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This takes place at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden; most of the things are rewritten from the story but drastically altered.

"Good job Sasuke." Orochimaru hissed, a devilish grin spread across his face. 'He is becoming the ultimate ninja... With that outstanding sharingan too...' Orochimaru thought as Sasuke put his blade back in its sheath. "What's wrong Sasuke, why are you just standing there? Your training is over."

Sasuke turned and faced Orochimaru, his right hand still gripping the handle of his blade.

"It ends here for you Orochimaru." Sasuke said, looking up from his bangs with his sharingan. Orochimaru raised an eyebrow.

'Could he be so naive?' Orochimaru pondered, crossing his arms. 'What has come over this boy?' Dead silence hung over the two until Sasuke drew his sword.

"You might want to think twice about this, Sasuke." Orochimaru grimaced. 'Him? Beat me? Hahahha that's a laugh.' Orochimaru chuckled in his mind, obviously underestimating Sasuke's power.

"I have nothing to think over." Sasuke exclaimed as he dashed towards the snake man. He had caught Orochimaru off guard and slashed him, sending him in the air. Before Orochimaru knew it, Sasuke had struck him with chidori. Orochimaru flew through the air and was bashed against the wall in the hideout. Blood dripped from his mouth and stained his shirt.

'Damn...' Orochimaru thought as he slid off the wall and onto his knees. He wheezed and coughed up blood into the pit of his arm. His sickness was probably going to get the better of him today. Orochimaru got up slowly, seeming he had to force himself up this time. He had never been this sick, maybe because Kabuto hadn't delivered him his medication in a while.

"Sasuke. You are making a big mista-" Orochimaru was cut off when a blade went through the middle of his chest. Blood streamed down the side of the blade until Sasuke slid it back out of the man's chest.

"I don't think I am." Sasuke said, putting his sword back into place and walking the opposite direction. Orochimaru lay limp on the ground, a pool of blood steadily growing around his figure. Slowly his vision blurred and he was no more.

Sasuke walked out of the hideout, satisfied with his actions. 'I need to go to the northern hideout now...' He thought calmly to himself as he chose the direction. Ever since he had gotten the news he knew he had to kill Orochimaru and fast, before he had the chance to get his body. He had hoped he was the only one to know this news, for if someone else knew it, something bad would happen.


"What do you want now?" Kisame asked impatiently as the akatsuki were called to meet with the leader.

"I have some information... Itachi, you might want to listen up." Leader said, turning his attention to the Uchiha member. Itachi did not move, only looking straight ahead. Itachi thought maybe it was another member being killed or even Jinchuriki action.

"Well I have gotten word that Sasuke Uchiha has had a child." He explained keeping an eye on Itachi, who of course did not move or react whatsoever. Kisame lightly chuckled.

"He's a father, eh? And how old is he? 13?" Kisame laughed. "And what's even funnier, is that our Itachi is going to be an uncle!" The rest of the akatsuki chuckled along with him, it was pretty funny to them. A man who slaughtered his own clan, going to be an uncle.

"..." Itachi didn't say a word. He couldn't believe his own little brother has had a child, and the worst part is he's still in that Orochimaru's hideout.

"What a messed up family." The group nodded and chuckled darkly before returning to their own missions.


Sasuke looked at the entrance to the northern hideout. Only he and a couple others know where the hideout was, and he was thankful he knew. He used released and the rock hiding the entrance removed itself and led Sasuke the way inside. He walked inside, checking each and every single room for someone. The hideout was big so it was taking him a while, but Sasuke knew it would be worth it. Hopefully.

He got to one of the last rooms in the hideout and reached for the doorknob. He was questioning if this whole thing was really worth it, but he decided against leaving and opened the door. He walked inside, a breeze of fresh air swarmed him, it had come in through a small window up above. He looked around the room; it was exactly like every other room, a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. Except this one had a crib. He walked over to the crib and heard tiny little whimpers coming from inside of it.

Since he could not find the woman he assumed that the baby wouldn't be here, but thank god the baby was here. But it made Sasuke question why the baby was alone in the first place.

Sasuke reached over the crib and pulled the baby out, along with its grey heap of blankets to keep her warm. This was the first time he had ever seen her, he didn't even know her name. Even if she was named something else by her mother he had decided to change her name to Mikoto, the name of his mother.

"Your new name is Mikoto." He told her, looking down into her black eyes. She looked hopelessly up to him, not knowing who he was. He wrapped her up in the blankets and held her up to his chest and walked off.


"Wow, am I getting memories back or what?" Joked Naruto as he stood atop a building in Konoha. He had just gotten back from his three year long training with Lord Jiraiya. He brought his arm up to his forehead to shield his eyes from the sun's rays.

"Naruto?" A feminine voice called out from below the building. Naruto blinked and looked over the edge to look face to face with the person who was calling him. She had short pink hair, much like he remembered and caring green eyes.

"Sakura!" He yelled happily, jumping off the side and pulling her into a hug." I missed you!" He grinned happily.

"I missed you too Naruto! How long has it been? Almost three year's right?" She stated, blushing a mild red. Naruto happily nodded and looked off into the distance.

"I've been training real hard..." Naruto said, looking down from the sky to his feet. "To get Sasuke back... I will never go back on that." Sakura smiled. It always broke her heart whenever he said that, but she knew he meant it, so it was fine.

"That's good." She smiled, "I've also been training really hard with Lady Tsunade. Which by the way we should probably see, she must want to see you!" Naruto nodded and they walked towards the Hokage's mansion. Most of the way there Naruto had stopped many times to say Hi to people, but also stopping at Ichiraku ramen, which Sakura had to drag him away from.

Sakura knocked on the door quietly and waited for a response. If you ever walked into Tsunade's office without permission, she'd hit you real hard, but usually when she takes a long hard swig from her sake.

"Yes?" She heard Lady Tsunade call from her room.

"It's me Lady Tsunade, and Naruto is with me!" She answered excitedly, almost bouncing with joy.

"Come in!" She heard Tsunade coo from inside her office. Sakura knew how much Tsunade had missed Naruto, everyday she would talk about him.

Sakura opened the door to see Tsunade sitting at her desk, piles of papers were stacked in front of her, and it looked like a lot of work.

"Ah Naruto!" She stated happily. "How was your training with Jiraiya?"

"It was awesome! But it was pretty hard, I got so roughed up I had to get new clothes!" He grinned wildly, putting his hands behind his head.

"Is that so? I'm guessing you have a new slew of jutsu up your sleeve than?"

"Yea-huh! And with those jutsu I'm going to bring Sasuke back home!" He gave her a big thumbs up. Boy, he didn't change at all. She smiled from the heart but her expression turned blank.

"I've actually got some news on Sasuke..." She said, resting her head on her hands. Naruto's eyes opened real wide, along with Sakura's. Just at that moment Kakashi was in the room, holding that stupid book.

"Kakashi sensei!" Naruto gasped, turning towards his teacher.

"Ahh Naruto, long time no see, hm?" He said blankly, not looking up from his book.

"Yeah, three years! Anyways you're just in time for Grandma's news!" Naruto looked back at the fifth hokage.

"As I was saying, we received word from a couple witnesses about Sasuke Uchiha. We heard that he has killed Orochimaru." She explained, not opening her eyes. She was probably in deep thought. She could hear Naruto gasp with awe then chuckle lightly.

"Well that's great." Kakashi said, closing his book. "Considering Orochimaru was of great fear to most. That means Sasuke is improving, and it's going to be harder for us to get him back." Tsunade nodded at his comment.

"And that's not all." Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi narrowed their eyes at the Hokage.

'What else? Did he also kill every akatsuki member there is? Pssh, he isn't that strong.' Naruto thought ignorantly, pouting as he did. He waited patiently for Tsunade to tell him the other news.

"He's a father now." She said quietly, know opening her eyes to see what Naruto's reaction would be. Naruto's jaw almost hit the floor, as did Sakura's.

"WHAT?" They both gasped in union, exchanging looks to one another. Tsunade chuckled quietly while Kakashi stood still. 'That's hilarious! But still... He's only 16!' Naruto thought, he wanted to grin but it would be best not to. His blue eyes were wide, Tsunade didn't know what Naruto was thinking right about now.

"I remember when I had met Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura and I had them try to explain themselves to me. Sasuke said he wanted to 'restore his clan' whether that meant killing his brother and restoring honor to the clan or if it just meant him having children with Uchiha blood. I guess he has a head start on having children now." He laughed to himself, rubbing the back of his head, obviously a bit embarrassed. Naruto and Sakura still stood in shock, both too stunned to speak.

"With that being said, that baby is going to tie him down, one way or another. I believe if he decides to keep it, it will slow him down in traveling. I think this is the perfect opportunity to go after Sasuke and bring him back here with the baby." She explained to the trio, all mostly in shock.

"He's going to keep it..." Sakura mumbled. She knew in her heart he would keep the baby. Even if he seems like the kind of person not to keep it...

"How do you know Sakura?" Naruto burst out, looking at her with his big blue eyes.

'Sasuke would never keep a baby! Sasuke, keeping a baby? Taking care of a baby? Yeah right.' Naruto thought, waiting for Sakura to reply.

"I don't think he'd ever abandon his own blood, especially under his circumstances." She explained, suddenly looking sad. It was a touchy subject after all. Even taboo.

"Wait wait wait... Who's the mother?" Naruto asked, his eyes were filled with curiosity now. He crossed his arms and looked sternly at Tsunade.

"I don't know her exact name, but she was in one of Orochimaru's hideouts. She was most likely a fling." Tsunade said. She had wished she knew more about the mother so they could get more background information on the baby, just in cause Sasuke leaves it.

"Well, let's get ready to go get Sasuke back!" Naruto grinned, crossing his arm over his chest. 'I'm so pumped for this!' Naruto thought happily. 'I can save Sasuke and his baby!'

Tsunade chuckled. "Are you that energetic Naruto? You must get some rest, you can leave tomorrow."

"No! I'm totally ready for this! I've been waiting three years y'know!" Naruto yelled still with a big grin on his face. "Aren't you read, Kakashi sensei, Sakura?" Sakura nodded to his request and she adjusted her glove while Kakashi sighed.

"Oh Naruto, it's not that easy. And you can't go, you only have three people in team 7 now, we run on a 4 man -" Tsunade was interrupted when Shizune quickly whispered into her ear.

"Oh that's right..." Tsunade mumbled, looking down to her messy desk. "I have a replacement... He's from the anbu black ops training division. I don't know where he is right at the moment though, why don't you get ready while I get him. I'll send him to the Konoha main gates in ten."

The three nodded and left the Hokage's office, feeling extra happy all of a sudden.

"Sakura, this is amazing!" Naruto beamed, gripping the straps on his backpack. Sakura light heartedly chuckled and nodded.

"I'm happy too; this is our chance to get Sasuke back. And who would have thought he would have a child. But I need to go home and pack; I'll see you in ten minutes!" And Sakura was off, leaving Naruto outside the mansion.


"Suigetsu, I know you are there. Come out." Sasuke said, turning around to the forest behind him. He heard a rustling of leaves and the ninja came out, his large sword on his back. The man grinned with those spiky teeth of his and started to speak.

"You always know I'm there!" He moaned playfully, walking up nonchalantly to Sasuke. He stood still for a moment, taking in what he was seeing.

'A baby? I've never seen Sasuke with a baby before...' Suigetsu thought as he stared at the child.

"Is that a baby? That's stooping a bit low to kidnap a child Sasuke. Very low indeed." Suigetsu grinned, looking from the baby up to Sasuke.

"..." Sasuke stayed quiet. How big of an idiot Suigetsu was sometimes was beyond him. Even Sasuke could tell that him and his daughter looked alike.

"What are you going to do with it? Are you going to give it to the gods or something?" He laughed, putting a hand on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke rolled his eyes and shook Suigetsu's hand off his shoulder.

"She's mine. Now let's go." Sasuke spoke, his voice stayed monotone as usual. He started walking to the direction he wanted, knowing Suigetsu would follow him.

"Whaaat? That baby is yours!" Suigetsu quickly ran up in front of Sasuke and stopped him dead in his tracks. He inspected the baby one more time to make sure Sasuke wasn't lying.

She had black hair, just like Sasuke's. 'Okay, but a lot of people have black hair.' Suigetsu thought ignorantly as he moved his eyes along her. Black eyes. 'Hmph.' Pale skin. 'Okay, I guess it is his...' The little girl huffed and snuggled into Sasuke's chest, obviously frustrated. Suigetsu straightened up and looked at the annoyed Sasuke.

"I guess it is yours then!" Suigetsu laughed it off, slightly embarrassed.

'Idiot.' Sasuke thought as he started walking to where he wanted to go.


"Hey I was wondering, what the hell are you going to do about that baby? I mean, you can't just carry it around while you fight."Suigetsu asked, only a couple steps behind Sasuke.

"There's a jutsu Orochimaru taught me. You create a clone but not an ordinary clone that immediately goes away when hit, this one can fight an everlasting battle. It will only die when I cancel the jutsu; therefore I can let that clone watch over this baby while I fight. But the jutsu takes up an enormous amount of chakra so I couldn't use it for long. "

"Ahh." Suigetsu moaned. "I'm tired, can't we just take one little break? And I'm sure you need to feed that baby and other stuff." He saw Sasuke sigh and stop walking, meaning they got to take a break. Suigetsu chuckled at Sasuke's defeat and sat down at a near log.

'Damn I don't have baby food...' Sasuke thought as he looked down to the baby in his arms. He should have thought this out more clearly.

"So..." Suigetsu idled, whistling a bit in the process. "Who's the mother?" He didn't want to touch any sort of topic with Sasuke, knowing he could blow up anytime, but he was just so damn curious. He rested his eyes on Sasuke, watching his every move to make sure he didn't lunge at him.

'I don't have to answer to him.' Sasuke thought as he closed his eyes. He could feel the child wiggling in his arms, seeming to be pretty restless.

"We need to go to town." Sasuke broke the silence and he got up from the ground.

"Whyyyy? It's been like...Not even a minute!" Suigetsu snarled as he too got up from his log. Sasuke did not answer but instead walked in a direction of a town.



"Hello, my name is Sai, nice to meet you." A boy said, extending a hand to the group. Kakashi took his hand and shook it, not wanting to be rude like Naruto and Sakura.

"Well I'm Kakashi, I'm team 7's sensei. Nice to meet you too." Kakashi introduced himself. 'This is pretty awkward...' He thought as the boy stood completely still, an awkward silence fell over the group.

Naruto leaned over to Sakura's ear and put his hand in front of his mouth and her ear, making sure nobody would hear him talk.

"Ehhh, Sakura!" Naruto whispered, keeping an eye on Sai. "I think I like Sasuke better, this guy is like a robot!" Sakura rolled her eyes and gave Naruto a sideways glance.

"Naruto, we don't even know him. Give him a chance." She whispered back before she walked a couple steps towards the new comer.

"Hello, I'm Sakura Haruno, and this is my team mate, Naruto Uzumaki. It's a pleasure." She smiled with such radiance.

"Well we better get going. Last time we heard Sasuke was near the north, when we are near the north I'll have Pakkun search around for his scent." Kakashi instructed to the group and they all nodded. Naruto narrowed his eyes which were foccused on the boy in front of him.

'Robot...' He thought as team 7 bounded down the Leaf Highway.


"Excuse me, what do babies eat?" Suigetsu asked the cashier at a store in the nearest village. He leaned on his elbow and eyed the female cashier. He had to ask because Sasuke's kid was getting really restless and crying a lot, so Sasuke couldn't go in the store. The cashier sighed and pushed her glasses back up her nose.

"Depends. How old is the baby?" She asked, looking up from her gossip magazine. Suigetsu thought for a moment and scratched the back of his head.

"I don't know. It's about this big." He held his arms to the appropriate size and nodded. "Yeah about that big."

"So... Maybe five to six months?"

"Yeah sure, why not. Do you have anything?" He ran his fingers through his white-blue hair and followed the cashier. They were now in an isle with diapers, food and toys for the babies.

"There's this..." She said, taking a glass bottle off the shelf and showing it to Suigetsu. Suigetsu read it carefully.

'Mashed carrots.' He read. His face turned into one with disgust and he stumbled back.

"What kind of baby would want to eat mashed carrots?" He shrieked, looking through the rest of the labels. 'Mashed carrots, mashed green beans, apple sauce...' He grabbed a couple apple sauce bottles and turned back to the woman.

"What else do babies need?"

The woman sighed once again and walked a couple steps down to the end of the other isle.

"They need diapers and lots of 'em."

"Okaay." He said, and grabbed a package of diapers. "What else? What do they drink?"

"They drink water and juice."

"What do they drink it out of?" Boy, he felt like an idiot.

"A sippee cup?" She grabbed a teal colored cup that looked like it was spill proof and put it in his arms.

"Anything to shut babies up when they don't stop crying?" He grinned when he remembered the baby crying and making Sasuke all annoyed. Boy, if he ever did that Sasuke would have beaten his ass.

"A pacifier." She grabbed a purple one off the shelf and waited for him to ask another question. He thought for a little while.

'A baby needs food...Check. A baby needs water, easily done. A baby needs diapers, check. Baby shutter upper, check. Baby clothes, hey!'

"And do you have baby clothes?" She walked to the other side of the isle at the top and stopped in front of a wall of baby clothes.

"Is it a boy or girl?" She asked, scanning over the clothes on the wall.

"I think it's a girl." It looked like a girl, he thought. The woman looked on the rack and pulled off some clothes that had pink, purple and yellow colors on it. She put them on Suigetsu's pile and went back to waiting for him.

"Anything to keep that baby warm?" Without looking, the woman pulled off a green fleece blanket off the wall and put it on his arms.

"Alriiight, let's go to the checkout!" He felt so proud of himself. She ran the items though and it came to about $75 (sorry, I'm going by dollars) He pulled out the money Sasuke handed him and gave it to the cashier. She bagged the items and he gave her a big thank you.

"Ok Sasuke, I got the stuff." Suigetsu huffed and sat on the bench beside Sasuke and the wailing baby. Suigetsu went through the bag and pulled out the pacifier.

"This will shut her up!" He grinned and took it out of its package.

"She's not crying because she wants to, idiot, it's because she's hungry. Did you get food?" He asked, snatching Mikoto's hand before she pulled on his hair. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes when he had got her hand before she got to touch his hair. She waited until he grabbed something from beside him and she went in for the attack. To prove him wrong she lightly pet his black hair then brought her hand back down.

"Apple sauce?" Sasuke questioned, reading the labels of the bottled food.

"The other stuff was shit. Believe me." Suigetsu rolled his eyes and pulled everything else out. "I got clothes because... The kid can't live in the same exact thing for its whole life..." He said as he pulled out the little pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes. He looked really... Interested? In the things he was pulling out of the bag. You could almost see sparkles around his face as he pulled a little dress out of the bag. Sasuke rolled his eyes at this.

"You have to feed her." Suigetsu pointed out, looking at Sasuke desperately. Sasuke got the hint and handed the infant over to Suigetsu who cheerfully took her and sat her on his lap. He grabbed a jar of apple sauce and took a spoon that that woman had snuck into his pile and undid the cap.

He dug the spoon into the jar and held it right across from her face. He playfully shook it, showing her it was for her. He slowly moved the spoon into her mouth and she ate it, without not spilling some onto her face.

"Awwweh" He cooed over the child when she reached her arm out for more. Sasuke just looked at Suigetsu with a 'you look like an usual' kind of face before he turned his attention back forward.

Suigetsu finished feeding the little girl and his grin turned into one with pride. "Oh yes, Sasuke I need to go get water." He said, putting the baby back into Sasuke's lap. "Get her changed or something." He waved behind his shoulder before he disappeared into the crowd.

Suigetsu was right... She needed to be changed, diaper and all. But where? Sasuke looked around the street for a gas station or something that would have a restroom. He spotted one and packed up all the things back in the bag and slung it over his shoulder.


"So, last time we heard, Sasuke was to the west" Kakashi said, stopping in his tracks.

"Then to the West we go!" Naruto stated happily. Sakura smiled at Naruto.

'This is it... We can finally bring Sasuke home...' She looked back and saw that everybody was motioning for her to follow. 'Silly me, I must have gotten lost in my thoughts.'

The group of four ran through the tree for ages it seemed, but it was all worth it.

"Not that much longer!" Kakashi shouted so the group could hear, they all nodded and picked up the speed. The group stopped abruptly, all because Kakashi had stopped. Pakkun had run up to the group from below and barked for them to come down off the tree branches. They hopped down and circled the dog.

"I have Sasuke's location down. Follow me." She stated, suddenly running off into the woods. The group quickly ran after him, their hearts pounding with excitement. They reached a large field, and a little ways up was an entrance to a town.

"He's in there. He's going to be coming out in a minute or so." Naruto, Sakura, and Sai all nodded and the trio ran ahead to go and confront Sasuke.

"Thanks." Kakashi said before following his team. They all stopped in front of the large doors, sweat beading around their foreheads. This is what they had been anticipating for three years, and they weren't going to let him go so quickly.

Soon enough two figures were clearly seen. On the side was a man with white and blue hair, and Sasuke stood beside him.

"Sasuke..." Naruto said in awe, how he had changed.

Sakura just stood there. She didn't know what to say. Should she be happy or sad? She should have been happy that she finally got to see him in over three years, but she's also sad that he had a child with somebody. Sai and Kakashi just stood there, being awkward as usual.

"Naruto..." Sasuke said, the sun's light poured onto his face.

"Sasuke, come home!" Naruto shouted at Sasuke, clenching his fists into tight balls. "We all want you back..."

"I could care less if you want me back. I was getting nowhere in Konoha, but after training with Orochimaru I got stronger, stronger than I ever was back there." Sasuke retorted, staring Naruto right in the eyes.

"You're stronger now! Now you can come back home!" Sakura yelled, taking a step towards the other group.

Kakashi looked at the other in Sasuke's group, studying his every move. He was obviously a sword slinger. He turned his attention to the child in Sasuke's arms whose eyes were wide open and looking around the land. She was cute, he had to admit, but Sasuke should have been more careful. He shouldn't have brought a life into his own hectic life.

"Sasuke, we got to go." Suigetsu said, looking sideways to Sasuke.

"Hn." Sasuke answered, and suddenly the groups' feet caught on fire. The fire gradually swallowed their legs, then their torso's and before you knew it, they were gone.

"Damn it!" Naruto yelled, falling to his knees in frustration. Sakura let her head hang low, trying to hide the fact that she was crying.

Sai did nothing but stare at his group members. 'Why is this Sasuke guy so important?' He thought while Naruto staggered to his feet, wiping his own tears.

Kakashi sighed, "Next time you guys, next time."


"Who were they?" Suigetsu asked once they were all transported into a forest.

"My old team from back in Konoha." Sasuke explained, looking around cautiously. "Come on; let's go to town to rest." Sasuke instructed walking down a dirt pathway.

A little while later Sasuke, Mikoto and Suigetsu reached a small rundown town in the middle of nowhere. They checked in at an Inn for two bedrooms and walked down the hallway.

"Well Sasuke, this is my room, wake me up tomorrow." Suigetsu grinned and opened his room with the key he was given. Sasuke kept walking to his room which was right beside Suigetsu's and opened the door with his key. He re-locked the door and walked into the bedroom where a clean sleeping mat was already in place. He tossed to key onto a table nearby and set the tired child on the mat. He guessed they would have to share the same sleeping mat since there was only one and no crib.

He pulled his sword from his back and leaned it against the nearest wall just in case he might need it. He then walked to the sleeping mat and carefully pushed the sleeping girl over so he could get some room. And soon enough he was asleep.


The newly formed team 7 slumped back to Konoha, not saying a word to each other since their encounter with Sasuke. It's not like they could have done anything, he just disappeared, and they couldn't have stopped him if they wanted too. Back to square one.

"Ok, I guess I'll go to Lady Tsunade then." Kakashi said before leaving the awkward group to go home. Sakura stopped in the middle of the street and turned to Naruto, who was right behind her.

"We'll get him next time!" Sakura forced a smile. 'I know how much getting Sasuke back is to Naruto...' She thought.

Naruto smiled, "Yeah Sakura!" He gave her a thumbs up. 'Next time better be the last!'

"Well I guess we should go home, we need to get some rest." She stated, waving goodbye to her team mates. Naruto nodded and started walking to his own home.

Naruto was wondering what Sakura thought of all of this. She loves Sasuke, doesn't she? So shouldn't she have been bawling her eyes out when Sasuke had escaped? Or even when she heard Sasuke had a child.

He crossed his arms behind his head and sighed. No need to worry now, because he was sure he would bring Sasuke back.



Sasuke was awoken by a shrill cry of the child beside him. He blinked with frustration, if one thing you should never do to Sasuke would wake him up but the circumstances were different now. He turned to the crying little girl who was flailing her arms around in an attempt to get anybodies attention.

He had no clue what to do. He had never once taken care of a child. Was she hungry? Was she scared? Did she need to be changed? Did she need to be held? Not one clue.

He picked up the little girl and held her, looking into her obsidian eyes that were filled were tears. She hicced a couple time before giving him an angry look before whimpering, threatening to blow.

He sighed and cradled her for a couple minutes, not it. She seemed just about as angry as Sasuke was, maybe a trait she got from him.

He reached into the bag of supplies Suigetsu had got and pulled out a small jar of apple sauce. He washed the spoon with one hand in the sink while his other hand held the angry baby.

He sat down at the small table and set her down on the table in front of him. He dipped the spoon into the jar and brought it to her face; she refused to open her mouth.

"Eat it." He said angrily, bringing it up to her face once again in an attempt to feed her. This time she smacked it away from her and it splattered onto his chest. He slammed the jar back onto the table and looked at her angrily. She didn't seem fazed though. He would have sat there all night and waited for her to fall asleep.

Sasuke took the jar again and filled the spoon up with the apple sauce and forced the food into her mouth. She angrily swallowed the food and kept her cold stair at him. They were just alike. But Sasuke couldn't notice.

A war between Sasuke and his daughter lasted for about half an hour. After that he finally got her back to sleep and he finally got some rest.


"We need to go get information on Itachi." Sasuke declared in the morning to Suigetsu. Suigetsu sighed tiredly and nodded.

"Alright." He moaned, scratching the back of his head. They started trekking to wherever Sasuke felt like. Sasuke was holding Mikoto a certain way so she was resting her head on his shoulder and watching behind him. Suigetsu was walking behind him, she waved at him.

He smiled and waved back. She giggled and frantically waved again to the white haired man who grinned and waved once again.

Sasuke turned around and looked at Suigetsu with that scary look of his before turning back and kept on walking. Suigetsu grinned and waved at her with one finger. She smiled and snuggled up to Sasuke and quickly dozed off.

'How cute...' Suigetsu thought when he watched her sleep. 'So adorable.'