Her body trembled when the doctor told her it was over, she no longer had to push. Lois finally let her entire body crumble as her back fell on the hard, but warm chest of the love of her life. Clark let Lois' head lay back whilst squeezing her hand of reassurance that everything was going to be okay. She turned her head upwards to look into his beautiful green eyes, exhausted, but all the while happy. She smiled back at him.

"You did amazing babe! It's okay now." Said Clark, brushing off her bangs from her sweaty forehead.

Gasping, Lois managed to get out her words, "We did it Clark." Clark smiled at her with much affection and bent his head to kiss her, cupping her face as she grabbed on to his arm. It wasn't until they heard a cry of a little baby boy when they broke their kiss and looked at each other with wide eyes.

Dr. Emil was cleaning off the little being on another table. He wrapped him in a clean white blanket and handed him off to his mother, "A perfectly healthy child... with a couple of future special abilities of course." He said as he gently laid the baby in Lois' arms, who's jaw dropped as she finally got to hold and see her new born for the first time.

Clark was holding back tears of joy as his baby was squirming and crying in his mother's arms, "Oh my god Lois. Look what we made!"

Lois started crying and laughing at the same time, "Ohh hi baby." She cooed, "Welcome to the world Christopher Jonathan Kent!" she rocked the baby to stop him from crying and positions him to face Clark, "Look it's your daddy." She looked up at Clark and smiled at the start of a new life, hoping she would always stay as happy as she is now, as long as she had her family.

Chapter 1

It was an early morning at the Kent farm, Lois woke up from a not so much of a beauty sleep. She fixed herself up some coffee in the kitchen when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and lips brushing against her neck as he kissed her down to her shoulders. "Mmm morning husband." She whispered.

Clark's lips went up to her ear, nibbling it as he said, "Morning wife. What are you doing up so early?" He took the cup of coffee out of her hands, took a sip and gave it back. He turned to sit at the kitchen table.

Lois turned around, "I never went to bed so technically I didn't wake up. I'm STILL up."

Clark chuckled, "Chris kept you awake again?"

"Every night! When does it end." Lois pouted as she approached Clark and sat on his lap, leaning her head against his shoulder.

"Why don't you wake me up? I could've helped."

"Smallville, I'm sure the baby's not crying because he want his dad to give him flying lessons. He's hungry ALL the time. Besides, you've had long nights saving the world, I don't want to keep you up more than you should. We probably lack the same amount of sleep anyways. Only it's for different reasons."

Clark chuckled, "Trust me, I wouldn't mind taking care of him while you get your sleep, you need it. I notice you haven't had any since you had Chris. Is everything okay?"

Lois gulped, wondering if she should tell him, but she did anyways, "Not really. I keep having this dream, it changes sometimes, but it's basically the same idea. I'm with Chris, and you're there, but you're far away from us. I keep trying to run towards you but you keep getting farther and farther away from me. And then you fade. Right in front of me. You're just gone." She closed her eyes, shuddering from the memory.

Clark stroked her arm, "It was just a dream. It's never going to come true."

Lois lifted her head up so fast it made Clark jump, she cupped his face with both her hands, "Promise me. Promise me you'll never leave me. No matter what."

Clark held on to her hands and gripped them tightly against his face, "I promise. I'm not leaving you." She nodded her head, but couldn't shake the feeling she had. That everything wasn't going to be okay. Clark pulled her face towards his and kissed her hard, he pulled her body closer to his as she gripped his hair. She slid her tongue into his mouth and stroked it with his. His hand went to her robe as he slid it off her, he slid his hands under her shirt and caressed her back when they heard Chris cry out from the baby monitor. They stared at each other when Clark laughed and leaned his forehead against her chest. Lois caressed his hair, chuckling.

"And so it begins...again." She heads upstairs and picks up Chris from his crib, "Come here baby. I got you." She rocked him back and forth and headed to the bathroom to change him. She came downstairs from a now refreshed baby.

Clark walked towards his two most prized possessions, he held out his arms as Lois handed their son to him, "And how did my little Superman sleep?"

Lois laughed, "Better than his parents I'll guarantee you that!" Clark laughed and kissed his son's cheek when Chloe entered the house.

"How's it going Mr and Mrs. Kent?" She looked at Chris in Clark's arms and gave the biggest smile, "And baby Kent of course!" She stroked his head with her hand as he squirmed in Clark's arms. Chloe shook her head as she stared at her nephew in awe, "I swear to god I can't get over the fact how adorable he is! He going to make one charmer when he gets older."

"Oh I don't think so! I'm gonna smother this kid so much that no girl will ever be good enough for him." Said Lois with a sneer.

Clark narrowed his eyes, "I'll remember to mention that when I give the speech at his wedding."

Lois laughed, "Pleeeasee if anyone's giving the speech it's gonna be me. You just sit there and look pretty Smallville."

Chloe smiled, "Looks like you guys have big plans for this little one."

"Where's Oliver?" Clark asked when Lois handed him a bottle to feed Chris.

"He's in Gotham City investigation some homicides where the perpetrator's have been caught and safely secured in jail thanks to a mysteriously masked vigilante."

"Vigilante? Does he have any leads?"

"Nothing yet, only the fact that he uses fancy gadgets and looks somewhat similar to a bat. Watchtower is securing surveillance in Gotham. We don't exactly know what his intentions are. He's pretty good at hiding behind the shadows."

"Weren't we like that too?" said Clark.

Chloe nodded, "Times are different now. We may need his help as well. If we find out who he is, we could form an alliance. He could be a part of the team."

"Chloe we don't even know which side he's on. Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet first we need to know if we can trust him."

"I know that Clark, but all he's been doing is fighting crime just like the rest of us. Why would he be nothing more than an ally?"

Lois was thinking for a while during the conversation and added, "Maybe they might have some scoop about him at the Planet. I might go check it out."

"Aren't you still on maternity leave?" Chloe asked raising an eyebrow.

"Lois doesn't think so. It seems every day she manages to end up at work or on her laptop with Chris on her lap writing a story." Clark said with a chuckle.

Lois shrugged, "Reporters blood never leaves me I guess." Chloe laughed at the remark.