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Laura woke for the thrid time that night. Unlike both of her other jolts from sleep, this one was not precipitated by an urge to use the bathroom. Instead, there was a suppressed commotion a few tents over. Laura was certain it was happening again.

There were times having a tent to herself presented advantages, most memorably when Admiral Adama was able to make regular stops planet side. But with the fleet nowhere in sight, with night abductions happening on an alarming regular basis, Laura began to heartily desire a roommate. Or course, there were guards placed strategically in the surrounding area. Bill had made certain that if Baltar tried to make political eliminations, Laura would have a buffer of capable loyal people. But even they were being picked off one by one. First Kara, then Tigh. Laura wondered who the victim of tonight's raid would be.

The hardest part would be seeing a tearstained faced in her classroom, as some newly parentless child would fearfully hold their tongue all day.

But most disturbing of all was the thought she might be pulled away one night. If it was just about Laura and how they might hurt her she would have had a much bolder face. She would have taken a more active stance in the resistance. But now she could not afford, she could not dare to be captured.

After all, the Cylons were not known for their mercy.