Whatever It Takes

Chapter One

Patron Pein was a well-known man. Who collected young promising men from the streets of various villages and brought them back to the village of Konoha. His purpose was to give them all better opportunities; each one of them got the guarantee to meet King Minato, whom would assign them a task. A task far greater than they could have ever hoped to receive and he, Pein, was the one to provide that opportunity in a world where men were becoming scarce and old backs needed new young backs to carry the burdens. Patron Pein is a proud man and a man of fame that whenever he returned to Konoha people moved aside in awe, wondering what new young men he had brought to the village.

Single women and even young girls rushed out just to get a glimpse. Every woman and girl wondered if it was time for them to meet their prince charming whom will make them princesses. Perhaps even provide them with riches in the world.

Rushing forward, a bold girl with pink hair dragged with her a blond girl, her green eyes eager and wide. She grinned prettily, and pointed, "Look, look, it's Patron Pein!" She giggled, and was easily recognized as Haruno Sakura. She is a village princess within her own mind. Her friend beside her was a just as a worse dreamer, also a princess in her own mind, and her name is Yamanaka Ino.

"Ah, I can't see any of the new young men" The blond girl complained.

"You'll have to wait ladies" Pein winked. Both girls squealed and swooned.

But they were not the only ones. Brunets and other busty blond girls came running, rushing to try to catch a glimpse. Men everywhere shook their heads, but looked relieved. Soon they would have young backs that would help them with their loads.

Often there was the fear of the women jumping the carriage, so men also pulled and held them back. "Let the man pass!" they yelled, and pushed women back. Pein smirked, enjoying the audience that he attracted, and then raised his hand in a sharp motion. One of the males in front who rushed towards the entrance of the palace caught this.

"Open the gates!" He yelled with a grin on his face "Patron Pein is here to see the king!"

The gates swung open, each white and tall in its design. It lead out of the dirt road to a white marbled road that snaked its way around the palace. The palace is tall, white, and luxurious with statues of foxes surrounding each end as if they are guardians. It had two front windows with balconies, and two tall dark brown walls that opened towards the inside of the palace. On the outside, there was a small front deck that just perimeter the house and was held by columns. The palace in itself was wide, overpowering, and outstanding that it kept from the villagers eyes the gigantic garden in the back.

Of course, the real beauty was on the inside.

Patron Pein pulled on the reigns of his horses and came to a stop. He pulled off a black glove and jumped off the carriage he had been riding on. His orange hair was in its usual messy state, the bridge of his nose pierced as well as his forehead, ears, lips, cheeks and tongue. The look in his eyes was what many called haunting; his eyes were a hallowed color with gold rings surrounding his pupil. His skin is also pale, an attracting combination for a man as tall as he is, "Alright, alright, young men, it's time for your evaluation" he called, walking around the carriage to the back, where he opened the doors.

Inside, you could see ten young men.

All of them filthy with dirt and poor clothing, but just enough health that they could build up on it, and create perfect workers. They seemed to flinch away from the sudden rush of sunlight, and the brightness that surrounded the palace. He gestured for them to look around them and step out.

One by one, each started to walk out. The first was a tall bulky male with brown mussed hair and deeply tanned skin. Followed by him was a male with an odd shade of gray hair, peach skin, and glasses. Two more brunets followed, each scrawny and dark skinned. Then a black haired male with a scar over his face, two more dark haired males followed behind him, and then two blond men, each with tanned skin. Finally, a longhaired raven-haired male followed, one with deep-set markings that ran from his hard eyes to his cheeks giving his passive face a unique look. Out of all the other males, he had the lighter skin, the longer hair, and a leaner built.

To Pein, this also made him look as the unhealthiest of the group he had collected.

"This way, gentlemen," Pein turned his back on them, and gestured for them to follow him towards the palace.

Just inside the palace, two princes were looking outside at Patron Pein's arrival. One of them has bright red hair and gold eyes, and the other shorter with blond hair and blue eyes. "Look, more servants" the younger one with blond hair said, a grin spreading his face.

"Shush, they are not just going to be for servants" The one with red hair said, "Your father will assign them a proper job. Although, I believe we can now decide on a better present for our cousin."

"You mean it; we can get him a servant?"

"Naruto" The older reprimanded, the blond male's name being Naruto. Naruto looked sheepishly at his fiancée. Prince Naruto Namikaze had just met him a few months ago, but it was enough time for Naruto to decide that Prince Kyuubi Uzumaki, from Nine Tails village was a perfect match for him. "Don't be so rude"

"Yes, Kyuubi, but still" The small blond boy got a serious look on his face "Cousin Sasuke has not been his cheery self lately; it would be awesome to celebrate his birthday! I know a servant will do him good. Someone he can boss around" he made a face. Kyuubi nodded.

Kyuubi considered Sasuke his cousin as well, in regards to Naruto, but from his own experiences with the boy, he knew the boy could be a brat. He often found himself not liking his attitude. Sasuke truly needed someone to lecture him, but so far, the boy had gotten away with doing as he pleased. All because he had lost, his mother and been disowned, leaving him with no family name.

"I hope it does him a world of good." Kyuubi muttered to himself, but how a servant would do Sasuke well, was beyond him.

"Oh, there is so many!" Naruto bounced on the balls of his feet "Ten, I believe, who shall we choose?"

"Restrain yourself we'll know soon," They watched as Pein knocked on the door and it opened for him. He was allowed to come in and a servant rushed out calling for the King. At this time, both Kyuubi and Naruto descended so they could talk to the king.

"My King, Patron Pein is here to see you" the servant by the name of Iruka called, as he rushed towards the king's side. King Minato smiled, and nodded his head.

"Allow him to come in here"

"Right away sir,"

"Father" Naruto called, catching his father's attention as he rushed towards him. "Can we pick a servant, to give to Sasuke as his birthday present?"

King Minato looked at his eighteen-year-old son, and crossed his arms. "Are you sure it would be wise to do so without your cousin's consent?" he asked. He was highly aware that Sasuke is the second prince from Sound, a child his mother had out of wedlock. He had come to live with them at eight years old since the King of Sound resented the child for not being of his royal blood towards the throne, and since his mother died, Sasuke had just played impossible with everyone. The boy seemed to have his own set of rules and no respect, but it was his sisters child, his nephew, he was not about to shun him from his last home. He believed Sasuke only did this because of his mother's death, and he had to help him.

"I'm sure cousin Sasuke won't mind. Besides, he'll be getting someone to boss around. What can be so bad about that?" Naruto asked, pouting.

"Things aren't always so simple when they come to your cousin" In fact, it reminded Minato a lot of his sister Mikoto when she was rebellious.

Naruto was about to retort when he felt Kyuubi's hand on his shoulder and stopped. He then glanced up at his fiancée questioningly, although Kyuubi looked at Minato intently, "Please, my lord, we believe this present will do Sasuke fine. Even if it angers him, it will be a new reaction from him, lately he's been depressed."

Minato sighed. There was no use in arguing when both Naruto and Kyuubi got something in their head. "If the both of you wish" He nodded his consent.

That was when Pein walked in, followed by ten handsome young men. Well, at least they would be handsome if Naruto would not have already started dismissing the first three his eyes caught. None of them looked perfect for his cousin…

"My King, Minato," Pein greeted, and bowed "Allow me to introduce to you, these ten fine young men to serve you and your land"

Minato grinned. "Such fine men you always manage to bring back with you, Patron Pein," Minato praised, as he looked at them. It was just a once over, but there was nothing special about them that made him want to actually talk to one of them. "But I won't be needing none for the palace this time around, each of them can find work with Kakashi, who'll assign them work." Minato turned and left.

Pein nodded, "Sounds alright, thank you my King" he was about to gesture for the men to follow him out towards the Palace gardens to search for Kakashi when the young blond prince of Konoha halted him.

"I'll like to take one" Naruto said, an impish look on his face.

"Prince Naruto" Pein gaped widely, backing up and bowing then glanced at Kyuubi who nodded in consent. If the Prince Kyuubi was allowing this of his fiancée, then he did not see any reason for the blond prince to not pick a servant. "Of course, you can choose as you like" Pein stepped aside, and better presented the men as he gestured for them to stand in a line.

Naruto immediately began to inspect each one of them. He shook his head every time any of them failed to meet his standards. "Not good" he muttered to himself and Kyuubi shook his head in amusement as he watched his young lover inspect men for his cousin. It seemed a little silly now. Still, Naruto was coming to the end and it seem as though he had not found anyone perfect for his cousin.

They were down to the last one.

Naruto walked around him, almost seeming to figure something out and then turned to Pein "Who is this?"

"Um" Pein glanced at the last young man as he came near him. "This is a young male I found in the village of Akatsuki, he is eighteen, and his name is Itachi"

Naruto blinked, "Itachi?" he asked and when Pein nodded in confirmation Naruto clapped both hands together "Perfect!"

Kyuubi came close and inspected the male his Naruto had chosen and wondered why he had chosen this one. The raven-haired male kept a blank look on his face. He was also tall, but at the same time he seemed to show no emotions-how did Naruto evaluate this one? Tall, pale, and skinny-it rather sounded like Sasuke. The male also had on a faded gray shirt that seemed ripped at the hem, and ripped at the fishnet bindings around his collarbones. He also had dirty sweat pants and ripped shoes. What was more noticeable about this one was that he looked a lot like Sasuke.

Kyuubi wondered if that was the reason behind Naruto choosing this one.

"You'll take him?" Pein asked, surprised. Truth be told, Itachi was the last one he was expecting anyone to actually want working for them. The boy presented a lean figure, meaning he had faced a lot of malnourishment as a child. He also seemed to lack speech and presented himself much on the side of a mute.

"I'll take him," Naruto grinned, at the same time getting a look as if he was planning something evil, "Cousin Sasuke is going to like this one"

"Prince Sasuke," Pein paled.

"How do you figure?" Kyuubi asked, cutting off anything else Pein might want to say about Sasuke.

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know, just something about him reminds me about Sasuke" Naruto shrugged again. Pein on the other hand wished that both of them were joking. To give a servant to Sasuke was like signing their death. He wished Itachi much luck. Turning back to his job, he gestured at the men.

"Itachi, you are to stay here with the princes and do as they say, as for the rest of you, follow me" Pein started to move out. Many of the males glanced back at Itachi. None of them knew him and had barely even noticed him in the carriage but they wondered now if the boy had gotten a good deal. He was, surprising to them and as they had guessed, younger than they are.

Itachi on the other hand, kept his eyes on the two males before him. They seemed to be talking nonsense about their cousin, Sasuke or some other. Apparently, he was going to be someone's present. It angered him, to think that these two people can think of him as if he was an object and nothing more. He had come here with the intentions to work, and become noble. After all, he had been born to two parents whom were considered nothing but dirt, and he wanted something new for the name of his family.

He was not sure what was going on here, but he will take this as his start. After this is done, hopefully he can get something else, an opportunity to actually have a home and his own money. That is all he wanted a home, money, food, and clothes on his back. That was all he hoped for, and that was all he needed.

"So, Itachi, this is Iruka, he will be the one to show you what to do, as well as tell you were you can bathe, provide you with clothes, and then a meal" Kyuubi said as he turned towards him. Iruka had walked in and immediately been asked to assist them. Itachi only gave a sharp curt nod.

"Also, we will speak to you as to what we want you to do" Naruto grinned at the long raven-haired male "so just rest up for now! Oh, and welcome to Konoha"

Kyuubi held out his arm and Naruto took it, wrapping his own arm around it. Itachi watched the princes leave and turned towards Iruka who smiled sheepishly at him "you'll have to forgive them for using people as objects as they do."

Itachi shook his head. "It's alright" he muttered his voice deep and firm despite the lack of use. Iruka held out his hand.

"Umino, Iruka" he immediately introduced himself.

"Uchiha, Itachi" The handshake was brief, but Iruka was already impressed. Itachi looked like he might be weak, but with just that handshake he could see that it was all an appearance. Itachi was quite strong.

"Nice to meet you Itachi-san" Iruka would have called Itachi by his last name in respect, but they were both servants and thus should have no last name.

"Same to you" Itachi nodded.

"So, okay, allow me to take you around the palace, I'll teach you where the servant quarters are and all we can use." Iruka gestured for Itachi to follow him, "I'll also introduce you to a couple of the hand staff, and then you can bathe and change clothing."

Throughout his whole speech and tour, Itachi remained silent.

"So, you're the one they chose as a present for the young prince Sasuke, un," A blond male by the name of Deidara said. He had handed Itachi a change of clothing and next to him was a red head who was looking to the side, bored. Itachi had quickly changed into his new black trousers, and then pulled on his button up black shirt. For servants they sure were not dressed as such. The clothing was fine, made of proper cotton material. It was comfortable. "I pity you"

"Deidara" The red headed male hissed his red eyes narrowed on the blond male.

"Sorry, Sasori-Dana, but really," Deidara flipped his long blond hair. He then glanced back at Itachi, he had to admit the raven was handsome, incredibly so when he was clean. You could tell that despite his skin being pale it had color in it. His body as well was defined in lean muscles making him look deliciously strong, and attractive. Listening to his own thoughts, Deidara scoffed, and then pointedly mentioned, "Sasuke's the devil"

Itachi on the other hand finished pulling on his new work boots and glanced up at Deidara. The blond man was really getting on his nerves by telling him things about Sasuke. Then again, he had not been the only one to do so. Even so, Itachi wanted to be able to meet the boy and judge him himself, "What is it with Sasuke that has you all scared?" he asked as he reached for a comb to run through his long hair, quickly detangling each strand and then neatly tied at the base of his nape. At the front his bangs still fell over his face and framed his face perfectly, even if he did not have a mirror to look at himself. He was waiting for Deidara to answer his question. So far, everyone had evaded mentioning that name, and now to compare him to the devil. There had to be a reason behind it all.

"Sasuke…" Deidara asked, for a moment scared of Itachi's eyes. He never thought a glare could make him so nervous and frightened, "Well, he's a brat; in fact he shouldn't be much taller than up to your shoulder. He's picky about his food, he just snaps easily. There is no nice side to him. When he was younger he used to prank us all, creating disasters within the palace for everyone." Deidara shuddered. "Lately though, he's been silent. We all believe he's up to something bad"

"Is that so?" Itachi muttered. To him it just sounded like a kid who needed a spanking.

"Yeah," Deidara nodded. Beside him, Sasori let out a long breath. He had had enough of Deidara bad mouthing Sasuke all over again. He was tired of it. Could there be a conversation that did not mention the little rebel; he turned to glance at Itachi, glad to notice that the new guy was done dressing.

"Follow me to the kitchen for a meal, Itachi-san," Sasori said, standing upright and away from the wall and at the same time sending a look to Deidara. Itachi followed him, and Deidara pouted, as he was not being taken seriously.

"You'll see that boy is the devil!" Deidara called out towards them. He growled to himself and stomped his foot. 'That boy is not going to make it, if he has to serve someone like Sasuke. He's good as dead' He bitterly thought.

"Was that the new guy you were yelling to?" Deidara jumped and turned around to see Kisame.

"Fuck you" he snapped, and walked away. Kisame was confused; he had just asked a question, not asked to get his head bitten off.

"Will do!" he called back and turned into the washroom that had been left vacated.

After all the introductions of the staff and the palace, Itachi was sure he knew them and how to find his way around the palace. In fact the structure of it all was simple and well mapped out, the only thing that he had not been shown were the rooms upstairs. It was said that only certain servants went into those rooms, and if the princes planned to give him to Sasuke, he will soon have a right to route upstairs just to reach the boy's room. Not that it mattered.

Afterwards, he had been shown to his own room, a small room with a single bed, a small window, and a small nightstand. After looking around he learned that inside the nightstand were clothes for him to change throughout the week, as well as other garments such as sweatpants and pull over shirts for sleep.

It was not such a bad place so far Itachi had to admit. They provided everything for him and all that was asked in return was that he did his assigned job. This to him and everyone else was yet to be determined on what he would be doing. Although, many of them looked startled and even looked sympathetic when it was mentioned that he might become Sasuke's servant.

He did not know the boy, but with the way everyone talked about him and mentioned his name, it felt as though he had already met him. Although he was sure that if Sasuke sounded this bad when not in person, he might be even worse as a person. Itachi was starting to believe he was some sort of deform monster with the way people's blood drained from their faces when they mentioned him. Although, they had mentioned that the boy is sixteen and about to turn seventeen, which leaves Itachi to believe that the boy is practically still a child and thus just being the brat he was always allowed to be. If that was the case, he being eighteen might not be the best thing for Sasuke. Sasuke might view him as just a year older with no real command or deserve of respect as much older persons might get from him.

Itachi sighed.

If he was going to be Sasuke's servant, then he might as well take the reins and teach the boy some respect. Because if he even once thought that Sasuke was not being proper, Itachi would have no qualms about spanking him, prince or not, he was sure of that. Back at his village, he had been a tutor, and even a teacher to kids young and older than he was. He had gained their respect on his skills and knowledge alone that he knew respect did not have to come just because of your age.

Itachi knew better than that.

So even though he had felt anger when he was given to the two princes just so he'd be their cousin's servant, he was still sore, but now he saw it as a challenge.

Part of him could not wait to meet Sasuke already.

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