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Chapter 6: Gymnastics' and Tennis

Jun woke up slowly. Her eyes were fuzzy and her back was sore from the week of gymnastic and tennis practice. She slid from the bed, wincing as her feet hid the cold wood of the floor, and mentally cursed herself for forgetting to place her bunny slippers by her bed.

It was finally Friday, the day of her long awaited gymnastic competition. Jun sighed.

Her competition started at noon and she had to be there by eleven to set up and warm up and all that so she had set her alarm for eight so she had plenty of time to get ready and doll herself up for the completion – you know, since her grandmother was going to be there and he grandmother hated when she wasn't "dolled up".

Jun showered. She washed her collarbone length red hair with her favorite strawberry shampoo and conditioned it with the set conditioner. She washed her body next, using the watermelon sent because she ran out of the strawberry one. Lastly she washed her face, preparing to put on a thin layer of make-up because that was what her grandmother wanted her to do.

When she finally stepped out of the shower, dried her body, and wrapped her hair up in a towel, it was fifteen minutes till nine. She threw on her yellow robe and moved to the desk in her room to grab her small supply of make-up.

"I can't believe I have to put this stuff on." Jun pouted and slid into the middle splits to stretch before her competition. "I wish I could just ignore grandma's request."

She uncapped her eyeliner, "But if I did that then she'd complain to my mom that I didn't take this sport seriously enough and then I'll have to go move in with her or something crazy like that."

The brown was dark against her pale skin and she was glad she opted out of buying the black her mom wanted her to get. She ran the pencil along the inside bottom waterline of her eye, and carefully applied a thin line to her eyelid.

"I look like an idiot with make-up on." Jun mumbled to herself.

Mascara was next on her list, and after than she had blush and Chap Stick to apply; she applied them all quickly.

With all her makeup applied she moved onto applying lotion to her body, making sure to use an unscented lotion so she didn't mix a scented one with the scent of her body wash. After that she slid into her red and white competition leotard.

The sleeves ended at her wrists, both mostly white with red cuffs at the wrists. The top part of the leotard was white, and the bottom part was red. Her warm up pants were red, with a white stripe down the outside of each leg, and the jacket was white with her name printed neatly in red on the back, 'Jun Hara'.

She saved her hair for last, not quite sure what she wanted to do with it since she cut it since her last competition a month ago.

The doorbell saved her from pondering it any longer.

She yelled out a, "I'm coming!" and dashed down the stairs, unsuccessfully stopping herself from face planting into the door like always. She pulled the door open, rubbing her nose.

Rika just shook her head and sighed. "Third step Hara, third step."

"Yeah, I keep forgetting." Jun laughed, "So what are you doing here? I thought you weren't going to be able to make it to my competition today."

"I'm not, so I decided to stop by beforehand and give you a hand getting ready. I know how boring you find it."

Rika pushed Jun aside and stepped in, slipping her shoes off by the door. "Come on, we need to do your hair before it dries."

Jun smiled. She was glad she had a friend like Rika. "Ok, come on."

Jun pulled her up the stairs, talking non-stop about the different hair styles she thought of ranging from two small buns, to a simple pony tail.

Rika didn't say a word, just let Jun talk and drag her. It was easier than trying to get a word in on her energetic friends rampaging tirade of ideas. She only intervened when the clock hit nine thirty and Jun's hair was still hanging limp on her head.

"I'll do your hair for you Hara, you only have thirty minutes till you have to get to the gym, and doesn't it take about forty?"

Jun, for once, shut up instantly and let Rika just work on her hair.

Rika, use to working with short hair, quickly pulled Jun's hair into a simple tight ponytail and slicked back all the fly-aways with gel. "There, I'm done."

Jun gave her hair a quick once over, nodded, and grabbed her pre-packed bag. "Kay, thanks Rika. I got to run now, you're free to stay here if you want, just be sure to lock the door on your way out. Ok?"

"Yeah, sure." Rika took a seat on Jun's unmade bed. "I'll meet up with you after you're competition, at the school courts. Yukimura-senpai asked us to come to practice with the regular's today."

Jun paused at the top step, "Really, how come?" She looked over her shoulder for an answer.

"He thinks that if you watch the regular's practice and observe their techniques you might get the hang of tennis a little faster." Rika explained. "I told him you're main method of learning, so he thinks' it would be a good idea."

Jun nodded, "Ok, I'll probably be there around three. I'll see you in a couple of hours." She continued on her trek out the door, but paused in horror just as she stepped one foot out of her house. "Wait, is Seaweed-senpai going to be there?!"

Rika's laughter was her only reply.

Her competition was a blur, her first event was Vault. She got a score of 9.59. Her second event was Beam, she scored a 9.68. Her third event was Floor, her score was a 9.69. Then as her last event she did Bars and got a score of 9.76. She got first place in every event and scored first place all around with a score of 38.72.

Her grandmother was disappointed in her, as always. She claimed that because she didn't get a perfect score of 40 all around that she wasn't trying hard enough at practice. Jun ignored her, as always.

By the time she finally managed to slip away from her grandmother it was three twenty, and by the time she reached the school it was three forty.

"I'm late!"

She ran through the school grounds, dodging people left and right, to the tennis courts.

"I'm sorry I'm late! I wasn't able to slip away from my grandma after my competition, but I rushed her as soon as I was able to." Jun panted, her chest heaving. She was still in her gymnastic competition leotard and warm-up's since she didn't have enough time to change before hand.

The tennis regulars just stared at her for a minute before nodding and going back to their practice.

Rika and Yukimura made their way over to the red haired gymnast.

"Sorry again," Jun said, this time directing it to Yukimura. "I really did come as fast as I could though."

He smiled and nodded, signaling that it was fine. "How'd you do in your competition?"

"I got first, nothing to worry about."

"Good job." Rika said. "Now you need to warm up, so go change and run thirty laps around the courts."

Jun saluted and ran off to the locker rooms.