This is a romance/angst/humor/supernatural fic

Pairing: SasuFemNaru

Summary: Naru Uzumaki is forced to partake in a monster hunt with her classmates. From what she has learned there is supposed to be a creature lurking throughout Konoha forest. What happens when she meets the monster and it wants her as its mate?

Warnings: monsters, gore, smut, sakura/ino/Karin bashing, smart yet naïve Naru, stupid teenagers

Disclaimer: I don't own squat TT^TT




AN- Sasuke is a blankity-blank-blank monster XD

MAJOR OOC(out of character, so be warned)


October 4th, 2011. School, Lunch Time, 11:45 a.m.

"So you in?"

Naru Uzumaki snapped out of her day dreaming and noticed that everyone at her table was staring at her. She sighed and took a bite of her half eaten ham sandwich.

"In what? She asked in a uncaring tone.

Sakura Haruno snorted and rolled her eyes while Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, and Sai gave her a your-so-stupid and Hinata offered Naru her Grape juice, which the blonde happily accepted.

"If you were listen you moron, you would know we're all meeting up tonight." Sakura sneered. "And you must have heard the rumors that have been going on about Konoha Forest."

Naru shook her head. "I choose not to listen to gossip or rumors that's worth shit."

"Yeah yeah save your preaching for someone who cares." Ino said cutting Naru off.

"Rumor has it that in Konoha Forest is a monster. So we're all going monster hunting." Kiba said with a wolfish grin.

Naru scoffed. She could admit that she was a fan of monsterology and hoped that monsters and such were real but when it came to these guys at her table whatever came out of their mouths was pure crap.

"A monster. Really? You guys can't be serious." She questioned.

"Its totally true! No one has seen it BUT there are weird animal tracks along the forest floor and big ass claw marks on trees and a whole bunch of animal corpses. I mean…how fucking awesome would it be to actually see the damn thing!"

Naru gave Kiba a nasty look for the unnecessary cursing. "It could just be a bear or something. Should the police be concerned about this?"

Kiba shook his head, which made him look like a shaggy dog. It suited him. It really did.

"No No No! the tracks were way too big to be a bear's! And some weren't even bear tracks! There were huge snake trails and hoof marks and other tracks that can't be identified. AND I saw the police sending a goat into the forest." Kiba exclaimed.

Naru sighed and looked over to her only real friend. "Hinata, what do you think we should do?"

Hinata was taken aback by the sudden question and blushed. "I-I think we should go Naru. It might be fun. A-And we could leave whenever we like?" Hinata said in her usual soft, quiet voice.

Naru nodded at her friend's decision. "Alright, I'm in."

"We shouldn't have agreed to this." Naru grumbled to Hinata. All of the teens stood on the outside of the forest ready to go.

Why did Naru agree to do this? If the monster was real they could get killed and if it wasn't then they all were just a bunch of jackasses. Naru suddenly flinched away when a bright blinding light was shot in her eyes.

"Tsk, Kiba stop flashing that light in my eyes, you twit!" Naru snapped and threateningly raised her hand up, in her hand was a cherry bomb.

"Why the fuck do you have cherry bombs?" Kiba asked backing away. Naru shrugged and shoved the tiny fire crackers into her pocket,

"Alright, everybody we're all going to be put into groups, so listen up! Team 1: Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. Team 2: Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji. And Team 3: Sakura, Sai, and Naru."

Oh god, kill me now. Naru couldn't believe this. Hinata wasn't in her group and she was paired up with Sakura the wonder bitch and the pervert creep, Sai. All the teens groaned and argued about who they were teamed up with but there was no changing it.

Naru sighed. Something bad was going to come from this. She just knew it.

"This is so boring~" Sakura whined.

"Shut up Bonna Bell. You're the one who wanted to come here to prove the monster real or not." Naru hissed quietly.

"I thought this was gonna be fun! And the monster would be a werewolf like in Twilight!"

Naru stared at her wide eyed. Dear god what was society coming to?

They continued to trudge deeper in to the forest. No sign of any life, except for the owl hooting in the background and bugs chirping. "See, there is nothing here." Sai turn around to look at the girls, "Why don't we go to my home and hang out."

Naru shot him a disgusted glare

"Oh shut up you pervert! Kiba told me the monster is supposed to be near the middle of the forest, it's only a couple of steps away!"

They moved further in the forest. After a good five minutes of wandering, They finally reached a clearing in the forest. "Okay we're here!" We stopped at the edge of the clearing. "Now what?" Sakura asked.

"Give it good fifteen minutes and if it doesn't show we'll leave." Naru said while ducking in to the bushes. Sai and Sakura reluctantly followed her lead and wait…..and wait….and wait…..and wait.

"I still don't see anything and it's been 15 minutes. I'm going back home." Sakura gets ready to stand up and leave for home, until Naru pulled her back down.

"What are y- "

"Sssh, look!" Naru whispers pointing to the middle of the clearing.

They looked over to see a big monsterous wolf creature standing on all fours, in the middle of the forest. Naru could feel herself shaking a little as she gazed at the creature, never taking her eyes off of it.


Naru whipped her head around to see Sakura with a pink camera in hand. The blonde slapped the camera out of her hand.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Hey, we need proof that that thing is real!"

They quickly turned their heads to the clearing of the forest to see red eyes looking directly at them. Sai and Sakura dashed into the forest and Naru followed after finally tearing her eyes away from the red ones. She continued to run, but she didn't see them anymore. "Those bastards left me behind to get eaten!" She thought.

The Blonde teen never turned back once to see if the monster followed her. Suddenly, something caught her leg and made her fall to the ground. Naru looked over to see what had her leg and it was paw….a huge paw with claws! Naru tried to get away from the paw, but the claws only gripped harder onto her leg.

"Ow!" She shouted. Growling crossed her hearing and Naru opened her eyes to once again see red staring deep into her soul.

Naru continued to stare into the trance of the red eyes. "It's almost as if time has stopped..."Naru thought to herself never tearing her eyes away. Naru's train of thought seized when the mysterious creature face started to move closer. Naru shut her eyes quickly to prepare for incoming pain from sharp jaws. Instead of pain, she hears the monster sniffing her, yet Naruto decided to keep still till she knew it was safe to run once again.


The monster wolf's sniffing stopped suddenly, before Naru could assume he was done, she felt a wet muscle lapping on the side of her face. "Is he tasting me!" Naru shouts inside her mind.

The licking did show any signs of stopping. Naru felt like she couldn't handle anymore. "I either try it now or I'll be eaten" Naru held in her breath as she thought of her last resort of being saved.

She slowly reached for her pocket and pulled out her cherry bombs. Then slammed the to the ground.


The wolf jumped away from the noise, more surprised than scared. Naru swiftly got up from under the beast and threw a few more cherry bombs at it.


Then ran as fast as her legs could carry her back to her home. The wolf watched her retreating form until she was out of sight. The wolf then formed itself into it's Lamia form and smirked.

"What a beautiful mate I have."

Naru slammed the door behind her as she entered her apartment. God, she was going to kill those two when she saw them at school tomorrow.

Beep beep!

Naru took her phone out of her pocket to see Hinata had sent her a text.

Sent From: Hina

Hey where are you? Did something happen? You didn't come back with Sakura and Sai

Reply to: Hina

I went home. Sorry I left

I'll talk to you at school 2moro

Naru flopped onto her bed and curled her body into a fetal position and drifted into sleep.

October 5th, 2011. School, Homeroom, 7:45 a.m.

Naru growled and glared at Sakura who was showing off her picture of the wolf and bragging about how brave and totally awesome she was. Ha! She was a coward! She ran away with her tail between her legs. Same with Sai.

Hinata patted her friend's shoulder, hoping she would calm down. Though she didn't blame her for being angry.

"Class we have a new student here today, please come in and introduce yourself."

As soon as the teacher said that, a sexy looking boy with ebony black hair, porcelain skin, and an arrogant look on his smirking face walked in.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, please take good care of me."




Bonna bell- from adventure time what Marceline called princess bubblegum

Lamia- monster that's half human half snake

Cherry bombs- fire crackers

I can honestly say I do not like Kiba