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Cries in the Night

As quietly as he could manage, the small child slipped into his younger brothers' room. The late night darkness was held back by the small nightlight between the two twin-size beds. He knelt next to the bed where his youngest brother slept peacefully. Reaching out, he placed his hand on his brother's chest and held his breath until he felt his hand rise and fall with each breath. A whisper of relief washed over him before he turned to his second youngest brother's bed. He rubbed his eyes and felt his heart thudding against his chest. "Gordy?" His quiet plea was barely more than a breath.

He closed his eyes for a moment before patting down his brother's bed, hoping against hope that his eyes were playing a trick on him. He couldn't go through losing another person he loved. The emptiness and fear he had felt since his mother's death had triggered an almost irrational need to check on his family during the night and to know where they were during the day. If asked he wouldn't be able to put into words how afraid he was. So, he just made random checks through the night and day when he could.

Patting down his brother's bed once more, he tossed the bedclothes to the floor. Again, he was met with an empty bed and missing brother. Harsh sobs tore from his chest as his legs gave way and he fell to the floor. "Gordy…Gordy…GORDY!" His screams woke his baby brother who added his cries to his big brother's. Screwing his eyes shut, he didn't see his dad and brothers run into the room. Scott, instantly, went to pick up his youngest brother whilst Jeff picked up his third born from the floor.

Gordon pushed past his second oldest brother and ran to comfort his middle brother. "I'm right here, Johnny."

Burying his face against his dad's neck, John's cries continued. "He's gone, Daddy. He's gone like Mommy."

Jeff rubbed his son's back and held him close. "Shh, Baby, Gordy was sleeping in my bed."

"I didn't feel good, Johnny. Was sleeping with Daddy." Again, he patted his brother's leg. "Johnny, don't cry. I didn't leave like Mommy." Tears fell from his eyes as he struggled to comfort his big brother. "Daddy, I'm not gone." Turning back to Virgil, he pulled on his big brother's hand. "Virgie, I don't wants to be gone like Mommy." He wrapped his arms around his older brother, crying against his chest. "I don't wants to be gone."

Virgil held his little brother close and attempted to calm him. "You're not gone, Gordy. Once Dad gets Johnny calmed down, he'll see that you're standing right here with us."

Scott, for his part, held the youngest Tracy brother. Safe in his big brother's arms, Alan sleepily kept shifting his gaze between his dad holding Johnny and Virgil hugging Gordon. "Cotty, why Dohnny cwying? Him scareded me."

"Johnny didn't mean to scare you, Allie. He was frightened when he didn't see Gordy in his bed." Scott continued to rock to and fro, comforting his baby brother. Gradually, the youngest Tracy fell asleep again as did John.

Even in his sleep, John clutched tightly to his dad's t-shirt. "I think he's asleep, Dad." Scott kept his voice quiet so he didn't wake either of his blond brothers. Virgil and Gordon had crawled up on Gordon's bed and watched their family before they also drifted to sleep.

Jeff shifted John in his arms and looked down at him. "I don't understand what is wrong with him." He didn't realize he'd spoken his thoughts aloud and almost jumped when Scott spoke.

"Why does he keep getting up at night, Dad? I mean, I know he loves looking up at the stars and stuff but he keeps coming into all of our rooms at night and…and checking on us. I feel him put his hand on my chest and it's almost like he's checking to make sure I'm still breathing."

Jeff breathed a small sigh. "He does that to me, too. And I'm sure he's done it to Virgil as well."

"And me, Daddy." Alan stared up at his father and sleepily rubbed at his eyes. "Him does it all da time."

Sighing again, Jeff knew that Lucy's death had affected each of them. He had just refused to admit that there might be a problem because doing so would be admitting that he and his sons – in his mind – were weak. He was beginning to realize that her death had affected John more deeply than the others. Or at least, John was exhibiting more emotional and – to be honest – physical issues. The middle Tracy had been smaller than other kids his age but in the last few months, he'd lost some weight. Emotionally, the boy had become withdrawn and suffered panic attacks if Jeff was late picking him up from school. Hell, even getting him to go to school was something of an ordeal.

He reached out and tousled his baby boy's hair. "Go to sleep, Allie." Holding John carefully, he leaned over and kissed Alan's forehead. "Sleep tight." He slightly nodded at his oldest son before carrying John to his and Virgil's bedroom.

"Don't wet the bedbugs bite," Alan giggled. He let Scott tuck him in before sighing as only a young child can do when someone older forgets to do something important. "Scotty, yous forgotted Speedy. How can I sweep wifout Speedy?"

Scott picked up the bear from the floor and handed it to his brother. "Sorry, Allie." Leaning over, he, too, kissed his brother's forehead. "Sleep well." Snuggling under his blanket, Alan closed his eyes and let sleep take him. He watched his baby brother for a moment before shifting his gaze to Gordon's bed where Virgil and Gordon were sleeping peacefully. After a few moments, he walked to the window and looked to the heavens and made a silent plea.