M'kay, I know it is like, suicide, to have two stories running at once, but this one is dear in my heart, having been the first multi-chapter one I ever wrote that was successfully finished. I only typed this chapter, and that as five months ago, but I have brought it from the backstreets of my DA account, edited it, and here you have it.

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Alfred smiled across the table at Arthur, taking a sip of his hot coffee, watching Arthur's expression sour at the sight of it.

"I can't believe you can swallow that filth," The Englishman said, a smile slipping reluctantly onto his face back at Alfred, and sitting back to sip his tea. He enjoyed their little beverage exchanges, even if it was a bit late to be drinking caffeinated coffee. He laughed softly, thinking of how America wouldn't get much sleep tonight from the caffeine.

"It helps keep me alert! Heroes need to be up and alert at all times!" Alfred gave Arthur one of those goofy smiles, waving his index finger in the air, his eyes sweeping up and down the rows of chairs and tables.

"Yes, because coffee shops are such dangerous places, with bad guys waiting around every corner." the Brit rolled his eyes, but his smile didn't disappear.

They finished their drinks and walked out onto the streets of Washington. The American said his goodbyes to England and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the meeting. Don't be late!"

"I would say the same, seeing as you would be one to be late in his own house." he punched the younger nation lightly on the shoulder, and after one last hug, they both started in two different directions, Arthur to his hotel, and Alfred to the white house.

Alfred walked quickly back towards his office, hoping he'd be able to get some things done before he went to home to bed. Damn, he forgot to clarify with Arthur when they were going to the baseball game next week before Arthur flew out. That could wait till tomorrow, though.

He easily got past the guards who knew well enough now not to stop him. God, took that new one, Tom, three weeks to figure out who Al was and that he didn't have to ask for his ID every damn time! He made his way to a side door and headed down the carpeted hallway to the oval office to check back in with the President.

He flopped down on one of the couches noisily, but the president simply finished what he was doing before he looked up. This one sure had gotten used to him fast, some of his past bosses had never gotten used to his curious over-the-shoulder snooping or unannounced arrivals and departures.

Pushing a bill to the side, the President looked up at last. Congress could wait for the moment. What he had to say was very important.

"Al, I gave the order yesterday morning. They were shut down, and the keys to the lab were confiscated. Does Arth-"

"No, he doesn't know that I almost allowed some crackpot organization to clone me." America's face darkened as he thought of how close that one had been, how dangerously close.

The president sighed, knowing how touchy Al was on the subject of lab 401. "They were privately run. We couldn't have stopped them any sooner. And you know they had good intentions when it started up. It was going to be about robotics originally, before the lab changed hands."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, how they first had wanted DNA samples, and when the white house staff had inquired as to why they wanted this, they said they just wanted to 'help me work' and 'let me have some down time', but cloning me and creating a race of super nation-people clones? How awful could that get, sending a bunch of unstable pseudo-nations to wreak havoc on America? What if they decided to clone others? What if they asked from someone who didn't care to read the fine print, like Italy? What if the info had got stolen? We could have just have prevented WWIII!" He took off Texas and rubbed his tired eyes. He hadn't slept well the past week. How could you, when a group of insane scientists were asking you for a DNA sample? How had they even gotten the funding?

His thoughts were interrupted as the President started to look back at his Bill, and he looked back up from the floor.

"You realize that you too were all for it before you found out that it wasn't robots they were thinking of anymore? Are you worried that anyone could take your place? You will always be America, if I can help it. Now get some sleep, you look exhausted." And with that, the subject was over, closed, and he, dismissed.

"I'm gonna go get the conference room ready before I go to bed. Last time I saw it, it was a mess. I guess, though, until they repair the regular conference room in the United Nations, it will have to do. Still can't believe how someone could rip out an entire wall like that, and over who got to sit by who." A smile faintly painted his face, and he put Texas back on and got up and walked out.

He walked down the hall to the conference room in the dark hallway. Boy, it was getting kinda late, but could he at least have a little light? Where was that new technology called electricity when you needed it?

He opened the door to the conference room and stepped in, and flicked the light switch. Nothing. Dammit. Could he never have a reliable source of light? He'd have to check the light bulb later, possibly the fuse box, but he really just wanted to go home, and possibly to bed, even though he'd just had a cup of brown caffeine.

He walked around the room, righting chairs and piling stuff into the corner. He picked up a heavy box with ease when he heard the door close behind him. He dropped the box, and spun around. He wasn't afraid of the dark, no, not at all, and he wasn't afraid about the whole door thing, either, no, no. All sorts of horror books, TV programs and films streamed through his mind, all of which the outcomes didn't end well for the people in them.

He heard footsteps behind him. He was about to turn when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, and then, blackness.

ok, so there you have it. hehe, I first wrote this as a developing yaoi fangirl, so at first, before the edit, Alfred only kisses England on the cheek, and now, everywhere, even at concerts, I ship people. "oo, the drummer and lead singer!". back then, I was a "romance yaoi girl" or shonen-ai, whatever thing. Now I'm "YEAH! TO THE BEDROOM WITH YOU TWO! HONHONHON!" *le lurk*

Fun Fact: There are three hotels in England that has a personal bedwarmer for you, which means a human in an outfit of white fleecy-ness lays under the covers to warm them for you, then gets out when you go to bed. Disturbing, isn't it?