Don't Let Me Go

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The manor was cold and empty. Voldemort and all of the death eaters had gone along their way. The house elves had turned down the lights, the huge hallways empty of any human movement. The once white walls looked gray and dead now. It looked like a haunted house except for the library, cracked open a little. That was the only sign of any human activity along with the two men sitting inside.

They were sitting in two large chairs, one arm resting on the arm rest while they both held a glass of fire whiskey in their right hand. True, this was their fourth drink but wizards were better at keeping alcohol in their system. The only noise in the room was the licking of the fire on the wood and the quiet breathing of the two men. They both started into the fire, lost in their own thoughts.

"It's ridiculous, you know that right? It'll never work." This had come from the man with the shiny black hair, who had turned to his friend. The other man didn't look worried; rather, he had a smile on his lips.

"Are you losing faith in me?"

The dark haired man rolled his eyes drinking from the glass again.

"No. However, you are forgetting that I know how these people operate." The other man waved it off not at all worried.

"You know as well as I do they won't kill me on the spot." Dark haired man rolled his eyes again.

"Listen to me. I understand your concerns but they ate not needed. All we need to do is pretend. It's like putting on a school play. You have to become someone else. I don't think that's hard, do you?"

It made sense but the dark haired man was still skeptical. He knew how hard it was to be a double spy. There were too many dangers involved in it.

"Are you sure you're prepared to do this? You know how hard it all can become in the end." Instead of replying, his friend smiled and took a sip of the drink again.

"Oh yes. I am more than prepared dear friend."

Chapter One

The members of the Order were sitting idly at home, waiting for dinner to be prepared. Molly Weasley was busy in the kitchen, humming to herself. The girls, Hermione and Ginny, were discussing Bill and Fleur's wedding, talking about who would be there and who would not be there, giggling like school girls. Fleur was sitting with them while Ginny teased her about her wedding night with Bill.

"Ginny! Leave her alone," Hermione said playfully. Fleur began to blush when Bill walked by and heard the words "wedding night". Grinning, he sat down on the floor with the girls teasing his fiancé.

"Oi, what's that I hear? Ginny, want to say that again?" Rolling her eyes, Ginny punched her brother in the arm earning a glare from Bill.

"I didn't say anything, not one word. Now how about you and the rest of the boys go do something hmm?" Ignoring his sister, Bill wrapped an arm around Fleur's thin waist, smiling down at her.

"I could've sworn I heard the term 'wedding night' dear sister. Am I correct, Miss Fleur?" Bringing her hand to his lips he kissed each knuckle watching as Fleur's blush deepened. A grin played at the corner of his lips as Bill looked into her eyes, their faces ghosting closer and closer.

"AHEM! None of that in my house young man!" Mrs. Weasley shouted from the kitchen, throwing a rag at Bill who caught it easily. Fleur looked away, pushing Bill away. Laughing Bill watched her walk over to the couch and sit down, avoiding his eyes.

"Oh mum. You ruined all my fun. Regardless, I can still kiss you can't I?" Mrs. Weasley laughed as her son squeezed her shoulders and planed a kiss on her cheek.

"Bill stop it! Grow up," Mrs. Weasley laughed pushing him away. Sirius walked into the kitchen, plucking a washed berry from the bowl in front of him. Mrs. Weasley put her hands on her hips, glaring at him. Marching over to the table she grabbed the bowl and put it against her hip.

"Can't you just ask? Besides this is for the desert." Sirius ignored her comments running a hand through his messy hair.

"May I remind you that I am a starved man?" Molly rolled her eyes. she had heard this too many times from the blasted man.

"Oh shut up. Where's Lupin by the way?" Sirius shrugged joining Hermione and Ginny on the floor.

"Beats me if I know. Blimey Mione, you should donate some of your hair to people who need it." Hermione slapped his hand off of her hair glaring at him.

"You are not at all funny. Why aren't you with Buckbeak? Or Harry?" Stretching out on the floor, Sirius put his hands behind his head smiling at Hermione.

Over the course of the years, Hermione had gotten over her self-consciousness around Sirius and they had become like brother and sister. They would bicker over the dumbest things ever but in the end he'd have her laughing like nothing had ever happened. Sirius had told Hermione more than he had ever told any of his friends before and Hermione had done the same. They were like twins, always fighting over the smallest of things but couldn't stay apart for even a day.

"Well love, I wouldn't know where that boyfriend of yours went. Fred and George are probably showing him some of their latest inventions. Ronald is their newest lab rat."

"For the love of Merlin! Fred! George!" Hermione giggled as they heard Mrs. Weasley run up the stairs for her poor son shouting at all of them. Ginny got up, slipping away unnoticed by any one.

"They're in for it now. I don't understand why Molly is such a prude when it comes to Ron. Well, no, you're a much bigger prude than she is." Hermione spun around, all traces of laughter leaving her face. Her expression was both shocked and angered. Sirius grinned down from his spot on the floor at her.

"I beg your pardon? Care to repeat that, Mr. Black?" Sirius laughed, shaking his head. Hermione put her hands on her hips, eyes narrowed down at the man. He had some nerve, calling her a prude. Not all of them had his partying style. Lupin walked into the drawing room sensing a fight about to begin. Greeting Bill and Fleur, he sat on the couch with them, smirking at the pair. They really were something else. Sometimes, he wondered if they had been separated at birth but then realized it wasn't possible because of the age difference between the two of them. He's almost old enough to be her father and he acts like a school boy.

"I said nothing. All I said is that Molly worries too much about that son of hers. Nothing else." Hermione exhaled angrily.

"You are a horrible lair Sirius Black. I am not a prude and neither is Mrs. Weasley. Not all of us like to go out at the middle of night, get drunk and get shagged and return home at the improper hour. Not to mention that some of us are NOT allowed to go outside." Sirius jumped up too, his laughter disappearing too.

"Oi! I come home at a reasonable hour and who says I go out to get drunk? Besides, a shag once in a while isn't a bad thing. It relieves stress, right Remus?" Lupin held up his hands, taking no part in their argument. It always ended up blowing up in their faces any way.

"You keep me out of this Sirius. I have nothing to do but sit and watch." Both Hermione and Sirius shot him a glare.

"Thanks!" they exclaimed in union.

"It doesn't relieve anything. You are just a sex addict." Sirius pretended to be offended, gasping in mock shock.

"I don't think so! At least I am not the one addicted to bloody books! And I am not the one who reads Hogwarts a history for the hell of it." it was Hermione's turn to be offended. Everyone knew her love for the book but no one else tried to embarrass her like Sirius and he always succeed in naming her feel like a fool. Well, not today!

"So you admit that you're addicted to sex, do you?" Hermione evaded the obvious trap he had set for her. If there was one thing Sirius had taught her, it was how to use her words to maximize her effect on the person.

"I haven't admitted or denied anything."

"The fact that you aren't admitting it means you're wrong and that you are addicted to sex Sirius." She happily watched his eyes narrow to little slits as he regarded her in anger. Vengeance is sweet.

"No Miss Granger, you are the one who is wrong. What if I denied it?"

"You'd be lying, obviously!"

"How are you going to accuse me of lying when you can't read my mind?"

"If you were telling the truth, you would have denied it the second those words came out of my mouth."

"You didn't deny that you're addicted to books either."

"I don't have to because I'm admitting that I am addicted to KNOWLEDGE! I don't think sex counts as obtaining knowledge."

The words caused Sirius to smile broadly at Hermione who regretted her words. If there was one thing Sirius knew better than her it was how to put her in her place and she had a sinking feeling she would lose this argument.

"Sex is knowledge. I am sure they don't have that in books.

"You see, during this act of sexual intercourse, one learns quite a lot about the human body and responsive system as well." Hermione closed her eyes her cheeks turning pink. She knew this had been coming.

"I am sure you know quite a lot, so let's put the subject to rest, right Sirius!" Lupin interrupted, trying to get Sirius's attention. However, his friend didn't seem to be listening.

"A person can touch and explore exactly what makes their partner squirm and moan and-"

"OK! You made your point now shut up!" Hermione begged, covering her ears.

"Not until I hear the magic words. Where was I? O yes, the responses. You learn about your partner and exactly where to touch, where to place your lips so that each of you can enjoy from one another's pleasure.

"Then comes the heat of the moment-"

"Make him stop! I am not listening, I can't hear you! LALALALA! NOO, I can't hear you!"

"Still waiting. Then you get down to how to pleasure your partner. Now when it comes to males, we like to…"

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! YOU WIN! SIRIUS YOU WIN SO SHUT UP!" Hermione screamed, opening her eyes at the sound of his booming laughter.

Removing her hands from her ears, Hermione grabbed a pillow and began to hit Sirius on the head with it.

"You nasty, filthy, perverted creature!" Sirius laughed trying to dodge the blows but Hermione was not giving up.

"You want a fight witch, you got it!" Grabbing a pillow of his own and managing to escape somehow, Sirius began to hit Hermione back. Getting up, Hermione screamed, running away pillow still in hand. Giving a bark of laughter Sirius began to chase her, his own pillow poised in his hands.


Hermione screamed when Sirius crashed the pillow on her head, hitting him back. Lupin sat on the sofa shaking his head.

"Oh mum is going to be so pissed!" Bill said, laughing when he heard a slight ripping sound. Lupin wined when he heard the shill voice of Mrs. Weasley yelling: "SIRIUS BLACK!" Bill burst into a fit of laughter, rolling on the floor holding his stomach while Fleur tried to hush him.

Mrs. Weasley stormed into the kitchen when Hermione ran in behind her almost knocking her over. Gasping, Molly grabbed the counter for support.

"What in Merlin's name-" Hermione screamed again when Sirius appeared in the kitchen. Hermione was in front on Mrs. Weasley, and Sirius was behind her, both using her as a shield.

"Sirius! Stop this! What are you doing?"

"Hold still Molly! Gotta get the little witch." Hermione laughed smacking Sirius when Mrs. Weasley ducked. Sirius was momentarily knocked backwards, cursing loudly. Laughing loudly, Hermione ran away again, Sirius hot on her heels.

Shaking her head Mrs. Weasely's eyes fell on Bill who was rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac, while Fleur tried to hold her own laughter in. Remus had his face covered shoulder shaking silently.

"The man is never going to learn is he?" That was their undoing. Both Fleur and Lupin joined in with Bill laughing until they couldn't breathe. Mrs. Weasley looked upon them, aghast.

"WHOO HOO HOO! I can't breathe! HAHAHA! WHAHAHAH!" Fleur giggled holding her stomach in pain while Lupin's loud laughter filled up the room.

"That's right, keep on laughing. When you get used as a shield, then you'll know." That made them all laugh even more, especially Bill who couldn't seem to get himself under control.

Outside, Snape was carrying a limping Malfoy on his shoulder urging him to hold on while he tried to get to the burrow.

"Did a fine job Serverus. All I was trying to do was get some help and what do you do? You hex me before I could utter a word," Lucius rasped, wincing at the pain in his body.

"Just try and hang on a bit longer. We're almost there." Uttering a charm, Serverus knocked on the door. He waited almost three more minutes before knocking again. The door opened a little bit showing the face of Albus Dumbledore.

"Serverus? What are you…" Dumbledore trailed off when his eyes went to Lucius Malfoy who barely looked alive.

Now Dumbledore was an old wizard and he wasn't used to surprises anymore since he was dealing with Voldemort now a days but today he was well and thoroughly shocked upon seeing Lucius Malfoy's face.

"Serverus what is he doing with you?"

"I'll explain everything once I am inside but trust me, he means no harm. Here, take our wands if you don't believe me." Dumbledore took the wands, opening the door after some moments. He didn't completely trust Lucius Malfoy but he did trust Snape and right now he hoped Snape wouldn't break his trust.

They noticed it as soon as they walked closer to the foyer; noise, screaming and outrageous laughter.

"Bloody hell, it sounds like St. Mungo's!" Malfoy exclaimed, his eyes closing at the sudden light. Why the hell did Serverus bring him where ever he brought him? there was so much noise it was breaking his ear drums.

"This is home Mr. Malfoy. Not the Malfoy Manor. Apologizes," Dumbledore snapped. Malfoy didn't have the energy to glare at the old man.

"Come back here you little witch! You won't get away from me!" Snape stopped short, the voice sounding awfully familiar.

"Is that Sirius Black?" Malfoy sounded dumb struck not believing the voice he heard. I thought he was dead!

"Mrs. Weasley, how are you? Hope we didn't interrupt? No well then I have a surprise for you."

"Surprise? What kind?"

"Ah first tell me, do you have enough food?" Mrs. Weasley seemed taken aback by the question but quickly covered it up.

"Well of course but-"

"Splendid, now do you mind telling me who is making all that noise?"

Corned by Sirius on top of the steps, Hermione watched as he walked towards her the pillow in his hand and an evil glint in his eyes. uh-oh!

"I've got you now," he whispered. However, Hermione being younger and faster managed to push him back and hit him at the same time.

"HA! Come on old man, show me what you've got." Laughing when Sirius stood up with feathers in his hair, Hermione raced down the steps, looking back to see Sirius taking the steps three at a time.

"That insult is going to cost you Granger!" Grabbing the staircase, Hermione jumped down when her foot unexpectedly caught in the rug and she went flying right into an equally unexpected Lucius Malfoy.

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