Hey guys, I'm back! I've had a craving to write for a long time but just couldn't execute anything worth posting so I've decided to get back into writing by completing a series of short exercises to get my muse back. This is a very short story, mainly descriptive and with no plot whatsoever. Any reviews would be helpful :)

There he stood in all his glory. His stance was dominant and proud; a true leader. His ebony cape billowed gracefully in the chilled breeze. His silk clothing clung tightly to his lithe form in a way that made my body ache. He was the epitome of masculinity and I loved him.

I loved him despite the fact that he had no head.

I loved him despite the fact that he manifested only once a year to reap the corrupt souls of our small town. And though I was the very embodiment of innocence, I longed for the day he would sweep me away.

And still I could reveal these thoughts to no one for they would surely admit me into the institution, or easier yet, have me hanged.

Oh Sleepy Hallow, how I desired every night to be All Hallows Eve in hopes of glancing upon the face of my dark prince once more.