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Summary: Age Makes Skill...Since When? Jun Hara is a first year in Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku High School Division. She is known for gymnastics and inglorious sport hoping, so what exactly happens when she decides to take up Tennis? Two hot headed Teenagers...what could go wrong? Oh that's right. Everything. Kirihara x OC

Chapter 1: Gum and Fun

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm heading over to the courts in a few minutes, the tennis courts. Rika said she'd teach me how to play! Can you believe it? I can still barely believe it myself! She, a regular on the girl's team, a team that's made it to nationals for the past five years, is going to teach me, a sport hoping maniac…ohh having friends in high places is an amazing thing!

Tennis really looks li – Wait! No, stop! Don't you dare pick up that phone…put it down…mom, just listen…thank you.

Now as I was saying, tennis really looks like it'd be a lot of fun. I actually think I'll be able to stick with it throughout High School. Don't worry though; I'll keep up with gymnastics.

This won't end up like all those other sports…they we're just join-on-a-whim type of sport to me. This is a join-after-three-minutes-worth-of-thought type of sport.

Rika took me to buy all my equipment yesterday so I'll all packed and ready to go…I'm just waiting for her to get here so we can be on our way. We're going down to the school courts, and even though the boy's team usually practices there, they're visiting their captain who's in the hospital right now so she said that they can't get mad if we borrow the courts for a day. (Even though Rika's a regular apparently you aren't supposed to use the courts unless it's your season…but for some reason the guys can use it all year round…sexists.)

Maybe I'll even be able to convince her to teach me one of her special moves! That'd be sooooo cool…I could be like that freshman regular on the Seigaku's High School division…just not a guy…

Maybe if I get good enough I'd be able to have a match against one of the regulars, maybe even the Buchou himself!

Maybe - Well that's probably Rika, I should probably go get the door for her so she doesn't think I left without her, bye!

I'll write more and tell you how it went!


Jun Hara

Down at the Kanal General Hospital Sanada Genichirou watched as Yukimura Seiichi gathered the "I'm glad you recovered" gifts that were given to him from his family (mainly his younger sister), friends (the people he converses with in class), and a few fan-girls who managed to figure out which Hospital he was stationed in.

"Yukimura, are you still planning to practice with the team today?" Sanada referred to their conversation the week before.

"Sanada, they say I've made a full recovery; they're discharging me from the Hospital in a couple days. I just wanted to tell you first." Yukimura leant up against the gate on the roof of the hospital.

"Yukimura…" the idea that their, no, HIS Buchou was coming back stole the words from his throat.

After the scare of a 50% survival rate surgery the Rikkaidai team hoped no one else would be visiting the hospital again. Then the unexpected happened…to their Buchou…again. People who didn't know him, or the scare three years ago would comment that everyone was overreacting, sending him to the hospital…in an ambulance. He had a caught a common thing, something that everyone, save Sanada, got at least once in their life.

He had the flu…the flu.

"I'll tell the rest of the team tomorrow when they come, so please don't tell anybody yet, Sanada." He pushed himself off the gate and turned to look down at the street below, leaving the two to stand in silence for a few moments. "Sanada…when I get out of the Hospital on Sunday I want to play a game with you…"

"Yukimura, do you really think that's a good idea? You just finished recovering. You should let your body heal completely before doing this."

"We'll hold a regular practice first, we can't forget that Nationals are only a couple months away, and then we can hold our match."

"Yukimura, is your body going to be able to handle that much strain after just recovering?"

"Sanada, what would you do if you were unable to play tennis?"

"…I understand."

"Sanada –" the door's opening cut him off. The Rikkaidai tennis team stood in the doorway: Yanagi Renji, Kirihara Akaya, Yagyuu Hiroshi, Niou Masaharu, Marui Bunta, and Kuwahara Jackal.

Aunison exclamation of "Yukimura - Buchou!" followed their entrance.

Yukimura smiled at his team, "It's good to see you as well." Then looked back at his Vice-Captain with a hidden glint in his eyes.

Sanada nodded to show that he understood the silent message.

Marui Bunta popped the bubble he made with his signature Green Apple gum and walked forward with a white cake box. A personal gift from the Rikkaidai team to their Buchou

"Thank you," Yukimura said with a small smile and took the box, setting it down at the bedside table.

"Heh, Buchou, I'm looking forward to playing a game with you today." The junior ace of the Rikkaidai team smirked, his hand resting on the handle on his racquet, which he left in an open shoulder bag just for this moment.

Marui laughed, throwing his arm over Kirihara shoulders, "He's not going to be playing a game with you. He's going to be playing a match against me, the genius, today."

"Senpai~ let me go!" He struggled in Marui's grip, despite being taller.

The rest of them team, all of them thinking the same thing (besides Sanada), turned in anticipation for their Captains response.

Sanada Genichirou answered for him, "We need to practice." He turned his back to the rest of the team, looking out the small window, with a direct view of the local tennis courts. Two College students played a relatively easygoing match, "Nationals are coming up in three months. We need to be ready."

It was their year to take back the National Championship title.

Seigaku wouldn't be winning this year.

The mood was shattered, or what little of it that had time to settle in the short twenty seconds of Sanada's reminiscing, when Kirihara stuck his tongue out at the Fukubuchou's back. Marui was barely able to stifle a guffaw at the junior ace's behavior.

Niou Masaharu just muttered, "Puri~" while smiling his wicked grin…which in most cases meant he pulled a prank or thought of a prank to pull.

Jun snapped her notebook shut, slid it under her pillow, and grabbed the tennis bag sitting by her bedroom door before dashing down the stairs and unsuccessfully trying to stop herself from slamming into the door she was about to open.

"Hara, I told you if you don't want to slam into the door ever time you come down the stairs, you're going to have to start slowing down at the third to last step." Rika Kimitsuna shook her head in disappointment; her friend was normally a little more coordinated than this.

"Sorry, sorry. I forgot." Jun explained while picking up her fallen tennis bag and locking the door behind her after stepping out, "Are we walking there? Or should I have Hajime drive us?"

Rika began to walk away, silently giving Jun her answer, but decided to give an explanation anyway, "We'll walk. It will be a nice warm up so we don't have to waste as much time preparing. Instead we can play," She glanced at her friend from the corner of her eye, "Or…well, I'll be playing. You'll be learning."

Jun just laughed and snatched the yellow tennis ball from Rika's hand, "Can you teach me anything on our way there? I want to learn this as fast as I can so I can play against other people too."

"You can practice basic control; this shouldn't be too hard for you seeing as you've participated in so many other sports which require this." Rika referred back to Jun's outstanding sports record…if you can think it, she's done it…now only if she was this dedicated to her schoolwork. "Just copy me." She took the ball back and pulled her racquet from her open shoulder bag. "You're going to need a ball and your racket for this…"

Jun looked at her intently, wanting to see the first thing she had to learn. Rika carelessly tossed the ball up a couple of times before using her racquet to make it…bounce?

"That's it? Rika, I played Table Tennis, this is nothing!" She demonstrated it, "Can't you teach me something a little more difficult?"

"You're doing it wrong, I said copy me…so copy me."

Jun looked over and studied the way Rika was hitting the ball, "but I'm doing the exact thing you are. Just hitting the ball…"

"Look closer, Hara."

Jun did as she was told and still didn't notice how Rika's ball hit the same spot on her racket every time. "Rika, I'm doing everything you told me to do…so how am I doing it wrong?"

"If you can't figure it out for yourself then you aren't going to be a very good tennis player," Rika started; ignoring the fact that Jun was in fact doing better than most beginners…she hadn't dropped the ball yet. But that was to be expected from her, she had to have picked up something from all the other sports she participated in. "You have until we get to the courts."

"But, Rika~" Jun wined.

"You're wasting time."

Rika never stopped her demonstration and continued to hit the ball all the way to the courts, and about halfway there Jun unconsciously began to mimic her.

"Good job, you have it down. Later I'll be asking what you learnt today so you better figure out what you're doing differently. But for now let's check out your swing."

"Buy me some more gum, Kirihara." 'Marui-Senpai' ordered his kouhai, the junior ace.

"Buy it yourself, Senpai."

"You better get going, or I might just have to tell Sanada Fukubuchou about that little something~"

"I'm going, I'm going…" Kirihara quickly retreated before the rest of the members left room 324, Yukimura's room.

"Where's he going?" Marui asked, staring at the retreating back of his kouhai, altogether missing his look alike standing only three feet from him.

Kuwahara Jackal noticed and sighed, "Looks like he's been tricked again…you'd think he'd learn by now."

The Rikkaidai team, minus Kirihara, continued their way out of the Hospital and down to the school courts, a red wig left forgotten on the floor, "Puri~"

"When we reach the courts, change and run thirty laps," Yukimura commanded, already wearing his team jersey, the regular's jacket hanging on his shoulders.

"Yes, Buchou!"

"Rika, why can't I get this right!" Jun explained after missing the ball for the tenth time. "It's just a serve. I should have been able to do this much by now!" She tired again.




"Come on, Rika, why aren't you helping me out here? You said you were going to teach me the basics. All you've taught me is how to hit the ball up and down."



"Hara, you're talking to much. Try concentrating on what I'm doing and just copy that. Isn't that what you're good at after all?" Rika served the ball, fast, into the far left hand corner of the court.

Jun tried it herself but again she swung to soon and missed.

She tried again, but swung to late and missed.

"Hara." Rika snapped. "Just copy me. Try serving at the exact same time I am…you're thinking too much now."

Jun acknowledged Rika's tone and copied her stance. The basic serving stance for right-handed players – body turned to the right, right leg back, right hand in position to hit the ball when it comes down after tossing it up.

"I can do this…my hand eye coordination is perfect and I have great balance…tennis shouldn't be that hard to master."

"Pay attention, Hara." Rika said, "I'm going to serve now."

Meanwhile, the boy's team had already changed and due to orders from their Buchou are simply watching the two girls serve – or more accurately, attempt to serve – the ball.

"There's a 99.9% chance she's a beginner and this is her first time playing the game." Yanagi Renji informed the rest of the team.

Rika tossed her ball up and a split second after Jun tossed her's up as well, "No problem, I can do this."

Rika brought her racquet forward for a fast serve, Jun copied her and, "Hey, Marui Senpai! I got you the gum you wanted!"

The yellow tennis ball flew from one side of the court to the other, successfully hitting the same corner it always has…

"Hara, you should try concentrating next time."

"Rika…" Jun mumbled through a mouthful of dirt. "I was concentrating, that guy's loud voice distracted me though." Jun pushed herself up into a sitting position, wanting nothing more than to go back in time so she could serve that first ball…speaking of that ball…where'd it go? "Hey, Rika, What happened to my ball?"

There was silence for all of a second before someone – a guy – started shouting. "Why you…watch where you're aiming that thing! Do you want to kill me, girl?"

Marui, holding the packet of gum, looking at it with confusion in his eyes mumbled to himself, "I don't remember asking for any gum." But he went ignored by a majority of the people – the tennis team, Rika, and Jun – around.

Rika paled, she went to Rikkaidai Middle School and knows that you don't want to make Kirihara mad…especially if it involved tennis. And if you do it normally ends in bloodshed…hardly of it ever being his.

Jun, who didn't go to Rikkaidai, but instead Fuzokumine, and unknown Middle School, didn't understand the severity of a mad Kirihara just reached up to ruffle the back of her slightly longer than shoulder length red hair, a pout adorning her face. "You messed me up, you know that right? I would have hit the ball that time if it wasn't for you…"

"What did you say, -"

"Seaweed – Senpai," She finished her sentence.

"Technically you did hit the ball that time, and with an advanced forhand slice too. However your stance was wrong causing it to fly towards Kirihara's face instead of the other side of the court. If you angled your body into the ball towards the right then you should be able to make the court the next time." Yanagi Renji made his technical input, which Jun conveniently decided to ignore so she could continue to yell at her Senpai for making her "miss" her shot.

"I am not a Seaweed!"

"Seaweed – Senpai~"

Rika looked back and forth between the two bickering Rikkaidai students of the High School division, her Kouhai and friend, her classmate and violent tennis player… "What did I get myself into?"

"This isn't Green Apple gum, KIRIHARA!"

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