Chapter 1: The Usual. . . or is it?

Alice was lying in her bed, face down, mumbling a few things about her older sister Lorina. She looked peaceful and her silky hair fell messily, yet gracefully, off the side of her bed.


"Ugh, what does it take to get any sleep here? " Alice mumbled. As she sat up in her bed, she looked across the room at her door, which was now lying on the floor. Dee and Dum smiled innocently at Alice from the side of the doorway, while in the middle of the doorway was Ace, showing off his goofy smile. "Hey there Alice! Why are you in my bedroom?" asked Ace, who was now approaching the sleepy brunette.

"What are you talking about Ace? This is MY room." responded Alice who was ready to beat up the smiling knight. "Nee-san, nee-san!" shouted Dee and Dum, " We wanna play! We wanna play!"

"Is that why you got Ace to break down my door?" asked Alice sarcastically as she stepped out of bed. "Nooo! It was the stupid knight who did that on his own! We just followed him" said Dee with his best smile. "Yeah! Julius let us in the Clock Tower anyways." said Dum with the same smile as Dee. "Fine, I'll go play with you guys" said Alice, who was surprised at herself for accepting the Twins offer of playing together so easily.

"Just let me change first, okay?" The brunette gently pushed the twins and Ace out of her room. "Want me to help you change?" said Ace with a perverted look on his face. "NO!" yelled Alice as she suddenly pushed all of them roughly out the doorway and into the hall.

Alice changed quickly in her closet and walked down the stairs to find Julius working on the clocks as usual. "I'm going to be playing with the Twins Julius! I'll be back before the sun sets!" yelled Alice as she was walking out the door." Julius replied with an "Mmph" without looking at the cheerful girl who was walking out the door.

Ba-dump, ba-dump

Alice's heart was racing as she was playing with the Twins at the Hatter Mansion. She was lucky that day since Blood went into town to buy a new top hat. Elliot was inside doing paper work. His face was pressed against the window looking at Alice, who looking rather beautiful while running around the lawn with the Twins. I wish I could be playing with Alice. . sighed the hare.

"Hey Nee-san," said Dee "How about we go to the amusement park to see if Boris wants to play with us?" said Dum finishing the sentence. "Okay then," said Alice without hesitating. They all walked off into the forest.

Elliot ran out of the Hatter's mansion and decided to stalk-err I mean follow Alice. Elliot followed them all the way to the amusement park. As he just arrived he heard many gunshots filling up the air and then a scream. He ran quickly to the sound of the gunshots to find a bloody scene. Elliot's eyes grew wide to find a pair of blue eyes staring back at him.

Before Elliot Arrived at the Amusement Park:

Alice and Twins stumbled upon Gowland who was arguing with Blood.

"Oh Mary, why the long face?" said Blood sarcastically. "Am I bothering you right now Mary?" Gowland scowled and was furious. He held his violin and lifted it up. It was now a rifle which was pointing at Blood's face. I still can't figure out how they take weapons out of thin air thought Alice.

"THAT'S IT DUPRE! YOU ASKED FOR IT!" yelled Gowland who was maniacally laughing by now.

Blood flicked up his cane, which turned into a gun. Gowland shot randomly at Blood, who was dodging the bullets effortlessly. "It seems that the young lady has come to watch the show" said Blood who was looking at Alice. Alice blushed, "No, I was not! Now stop fighting you two!" But Alice's efforts to stop them did nothing. Soon it was turning into an all out brawl as the people of the amusement park and supporters of the mafia began to fight each other.

This is so dangerous. . . I can't believe they're wasting their lives like this thought Alice. Alice looked to find the twins in their adult forms fighting in the brawl. Dee slashed a man in half with a grin on his face, blood splattering everywhere. Dum threw a grenade into the crowd killing at least six people.

This is getting way out of control! I need to get out! Alice thought. Alice quickly ran out of the brawl without being hit by a weapon, only being splattered by blood. She leaned against one of the shops looking at the battle. Something caught her eye. Pink. Then suddenly Alice saw the pink move up and it was Boris. He was laughing as he shot three men in the head. "Hey there Alice!" shouted Boris. "You should get outta here before ya get hurt!" the cat waved at the brunette, trying to find his way to her. All of a sudden, something happened, it all happened so slowly.

As Alice was leaning against the wall a cloaked man walked in front of her. "Alice Liddell?" asked the man darkly. "Yes?" squeaked Alice, who was starting to move away. "Good bye" said the man. Alice gasped and then screamed. She looked down at her chest which was slowly consumed by the color of red. A knife was directly on her heart. Oh no, oh no, oh no! I can't die now. . Nee-san. Alice thought. I'm so sorry Nee-san, I'm so sorry.

Blood saw Alice's fragile body fall onto the hard and cold cobblestone floor. Gowland turned his head to see and was horrified. "STOP!" screamed Blood and Gowland. Boris quickly ran to Alice's side, almost breaking into girly tears. "Alice, Alice! Wake up, please don't die! I need you!" sobbed Boris.

Blood and Gowland came to Alice's side while the twins pushed the people out of the amusement park. "I. . ." then Alice's words stopped as her world began to swirl in black. She turned her head and the last person she saw was Elliot who was hiding behind the bushes.