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It has been a little more than a week of Liadain's servitude and she has been shooed away every night so far. "Not to worry much my butt." It's early morning and she makes it to Sadao's place hoping that whatever female inu he brought over is gone by now.

Liadain was able to spend the night at Rin's place for that one week much to the preteens delight. The red head hasn't minded this inconvenience but since Rin is gone it has become a bother. Sesshomaru has not allowed anyone to vacant the girl's room. Liadain was unable to convince him otherwise. She even offered her servitude to him but he said he wanted nothing from her. She runs her claws through her hair as she feels there are two beings at the inu's house. She turns away deciding to go sightseeing in the meantime.

Liadain walks slowly looking up and admiring the cherry trees that are still in bloom. There have been many festivities in regards to the spring season. She notices very few youkais are outside. "I woke up at this hour for nothing." She says grumpily.

She rubs her eyes trying to keep awake. She didn't appreciate Sadao waking her up in the middle of last night to kick her out. She sits at the root of a nearby tree which looks very aged. Leaning her head against the trunk of it she looks up at shades of pink. Smiling a little she admires the blush color the flowers gave.

Her eyes slowly close and the next thing she knew she felt something grazing her face. She opens her eyes to see an unfamiliar inu youkai crouched near her. He holds out a twig that has cherry blossoms on it. She looks at him confused as to why this inu would offer her anything in the first place.

She straightens up sensing a fox youkai spirit possessing this inu. "Y-yukio-sama."

"Good. You've tapped into your youkai senses this time." He smirks.

"Why do you keep following me?" She stares at the inu feeling unsure how to talk to this possessed body.

"I need a favor from you." He said seriously.

"Oooh no. I'm not helping in whatever scheme you plan on doing."

"Do this for me Liadain. After all I died for you."

"You are cruel." Her voice fills with uncertain guilt. He pulls her up by the shoulders forcing her to stand.

"What- what are you planning?"

"It's simple. I just need your help in reviving me. Once I'm alive we can be together again."

"Yukio-sama I don't want to be with you or forced to."

"Liadain you are mine." His voice was full of assurance.

"I'm not yours! Gah! You have no claim over me! Remember?" She said furiously.

"I will soon enough." He smiles at her slight quirkiness as she rubs her face with both hands. She tries to calm down and avoid drawing attention towards them. Sighing aloud she stands there looking at him none too pleased.

"Looks like my time cuts short again. We will meet again Liadain." She sees the possessed body go stricken then falls forward as she catches him and she falls down because of the inu's weight. She tries to get up to get away, but she's caught by her arm as the inu quickly gains consciousness.

"Curse you Yukio-sama." She said under her breath. She already knew this inu would react similarly to the way Sadao did. She sees the inu tries to get up but falls back down again and let's go of her arm. She runs for it and looks around to see if there were any witnesses.

She rams into something solid knocking out her breath as she falls onto the ground. She coughs and looks up to see Sadao stand there with his arms crossed. His face remains emotionless for the moment. He holds out a helping hand as she unwillingly takes it.

"Follow me."

She nods in response and they briskly walk in silence for about thirty minutes. Sadao stops walking seeing they are far enough from keen ears. He looks at her irritated. "That fox spirit seems to fancy you."


"Don't play dumb Liadain."

"Male foxes don't speak clearly and they like to mess with anyone's mind. At least in my experience. Whatever you saw... he was just goading me. Don't believe what you see." She sighs. "What does it matter to you anyway?"

"We will have to do something about that spirit." He said in a distant manner.

"Listen he's no real harm." She didn't exactly believe what she just said.

"Are you blind? It's clear this fox has something for you."

"No. Foxes are really good at trickery. I'm just a vessel for the species to survive."

"I can't have my servant robbed from me blindly." He looks at her in some concerned manner.

"You can easily replace me." She shrugs not understanding why he's being this way.

"But you do such a good job." He rubs his chin starting to think again.

"I'm a hanyou. Who really cares about me."

"By the way. If you weren't so daft with your senses you would have noticed the female this morning was heading out already."

She clenched her jaw at his slight insult. "Well I didn't want be around just in case. Does the word hanyou mean anything to you?" She feels annoyed and pitiful having to put herself down for these male youkais and full youkais in general.

Liadain rubs her lower back in discomfort. Sadao sees this, "What happened to you?" He said none too nicely.

She glares at him, "What's it to you?"

His lips thin out at her rudeness, "If you don't tell me I will have to examine it myself."

This puts her to give in reluctantly as he always finds a way for her to give in. She swears he's a fox in disguise. "It's nothing really."

"Liadain." He approaches her attempting to look at her lower back.

"Alright fine. I slept outside in the gardens on the floor that's why my back hurts."

"I thought you would have been with the girl?"

"She only stayed for one week. She's been gone since then."

"Why didn't you tell me?" He felt a little guilty for putting her in such a situation.

"I didn't think you'd care."

He huffs at her statement. "As a male I must take care of those who share my living quarters."

"Sure you do." She said this not believing him.

"Anyways, I need you to-"

"Yes I know. I will get right to it." She turns away from him with her hand on her lower back. Sadao who was annoyed with her interruptions tries not to stare and forces his eyes to look at the ground.

'I'm not affected by her. I'm not affected by her. She's just a damn hanyou.' He repeats this mentally to himself growing annoyed with himself.

Liadain is already at his place with her nose covered by a cloth. Last night's activity lingers in the air but is mostly gone. She has most of the sliding doors and windows open. Sadao steps into the house and sees that she has that cloth bound to her face like usual.

He laughs at her which she doesn't find any of this funny. She gets up from her crouching position carrying some clothes in one hand and the other rubs her lower back. He walks up behind her and she starts to turn around seeing what he wants. "Stay still."

She stands there unsure of what his intentions are and she turns her head back trying to see what he is doing. "Don't do that you'll hurt yourself." She felt her lower back pain intensify as he stated correctly.

"What are you doing?" She inquires slightly alarmed.

"Stand still." He says from behind her.

Liadain felt a slight graze from his claws making her stand there very stiff. "You must relax."

"That's difficult to do since I don't know what you're doing."

"Just trust me for right now."

He carefully places one hand where her pain occurs. The other hand moves away some of her hair putting it over her shoulder. Liadain feeling overly nervous wants to walk forward to increase the distance, but she knows this will only anger him.

He applies pressure to her sensitive spot and she grunts in pain. "Does it hurt anywhere else?" She quickly shakes her head no. He touches other parts of her back just to make sure. She concentrates on his steady breathing trying to ignore his fingers.

He starts to massage her lower back with one hand and the other holds her steady by the waist near her hips. She flinches against his hand movements in pain. She tries to pull away not liking where his hands are. "Stay still or else." After she's calmed down he couldn't help but look at her figure every so often as he has her so close to him. He closes his eyes for a moment and looks up at the ceiling trying to prevent a certain feeling from rising.

'I must enjoy torturing myself.' He thought in displeasure. This close temptation was starting to become straining on his male needs. Liadain felt one hand grip tighter on her, "That hurts! Your hand is hurting me."

He lessens the grip he has near her hips. Throughout this time he pulls whatever restraints to resist his hands from roaming her voluptuous body. Liadain stands there without a clue as to how Sadao is feeling. He couldn't take it any longer and lets her go. He walks out frustrated and he could hear Liadain's confused and distant thank you. He pushes it aside thinking she shouldn't thank him.

Liadain thinks about his strange attitude and concludes that he was probably running late again because of her. She carries the clothes outside to wash them. Nonetheless she was relieved that he's gone since she has plenty to do today.

"There. Finally!" Liadain said this with gladness as it was the last thing to do in the inu's house. She readjusts the pins that hold onto Sadao's clothes for drying. Hours have passed by and Liadain sits out in the back on the wooden floor. She watches a small bird chirping nearby as it follows the trail of seeds ending where her left hand holds the rest.

She sits absolutely still hoping that the little bird would stay a while with her. The bird hops every so often inching closer to the hanyou. Her eyes brighten as it makes contact within her hand. The bird finishes eating the rest of the seeds and flies away. The moment was short lived but she was satisfied.

Sadao arrives home by late afternoon. He senses the hanyou has located herself to the back of the house. As he walks to the backside he sees feet and as he gets closer he sniffs the air to sense if anything is wrong. He makes it outside and looks to the right to see Liadain lying on her stomach with one arm stretched out. He sees a small pile of seeds in her hands. A thought occurs to him that he just couldn't pass it up. That plump, round rear that he's gazing at right now is in need of a harsh touch. He crouches down near her. Smack!

"YAHH! Oh my god- WHAT-"

Immediately as she stands up startled she then hears that familiar deep laugh. As she rubs her stinging butt she turns around to see him rolling with laughter as she walks furiously up to him and slaps him soundly in the face. Bird seeds stick to his cheek but quickly fall off from his now scowling face. He goes from glaring at her to laughing at her again.

She continues to walk away holding her pained bottom. She goes to the front of the house where her sandals are located. Once they were on she moves goes forward without a second thought as she could still hear his laughter. This time she was more than angry she felt slightly hurt by his rude actions.

She goes to the gardens finding a different spot to sleep tonight. She stays near blue and purple hydrangea's as she sits there in thought reminding herself why she took his offer in the first place.

"Liadain." It doesn't seem like she can stay away from the fox species altogether. She sighs aloud sensing its Yukio-sama.

"My answer is no."

"You should really reconsider." His voice sounded threatening as he barely touches her hair. Her hands quickly gather her hair taking it away from his hand.

"Go find another one."

In the corner of her eye she sees the possessed body sit next to her. Though he doesn't sit there for long, he grabs her arm lifting her up to stand and pulls her along. "Where are you taking me?"

He doesn't answer but stops to pick her up in his arms and sprints off which turns into a run. Liadain figures this wasn't good so she starts thrashing within the borrowed body's arms. He contains her still without much effort. She sensed the incoming familiar aura. 'Great. I don't even want to see that dog's face right now!'

She was wishing for someone else to come to her rescue. "This scholar's body isn't fast enough." Yukio complained knowing this run may end soon.


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