"Check out this paper, Luke." Said Layton.

They were back in their flat in London, now. The events of Folsense and Dropstone happened a few days ago and they were finally back home. Absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary. Luke was annoying as usual, and Layton was absorbed in his puzzles and whatever it is professors do at Universities. Presently, they were in the living room sharing the sofa. Two hot glasses of tea were on the coffee table next to an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. Anton's diary rested on a shelf in the furthest corner of the room, never to be opened again. (Unless in the case of a wild sex party, but that's a different fanfiction entirely) Layton had briefly stepped out to check the mail, and returned with a bunch of boring white envelopes and his subscription to the newspaper.

"Andrew Schrader lives.." Luke said, reading the page. "That's incredible. The guy who died was his clone, with the same name!"

"Who woulda thought!" Layton laughed, "Cloning in this day and age! Schrader was always an old tool. The old fucker probably sent us that box just to troll us on a stupid journey the entire time."

Luke was laughing too. But slowly, the laughing turned to a halt.

They both exchanged glares of anger and intense homicide.

"Let's KILL HIM."

"Not now, Luke." Layton patted his apprentice's back, "Soon. After all, a gentleman knows when to exact his revenge."

Suddenly, Luke was reminded of the hotel and Layton's dragon rage once he found out the mashed potato box was empty. "Hey Professor.." Luke went into his pocket and pulled out a hint coin, "What are these for anyway? We never really found out."

"Ohh yeahh. So we didn't. Do you have them all? There's a lot of stuff we forgot to uncover."

"Yeah, I kinda stopped giving a shit after we found out what was really inside the box." Luke laughed.

"We never really found out about what happened to what's-her-name, either. If they're hint coins, maybe they have a hint about where she is?"

"You mean Flora? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard!"

"You DARE doubt the Professor's famous intuition?" Layton advanced closer to Luke. The boy shivered, scared of being tied up and whipped. His new punishments were definitely because of Anton. It must have rubbed off on Layton.

"W-Well I got two of them in my pocket, let's try it out. How the hell do you activate it, anyway?" He held it up against the lamp that was on the ceiling. Shiny, raised letters began to appear on the surface of the coin as the light bounced off of it. "A-HAH!"

"Let's see.." The professor had to squint his tiny eyes just to read what it said, " 'Dumbledore had the Elder Wand.' What?"

"The fuck?" Luke pulled the coin away from the light. It became dull once more. "Uhh.. I'll try again."He shined it to the light once again, "Zelda is Hylia.." Luke read, "Well these aren't hint coins! They're fucking SPOILER coins!"

"Try another one, Luke. You said you had two of them."

"Alright, alright." He fumbled around in his pockets and pulled out the second coin. He held it high in the air. Layton stood over the boy and looked up at the coin. Slowly, the words began to form in the copper:

"Flora dies in Professor Layton and The Mashed Potato Box."

"Oh." Luke frowned.

"Hm." Layton sat back down on the couch. Luke put the coins back in his pocket and sat next to his mentor.

Layton picked up the newspaper again, "It says Don Paolo is still out there.."


"Chelmey's looking well, though. He had a surgery and he's recovering according to page 4."

Luke sighed, "That's all and well, Professor. But I honestly don't care."

Layton narrowed his eyes at the newspaper in his hands with disinterest. He tossed it over his shoulder, "Awh, fuck it."

"What else came in the mail, Professor?"

"Ah, just some letter." The envelope was beside him on the couch.

"It's a letter from Andrew Schrader!" Luke gasped once he got his hands on it. Ignoring the "Who?" from Layton, the boy opened it up. " 'Dear Professor Layton and Sex Slave'—Hey! I'm not a sex slave! Anyway, 'The Macaroni and Cheese box is in my possession—A box rumoured to kill anyone who opens it. When I pass-.." Layton snatched the letter and tore it into pieces.



Grabbing a cleaver and an axe, the two ran out and into the sunlight.

They didn't know it, but there was a pot boiling in their kitchen. In their kill-andrew-schrader-rage, the mashed potatoes Layton was cooking was beginning to burn. And burn..

And burn..

As the thick black smoke filled the apartment and the flames burned everything inside, it was safe to say that Anton had finally gotten his revenge.

His beautiful ghost snickered. He grabbed his diary and swooshed over the pieces of the new letter which was written in sparkly purple ink.

"The mashed potato recipe is MINE, Layton! MIIIIIIIIIINE!"


Anton's ghost turned around to see the ugly old ghost of Sophia floating in the doorway connecting the kitchen to the livingroom. Her arms were crossed and she did not look happy. Her cheeks were sagging to her ankles and her purple hair was in rollers. "Get back to the underworld and massage my feet!"

"CURSES!" Anton screamed. He shook his fist in the air, "I'LL GET YOU LAYTON, IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO—"

"And who is this Flora hussy who keeps coming around our lawn? Are you seeing her? Can't I live the rest of my dead life in peace? Let's go, Anton!" Sophia grabbed Anton by his beautiful ear and pulled him out of the realm of the living. He was cursed to rub Sophia's feet and help her with physical therapy for the rest of his undead days.

And this is the conclusion of the Mashed Potato Box! I cannot thank everyone enough for all the encouragement you all gave me. Thanks for reading, thanks for reviewing, and thanks for sticking it out even though there were a lot of long pausing. I originally wrote this story during a really dark time in my life and every single review and favourite really made me get through it.

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