Both of them were on their knees, bodies undulating against each other, on the bed.

Mab's hand was between their bodies doing god knows what. Melody's arms were wrapped around her neck.

Mab broke off for a moment to glance down at Merlin.

"You want him don't you?" Melody asked her.

"Of course. But he's never wanted me."

"I could make him want you."

Mab turned back to her with an fiendish smirk. "And how would you do that?"

"You can watch...while I play with him." Melody suggested.

Mab sighed as though she very much liked the sound of that.

"Melody...?" Merlin watched as Melody crawled toward him in a predatory way.

Melody's predatory advance did not falter.

No this was not Melody. This was a girl whose mind was so clouded with Mab's darkness and lust she had no idea what was really going on.

"Hold on a second." Merlin tried to buy time as Melody pounced on him. "I do not want her to touch me."

"And why not?" Mab asked. "I thought you loved her."

"Not in this way. Please do not do this to Melody, Mab."

"What will you give me in return?"

Merlin knew what she wanted. It was the whole point of setting Melody loose on him.

"I would rather you touch me, Mab."

"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard that correctly." she gloated.

"I want you to touch me, Mab." Merlin spoke through gritted teeth.

"Maybe if you said that with a sweeter tongue I would believe you." Mab said dismissively. "I think we will have to see if Melody can soften you."

Melody's hand closed around him and he groaned unwillingly. Mab stilled, watching every move with unrestrained delight.

Melody came down on him hard and rode him. Mab watched the entire time, occasionally reaching out to stroke Merlin or Melody as though she couldn't resist doing so.

And when Melody was done with him, she used her healing magic and brought him back to ready form again so Mab could enjoy him next.

When Melody awoke, she found that this time Mab was in the center with Merlin's arm draped around her bare waist. Melody gave no reaction to last night's events and simply gazed at Mab. There was nothing Mab could do now that would surprise her. Melody decided she must be in shock right now and the hysterics would come later.

Mab trailed her fingers down Melody's leg as she searched the girl's face for a reaction.

"How do you feel?" Mab asked, when a reaction was not forthcoming.

"I'm fine." her tone was dull and lifeless.

I think I've finally tamed her. was Mab's last gleeful thought.

Mab reached for her, but Merlin's arm tightened around her waist and pulled her back into his body. Mab jerked in surprise as he wrenched her body beneath his and rammed himself inside of her as hard as he could. Merlin looked over at Melody with an expression that said quite clearly, Run!

Melody scrambled off the bed, found her clothes, and fled the room. Mab snarled in irritation, but Merlin pulled out of her and fiercely entered her again, providing the ultimate distraction.

"You really think you're buying her time to escape?" Mab laughed as she happily raised her hips to meet his third thrust.

"I wasn't able to protect Nimue, but I will protect Melody."

"She won't get far. This is a pointless act."

Merlin crushed his lips against hers to keep her from speaking any more infuriating words.

"As soon as you're finished, I'm going after try to make it last." Mab smirked up at him. "Every thrust buys her one more second of freedom."

She wrapped her legs around him as he continued the rhythm, but his teeth and nails sank into her skin multiple times.

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