Chapter 31

Lois knocked on the door impatiently, tapping her foot on the ground. Clark grimaced and put his arm around her, "Lois you need to relax, they're just settling in."

Lois smiled and hugged him back, "I can't help it! I'm so excited to see her! I mean look even Chris is just as excited as me." They both looked down at their son who was continuously banging on the door.

Clark chuckled, "Chris they're coming to the door. They don't have super speed like you and me."

Chris pouted, "I can get to the door faster than this even without my super sp-" Before he could finish his sentence, Oliver opened the door with a huge grin on his face.

"Happy baby day!" Lois exclaimed walking in before Oliver could get a single word out.

Chris ran up to Oliver and jumped into his arms, "Uncle Ollie!"

"Hey buddy! Hey legs, Clark." He nodded to everyone, "I'm so glad you could make it."

Lois rolled her eyes, "We would've come and visited at the hospital, but we figured it'd be best for you guys to settle in. Where is she?" Lois was starting to get excited when Oliver pointed her to the direction where Chloe was. Lois ran away as the guys heard the girls screaming at each other of joy.

Clark chuckled and turned to Oliver, "How's fatherhood so far?"

Oliver sighed, "Honestly, in these past 24hrs, I can't stop holding my girl. I didn't even want to get away to get the door."

Chris scowled at Oliver, "See daddy! He made us wait outside!"

They all laughed together, Clark shook Oliver's hands, "Congrats Ollie."

Oliver smiled back at him, "Thank you Clark."

They walked towards the den where Chloe was sitting beside Lois who was holding her newborn baby girl. Chloe's face lightened up when she saw Clark, "Clark!"

Clark bent down and kissed Chloe's cheek, "How are you feeling Chlo?"

Chloe moved a piece of hair out of her face, "It's tiring, baby can't stop crying at night."

"Oh get used to that. Pretty soon you'll become a zombie Momma." Lois said as she stroked the baby's face gently with her finger, "But this girl is so adorable I could just eat her!" Clark chuckled as he bent down. Lois gently placed the baby in his arms.

Clark's jaw dropped as he stared back at her, "She's beautiful Chloe."

Chloe smiled, as Oliver said, "Just like her mother."

Chloe got up and kissed Oliver and took Chris in her arms hugging him tightly, as she turned to Clark, "Meet your niece, Isabelle Joanne Queen."

Lois grasped her chest, "You gave her my middle name?"

Chloe grinned, "Of course. You've always been here for us Lo. She deserves to have a part of you with her."

"Aww that's so sweet you guys. She has me as her awesome aunt, godmother and now my middle name!"

They all laughed together, Clark couldn't keep his eyes off the little baby in his arms, remembering the times he held Chris as a baby. Tears formed in his eyes, he handed the baby over to Oliver. No one noticed his expression except for Lois. "She's amazing you guys. Don't ever take her for granted." They nodded to Clark as he walked away to the balcony. Oliver and Chloe stared at Lois in confusion. Lois walked after Clark.

Chloe put Chris down on the couch, "You wanna hold her Chris?"

Chris nodded excitedly, Oliver chuckled, he gently placed Isabelle on Chris' lap as Chris supported her head with his arm. Chris looked at her face in awe, "What do you think? Something eh?" Oliver said while sitting himself beside them.

"She's soo small!"

Chloe chuckled, "She'll grow up fast. Pretty soon you'll be just as close with her like Lois and I are. You guys will be the best of cousins. I just know it. Sullivan's and Lanes stick together!" She kissed her nephew's forehead.

Chris laughed at her comment, "That's like something grandpa Sam would say." Both Oliver and Chloe chuckled.

Lois walked up to Clark, who's back was towards her, looking out the window, gripping the balcony banister. Lois gently placed her hand on his shoulder, "You okay Smallville?"

Clark started breathing heavily, "I missed so much." Lois was confused, she made him turn towards her, Clark continued, "I didn't even get to hold my son for a year. I left when he was only a baby. I didn't even get to see his first birthday, his first words, first steps, first day of school. I missed his whole childhood. I let him down Lois."

Lois couldn't believe what Clark was saying, "Clark. You would never let him down. He knows you were always there for him. Would a absentee parent come back and make things right? You are anything but a disappointment to him. You are his hero in so many ways. So you missed a few things with him growing up. But do you realize how many more firsts there are? You're here now. We still have his first day of high school, first kiss, first girlfriend, first day of college, graduation, wedding, his first flight..." Clark looked into her eyes. She gave him a soft smile, "You still have to show him so much about his powers. He's just started his life. You're here now Clark. Don't you dare think about how much you've missed. Think about how much more you're going to see! We have all the time in the world now."

She cupped his face in her hands, and pressed her forehead against his. "I have a surprise for you actually." She pulled out something from her pocket and unfolded it. Clark opened it up and read the headline. Man of Steel Returns to Metropolis, Clark looked up at her, she looked at him smiling, "Perry has been on my ass for this. I've finally finished it, I wanted you to be the first to read it before it was published tomorrow morning. Metropolis' hero is back and so is your son's. I've forgiven you for leaving, and I understand why you did it. When he's old enough, he's not gonna hate you because you missed the first four years of his life. He's gonna love you for being there every day after that. You've made things right. You brought our family together again by coming back to us." She tilted her head to the side, "That's why I love you so much."

Clark smiled up at Lois and wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing her body close to his, he pressed his lips against hers and kissed her passionately. She opened her mouth which let him slip his tongue in as they stroked against each other's. Once he pulled away, Lois was left gasping, "You really know how take my breath away Smallville."

Clark smiled back at her, "Thank you Lois." Lois nodded, she licked her lips and walked back inside, pulling his hand behind her.

"Come on. Let's go see our son." Clark nodded and walked with his wife, holding on tightly to her hand as they watched their son holding the new addition to their happy family. Once Chloe took her to feed her, Clark walked up to Chris and picked him up into his arms.

"I love you son."

"I love you too Daddy." Clark smiled and kissed his son's forehead. He was going to spend the rest of his life here on Earth, taking care of his son and loving his wife like he always should've. Lois reassured him that they were safer and happier with him around. Clark decided form here on, his family will be protected by him, and Metropolis would be protected once again by Superman.