This is a romance/angst/humor/supernatural fic

Pairing: SasuFemNaru

Summary: Naru Uzumaki is forced to partake in a monster hunt with her classmates. From what she has learned there is supposed to be a creature lurking throughout Konoha forest. What happens when she meets the monster and it wants her as its mate?

Warnings: monsters, gore, smut, sakura/ino/Karin bashing, smart yet naïve Naru, stupid teenagers

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AN- Sasuke is a shape shifting monster XD

MAJOR OOC(out of character, so be warned)


That night Naru wrapped her sheets and blankets around her body as if making them a second. She just couldn't get that perverted jerk out of her head. It was starting to scare her. That boy really did remind her too much of that wolf in the woods.

Uchiha Sasuke was bound to be the cause of her insanity. The young blonde reluctantly fell back to sleep, dreaming of blood red eyes, black fur, and ebony snakes.

Sasuke continued to walk casually through the woods that he called home. He had a satisfied smirk spread across his handsome face. Damn, his soon to be mate was fucking sexy. The look in those beautiful blue eyes made him want to do such cruel yet pleasurable things to her. Sasuke's smirk fell when he remembered two other suitors in his vixen's class.

Sasuke thought on it then remembered their names. Hyuuga Neji and Sai. The Uchiha growled remembering the smell of arousal coming from them. But it wasn't like they were a problem. They were little bugs unworthy of being squashed.

Sasuke noticed that he was finally at the lake that resided at the middle of the woods. He walked to the edge and stared down into the water. Suddenly a pale webbed hand shot out of the water and grabbed onto Sasuke's ankle then tried to pull him in. but being as strong as he was there was no fall.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Suigetsu, that hasn't worked since we were younglings. Let go." Suigetsu popped his head out of the water with a large grin on his face. "Oh you're no fun anymore Sasuke."

"Stupid Kappa, I have fun just in more pleasurable ways." Sasuke said taking off his back pack getting started on stripping his clothes.

Suigetsu scoffed. "Keep your sex jokes to yourself Uchiha."

Sasuke chuckled then flinched as a loud scream came from the distance. Suigetsu groaned in pain then ducked his head beneath the water to drown it out. No pun intended.

Behind them was a tall woman with red hair and glasses. She was crying and looking very worried and paranoid. Sasuke grunted. "Karin stop that, you're making my ears bleed."

"Yeah. Put a sock in it!" Suigetsu yelled from beneath the water.

Karin's worried expression faded and turned smug, her tears dried up and she had a smirk on her face. Sasuke rolled his eyes. He was surrounded by morons.

"Sasuke, where have you been all day? It was so boring!" Karin whined. Sasuke stripped out of the rest of his clothing then transformed into his more familiar Lympia form.

Sasuke smirked as he stretched. Much better. His human form was uncomfortable.


Sasuke looked back at the banshee and sighed. "School."


"Dude, why the hell would you go to where all those disgusting humans are?" Suigetsu asked in disbelief.

Sasuke then smirked. "So I could go see my mate."


Sorry for the short chapter XP