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Arthur got out of the cab, helping Alfred behind him, grasping onto the man's hand, giving him a little leverage. Two weeks had passed since Alfred had woken up, and he still hadn't returned to his original body weight, being on strict regiments, causing for Arthur much irritation as Alfred's appetite returned, having to constantly tell him, no, he could not have another slice of orange. No, milkshakes were only for those who weren't twenty pounds underweight.

Alfred had gradually regained speech, although at first, it had been a struggle. Every time he wanted to speak, (and he did want to speak!) he would see a fist hurtling for his face, feel residual pain from his lower back, his head, remembering hitting the wall.

But as he came to accept the fact that there wasn't going to be a sneering mirror image of himself shaking him awake at two in the morning to tell him what a little bastard he was and give him a punch in the gut, he started recovering. His first word was also his favorite.

"Arr…tha…ur." he'd been making sounds lately, so Arthur had become used to noises coming over from the other side of the morning paper he was reading in bed, their hands intertwined between the two of them.


Caught up with the global stance on the European Union at the moment, he answered back without too much attention. "Yes, luv?"




"What? Alf…oh." Arthur put down the paper, and looked over at a very smug Alfred. Arthur smiled, and kissed those smug lips. "I see now…sorry luv."

It all came quickly after that, new words being added. And Alfred was very good at steering around words or complex phrases.

Alfred stood up, and if he was embarrassed by the help he needed, he gave no sign, but Arthur knew otherwise.

Alfred was making his first appearance to the world only now, at the world meeting, now that he could stand on his own, and his language had almost fully come back, although "clone" was a no no. And Alfred had serious doubts about anything and everything. If he should wear his bomber jacket ever again, if anyone missed him, if he should do lots of paperwork to make up for lost time. He'd even gone so low on the self-esteem meter that one day, he'd asked Arthur whether or not he should apologize publicly about subjecting the world to danger at the idea and possibility that this could have happened to other countries, and that he would take full blame, this being entirely his fault for being caught and for not shutting the lab down successfully the first time.

To say it had been a bumpy road was a serious understatement. But Alfred and Arthur were making the best of it. Alfred constantly became overwhelmed by how caring Arthur had become, realizing that Arthur still loved him. Their relationship was stronger.

And as he and Arthur, after the meeting, walked into a familiar coffee shop hand in hand, he knew life after the other American had interloped was beginning again.

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