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Protection Tracy Brother Style

"Scott, time to get up for school" said Jeff, gently shaking Scott's shoulder.

The dark-haired boy's eyes shot open even before Jeff could move his hand away. "What?"

Grinning, he ruffled his son's sleep-mussed hair, "I said that it's time to get up for school."

Scott yawned and shook his head, "Five more minutes, Dad." He pulled his blanket over his head and was just about to sink back into that comfortable existence where he could relax when his blanket and pillow were jerked from his grasp. "I guess that would be a no."

"That would be a definite no," Jeff agreed. "Nice try though."

Yawning again, Scott got up and grabbed his clothes. "Give me ten minutes, Dad, and I'll be out of the bathroom so Virgil can have it." He hurried out of his room and to the bathroom.

"It'll take me that long to wake him up," Jeff muttered. His second born son was not a morning person and everyone in the household knew it. "Best go get this started."

"Good morning, Daddy." Johnny's quiet voice broke through Jeff's thoughts on how best to wake Virgil.

"Good morning, Son," he said, squatting down to hug his son. "You're up earlier than you need to be. Are you okay?"

Johnny nodded his head, "Yes, Daddy." He peered around his dad's shoulder and into Virgil's bedroom. "You wake up Virgil?"

"Not yet but getting ready to," Jeff answered, knowing he couldn't put it off any longer.

"Good luck, Daddy." Johnny squirmed free of the hug and hurried towards the stairs.

He was almost to the top riser when Jeff realized that his middle son was already dressed for school. "Thank you for getting up and ready for school just like Scotty."

"Welcome." Slowly, his small form disappeared down the stairs and Jeff felt that he really had his little boy back. Granted, Johnny wasn't talkative like his other boys but the total silence was no longer an issue.

"Virgil, time to get up," he called, entering the room.

A response that vaguely sounded like a "no" came from the mound of blankets on Virgil's bed.

Jeff sighed and like he did to Scott, jerked the blankets and pillow from his son's grasp. Virgil blindly reached for them, grumbling the whole time. "Virgil Grissom Tracy, it is time to get up for school."

Surprised, Jeff watched as Virgil got to his feet and stumbled out of his room and into the room across the hall…Right to Johnny's bed and promptly fell on it and pulled the blankets up and over his head. Jeff followed his son and could only stand there in disbelief as Virgil's quiet snores broke through the otherwise quiet of the room.

A snort of laughter behind him drew his attention and he turned around, "Something amusing you, Son?"

Scott nodded his head, "No, Sir." He knew he was saying one thing but reacting with an opposite reaction but he couldn't help himself.

"Well, that is clear as mud," Jeff muttered, setting about waking Virgil again. He pulled the blankets and pillow from Virgil's reach. "Virgil, it is time for school. Get up and get ready,"

"F've m'ntue…" He pulled his shirt up slightly to cover his head and block the light from his face. Never once did he open his eyes.

Jeff frowned at his decidedly difficult to wake son. Scott walked up to him and grinned, "Mind if I try, Dad?"

"You think you can do better?"

"Maybe," Scott countered.

Eyebrow raised, Jeff waved a hand towards the slumbering boy, "Be my guest."

Scott stood next to the side of the bed and held a washcloth just over his brother's exposed back and twisted it.

"Arrgghhhh." Virgil twisted away from the cold water and fell to the floor with a thump. Confused, he stared around the room and at his dad and oldest brother. "Wha'? Where?"

"Go get your shower and get ready for school, Virgil," Jeff said, holding out a hand to help him to his feet. Virgil grasped it and stood up still looking confused. Jeff placed his hand on Virgil's shoulder and steered him towards the bathroom. "C'mon, Son, the sooner you get in the shower, the sooner you'll start to really wake up." He wasn't sure what the grunted response was but Virgil followed his directions and was soon showered and ready for school.

Breakfast was a lively affair with Virgil more awake than on previous days though he managed to glare at Scott a few times. Scott merely grinned at him. Johnny quietly spoke to Gordon before he left with Scott and Virgil for school. "See you later, Gordy," he said, giving him a quick hug.

He followed his big brothers onto the bus and sat down on a seat near them. "Okay, Johnny?"

Johnny nodded his head. "Aww, did your brothers leave you all alone, Johnny?"

Johnny looked around until he spotted the owner of the voice. "No." His voice was barely heard over the excited chatter of the other students. He quickly looked around for Virgil and Scott and slid out of his seat to make his way to the safety of his big brothers.

"Big baby," Avery shouted, smirking at Johnny's retreating back.

The day passed slowly for Johnny and Avery taunted him at every chance. The middle Tracy brother grew quieter and quieter as the day progressed.

Jeff had chosen to surprise his school-age boys by picking them up with Gordy and Alan in tow. Grandma had had a busy day with the Terrible Two and was due some quiet time before dinner.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Virgil asked, clambering into the SUV. He reached down to help Johnny as Scott pushed the younger boy up into the vehicle. "You good, Johnny?"

"Yep." He took his place between Scott and Virgil and fastened his seatbelt.

"Daddy's taking us to the park," Gordon informed them. "I reckon Grandma needs a rest from all that stuff she's been doing today."

Scott looked over at Virgil and grinned, "More like Grandma needed a rest from the Terrible Two."

"I heards that, Scotty," Gordon said, crossing his arms over the straps of his car seat.

Jeff looked in the rear-view mirror at his sons, "All of you need to behave, understood?"

"Yes, Sir," replied five different voices.

"Now, I'm taking my boys to the park so they can run, play, and have fun before dinner and bed time," Jeff said, grinning. Cheers erupted from the back of the SUV as he drove towards the park that the family frequented when they opted for a park instead of the family homestead.

"Stay together and don't wander off where I can't see you. Do you understand me, Gordon and Alan?"

"Yes, Daddy," the Terrible Two cried, straining to be released from their car seats. "Out now...want to pway." Johnny stood outside the SUV, waiting patiently for Gordon. Virgil and Scott had grabbed the bag they kept in the truck with a couple of baseball mitts and a few baseballs and a bat.

Gordon and John walked off a little ways, following Virgil and Scott whilst Jeff tied Alan's shoes again.

"Hey, look it's the big baby."

Johnny stopped walking and looked around until he spotted his classmate, "Go 'way," he said.

"Who's gonna make me? A big baby like you who cries for his brothers?"

Gordy stepped up next to his big brother and glared at the older boy, "Johnny said go 'way and him don't cry."

Avery took a step towards Gordon and raised his hands to push the younger boy…Only to find himself sitting on the ground. "You don't touch my brother. I'm not a baby. I'm a big brother and I protect Gordy like Virgil and Scotty protect me. Now, you go away and leave us alone."

Virgil and Scott suddenly appeared on either side of Gordon and John and glared down at the younger boy. "Problem here, Johnny?"

"Nope 'cause Avery is gonna leave," Johnny said, glaring down at the boy. His hands clenched at his sides in case his classmate made a move against Gordon again. With one last glare, the four Tracys turned away and headed towards the playground. Alan could be heard laughing and begging "higher, Daddy". "C'mon, Gordy, I'll push you in the swing, okay?"

As with most bullies, Avery thought he had the upper-hand and didn't take in to consideration that some people have an amazing inner strength. In this case, that person is a certain quiet, shy, blond-haired, blue-eyed Tracy boy whose inner strength is drawn from the strength of family. Johnny may have been quiet but that didn't mean he was without strength or character. It merely meant he watched and observed then chose to add to what he witnessed when he saw fit. Quiet, yes. Fiercely protective of his brothers, without a doubt. Protecting his little brother and having his brothers, younger and older, stand with him showed him that he was never alone and though he was never quite as loud as his brothers, he never withdrew into himself again.