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Chapter 12: Haircut! XD

"JULIUS?" Alice looked at the blushing clockmaker who stood up, looking at her. "What are you doing in my bedroom?" Julius didn't say anything. He just stood there for a moment dazed. He shook his head and tried his best to answer her back. "Well I-um. . . you see, I happened to stop by and um- I accidently fell asleep." His voice was already to a mumble when he finished.

Alice sighed. "Julius, I told you to get enough rest! You couldn't even walk to your room and fell asleep here!" It seems like the girl misunderstood Julius. She thought that he was half-asleep, sleepwalking to be precise, and thought he accidently slept in her room. Julius said nothing and apologized before leaving the room to go back to working on his clocks.

Alice stepped out of her bed and stretched out her arms. She touched the rose ring. Nothing happened. Hmmm. . . what am I supposed to do today? Vivaldi's answer was sort of vague and that memory. . . that memory. . . Alice tried her best to recall that memory but she couldn't. All she knew was that her sister and Blood was in it. It really bothered her but she gave up and started to change into her dress. Her hair was really unbearable.

Looking into her mirror, she stared at her hair for a full five minutes before making a decision. She ran downstairs and saw that Julius was already working on the clocks, Nightmare was nowhere to be found, and Gray was sitting in his office trying to keep up with all the papers. She went up to Julius and asked him if he had a pair of scissors. He stopped what he was doing and looked in his drawers.





He shook his head and said he didn't have any. Alice thanked him and went to Gray. Julius shook his head. "Troublesome woman. . ."

"Gray, do you have a pair of scissors I could borrow?" The ex-assassin looked in his drawer and pulled out a black pair. He handed it to the girl, eyebrows arched up. "Why do you need them?" But she had already dashed out of the room, only seeing a glimpse of her very long brownish hair leaving the room. Gray sighed and went back to work.

Alice almost tripped on the way back to her room because of her hair. She closed and locked her door and stared into the mirror for one last time.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.


It sounded so loud. A piece of her hair fell gracefully to the floor. More pieces of her hair joined that first piece onto the floor. Alice snipped away at her long and beautiful hair. She cut it so that it reached halfway to her back.

Perfect! Now I can walk properly and I don't have to put my hair up! The brunette disliked having her hair up and the long hair was clearly annoying her. She was a pretty good cutter. Her hair was layered and gave her a sense of being more mature and prettier. She smiled at her handwork (more like DIY haha) and went downstairs to prepare lunch for the three men.

Gray, Julius, and Nightmare sat at the table waiting for Alice. "Lunch!" sang Alice happily. Their reactions weren't quite as she thought it would be. Gray and Julius's eyes grew wide, slightly blushing, and Nightmare's mouth hanged opened, speechless at the brunette.

"Alice, your hair. . ." Julius's voice drifted away.

"Is this why you wanted the scissors?" said Gray with eyes locked onto her. She nodded her head. "Yup. The long hair didn't really suit me and it was getting in the way. It doesn't look nice?" She tilted her head the side, swaying her head. She gave an innocent look to the three.

Gray's thoughts: She looks more mature than I thought. She looks just about 1 or 2 years younger than me now! Alice. . . so beautiful. . . I want to kiss you. . . I hate that clockmaker, how could he?

Julius's thoughts: Alice, you look stunning. There's nothing that can compare to you. . . What am I thinking? I kissed her and now I want to . . .

Nightmare read Gray and Julius's thoughts, and started laughing onto the floor.

Alice bowed her head down and felt embarrassed as Nightmare laughed. "I guess it doesn't look that good." As soon as she said this, Gray and Julius complimented her, telling her that she looked beautiful and that it suited her very well. But Nightmare kept on laughing on the floor. The brunette couldn't take it.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM NIGHTMARE?" She stomped her foot on the ground. The incubus stopped laughing and wiped a tear of laughter from his eyes. He started to cough up a bit of blood but regained his composure. "It's nothing Alice! You look marvelous it's just that pfft—" he stoped talking and laughed again. "Just what?" The girl was confused now.

"It's just that pfft—Gray and Julius they want to—" immediately, the two men grabbed the incubus by the arms and dragged him out of the room, giving him a beating. Alice shook her head. "I feel like they get stranger and stranger every day." The brunette set up the lunch, ate her portion, and left to visit Boris at the amusement park.

Her clock kept on ticking. Argh. . . I still can't get used to that sound. I feel I like I hear it every minute, every second of the day!

Alice walked out of the tower, leaving Nightmare to fend for himself as the two men beat him up with no mercy.

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