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Chapter Twenty Five

Dom arrived at House's side, she could tell by her husband's body language that there was something very wrong, and he turned to her and asked

"Where's Billy?" House asked urgently

"He just went upstairs to get the USB stick with the photos from today, why?"

"There are people here claiming to be his grandparents! They've stopped the adoption!" Dom could tell that House was panicking; she put a hand on his arm and he looked into her eyes and in a tortured voice said "We are going to lose him!"

You could hear a pin drop in the room; those close to House feared what may happen, he didn't have a great track record under pressure and anyone could see what the boy meant to him.

"We don't know that Greg" she pulled him firmly to face her "all we know is that "he" has to come first, if he wants to go to them we will survive, do you hear me Greg this is his decision, don't make him feel guilty or make him choose." Their eyes remained locked on each other they were oblivious of the attention that the rest of the people in the room were giving them.

Everyone was very surprised when House replied to his wife "OK I don't like it, but I'll do my best, what do you want me to do?"

Dom reached up and put her hand on his chest over his heart caressing it gently "Will you go meet Billy and tell him, it's going to be a shock and it will be easiest coming from you. I will go and greet his grandparents; I feel we should invite them to join us?"

"Alleged Grandparents!" He gave her a look like she had taken leave of his senses, then he rolled his eyes in resignation "OK, you do what you think is best." He turned to go then turned back and gave Dom a quick hug and a kiss on the top of her head.

House limped off Dom watched him worriedly she turned back to their lawyer "Can they take him?"

"You and Dr House are his legal guardians so they will have to overturn that, I have to warn you they strike me as very wealthy"

The lawyer walked toward the entrance of the restaurant, Dom stopped and asked her mother to set four more places at the family table, and Marie Clare said she would arrange meals.

Four people walked onto the room led by the lawyer, they all looked around mid-sixties, they were all impeccably dressed and all had an air of wealth about them.

Dom walked to greet them; she was surprised when Michael Tritter appeared at her shoulder it was weird but she was really glad to have him there.

The lawyer introduced them as Peter and Rose Timms and John and Blanche Williams. John Williams was very tall and he stood very straight and tall, Billy looked so much like him. Dom greeted them warmly; they were obviously surprised at this. She enquired as to if they had eaten, when she looked at them, they looked tired and all looked like they had been crying, their eyes tired and red. Dom's heart went out to them; she gently led them to the table where her mother and Blythe House were sitting.

"I suppose you won't let us see him till we have DNA proof!" John Williams said defensively his deep baritone voice rang around the room. He was obviously about to demand to see the boy, his wife grabbed his arm and glared at him.

"I don't think that will be necessary Mr Williams" Dom said kindly, she was glad that House was still with Billy. She realised that these people would have only just found out the circumstances of how Billy had come to them, and what a terrible shock that would have been, so she said kindly

"We have only recently found out that Billy's real name is John Peter Williams, and he bears a very strong resemblance to you, I don't have any doubt that you are his grandparents. He has gone upstairs to get something and my husband has gone to meet him and prepare him a little. He is a wonderful young man who has been through a lot so I would ask that you give him some time to process this."

She introduced the four of them to Ania and Blythe, and Marie Clare arrived with meals for them. They made small talk with the others at the table; Blythe House was overjoyed to find that John Williams was ex air force. Dom listened in dismay; she was unsure how House would cope with this news. It had been twenty minutes or more since House had gone looking for Billy, Dom kept looking anxiously towards the door, the grandparents had just finished their meals when House and Billy came into the restaurant. Billy spotted his grandparents immediately, he smiled to himself when he realised that they were just finishing a meal, how like Dom and Ania to welcome them and feed them!

It was a very emotional meeting Billy enfolded each one of them in a warm embrace making good use of those long arms of his. He commented that Rose Timms looked so much like his mother and John Williams had the same long arms and large hands that he had.

"I suppose everyone tells you to play basketball" John Williams enquired

"Yeah, but I have two left feet!"

"Fraid you got them from me too!" the older man smiled

Dom felt an overwhelming wave of love for the boy when he spoke next; he turned to include House in the conversation

"You've met my mom I guess; this is my dad, Greg House"

"Billy the adoption didn't…." House started to remind the boy

The boy shrugged "It's just paperwork as far as I'm concerned you two are my parents." he turned to the two set of grandparents and explained "If it wasn't for these two, I wouldn't have survived!"

The evening continued, dessert was served, House rolled his eyes when he saw that Sophie and Will had taken it upon themselves to meet Billy's grandparents, Sophie was doing a twirl for them and Wilson was trying to decide who he would con into playing checkers with him!

"When did Will go get his game?" House asked Dom as his son was setting up his game smiling sweetly at Peter Timms.

"Mum has one down here for him!" Dom answered she slipped an arm under his jacket "how are you doing?"

House looked at her as she smiled up at him, as always she wore her heart on her sleeve "I'm feeling better by the minute" he gently pulled her to him, he really didn't want to ruin tonight although he had a really bad feeling regarding the presence of Billy's grandparents. He made a concerted effort to put it out of his mind until the next day. The music had begun and although the two of them were nowhere near the dance floor they held each other and swayed gently, it was funny but they seemed to draw strength from each other. They were reminded where they were, when a murmur went around the room they turned their attention and could see the photos from the day were up on the large screen. The photos of Wilson tying endless ties bringing much amusement, House and young Will both wearing similar expressions as Wilson was growling at them to hold still. There were lovely shots of the girls getting ready at Wilsons, House smiled they had obviously had great fun getting ready there that morning.

The photo that Dominica so loved of House when he first saw Dom and Billy enter the room, then the photo of Billy and Dom as they came though the draped tulle. Dom realised it would be the first time his grandparents had really seen his face, his hair had been neatly tied back, she smiled at how handsome and happy he looked, her eyes welled with tears when she thought how grown up he looked in all his finery! House noticed and rolled his eyes, then a beautiful photo of Dom House and their three kids came on and House himself felt very emotional. The slide show came to an end but only briefly, Billy had started another with photos from the last four years, it showed pictures of Dom and House redecorating the apartment, some of a young looking Billy when he first came to live with them and some shots of House and a very pregnant Dom. The Blues brothers' arrivals were all documented on their releases from jail, lots of them playing their music as over the eighteen months their trio was reunited.

House thought to himself how documented his life was now, he had never been one to have photos, maybe a sentimental one hidden away in a drawer or wallet, but now he was struck by how his face and those he loved were all around him. Dom had taken down the large canvas of her and the three kids in their lounge, since it had featured in his nightmare and he had actually asked her if he could hang it in his study. A black and white came up of House obviously in bed, he was sleeping with the very tiny twins asleep on his shirtless chest, and they were only wearing a nappy, everyone at the hospital table, smiled and Chase whistled earning a glare from House.

House and Dom wandered over to the table where his old fellows sat with Stacey and Mark and Cuddy and Monroe, they pulled up chairs and joined the group. They chatted happily; House getting much ribbing. Sophie came and climbed on her mother's lap her brilliant blue eyes looking sleepy.

"Almost time for bed!" Dom said to the little girl

"I can hardly wait!" House answered earning a cheeky look from his wife. Above the music a very excited Wilson James House's laughter could be heard, he sounded far from sleepy! The people in their company watched in amusement as House and Dominica shot each other a "You better go and check that out!" look. They then without comment launched into "Paper Scissors Rock" without hesitation. Dom looked pointedly at Houses beautiful long fingers' now shape like scissors to her rock shaped fist.

"I don't know how you do that, but you have to be cheating!" House said grumpily getting to his feet. Dom gave him a playful slap on the butt as he stomped off!

"I'm impressed!" said an amused Stacey to Dominica "He is so whipped"

They all looked on as House spied his son, the look of horror on his face was a sight to behold, and then little Will came into view clutching a can of coke! The look of horror on his mother's face now matching his fathers! Chase and Foreman were now along with Monroe were laughing uncontrollably as the little boy launched at his father shouting "Daddy" in a shrill loud voice. House was holding the wriggling laughing toddler in the air away from his body, the look on his face priceless! He continued to hold the boy away from his body his cane falling un-noticed to the ground,

"I get it, Dad!" young Will struggled from his father's grasp and picked up the cane and held it out to House who was still looking warily at his son.

"I'll swap you!" House said holding out his hand for the can of coke. Will was not happy he handed his father his cane but clung to the can like his life depended on it. House picked him up and they made their way over to the others.

"How on earth did he get hold of that?" Dom asked as House bought the wriggling boy back to the group struggling to hold him still.

"Could only be Wilson, I told you not to mess with his ties!"

"Don't be silly James wouldn't…"

But just then a smug Wilson appeared, he had his hand in the shape of a gun, he blew the end and pretended to holster it.

"You do realise he is going to be up all night!" House said. He was really pissed at the thought of this "I had plans!"

"Oh you did? Like the plans I had when Bonnie and I got to our hotel to check in, to find someone had cancelled our rooms? There was a convention on; we had to sleep in the car! Oh and let's see flights cancelled, locks changed on my house when we got home! Sorry Dom but this has been a long time coming!"

House had prised the can off Will causing him to throw a major tantrum which in turn set Sophie off.

Billy arrived to see what the commotion was all about House turned to him "I'll give you hundred dollars to get him to sleep tonight!"

"Sorry, Patrick and Jed are staying the night if that's OK?"

"Of course Billy" Dom answered over the noisy children "Don't forget to invite your grandparents for lunch tomorrow"

House who was still trying to get the coke can off Will turned and asked Dom

"What about your mother?" House asked Dom

"Michael is staying over" she answered casually, causing House to choke on the drink he was in the process of swallowing

"They're going to sleep together down the hall?" he said incredulously "and you're OK with that?"

Dom shrugged "He's stayed over before! If Mamas happy then so am I""

House was astounded at this news, he had no idea that they had even been seeing each other, he was about to have a rant when Will said in a super loud whisper "Daddy I need to pee!" House quickly held the boy off his lap, glared at a laughing Foreman Hadley and Chase, and made a hasty exit to the bathroom.

Dominica looked at the smug Wilson suspiciously she then picked up the coke can and turned it upside down, a few drops of water spilled into Cuddy's empty glass, causing the laughter around the table to commence again. She looked questioningly at Wilson.

"I saw him scoffing a huge plate of jelly and ice-cream and I had an idea!" he grinned taking a seat in Houses empty chair "Then we had a "Who can laugh loudest contest" and what can I say, the kids a winner!"

House returned he glared at Wilson who had taken his chair he hobbled and dragged another one into the group.

"Sophie and I might have to have another girl's sleepover tonight!" Dom stated she couldn't resist conspiring with Wilson a little, the group all started laughing at the expression on Greg House's face. Dom looked at him and continued "Will won't sleep tonight, and he'll keep Sophie awake! She won't want to be on her own!"

Wilson caught Wills eye and gave a little chuckle and which set the boy laughing loudly again which had everyone laughing except House who had no idea about the "Who can laugh loudest contest" he looked at his wife and said

"You'd leave me to cope with this all night?"

"If you'd rather, I'll look after Will and you can stay with Sophie?" Dom said sweetly

House rolled his eyes then to everyone's surprise except Dominica's he said gently

"It's OK, you need your rest, after I beat Wilson up I'll take Will and try and wear him out" he ruffled Wills hair affectionately and looked into his matching blue eyes "We'll be fine, won't we champ?"

Will looked up at his dad "Daddy why do you want to beat Uncle Wilson up?"

House looked down at his son the boy was sitting quietly now, as he watched Will tiredly rubbed his eyebrow, House looked up with that expression he always wore when he had just had an epiphany he looked at Wilson and said in a threatening voice

"You bit…." Dom's hand covered his mouth and he changed his wording for the children's benefit "Bad man, you wouldn't give him coke! You freaked out the other day when I didn't water their juice down because I was going to rot their teeth!" he looked down at Will who was starting to snuggle into his chest." He caught Dom's raised eye brow and conceded "I was in a hurry!"

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