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Missing One Chapter 6

Jealous, Nervous, Anxious

Her eyes slowly fluttered open to see Ren's intense gaze, his mouth moving. She stared into his eyes, lost in their deep brown depths, like swimming in chocolate. A corner of his lips quirked up, before sound slammed back into her body, causing her to jerk as she suddenly realized what was happening. She jerked forward, slamming into Ren with her forehead. He leaned back, rubbing his chin with one hand, the other keeping his hold on his chair.

"I guess you're awake now." He said, smirking. She gave a minute shake of her head, trying to dislodge the memories that threatened to pour into her. The dream had been so vivid…. Did all that really happen? Or was it all a dream? If it wasn't a dream, was it wrong that she hoped it was?

"Mogami-san, it's time to go."

Startled, Kyouko looked back up, and for the first time noticed that Ren had been trying to get her attention. Coloring, she apologized profusely before reaching up to get her luggage. It wasn't there. Looking around, she found them in Ren's hands, along with his. Her slowly cooling face flushed again, and she reached for her suitcases.

He pulled them away from her and began moving off the train. She trailed after him. "Really Tsuruga-san, I can carry my own stuff! Please, let me carry my own luggage!"

He shook his head no, and said, "Let me be a gentleman, Mogami-san."

She shook her head. "NO!"

Amused, he stopped, and she bumped into his back. Rubbing her nose, she blushed at how close they were, before moving back a few paces to meet his face.

"Why are you adamant about me not being nice to you?" He asked, perfecting his puppy dog look. Her will shook and crumbled. This man! How can he look so sad and needy? Her arms feeling strangely useless, she gave up, not without protests, and followed him off the train and towards the area the crew and cast were meeting at.

Covering her mouth, Kyouko yawned, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as the Director explained where they'd stay and some of the schedule. Listening closely, she mentally noted that they'd be free all day today, an hour or two in the afternoon tomorrow, and the evening of the next day. She could get Ren to eat most of his meals, she thought satisfied. Good.

The director clapped his hands, signaling the end of his speech. "Board the buses we've provided, and we'll arrive at the hotel soon. On the bus you'll receive your room number. When we arrive at the hotel you're free to do what you like for the day." The director nodded sharply and gestured towards the bus outside the station.

Ren and Kyouko boarded the bus, sitting next to each other. A haughty Suzuka stomped to the seat directly behind Ren, and stayed quiet, knowing if she acted now she'd look horribly desperate.

Easy, comfortable chatter started up between Ren Kyouko, one that left them content and smiling, reminding exactly why they liked to talk to one another. The conversation slowly drifted from work, to Lory, to Yashiro's sister's sickness, to Kyouko's amazing talent to cook food.

"Tsuruga-san, here is the room numbers for your substitute manager and yourself." The assistant director said, seemingly appearing out of nowhere beside Ren in the aisle. Kyouko jumped, terribly startled. Had they been too into their conversation? Or was the man just like Sebastian?

Ren took the two envelops from the man, him and Kyouko saying thank you. The man nodded and continued to distribute the room number.

Ren gave Kyouko hers, and she gingerly slid her finger along the edge, cleanly opening it. Inside was a neatly folded paper and a key. She picked the key out, examining it. It looked roughly familiar to her, the number 205 engraved on it. She rubbed her thumb over the numbers, trying to drudge up the memory.

"Mogami-san, I think you have my key."

Ren's voice broke her concentration, and she blinked. "What?" Checking his paper, it said, Room 205, the same as her key. Frowning, she quickly unfolded her paper, her frown increasing when it read:

The following room is being rented, free of charge, to Mogami Kyouko and Tsuruga Ren for the duration of three weeks. All charges will be paid by Hakentoshi Producers.

Room 205

The key to the room is included.

She reread the paper three times, focusing on all its words, trying to see a hidden meaning in the rules that had followed, in the conditions on a second sheet. Hesitantly, she held a hand out for Ren's sheet. He passed it over to her, his face grim.

It was exactly the same.

The room had been assigned to both of them!

She felt all blood drain from her face as Ren quickly assured her that this would be fixed. "Besides," Ren said, a slight smile on his face as Kyouko's brightened, "they probably thought you were Yashiro. I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose."

Kyouko nodded, already cheered up. They wouldn't allow an underage girl sleep with a male! It wasn't right! It wasn't proper! She was the epitome of morality! A sly voice whispered, that didn't stop you from cuddling up with Ren during your Violent Mission.

That wasn't the same, she denied vehemently. It was work, work!

So, you used the excuse of "work" to sleep in bed with THE Tsuruga Ren.

No! It was for his well-being! He…he asked!

The voice, sounding suspiciously like a one Setsuka, continued to badger Kyouko, using just the right words to further fluster her, while she denied each accusation.

Well, now we know the true nature of Mogami Kyouko. The voice whispered, slithering around her brain, hitting all her weak points. She jerked up, standing on her feet, narrowly missing the roof of the compartment above her head.


Kyouko's angry outburst seemed to echo in the bus, and everyone turned to look at her, wide-eyed. Ren himself leaned a bit away from, shocked. Her face was flushed, and she was breathing heavily. A coy laugh slowly faded away, the voice having done its job to fluster her.

"Mogami-kun, um, what's wrong?" Ren's voice was steady, surprising everyone but Kyouko. He was just that unflappable guy.

She looked down, frowning slightly. Like a tidal wave, her actions slammed into her, and she executed the perfect 90 degree bow, only a split decision from going down into a dogeza. She just didn't have the room.

Coloring greatly, she said, "I AM SO SORRY." And continued to blabber apologies. Ren instantly tried to soothe her, saying they were just startled by her sudden outburst, and that it was all right.

"But still, Mogami-san, I'm sure all of us would appreciate if you'd refrain from doing that again. I don't think bus driver would like to drive us into a tree." Ren said wryly, grinning.

Kyouko looked horrified at his words, and debated going to the bus driver and apologizing. But the bus was moving again, and she lost her chance as everyone began to talk again, abuzz with her actions.

She settled into her seat, back ramrod straight as she promised herself to apologize to the director and bus driver as soon as they were parker and off the bus.

"So, what prompted you to deny something was wrong so vehemently?"

Kyouko looked up into Ren's eyes, and was suddenly aware of the tiny space that seating next to each other on a bus meant. Subtlety, she turned her body towards him, at the same time increasing the space between them. Something in his eyes told her that her action had not gone unnoticed. She ignored the tiny pin prick in her mind that encouraged her to delve deeper into the thought. She was a master of ignorance, and she'd force her brain to comply is needed.

Focusing on his eyes again, she noticed the genuine curiosity there, and sighed. It was only right she tell him. After all, she'd practically made it everyone's business by shouting it to the heavens a few minutes ago.

"It was just….a few unwanted thoughts that were pestering me, that's all." Was that enough to placate him?

He quirked an eyebrow, his expression saying that he knew she was holding back information. She bristled. Who was he to know all her thoughts and secrets? It wasn't his place. At the same time, he seemed to realize the same thing, because he carefully blanked his face.

"Well, they're not bothering you anymore, right?" He said, a sad half-smile twisting his lips. His tone, and something inside her said that he was sad, and the fact that he didn't get angry when she withheld from telling him more also told her something.

That he wouldn't force her into something.

That single thought calmed her, soothed frayed nerves she didn't even know were there. It settled a bundle of frantic thoughts, and she sighed, relieved.

Her mouth opened of its own accord. "They were…annoying. Made me think of things that were better left un-thought."

He smiled so happily, she shielded her eyes and turned away slightly, her own answering smile bright. It tickled her. He was so happy at the thought of her confiding in him.

The bus slowed to a stop, and she looked out the window at the inn they would be staying at for three weeks.

It was big, as expected, and had beautiful curling designs, a strange yet wonderful mixture of modern and old themes and styles. Kyouko couldn't help thinking the Fuwa Ryokan was much more beautiful and classic.

In a timely manner, Ren and Kyouko, who were seated towards the back of the bus, finally got off. It was repeat situation from the train station. Ren tried to carry Kyouko's bags, but she denied. In the end, she held onto her suitcase, and he shrugged a large bag onto his shoulder. Kyouko shook her head. It was just impossible to tell this man no.

With a jerk, Kyouko remembered their room problem. Shifting to look at Ren, she said, "Tsuruga-san, what about our rooms?"

He blinked, having forgotten slightly about it. Nodding, he motioned to go over to the director. Kyouko said she'd meet him in just a minute.

After apologizing properly to the bus driver, she walked over to where the director and Ren stood, the director talking wildly with his hands. Ren said something, and when Kyouko reached the group, she caught the tail-end of his sentence.

"-me rooms. Can we get different ones please?"

The director nodded, and took a clip board from a nearby crew member. He frowned as he scanned the names. The only thing he could do was have Kyouko board with Suzuka, and he'd seen the nasty glares the actress had shot at the substitute manager.

"Well, I could get you to room with Rina Suzuka, Rm 206, right across Ren's. Is that okay?" He turned to the teenage girl, who nodded quickly. She'd noticed the ugly looks that had been shot her way, but it was better than sleeping in the same room as THE Tsuruga Ren. Just thinking of it made her shudder delicately.

The director smiled sympathetically at the shuddering girl, but was glad she hadn't put up a fight. They went to the lobby, switched the keys, and Ren and Kyouko made their way to their respective rooms.

"Well, at least that's solved now." Kyouko said, smiling cheerfully at the arrangement. Her room was right across from Ren's, so she would have no trouble meeting up with him, and he wouldn't have to hunt her down. How convenient!

Up above, the gods grinned teasingly, preparing to have lots of fun with three people in the next three weeks to come.

Her thoughts turned to the movie being shot. On the way here, Ren had told her what the movie was about. A girl, Suzuka, goes to Tokyo to start a new life, despite the worries her best friend at home had, saying that Tokyo would just harm her. There, she reluctantly falls in love with another man, Ren, and they start a shaky relationship, him having skeletons in his closet he didn't even know about. Soon after they start dating, his fiancée comes and visits him unexpectedly. His family had arranged a marriage for him without his consent or knowledge. The girl goes back home, wishing she had headed her best friend's worries. Ren chases Suzuka back to her home town, Kyoto, and makes her understand the situation. Once they stable their relationship once more, they try to fight the marriage.

Kyouko the whole romance thing was underrated, but since Dark Moon, Yashiro had near gone crazy with all the offers that had come storming in. She actually really liked the stead-strong character Suzuka played, just not the plot.

They had arrived at their doors, both having been silent on the way there. Turning towards his door, Ren looked back and said, "If you need anything, don't hesitate to come and find me, anytime, okay?"

It took her a moment to say, "Okay, but you too!" His promise made her feel presumptuous, but he'd initiated it, so it was fine, right?

He smiled happily, and waited until she entered her room to proceed into his.

The door was situated at the end of a hallway that had only one other door one it. The hallway opened up into the bedroom, two twin beds with parallel night stands and dressers, on opposite sides. The door on the hallway led to a toilet, with another door leading to the bathroom. The right bed was already occupied by Suzuka, who was busily unpacking her clothes. She looked up when she felt the presence of someone else in the room.

Anger waves slapped Kyouko in the face as Suzuka glared with the ferocity of a lioness, and she stalked towards Kyouko, her stiletto heels silenced by the carpeted floor.

"You!" She spat, pushing a finger into Kyouko's chest. Immediately, Kyouko backed away, protecting her private space.

"What are you doing here? I thought I had this room to myself!"

For a brief moment, anger raged through her at the arrogant actress implied meaning, and she nearly spat back at the woman with harsher words. But, a soft spoken yet determined voice said, A lady never shows her anger.

Kyouko obeyed, wiping her face of all emotion. She smiled brilliantly at Suzuka, and said, "The director placed me in this room." And, smiling viciously inside, she coyly said, "We thought it…not proper for me to sleep in the same room as Tsuruga-san. So I was switched to your room. I guess we'll be roommates from now on! I'm Mogami Kyouko."

Suzuka didn't hear the tail end of Kyouko's small speech, she was too blinded by jealousy and rage to even bother to listen. Leaning in, in what she thought was a scary and fear-inducing manner, she whispered, "You better stay away from him freak. He's mine!" She snarled, stepping back.

Smiling smoothly, Kyouko simply shook her head and headed to the bed on the left side of the room, swiftly and easily unpacking her bags.

Then, like thunder, the realization slammed into Kyouko as she carefully handled the small purse that contained Corn.

Where is the bracelet Kyuuta-kun gave her?


Her eyes couldn't help nervously scanning the faces of all the male employees that she passed as she walked around the hotel, committing the layout to memory.

Or so she told herself she was doing. She was really looking for Kyuuta. Kyouko shook the thought from her head. He was just a figment of her imagination, that's all!

But, as she completed her second time going through the hotel, top to bottom, and didn't see evenly unblemished tanned skin, or changing eyes, or remarkably varied brown hair, Kyouko relaxed, yet was overwhelmed in disappointment. I guess the boy who loved me was just my imagination after all.

Somehow, the whole ordeal made her incredibly sad, and she went back to her room, too tired to walk around anymore.

Once back in her room, she leaned onto the railing in the balcony, cradling Corn in her hands. The sunlight glinted off the stone, and she lifted it, twisting her wrist to produce the green-yellow light.

Her feelings being smoothed, she smiled as she thought of the green eyed boy, the sunlight glimmering on his hair just like on the stone.

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