." Kurt answered. Her arms came off him and Kurt finally felt the tears on his face.

"But I thought you said you liked me?" Brittany sounded close to tears. "I thought you liked me, and Santana and Mrs. Hudson? We're all girls. You don't like us?"

Kurt turned around and reached out for her. "I do like you." Kurt assured her. "You're my friend. I didn't mean it like that."

"Then what did you mean? I'm confused." Brittany admitted, climbing in his arms.

"I meant I only want to have sex with boys. I'm gay." Kurt kissed her hair.

"Oh. I don't know how that feels. I like having sex with boys, but I like having sex with Santana too." Brittany shrugged.

"That means you're bi, honey." Kurt was surprised he didn't have a problem saying that. Before he'd always thought bi people were just kidding themselves. But he knew how honest Brittany was, she didn't lie unless put up to it. If she said something, she believed it.

"Oh." Brittany snuggled into his still bare chest.

"I can't sleep with you anymore, Boo." Kurt told her softly.

"Why not?" Brittany asked. "Oh, wait, 'cause I'm not a boy right?"

"Yeah." Kurt answered.

"I'm sorry I made you then. I was horny and Santana's at her grandma's. You're my boyfriend though, so I thought that meant I could sleep with you."

"It does usually." Kurt smoothed her hair down. It wasn't particularly messed up, he didn't like touching it when they were doing anything non-platonic. It felt wrong, too long, too girly. "I can't be your boyfriend anymore."

"You're breaking up with me? Why?" Brittany's tears sounded like they were coming back. "You're my favorite boyfriend ever. You don't make me do things I don't want to and you take me to nice restaurants and you like shopping with me."

Kurt sighed. "I still want to be your friend, Boo. We can do all those things still if you want. I just mean we won't kiss anymore. I'm gay." It felt good to say it again after so long.

"Oh." Brittany said in that voice that meant she didn't understand but thought she should by now.

"I want to do those things with boys." The more he said it the more Kurt wondered how he could have ever tried convincing himself it wasn't true.

"Like sex?" Brittany asked.


"Okay." She snuggled into him more. "Can we break up tomorrow? I like being naked with you. You don't make me feel bad."

"Okay." Kurt would let her have this. He'd used her horribly, this amazing girl. He'd give her anything he could from now on.